Advent 2012: Day

God promises to faithful abraham that in his seed all nations of the earth shall be blessed


Today's Text: Genesis 22:15-18

Text: Genesis 22:15-18

“In your offspring shall all the nations of the earth be blessed,”. A prophecy, a promise spoken to Abraham that was hinting at God’s great rescue for us. Abraham couldn’t have known. His descendants couldn’t have known. We – after the facts and the proof and the prophecies have been fulfilled – are still incredibly able to lose sight of the idea of what it means to be BLESSED by our Messiah, Jesus. Moreover, we are the very product of this promise – we are the nations. We are the blessing if we are in Christ Jesus – Galatians 3:7 tells us so, that we are called “sons of Abraham”.

When I think of being blessed, I think of my mom buying me a Starbucks out of the blue or my husband coming home from work early. I think of the day my first son was born. I can’t even fathom what “blessed” means to our Father when He uses it in reference to sending Jesus to earth for us – to live among us, die for our sin, and defeat death for eternity.

Let’s dwell on that for a moment, ask God to widen our scope of the how He has and is blessing us – as a redeeming Savior. That’s what we’re celebrating.

  • Essentially life is a blessing. I need to remember this more. It’s encouraging that God is a blessing always!

  • Ashanti Hernandez

    When I think of being blessed, I think of true understanding of what life really is. I want a hott girlfriend happy and free

  • lithiumkat

    Thankful God has led me to shereadstruth as a daily bible reading plan and way to connect and fellowship with other females with a passion for God's love and salvation!

  • LaCrisha

    I thank God that I can thank Him for acknowledging my blessings! It's so easy to call the things we can see with our eyes and what others can comment on as our blessings and not give thanks for the things we can't show off! I am greatful of many things and I thank God for them all!

  • The magnitude of his grace is amazing. The act of him here on earth for me. We see all the pain here on earth and it wrecks my heart seeing my kids here and there feel the pain of earth and innocents slowly peel away as they get older but when I think of how God felt sending his son purposefully fully realizing he would taste the worst of it here on earth for me to receive his grace it is overwhelming. I feel like covering my head and fully feeling how I do not deserve such love but in the same breath throw my hands up and fully feel it and thank him for it. God’s love and forgiveness and grace and mercy is so overwhelming and so awesome. To fully or even partially feel the magnitude of that is such an overwhelmingly awesome feeling. Thank you god that there are ways for me to come to realization of how magnificent your grace is.

  • To be blessed so we will live forever, Living by believing in the one who purchased us with his blood. A life made for Gods glory to be seen.. what an honor. It only takes believing in Him more each day and trusting what he says with obedience. It’s sad that few will surrender to His will. I must continue to build my faith so others will see what is true. God bless all your kids to keep close to you.

  • Mimicalhoun

    I began this late, so I'm playing catch up! This reminded me how very far reaching His blessings are on us ~ somehow when He blesses us, they are spread to more than just us! In this case it was to the whole world; in our case, maybe just to a family member, friend, or stranger! In any case, blessings spread from His loving Hand to not only us, but to a world crying out for His touch! Thank You, Lord, for choosing to use us!

  • This is so true and on time. I think I often have a hard time tryin to see the blessing the way that God sees it. I was thinking today. In the midst of everything that is going on, He is still blessing us. I pray he helps us to see it more clearly.

  • When I think of gods blessing..I think of what God has kept me from..of all the things my kids were spared because of his calling to me..I am thankful for hos love that he has poured on me by sending his son to die in my place.

  • Tahwahnah

    Father – thank you for your wonderful gift of Jesus. Help me to be aware of all you have done in my life to bless me and teach me your ways. Thank you for ALL you have allowed me to experience, because I know that you have worked it to my good. I ask your forgiveness in my life. Cleans me and I want to thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your love that covers all thinks. Bless your people this day and guide us through our valley of despair and give us the strength that we need to go forward.

  • i am grateful for the abundance of blessings in my life. i am grateful for what i have, and i'm trying not to focus on what i don't have. thank you Jesus.

