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Text: Isaiah 11:1-9

Have you ever noticed a living and vibrant branch growing from an old and withered tree?  I always wonder what is giving that branch new life.  Why does it grow and flourish when the rest of the tree is susceptible to the elements and hardships?

I love the imagery used in these verses: “Out of the stump of David’s family…a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root.” [v. 1, NLT] Trees are an image of consistency and change—they are a part of creation familiar to almost all.

It wasn’t by mistake that Christ coming from the line of David was described as a new branch.  “…so the earth will be filled with people who know the Lord.” [v. 9, NLT]

Is He familiar?  Do people recognize Him?  Do they see Him in our lives?

Are you becoming more like Him, so that your life reflect His heart?
Are we making disciples of all nations?  That all people would recognize Him? [Matthew 28: 16-20]

We live in a world where peace is rare.  These verses paint a picture of peace that only Christ brings.

Pray that God may work in your heart to bring peace to those around you.  Pray that this season would be remembered by a peace in your heart and life that only comes from Him.


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