Advent 2012: Day

A rod shall come forth from the stem of jesse


Today's Text: Isaiah 11:1-9

Text: Isaiah 11:1-9

Have you ever noticed a living and vibrant branch growing from an old and withered tree?  I always wonder what is giving that branch new life.  Why does it grow and flourish when the rest of the tree is susceptible to the elements and hardships?

I love the imagery used in these verses: “Out of the stump of David’s family…a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root.” [v. 1, NLT] Trees are an image of consistency and change—they are a part of creation familiar to almost all.

It wasn’t by mistake that Christ coming from the line of David was described as a new branch.  “…so the earth will be filled with people who know the Lord.” [v. 9, NLT]

Is He familiar?  Do people recognize Him?  Do they see Him in our lives?

Are you becoming more like Him, so that your life reflect His heart?
Are we making disciples of all nations?  That all people would recognize Him? [Matthew 28: 16-20]

We live in a world where peace is rare.  These verses paint a picture of peace that only Christ brings.

Pray that God may work in your heart to bring peace to those around you.  Pray that this season would be remembered by a peace in your heart and life that only comes from Him.

  • I also thank you Lord for this study and for Sueso's encouragement. Sometimes a touch or word from you happens when believers submit to you and are able to take action. Please use me in this way also and help me be ready each day for these moments when I am called to action. My weakness is getting caught up in my checklist for the day and being so focused on work and chores that I run through my day without acknowledging the people around me. It's like I am running a race to get to the end of the day where I can be alone. God restore in me compassion for others. For all of the women in this study, I pray for the joy of Jesus Christ to overwhelm you today.

  • Erica, bless your heart. Half the battle is knowing we are in one! Lord, I pray for Erica, that she would rest in you. Help her to stay strong in you & to remember that you have already won! Thank you that she is here studying your word,drinking in the hope and peace we are finding here. In Jesus Name, Amen

  • i find it amazing that Jesus is girded with faithfulness and righteousness. He will always be faithful,and He will always be righteous. what a comfort!

  • There is a fight within me everyday to be more like him. I pray daily for peace. Thank you for this bible study. Please include me in your prayers.

  • DrTLCinKs

    I am reassured of His love for me. I’m ready to have new limbs grow in the stagnant areas of my life.

  • * I just can't wait to see the branch bear fruit.

  • I have seen literally and old root bear a new branch and I have seen it in other ways metaphorically …I just wait to see the branch bear fruit…If if is your will Lord…Amen.

  • I love reading all the comments as well ladies! What a privilege to study and encourage one another as we individually draw closer to our Lord!
    The verse that came to mind was John 14:27: my peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. Not as the world gives do I give you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
    I am too experiencing a deeper and true relationship w God. I feel pain but joy also. I used to be terribly afraid and guilty about everything I do. God has opened my eyes and slowly He is giving me victory over many things. I praise God and can trust him so much more than I used to.
    Have a beautiful day everyone! Thanks for allowing me to share and blessing me with your comments as well

  • carolspahn

    What encourages me today, is that the same Spirit that indwelt Christ, has come to dwell in us–the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord, Isa. 11:2 . How much am I allowing the Holy Spirit to fill me? Am I trying to control situations, today? Daddy wants us to rest in Him and not strive, to do the works He is calling us to in the wisdom and power that come from Him, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I totally recognize my need with situations I face today.

    Father today we lack wisdom, but are asking you for wisdom. Prepare us for this kingdom living we see here in Isaiah 11. Let your kingdom come, here on earth, as it is in heaven –in our experience of following you here today. We invite you to be Lord in our lives. Come Holy
    Spirit and fill us, that we glorify You in our choices. Let Your will be done in us today. Thank You Father, in Jesus Name, Amen

  • Stephanie

    Not sure if this post belongs here but …. I pray that Jesus will work thru me so that i may do the right things. But how do i know when God is talking to me?