  • I thank God everyday for the blessings He honors me with, they are all welcomed!!

  • Not too long ago I was pondering the same questions about our grief over our sin. Nehemiah showed such sadness over the sin of the people, even owning it himself. Advent to me is more than the expected arrival of Jesus, but more a time of reflection and restoration of God’s people in light of our hope in our coming Lord! So glad to have this reading plan!

  • What a I wonderful tool this Daily Devotion is and You Version Bible App where I get it from. My hardest obedience was being obedient to Gods Word and now I am reminded every day to not forget! It drags me away from FB or whatever and is getting me into the habit of reading His Word every day. Thank you Lord! Sueso

  • We had our Christmas drama/music program tonight. We had a song that our youth performed to called The Power of the Cross. We also sang a version of Just As I Am/I was broken. Both of these songs spoke to my heart and this devotion echoed it.

  • In my experiences…I have learned that the promises that our Abba gives us ….we sometimes don’t get to see….we have to walk by faith and believe His words and promises …I believe these little blessings that we are given are Gods way of keeping us close …and to encourage faith ….we must have eyes to see …

  • unforgettable

    I have been so blessed by the reading and applying to my thought process. Very thought provoking…a different perspective. Finally really learning what advent really means. I am just as blessed by reading the comment too.

  • I love that we are part of the fulfillment of the promise! I never thought of it that way before.

  • VBCortez

    wow, Blessings that I can’t even begin to understand! How I want others to truly experience an encounter with the Messiah Christ Jesus! Living for Jesus, so loving others is a Blessed reminder for me of how God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that I may believe & have eternal life.

  • Tahwahnah

    Thank you father for all your many blessings to me and my family. It seems hard to read what you called out for Abraham to do…. Sacrifice his only son. He, however was confident that you would provide, and you did. Lord, may I have the faith of Abraham.
    I ask Lord that you bless us all with “”The Fairh of Abraham” this day and forward.

  • praise God!!!!! Praise God for loving me the way I am….. A wreck like me ;) for i am proudly saying that I am Blessed by God!!!!!!! And I am proud for he is my heavenly father……. Whom then shall i fear??????

  • As i read this passage of scripture and devo i am reminded of several things.
    1. Obedience is ALWAYS better than sacrifice. How many times have we struggled or hesitated to take the steps to do what we know God is telling us to do all because we are afraid of the outcome? By not obeying God, we are delaying and/or altering the plans that he has for our lives. secondly, when we hesitate to do what God is calling us to do, we are really saying: "God, I know you are telling me to do this, but I don't know if I fully trust you enough to go forward with it." If you know God is clearly telling you to do something, PLEASE do it! Think of how Abraham must have felt when God told him to sacrifice his son. yet he still trusted God, because he knew that God to provide. We (myself included) need to have that "Abraham" faith when it comes to stepping out and being obedient to what God has called us to do.

    2. God's level of blessing is so much greater than what our minds can ever imagine. I am so grateful that i serve a God who blesses me even when I know i have not always deserved it. I am so glad that he sent his son to die for my sins so that I could be redeemed. During a season when it is easy to get caught up in the commercialism on Christmas, let us take the time truly focus on the advent of Christ, the wonderful blessing that God so unselfishly gave us :o).

  • Shante Ashley

    Wow what a great year. God is so faithful and Wonderful. When I think about all the blessings God has blessed me with it amazes me. Oh how I love my God

  • Every Christmas I ask Lord to remind me what is the essence of it. Because I see that I tend to forget it behind all that preparations and even good traditions

  • carolspahn

    You all have been a blessing to me today. These comments have lifted me out of sadness and heaviness. Thanks so much for your words of truth of God's blessings and how you have been lifted out of many things as you thanked God for blessings.

  • My husband and I were just talking about being blessed last night. I am amazed at all the stuff we have and sometimes it is easy to forget where every blessing comes from. I am thankful for this reading to remind me of Gods blessings and to be thankful for every one of them.

