Advent 2012: Day

The fall of man and the first promise of the messiah is revealed


Today's Text: Genesis 3:1-15

Text: Genesis 3:1-15

Let’s talk about Advent.

Do you know what it is? It’s completely okay if you don’t. The word “advent” means arrival – usually of an important thing or event. So on the Church calendar, Advent simply means “the arrival of Christ”. It’s a time for preparation – to ready our hearts and our homes for a great celebration! For many, this means shopping and decorating and baking and parties, and that is all very exciting, though it’s hardly the type of preparation this season truly requires. Advent is a time to quiet our hearts, for repentance, examination and introspection.

Now, when we think of the arrival of Christ, we often think about Mary riding on a donkey into Bethlehem for the census, or the angel Gabriel telling her that she will bear a child. Some may think of the Advent of Christ beginning with prophets like Isaiah and Malachi telling of the Savior that is coming. But Christ’s Advent really begins with our need for Him in Genesis with the original sin. From that moment on, the world needed a Rescuer. And from that moment on, a Redeemer was coming to buy them back from the sin that so powerfully enslaved them – and us.

Traditionally Advent is celebrated beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas – which for us this year is December 2nd. So as we begin our 28-day walk through the glorious and precious Advent of The One who came to do what no one else could do, let’s do it quietly. Let’s do it with loved ones around the table. Let’s let Advent be a season like no other – that we may find the truest kind of rest in Him.

“Come thou long expected Jesus,
Born to set thy people free;
From our fears and sins release us;
Let us find our rest in Thee.”
Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus, Charles Wesley

Day 1 | The Fall of Man and the First Promise of the Messiah is Revealed | Genesis 3:1-15

As we come into the Advent season, you may read this section of scripture and think,  “What does this have to do with Christmas? The birth of Christ?”  When I read through these verses, the Messiah’s coming to earth is not the first thing I think about.  In fact, this section of scripture is heavy—Adam and Eve are separated from God by their sin, they are cast out of the garden, they left as broken.

But verse 15 of chapter 3 is where it all begins. It’s the very first promise – the first hint – even in the wake of great loss that a Redeemer is coming.

“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”  [Emphasis added; Genesis 3:15, ESV]

The enmity is an act of grace. It is God, in grace, returning Eve’s affections from Satan back to Himself. It is a punishment to the serpent, a drawing close of His daughter.

And the “your” v. “her” offspring? It’s humanity. Now divided into two communities – the regenerate and the unregenerate; those who love God and those who love self. In fact, we’ll see this expressed almost right away in the relationship of Cain and Abel.

And most importantly – the head and heel. It’s the foretelling of the advent of Christ victorious. The story is just getting started, but even in the dark beginning there is promise of light!

Sisters. This Truth – the whole story – it’s all about Christ! And we can’t wait to unpack it all together these next four weeks with you as we look to the coming of the Hope of the world!

[special thanks to Greg Wilbur and George Grant for permission to use their book, Christmas Spirit, as a guide for scripture selections and daily titles for this plan.]

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  • Christine

    I just found this website when looking for a bible app for my new kindle. So I am starting this study after Christmas but am sure that there is much for God to teach me even after Christmas! I have recently been doing a study on covenants and was struck that God clothed Adam and Eve with clothing of skin! He has to of shed blood to make this clothing!

  • I love the Lord and yearn to learn more of Him each moment of each day.

  • lithiumkat

    I am just starting this plan, and I think I'm going to love it. I feel like it can be so easy to let satan make something look good and sound good and trick you into sin. I think we can all relate to Eve and unfortunately once you have made a poor decision it is not likely that you can take it back, you just have to learn from it, pray about it, and try to keep growing spiritually and make decisions to be as Christ-like as possible.

  • As is always…He is the beginning and the end!

  • Jemima D.

    Thank God for his word. With this new bible plan I have been able to read my word faithfully. Ready to share!

  • Adrienne

    Hi Y'all! I am new to the site and very excited to have a community of women to grow with and learn more and more about our Savior!! I so look forward to these daily discussions!