    • Sueso

      Being in a study like this is a great way, Stephanie! When I was just getting to know The Lord I felt the same way sometimes. God will never lie to you! He has left us His word so we can study it with the help of the Holy Spirit! He didn't leave us here alone to figure it out! Isn't that great? I really felt the need to get to know WHO God was because I just Didnt know that much…or the truth of it all. The only place I knew to go was the Bible. Oh my, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and my heart! We also started going to small group where we could ask questions and get real answers. God will always speak in love to you, and I think you will know. Xoxo Sueso

  • I live my life speaking the truth about my precious Lord and Savior and my desire is for all ears that hear my words or even seeing them will come into a peace unlike any that they have ever felt. I love this peace that we are invited to enter and I can’t imagine living without God’s presence in my life. I will spend everyday of the rest of my life lifting u His Name for the drawing of all that i speak to, to Him. I thank, praise and worship His Holy Name in the presence of all. He is our everlasting peace.

  • I know my life is not always a reflection of my faith and I thank God that I am forgiven for my failures. To become more like him is my prayer. The peace he gives in forgiving me provides the joy and the strength to live another day ever striving to be the woman he created me to be.

  • Peace is an amazing gift. Even in the midst of uncertainty God’s peace brings comfort. I pray that I can share that peace through every day conversations. There seems to be so much hurting around me and I don’t have answers but I have a God who does and who brings peace in the midst of suffering. God, use me as You desire!

  • Christine

    Casey. I have noticed the same. Content does not match up and link receives a 404.

  • Father, I pray for peace in this world of turmoil and strife. I pray that during this Christmas season, hearts will be strengthened and faith will be renewed. Jesus Christ, our Saviour is born! Halleujah!

  • I think about how there is so much pain and suffering in the world. Wickedness is in high, low, and hidden places. But Jesus will judge it rightly, because He won’t need to rely on what He hears or sees for proof of guilt. He knows; He will judge; all will be made right. The chaos of this world seems far away from me here at my Christian college, but The Lord keeps bringing to mind in my Apologetics class the biblical truths of Creation, Fall, Redemption. The earth started out gloriously perfect and at peace with God, and we ruined it with our sin. Jesus comes and makes all things new by His death and life. The process has begun, and is continuing, and will be completed.

  • Praise God that He sees beyond what we see. We see no life in the stump, but from that He brings life. So reassuring when all seems hopeless. He is sovereign!

  • Wow! Ouch! I am ashamed to say I wish people saw Christ more in me but sometimes, I’m not good at showing Him. Can’t wait for the day when the little child shall lead them.

  • Has anyone else had a problem with the YouVersion plan matching up with this page? My YouVersion says "Wed, Dec 5" at the top today, but it's a different verse/discussion (that will show up here tomorrow). Am I doing something wrong?

    • Lawsey00

      My you version is the same – it's a day ahead of this website.

    • sharon

      Mine is off but I started on Monday instead of Sunday.

    • Sueso

      I think this one changes depending on when you started. But I'm a little new so not entirely sure what I'm talking about!

  • @Caitlin: It is so wonderful to read your words and see how you are learning to fall in love with Jesus. Praying today that God would make Himself more and more known to you, in whatever way He sees fit. Hallelujah!!! In Jesus’ most Holy Name. Amen!

  • Patsy A Harger

    One of the fun things about getting older is having so much to look back on and seeing how GOD took the dark, painful times and made something beautiful out of them! AND, seeing how I have grown in peacefulness, trust, patience. Praise the LORD!

  • Anna Hill

    I love the image of peace this this paints for us. Peace is so hard to find in this messed up world so it’s amazing to think of a day when there will be nothing but peace on earth.

  • I love reading all the comments. It is so awesome to see what God is doing in the lives of other believers. God bless you all.

  • Tahwahnah

    I am praying that peace surrounds you on all sides. God is you strength today and it will be so.
    Bless you.

  • I grew up with a lot of guilt. If you did something wrong, if you didn't do it enough, etc etc I felt guiiilty! Thats how religion was taught to me. Part of the reason I stopped going to church for a while. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she reads truth is like a gentle nudge "have you been kind today?" rather than feeling like an assult "be good or else". Totally LOVE the God I am getting to know now rather than the guilt I was taught! I am realizing now that I don't think God wants us afraid all the time. JOY is so imporant in worship!