  • Pertaining to Advent I am grateful to see the example of God giving his only Son, Jesus to us& celebrating it during this season. After reading this I see, He is using a like voice or situation we can relate too (Abraham offering his son) to foreshadow the events that would take place at the crucifixion. Thank You, for showing me it was just as painful for You as Abraham, to offer Your Son as a sacrifice & Gift to the world, but also showing us that the blessing often awaits such painful givings. How good You are that Abraham & ourselves don’t have to go to the level of obedience You have & You still bless us! Such a Good God!

  • Caitlin G

    Caitlin, yes I too struggle with obedience. I could’ve written your post word for word. You described my own feelings so well! I will pray for you as we go through this advent season, that our hearts would find joy in God and that obedience too would be cause for joy & not anxiety.

    Thank you for your honesty. It has encouraged my heart this morning.

    -from one Caitlin to another :)

  • As we consider Jesus and his arrival throughout the Old Testament's prophecies, I'd encourage you all to read "The Jesus Storybook Bible" with the children in your family. The author does an excellent job of connecting each Old Testament passage with the reality of God's work in Jesus-yet-to-come! Rather than making the Old Testament full of morals apart from Christ, Christ is there and revealed as He ought to be! Our family is also so encouraged by Andrew Peterson's Christmas CD called "Behold the Lamb of God" as each song is based from a prophecy fulfilled in Christ. It's less about Christmas carols and rather uses original music sung by many artists to captivate the spirit of Advent. I hope these resources might bless you as they have our family!

  • Im sure this has been said before but often times as human, we see blesses as things given to us by God that we ask for and make us feel good i.e. food, shelter,clothing, peace of mind, knowledge. It took me a long time (16years) to realize that even the very things that cause us pain can be a blessing as well. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 13. She passes away when I was 14. All I could focus on was my pain and I hated God. Now as in adult, I see that he blessed me to even know this women. That he loved her so much, He took her home. Because, while he loaned her to me, she belongs to Him. This has been an amazing understanding. I have finally been able to let it go. Things hurting doesn’t necessarily mean punishment. ALL things are used for the glory of God!!

    • Renee

      Rose, this is such an encouragement.
      I wonder if Abraham felt the same pain and confusion when he was asked to give up Isaac.
      God is so good, isn't He?
      Praising God for what He's taught you!

    • Valerie

      Wow Rose…so encouraged by your words. Thank you for sharing.

  • I know nobody is commenting really now because this is late,
    but WOW.

    "Because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will surely bless you…and in your offspring shall all the nations of the earth be blessed…"

    God is genuinely delighted that Abraham would give up Isaac, Abraham's only son, for His glory. And God is genuinely promising here that He would give up Jesus, His only Son, for us to share in glory.

  • Rosie Blessing

    This devotional is such a blessing, comes at a time when i’ve allowed someone else’s issues rob me of a real blessing… the upcoming birth of twin grandchildren! Thanks for reminding me of what blessings really are.

  • I am blessed I am very thankful for this and I am trying my best to be obedient to his word and to teach my children the same because you never know whose life you may have blessed through your obedience just as Abraham did not know. I thank The Lord for all his blessings big or small.

  • Jesus… Help me to see life through the eyes of your blessings. You bestow them daily. May I not miss out on a single one because of my distractions and “busy”ness.

  • I just recently read through Genesis, and I’m am amazed at the different things that stood out in just a short while. Reading through this I looked at the phrase “you will be blessed” I feel like he is referring to Jesus the coming redeemer. In that he will bless us with his son, and our sins will be washed away.

    We are rewarded when we show our obedience to God. We may not even realize it at the time, I think this is truly one of the best things about our Lord.

  • My mom always reminded us as kids that we were not “lucky” but blessed. I can not even begin to imagine the blessing that God’s redemption of us is. Thank You God for not only blessing us but sending Your blessing , Jesus, to redeem us!