  • Just joined and I’m excited about what God has for me.

  • It's my first day here. I've seen this plan a couple of days ago but it is just today that I discovered about she reads truth! I'm excited to learn about God with you all.

    Thank you for this plan. I never really had a deep understanding of what Christmas meant (except for gift giving and parties) before I accepted Jesus in my life 3 years ago… Since then, I began to appreciate the meaning of Christmas songs, and felt like really worshipping and celebrating the coming of Christ while singing them!

    I'm sure this study will help me enjoy the Season more as I continue to know Jesus deeper! thank you Ladies! :)

  • I am also,joining you, I am late but I know it will be a blessing

  • RunwFaith

    Yes, Thank you. I am just starting today also. I was looking for a way to really get in the Christmas Spirit and experience the "real" meaning and focus my attention on that this season. So, Thanks again!

  • Thanks and GOD bless all….for sharing ths Word of GOD..
    Im blesses to ubderstand this Word Of GoD in more depth..
    pls Pray for my anger cobtrol and Spiritual growth. Amen!

  • I’m starting this a week late I just found it….better late than never. I think I’m more exciting that we have a chat forum for this!!!

  • thank you for the break down of 'your offspring' and 'her offspring', totally get that it is the lover of self vs. the lover of God; the second half of that verse, the head and the heel, is that referring to God's people as being the head and not the tail, above only and never beneath???

  • I am here, my heart hurting but along to hear and feel God’s word. Thank you for leading us.

  • Even though I try to read the bible daily, i have a feeling that this is going to help me see things differently. For instance, i had never thought about where the need for Advent came from.

  • Wow, never thought of “enmity” as an act of grace, but it makes sense. HE uses it to make us unsatisfied, still needy in the world – under Satan’s rule. He uses it to make us long for more, for Him!

  • So sxcited never heard of Advent till now this is gonna be great! Jesus you are the true meaning of CHRISTmas!

  • I love the meaning of Christmas she tells truth brings. Learning that even in the beginning God brought grace for all is a blessing . I love God more and more with the knowledge that he always has my best interests at heart and he gave me grace to bruise Satan’s heel!

  • We all need to know and teach others about the real meaning of CHRISTmas! I just started this plan today and I already feel its going to be a great experiences. It will open my eyes to the arrival of Christ so I can be ready!

  • We are doing a church wide study of a different kind of Christmas. Asking God to show us and use us for his will. Can’t say I just happen upon this totally God driven.

  • Chandler

    I just started this tonight. What is so amazing is that we talked about this VERY thing in Sunday school this past Sunday morning. That even in the first six or so chaptes of the Bible, God’s word was showing the need for a Savior!

  • I too am happy to learn this story's real meaning and how it relates to the season we are enjoying!

  • This is my first day starting the “Advent” reading plan. I absolutely loved reading the scripture and then following the hash tag link “SheReadsTruth” and reading the explanation of the scripture. Awesome! Praise The Lord!

  • I had no idea what advent was about, and i can honestly say that, until i read this devotional, I had not thought about this passage being a "foreshadowing" of the coming of Christ. We are so blessed that God loved us so much that he started to put a plan in place to bring us back to him. This Christmas, I will make it a point to focus on the advent of Christ– preparing my mind & heart for Christ and truly receiving him so that I can develop a deeper relationship with him.

  • VBCortez

    This must be the reason why that every Christmas I look forward to the many miracles waiting to happen for people who are in need of a savior! I am excited in great anticipation for greater things to happen for my unsaved loved ones & friends. I’m blessed to be a part of it all.

  • Ashley Chak

    I just started reading the devotional series this morning, a few days late I know :), but already I feel encouraged. That hope can be found in such a passage is amazing to me. I have read this passage in Genesis hundreds of times growing up and never did I see the significance of the wording. I am very excited to see what other insights God brings though this study.