  • One of my favorite Christmas songs came to mind during this morning's study…particularly the line "peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled". As I read today's scripture, this song just played in my head, that one line. That one promise that even though we are sinners, Jesus has come, and will come again, to ransom us, to restore peace. The peace he brings is immeasurable to any sort of peace we have ever felt. It comes only from God, and comes only from the sacrifice He made through his one and only son Jesus. Powerful stuff this morning!!!!

    Hark! The herald angels sing
    'Glory to the newborn King;'
    Peace on earth and mercy mild;
    God and sinners reconciled.'
    Joyful, all ye nations rise,
    Join the triumph in skies;
    With angelic host proclaim,
    'Christ is born in Bethlehem!'
    Hark the herald angels sing,
    'Glory to the newborn King.

  • As “branches” we all come from something bigger. The line of David was made up of interesting situations like boaz and Ruth. This shows us that the situations we are in OR our past hardships are meant for a glorifying outcome. We now see what God had up His sleeve with the line of David. If only we could look at our lives like they are part of a bigger picture. Part of God’s master plan.

  • I have a doctor’s appointment today that I am very anxious about. I am praying for the peace that only comes from Him!

    • Sueso

      Cc I'm about a week behind but saw your post and wish that I had posted because I had doctor appt. today too! They're always monitoring SOMETHING with a diabetic so I'm always a little anxious especially when I haven't been as good as I should! I hope you felt that peace at yours, I'm glad they are both over!

      This passage was so encouraging wasn't it? We have such HOPE in Jesus…& we can TRUST Him! Xoxo Sueso

  • rocknitat55

    I love the imatry I tend to be visual. So many times we see plants and flowers that look as if they are on their last leg. You mean to discard them but somehow u get sidetracted and the next time u look there are new leaves, new shoots, new vines.
    That’s what this lesson reminds me of. So many times we wants to count people out, dismiss them, discard them. But Christ can do a new thing n them in us.
    Astevens & Terri u r so right we r so judgemental and most of the time its hard not to be, but I always remember what Paul said that although there would be many using Christ for their personal gain it didn’t matter what was important was that the name of God was spoken. No man know anothers heart only God knows the heart.
    Today Lord I purpose in my heart to remember that u can use anyone, any situation, anytime . No one or thing is down or out for the count.
    Community today let us water that dead thing in our lives, that seemingly withered
    thing. Let’s water it with prayers,the word of God, and the expectation of seeing a new thing rise up. God bless us all.

  • Thank you Lord for helping me be a living branch in this world I hope that I can continue to do what You want

  • Lord, when they see me do they see you? Do they feel your peace and your love? Father, I surrender it to you. Make me your branch to bear your fruit. In Jesus’s holy name. Amen.

  • These verses give me so much hope. Amid the stress and chaos of this world, our God reigns and promises his peace. Holy Spirit fill me with your peace today and the whole Advent season.

  • Father let me be that new branch.Today we face challenges we have never dreamt of but daddy you are the way, the truth and light.Bring forth my heart desire oh Lord and let peace reign in my family throughout this Christmas.In you i trust Lord.Glory be to God.Amen

  • O what comfort, especially in a hostile workplace!
    I shall dwell secure.
    He shall be my Peace. …..aman

  • Terri V.

    Again there are the directions of the Lord…today I challenge myself and you not to judge what we hear or see, instead take that time and do something for the needy.

    Thankfullness to You Lord! Love & Peace to all.

    • AStevens

      I agree, Terri.
      It is difficult not to judge what we see and hear. A friend of mine so dearly reminds me that I do not know the whole of a person's situation like God does. In other words, before I judge on what I see and hear, I need to remember that I am only seeing a snippet of that person's behavior regarding a situation.

      I also agree about helping someone today. Praise God with love in action.

  • Love that God challenges us each and every day! I just want to become the new branch growing more and more like Christ. I know that is only possible through his spirit and am just so thankful today that he has made a way for us. I love the imagery of peace over flowing from our heart and touching all those around us today.

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