  • Sarah Eshbaugh

    Thank you so much for today's reading! As I was talking to my dad today, he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Sure, I could come up with a list of a few things I definitely *WANT* this year but I really focused on the word "blessed" today. I am so blessed that God continually meets my very basic needs. He provides me with a constant and abounding love that is unfailing! I can't think of a better gift than that!! :-) Praying that this advent series is as much of a blessing to you as it is for me! :-)

  • Mrsmamag

    This is my families first Christmas in the field in a third World country in Indonesia. I have 3 boys who have spent every Christmas in Australia, this year there will not be all the family and friends that we have spent past Christmad with. So, it is hard when all we read and see on Facebook and Instagram is photos of Christmas trees and festive activities, it’s not the stuff we miss its home and what seeing all this reminds us of home and this time of year. This reading plan is helping me to focus on Him, and I pray my boys would be able to overcome the desired of the World too as we all focus on Jesus this Christmas and the blessing we have of being loved by Gid who desired us to come and sit with him and talk with Him.

  • This was an excellent reminder of God’s love for each and every one of us. Also, to trust in His great plan. There have been times especially lately where I feel like I don’t have enough faith and trust. It’s great to be reminded every day and know that God is doing great things for us.

  • Pam:
    I grateful that during my winter season, God continues to show His love to me. During times when fear of aging, financial concerns and independence threatened. The same promise Isaiah receieved is also promised to us as we age. I Peter 5:7 Assures me that God cares for me; and I must cast ALL my cares on Him.

  • I am so blessed by this devotional! It is such a great tool for me to keep my priorities right and put God first, especially with the stresses I face as a college student. I am very busy and anxious because of my upcoming final exams and this devo has reminded me of how blessed I really and how my sole purpose is to give glory to the father.

  • Leah,
    I was in Kenya. It was a great experience and so wonderful to see the pure joy in the people. They had nothing (materially), yet we’re so thankful and full of pure faith. I learned so much from them. One of the things that god keeps showing me is the value of the “invisible”.

  • I am currently in a transition phase of my life, where I’m relocating to a different state. After my move, I won’t have a job and the only person I’ll know is my husband. This was somewhat scary to me until I reflected on today’s devotional. If I just remember to trust that I am a descendant of Abraham and that I will be blessed, then I don’t have anything to worry about. I love The Lord and am thankful for all he has blessed me with this far, so I must remember that the blessings will keep coming.

  • Been a Christian for more than 20yrs but I still struggle with sin and obedience. I read about Abraham and how he obeyed God and keep on wishing every time that I will also fully obey Him. Your reward/blessing is as big or small as your obedience. Praying that all of us in this community learn to obey God wholeheartedly.

  • im new to this site, but it sounds great! i have loved reading about these two people, and remembering just what it must have been like for them. we all know their story, and that knowledge sometimes makes it easy to really dissect it. but doing so has been timely for me. i have been in a time where i feel incredibly discouraged, and have had a "bad heart attitude" with God. I have been feeling like, I have waited so long, and have tried so hard, and am at my wits end cuz everything i try to do for break through in (blank) area, just isnt happening. and I am getting worn thin.

    but as i remember what it w as life for others waiting…and their example, and their blessings……makes me take stock again of just how much i need to "big girl up".

    i just realized that I am commenting on a previous days reading, but, still applies here i believe.

    I love that the writer of this devotional encourages us to really THINK about how we have been blessed. Everything that matters, eternity, fullness of life, all has been given, and this is the season to really remember and reflect on that. Its true it goes waaaayyyy beyond starbucks, and into the soul- and thats deep, and impacts everything about us incredibly. awesome.

  • Heidiliz25

    I want to share my testimony with you all! This online community has blessed me in so many ways. I had an amazing experience at church yesterday, sharing my story with my pastor. It's here on my blog. I'm not trying to advertise, just wanting to share. I love this community so much :) This is a blessing to me!

  • There are moments when I start seeing things or situations I’m in negatively but I thank God that almost instantly he reminds me of the positives in my life. I then take that time to thank Him for my blessings. Each and every day something wonderful occurs no matter how small it may seem to others. For me, it’s not a small thing. I know where I used to be and I know where I am now. Thank you Father for loving me! Thank you for a community of believers in my life. It’s so amazing to me that new people enter my life almost on a daily basis that love speaking openly about God and how much they love him. It a a beautiful feeling to share my love for him with others and the amazing ways he has blessed me and my family.