  • Although I’m a little late, I’m excited to know, learn and grow in Jesus Christ. Excellent beginning…

  • I too thought that this plan would be begin at the birth of Christ. I really like that it started explaining the meaning of Advent as “the arrival”…..that the arrival of Christ does not begin at the birth of Christ but in the Beginning with the first sin…..from there the tone is set that our Redeemer is coming who would pay the cost for that first sin and all sins…..and that is where Advent begins…..

  • What a wonderful way to begin the season of Advent. I love the idea of quietening our hearts as we prepare for Christmas. I pray that we might all find this Christmas a really special time.

  • I am just starting this plan today and didn’t know what advent meant but glory to God I do now God bless all in our reading

  • I’m encouraged to be sharing in the study of Gods Word with other “sisters”.

  • Sinagirl

    I don’t think I’ve EVER realized these scriptures before now…I mean within the lines of its context and revelation of Gods promise to us for a Saviour..right fron the literal beginning…
    My heart is just overwhelmed by Gods immediate response of grace ,love and perseverance toward His prized possessions…mankind. How truly amazing and Genius our God is! O Lord How Great You Are!
    Father I thank u with all that is within me for the love u desire to lavish upon us ..even when we don’t deserve your love..especially when we don’t deserve it! How I truly desire to love others like u love me!
    I still have so much to learn…and I am grateful for that! I don’t ever want to feel like I’ve got it all figured out..because then I know there won’t be any room for growth. And I know what can happen just because I am declaring that from my heart…( go easy too ok..not too much at once

  • Chanesia

    I’m excited to dive into God’s word and learn more about advent. This is the perfect season!

  • I am so thankful for this devotional. I sadly admit, I have been moving further and further away from God’s word. In spite of me, He still sees to bless me and for that I give Him a joyful praise.

  • You summed up my thoughts perfectly. Obedience takes costant work. And even when it may seem like He is no where to be found, Ge is busy doing something great. He will never forsake us. We are so unworthy. My redeemer lives!!

  • Alaina Marie

    So happy to be reading this with all of you :)

  • Enmity means grace…. So encouraged to hear! Grace. Grace. God’s grace. Grace that is greater than all our sin. Praying for grace in abundance as I prepare my heart and genuinely rest in the season of Advent.

  • I just started this study today and have read some of the posts. I’ve always known the story if Christmas and the Advent season, but never have I learned it from the start of Genesis. I sure hope that makes sense. Anyway, I am fully looking forward to reading each daily study and sharing my questions and thoughts with you all. Thank you for this great opportunity!

    @Nicole, I am keeping you in my prayers.

  • Kels Shavon

    This TRUTH is awesome! So glad to walk and read TRUTH this month. I need Christ to be the center for me this Christmas b/c my family is broken. So glad I have sisters in Christ and church family. What wreaked my heart is how fast the fall happend and how fast God came to the rescue. Praise God! Now that’s real LOVE! Thank you sweet savior! Blessings to the ladies who prepare devotions. The LORD used you mighty. I love how God awakens scripture that I have read seceral times and it did not penetrate my heart as much then vs later when someone breaks it down. Praise God

  • Today’s devotion reminds me that out of obedience to God, blessing is often born! That doesn’t mean things are always wonderful when we’re doing everything right, but God works in our suffering too, often blessing us in the midst of suffering, we just have to be aware and open.

  • I see advent as a time of hope. God kept His promise of sending a savior. And Jesus promised to return for His people. That is the hope that burns within my heart.

  • Wow!
    I just read all the posts by my sisters. I think it’s wonderful how we are all sharing our perspectives on His word. It is by reading, prayer, sharing that we grow in this walk of faith. Thank you ladies for sharing and giving me some things to seek the Lord for understanding.

    Though we are all at different levels on our spiritual walk, and varying levels of understanding, ultimately it is through the holy spirit that gain we understanding. We must seek God for understanding.
    Luke 24:45 – Opened he there understanding that they might understand the scriptures.

  • Excited to feed my soul with the hope of Christ before starting my day.

  • Paulette

    I am glad I starred this plan. We spoke up advent in church but I want a deeper understanding. Your comments really help. Through the LORD we shall have a wonderful and blessed Christmas with our friends and loved ones

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the above comments. It is great doing something like this to see others’ points of view. Even if we don’t all agree with how things started in the beginning the important thing is that we recognize the need for a savior. We believe in Jesus Christ our LORD and SAVIOR. We believe in Advent. I am looking forward to this season with all of you ladies :-)

  • Kim Graham

    I just this morning began this study and have felt as much enlightenment from the comments posted as the devotional itself. Thank you all for this community of believers and seekers!
    My take away from the first reading is that my identity is permanently a child of God, that HE longs to remind me of this and has redeemed me.

  • I am excited to begin this study, although a day late. I never read verse 15 the way it was presented today. I am certain this will be a true learning experience, drawing me closer to our Saviour.

  • This devotinal was so powerful. I never saw how the story of the fall of man was so much more than just that. My eyes were opened and I now realize that it’s time for me to grow up. I’ve been fed the Bible by pastors for so long, that I don’t bother to do further studying on the parts that are familiar. Today is a perfect example of how the enemy can trick and deceive, and serves as a reminder that I need Jesus every single moment of every single day. This time of reflection has already started off with a huge wake up call for me. You ladies are such a blessing for doing this entire program, so thank you for being obedient!

  • Thank you so much for this. I am so overwhelmed with the beauty of this study and the chance to do it. Living in the South and attending a Baptist church so many don't understand what Advent means to me. Thank you for reminding me of the great universal church and those who share my heart. :)

  • Stephanie

    God is AWESOME, what a wonderful way to start the day & Christmas season. I learned something new about Advent that I really never knew. THANK YOU JESUS!

  • Such a fresh way to look at the advent season. I’ve never looked at this section of genesis like this before.

  • HisChildStar

    I’m overly excited about my new journey. I have faith that God makes no mistakes and I’m definitely on board with the reading of #SheReadsTruth

  • Annette Ashe

    Like the advent readings

  • Looking forward to this advent season, spending more time with The Lord in prayer, and developing a deeper relationship with Him! Praise God for He is good!

  • ljcarner

    I am looking forward to immersing myself in this prepatory reading. This will provide an additional experience in conjunction with my lady’s small group.

  • great read. am looking forward to the lessons

  • I am on a spiritual journey and I found this which is wonderful for this time a year that I can share with others an get others insight as well as learning more about The Lord. I am really looking forward to this.

  • It is wonderful to meditate on Gods,s redemptive act. From the very beginning , God steps in and protects Eve, rescues Eve and all of us.He gives us the capacity for holiness. Sisters, we must seek Him, know Him and walk the will of God our Father. "O come, thou long expected Jesus, COME! "

  • I am so excited about taking this reading and reflecting quietly about the word I am about to receive on this journey. I love that Advent is a time of preparation.. for the true meaning of christmas..the true spirit of glad to be a part of this!

  • natalie @ p&s

    Thanks ladies for putting this together! So excited to dive deeper as we ready our hearts for Christmas!

  • Sean-Nika

    I am very excited for this plan as I have assurance that it will be a blessing. After reading todays devotional, I went back to read/re-read/study todays Sunday School lesson. I gained further understanding of Grace = Enmity statement when the lesson text mentioned Romans 5:20 (But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound). Hopefully this helps another sister as I look forward to our journey together for advent

  • Cindy R.

    Love this and love that we can comment and study together!!

  • Terri V.

    Ladies …how AWESOME. Found the answer to my post. Thank you. I amgoing to invite all the ladies un my life to join us on this journey.

    Thank you God for your perfect grace;) We are so loved and lucky to Know him.

  • I am looking forward to learning more about Advent.

  • Terri V.

    Good evening, Thank you for posting this site. I have been looking for a place to talk about Christ and discuss the ideas and questions I have.

    Can someone elaborate on “…enmity is grace…”

    Becoming a part of this onlinepray ing community of women have been an answer toa silent prayer.

    Thank you & God bless!