  • I am so worried about money, jobs, bills and it’s Christmas! This is a reminder to me that I am already blessed beyond what can be. Grateful for struggle that makes my faith stronger! I praise Him no matter what! Awesome message and so very much needed!

    • LaVelle

      I am in that same position. I recently lost my job and immediately I began to worry, but as soon as the first worry came it went because I seek my Lord and Savior for wisdom and understanding on how to deal with this and He reminded me that He's my source. Since then, I haven't really worried (at least I try not to). But my faith is getting stronger.

  • Morning by morning, new mercies I see. God is faithful in blessing me each day, moment by moment. He continues to show me that His plans are far greater than my understanding, and through it all I must trust Him.

  • provs31gal

    I know for myself I get all wrapped up in the holidays and who am I going to purchase for and who I'm not going to be able to purchase for and I forget the holiday's are not about that. I'm living for the world. And although I want to be able to do all I can for others and my family it's really not about that. God has made promises that he will provide and give to us all the riches and I have to to live in that promise and stop trying to do his work for him. I have to STAND STILL and let God do what he has promised.

  • Patsy A Harger

    Blessings, more than I can count.

  • God is an awesome God! I am so blessed every day. I do struggle like everyone else does, but I have a hope knowing that everyday is a new day. Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. When I am not strong and have no desire to move on, I look back at the blessings I have already received and gain the strength to take another step. And as I walk in His presence my burdens become light. I am blessed to be a part of this study. I gain encouragement by reading the Word and reading other's responses. Thank God for you all. May God's light shine upon us all.

  • hesaidriesaid

    The piece that stood out to me this morning was how much Abraham's story mimicked God's story that was fulfilled in Jesus: "… and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son…"
    Me Thought: how can I align in this short season called LIFE so that my story mimic's God's story again, and again, and again…

  • Is this current reading plan on you version?

  • Other than obedience, Counting my blessings is very important too! Sometimes, God blessed us with so many things that we don’t even bother to thank Him.

    Thank God for letting me live one more day, thank God for shielding and protecting me, thank God for walking with me today, thank God for letting me not fall into temptation today. Lord, thank you for being you. I love you! <3

  • To me being blessed is the little things in my life, watching someone come to Christ, a new life being born and the ability to freely love my Lord!!!

    • Sueso

      Wow! You said so much in so few words! I cry every time someone comes to faith in Christ! Another life saved!. Let us never take these things for granted! <3

  • Thank you ladies and thank you God for this plan! This is my first day and I can't believe what has just happened. I am ver private and am struggling with the choices of an 18 year old son but don't turn to people about it. This reading and this blog just showed me where to turn! Holy smokes! Keep posting ladies. You have no idea which one of your two or three words might speak to another, like me, and give hope! I'm grateful for god working through all of you.

  • I saw a commercial this morning for a hospital here in Okc, it said something to effect that their Christmas wish is that we will find blessings in the blessings we pour out to others. I believe that blessings do come from our obedience, because by obeying God, we bless others, just as Abraham did. Our blessings come from our gifts that God has given us, and the way we use those gifts to bless the lives of those around us. Praise God that we are able to be blessings for others, and that by doing so, God finds favor with us and blesses us in return.

  • Thank you all for sharing your hearts. We walk this path together guided by our Lord and Savior. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing? I woke up this am praying about all the things that “need to change” in my life in this period of uncertainty and the answer I got was loud and clear: “what are you grateful for this am?” That list was longer and keeps getting longer the longer I focus on it. I am so grateful that I can rest easy in the love of our savior and that was the plan from tr very beginning. I am also grateful for all of you, sisters in Christ, and pray that all of you have peace and joy today.

  • I find it interesting throw the scope of the blessings mentioned in the devotional…gift card from Starbucks, husband coming oome early from work, north of a child…I shows what we as humans consider blessings and what pur Lord and Savior willingly gives because He adores us, His bride. I take the small things for granted but I want to be able to praise Him in all circstances and not just for what I get.

  • I am just blown away by this study. I love how you can read a Bible story so many times, and yet it speaks to you differently. God's word is alive and active!!

    Today my thoughts are surrounding how this passage's reward comes from the obedience of Abraham when he was taking his son "Isaac" to sacrifice. I often find myself worrying and grumbling because I don't know what my future holds, yet Abraham took his one and only son to sacrifice in obedience to God trusting that God would provide a sacrificial Lamb. WOW.

  • Kim Graham

    I am blessed because I am His child. Obedience multiplies the blessings and certainly increases our joy. How much joy have I missed out on by listening to the whispers of the enemy, trading fear for joy? Obedience isn’t a heavy load The Lord asks us to carry, but rather the path our all-knowing loving Father can see will benefit US most. He is so good!!

    • carolspahn

      Thanks. I am moving out of sadness and pain to trading fear for trust and obedience and joy.

  • It is wonderful to see the old testament verses pointing me to the birth of our saviour. The story of Abraham and Isaac has always caused distress in my heart as I imagine the pain I would feel if I had been in his place. I thank God that I can so easily come to Him because of Christ.

  • It amazes me that I grew up Christian and 25 years later I can still find new meaning in the Bible. Same book, same stories, same Jesus but HE speaks to my heart in new ways every day. God continues to make his presence known in my life constantly no matter how many times I stumble. no matter how many times I say to myself "I got this" and try to carry on without Him. He shows me constantly what I truly need (not what I think I want), and continues to inspire me, and walk with me. Truly blessed that God hasn't given up on me yet.

  • I am just beginning to see how stories from the Old testament point towards Jesus. To think what it means to be blessed…from today’s reading what if Abraham’s blessing refers to our salvation in Jesus.. I’m kinda blown away because I’ve never thought of it that way before. Thank you Lord for Jesus, his birth and death.

    • carolspahn

      I have known and heard this many times, but the same blown away results still come when i hear it again! What a gift, salvation in Jesus

  • rocknitat55

    When I think of blessings and the scope of the Lords blessings for me I try so hard not to compare my blessing to others, after all God is not a respector of persons. Needs, levels of maturity,levels of stewardship(responsibility/accountability),love, and Covenant play important roles. Gods love for and therefore the Covenant he made with Abraham demanded the blessing. After all God is not a man that he should lie. Thank God we were grafted in, and became a part of the covenant. God blesses us because he loves us… we can’t be good enough, obediant enough! For those of us who are parents, that would be like denying your children because they didn’t take out the trash, or they came in late from curfew. Actions reap consequences, but they don’t stop love. Love covers a multitude of faults, sins. And that’s what Christ did for us. His blood “covers” us. His love for us, his desire to have a relationship with us causes him to bless “us”. Obedience is conditional. The Bible says that if you love him you will be obediant, you will keep His word.
    I love the Old Testement because of the people we meet there. Most with characther flaws so big u could drive a truck thru. As u r reading about some of these people, most are decendants of Abraham. You want to say… hold up, get to the back of the line, or so sad u blew it. But God doesn’t do or say any of those things. He Blesses them anyway, and in most cases abundantly! It is the covenant, the promise that the Lord made that holds him to his word. We r decandants of Abraham. God blesses us because he loves me,you,us. These blessings are unconditional. They may become delayed but never denied. Obdience is something we should offer Christ, because we love him. His love and blessings are unconditional!
    Forgive the rant this morning but the spirit has lead me to say this, this morning for someone who has been, will be, and is disobedeant. You feel unworthy to expect God to bless you. U don’t feel worthy enough to ask God to bless u.
    Untrue! Gods love for u is unconditional. He wants to bless u. He is blessing u right this moment. He is setting your mind and heart free. Enjoy your blessings.
    God bless u ladies.

    • crazyglue

      Thank you for being obedient to the Spirit. I needed to be reminded of this today.

    • Lois

      Thank you for your rant! I was having a low day . You helped to remind me that even me!

    • Michelle

      Thanks… I have been really struggling with all my imperfections.

    • carolspahn

      Thanks for "if you love him you will be obedient, you will keep his word." A measuring stick of how much I really love and treasure Him

  • Brittany

    Sometimes, it's easy for me to forget or overlook the many amazing blessings from The Lord, so reading this message this morning was humbling and reminded me of the biggest blessing. Thank you for your hard work, ladies. She Reads Truth is bringing this sinner back to God.

  • There are no blessings that compare to the hope we have in true salvation – in Jesus Christ & His work on the cross!! The ministry I am a part of allows me to see hopelessness…the thought that this life is all there is, nothing else… I praise God for opening my eyes to His truths & allowing me to speak life & truth into other’s lives!

    • carolspahn

      I long to do that. I pray that as i become obedient in my daily life I will be a blessing.

  • I really love how this devotional taps into the Old Testament to show the grand plan and to remind us that God has such love for His people. I struggle to fully let him control my life. Abraham is a great reminder of true devotion and faith.

    • Misty

      That is what is so amazing to me. He knew it from then…He is a master planner. Ya gotta love that in a person!!!

  • Sharon McCoy

    It is such a blessing to be reminded of the Love of God. This inspires me to desire Holiness in my life. God blesses us when we obey Him, but He also gives us all the tools needed to obey Him which is another blessing! God is sooo good!

    • carolspahn

      Thank you for this reminder…we are thoroughly equipped for every good work. You all are helping me so much today.

  • God’s goodness toward me is such an overwhelming concept. I am blessed beyond anything I could imagine. How senseless I can become, though, when I can’t see the road ahead. Abraham KNEW his Heavenly Father would take care of him and his son. I struggle with that piece of my faith. My believing is not as “knowing” as it needs to be. Today I will choose to KNOW that The One Who Holds My Future is blessing me.

  • I love how God had in mind to save ALL people from the beginning, not just his chosen people the Jews. He loved me and included me in his plan before I was ever born. Praise God b/c I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own . In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.
    When I read the passage this morning the thing that stuck out to me was Abraham obiedence to Gods institutions & I pray that I to would be as obiendent as my father Abraham.

    • Caitlin

      "Obedient" is often a word I struggle with. Obedient daughter, obedient wife, obedient Christian. I want to be obedient to God, but find myself questioning things to the point of anxiety. Or I can't stop being resentful to others when I should have faith God has a plan for ME and not to worry so much about how others see me and what others do.

      Like how you said to trust in God and not our own understanding. I think that is what obedience means to have faith that God KNOWS what he is doing and to trust that rather than going off on my own.

      I'd like to think I would have been Abraham but I'm not sure I would be. Its something I'd have to meditate over I guess. Any one else struggle with obedience?

      • Nicki

        Caitlin, I feel like you are echoing what is exactly in my heart. I couldn't have said what I struggle with any better than you just did.

      • Mandy

        Caitlin I know exactly how you feel- I have trouble with being anxious too. I’ve been making a conscious effort lately to trust God and let go of my anxieties but it is a constant process. I pray we both receive God’s strength and comfort I’m trusting him more and more each day!

      • Renee

        Caitlin, I do to.
        But I find the times I've been better at obedience are the times when I've been meditating on His Word and His character with discipline. Psalm 119 talks a lot about obedience and about thinking about God's ways and who He is, and storing His commandments in your heart.
        The more we learn about how good, faithful, loving, generous, holy, patient, selfless, humble, glorious, beautiful God is, the easier it is to trust Him. The more we learn about how He has always been faithful to His promises, the more we'll trust in the promises that are yet to be fulfilled – the more we see how Jesus fulfilled the promises of scripture for a Messiah and for a blessing to the nations (like in this passage! Jesus' is Abraham's offspring! Or yesterday's passage!), the more we'll trust that He'll come again to judge and to bring us to glory.

      • carolspahn

        YES! I am like Madeline said–independent,making impulsive choices of my own. I know the good way is to seek first the kingdom of God, but instead of taking time with Him and grow in intimacy, I want to do FB or play Scrabble.

        I am thankful for the honesty of godly women here who are already encouraging me to choose rightly. Pray we will all change. Bless others out of our obedience.

  • Madeleine

    I give thanks and praise to our loving God this morning because He loves us with an unconditional and age old love. I make so many mistakes and impulsive choices, but He sees past all of that and calls me to walk in freedom…even to be a blessing to others. Thank you ladies for sharing this journey in the Word!

  • Isn't it AMAZING how one mans obedience caused us to be blessed like we are… This highlighted to me the importance of obedience.

    • tashona

      you are right Bethany! It is amazing… and even more amazing to me is that he had no idea of the "reward" his obedience would bring. When I think of obedience I think of my children and one of mine struggles with obedience. If she knows the reward it seems to be much easier for her to obey but if she does not she often times strays. I thank God for this awesome example of obedience, I pray that I am able to follow His desires for my life without wavering, and I can only wonder what a blessing my acts of obiedence could be/mean to/for others.

      • Brandi

        I think our obedience leaves a legacy of faith and obedience for our children just as Abrams did for us.

        • carolspahn

          Thanks for this. Right now my son and wife are in a crisis. I pray I will hear and obey

  • Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. I am overwhelmed this morning with Gods blessing of the sacrifice of his only son. I am not sure if its because I look at my only child and question if I could do te same thing or if this is His message to me – to wake up and be thankful and feel his Mercy -as I am diving into him. I am just blessed to be His daughter and pray I can make him proud.

  • I’m grateful to the Holy Spirit for providing a way for me to soak up God’s Word through this reading plan. I’ve been struggling physically and emotionally and now spiritually to stay refreshed and I feel that this morning as I start this plan.
    Advent, to me, means the beginning of salivation.
    Thank You, Lord, for saving my soul.

  • As i am preparing to go to Mexico on a second mission trip this year i am reminded of how much God has blessed me in allowing me the opportunity to serve other people with the gifts He’s given me, yet again. I want to be obedient to Him and His word and go wherever He calls me to go. Im so excited to experience God on a whole other level and be able to read through this plan together with Godly women! :) God bless you all!

  • This just came as a reminder of God’s love for me. It does not matter what I am going through, I am Abraham’s descendant and I AM BLESSED.YOU ARE BLESSED.

  • I have to admit that I struggle with separating God’s blessings from his provisions. I know that he doesn’t love me any more than the child in Africa in the slums, but look at the material blessing he has poured out on me compared to them. I have been thinking a lot about this since I was in Africa a few months ago. I’m glad to be challenged with it again in this devotion.

    • Leah

      Hi Gayle,
      I can certainly relate. I was in Zambia this past summer, and I am still being reminded of (and reflecting on) things I saw there. What country did you go to?

    • Mary

      Material blessings are absolutely nothing and have no value compared to the blessings of knowing Christ and walking in the fruits of the spirit. Spiritual blessings are eternal. We cannot take material things with us when we die. God provides our needs, yes and that is a blessing but "man cannot live on bread alone". And what we think we need isn't always what we actually need. He provides our every need not our every want. Just a little revelation I had personally many years ago. Be blessed! :)

  • How amazing that when we trust and obey the Lord he will bless us more than we can ever imagine. This reminds me of the post recently about Gods will. Nothing scary or complex just to love him, listen to him and live our lives for him. We serve an awesome God and I cant wait to see what he has in store for me today!

  • So important to reflect on Gods goodness even though the holidays are an amazing time with family and friends, they can also be a magnifying glass on the absence if those precious things. I am praying that Gods reminds me if how blessed I am despite the pain I feel.

    • lizbeth

      Thank you for sharing your comment. It is just what I needed to read right now.

    • carolspahn

      I, too, am feeling pain. Let's stay quiet in that place of listening and seeing what He wants to say to us now–what are the things He has blessed me with and is blessing me with today. You encouraged me with your honesty. Thanks

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