    • Renee

      If we take the serpent to be the enemy, or one who tempts our loyalty away from God, then God placing enmity (hostility) between the woman and the serpent means that He is bringing Eve's loyalty back to Him – not because of anything she does or because she deserves it, but because God loves His children dearly and will do what it takes to bring them to Him, to turn them away from their sin and back to Him. And in this passage we get a glimpse of how He's going to do it, through "Eve's offspring" – the promise of a man who will come to save! :) And as we continue reading in the Scriptures we learn so much more about the one they waited for, who is the same Jesus we trust in and whose return we wait for!

  • I'd never imagine to start here for an advent reading, but how GREAT IS OUR GOD?!?!
    I'll be posting my thoughts and reflections here on my blog:

    It blew my mind that the enmity is grace, that God is shifting Eve's loyalty back to Himself. Through Jesus. It's so incredible. God is so patient. He already knew what was ahead, and the cost He was willing to pay for us. Even while we were hiding.

    Here were my thoughts today:

    And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden. But the LORD God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?” And he said, “I heard the sound of you in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself.”

    My heart aches when I read this passage. It aches because I know the shame of sin. It’s the kind of shame that you feel when you’re really honest with yourself, about who you are and how broken you are. It’s the kind of shame when you’ve slipped up yet again. Maybe it’s when you’ve broken someone’s heart, or slipped back into an addiction. It’s that feeling of dirtiness and heaviness that washes over you when you face up to your mistakes. When I am “naked”, vulnerable, and honest about myself with God, when I realise just how perfect He is and how imperfect I am in comparison, my heart aches.

    And yet His promises come, even in the fall and its shame, and they bring so much hope.

    “I will put enmity between you and the woman,and between your offspring and her offspring;he shall bruise your head,and you shall bruise his heel.”

    The promise of rescue.

    The promise of a time when the enemy will no longer be able to deceive.

    The promise of a redeemer.

    The promise of a Saviour.

    Hope, despite the fall.

    Christ is coming!

  • I love the you version devotionals and everything.. But, does anyone else see this as almost inapplicable? Most of these comments area simply this, "what a great way to describe God's love in the advent season".. EXACTLY. This devotional is almost a giant defenition. I understand it, and it truly helped me delve deeper into what the so over looked Adam and Eve story really is, but that's all I really took from it. I love soaking up the word of God, but this devotional was strictly for consumption I believe. Not for application. I may be completely missing the point… But, from my stance right here, that's what I see. But the point, of the advent season, is beautiful. Praise God and I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas Advent season.

    • Renee

      Hey Sydney – it's not 'directly applicable', but I think a reminder of how deep the shame of sin is and how great the promises of God help us to treasure Christ all the more. As we imagine what a wait it would've been for the promised Saviour, remembering that He indeed came and fulfilled God's promise in verse 15, then it should cause our hearts to overflow into praise to God. I think that's the application – it's not so much an instruction (like love your neighbour, obey your parents, give to the poor), but it's a reflection of who God is. I find it hard to remember sometimes that God just wants me ultimately to learn more about His character, that I might become more like Him. He longs for me just to sit at His feet. I guess with Christmas being so busy, with so many things to do, it's good to take some time out to just sit and be with Him, learn more of Him, and let Him transform our heart that way.

  • Wow!! Im so very excited about this…You version and SheReadsTruth thank you!! I never thought of God putting enmity between Eve’s offspring and satan’s offspring as a type of grace!! That’s incredibly powerful thought…God always shows us grace…especially when we least expect it. Thank you..cant wait till tomorrow. God bless y’all.

  • I am do glad I found this reading plan. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us!

  • Bichonmama06

    Just love beginning at the beginning….. The why we need a savior ……. The serpent beguiled me… clearly easily beguiled … That woman you gave me … Is love or beauty beguiling us now?
    If it was easy to get to Adam and Eve through beauty and love , we are not any different . We needed help . Someone who would not be beguiled by love and beauty and who would crush that serpents beguiling head and restore us to fearless, trusting , obedient relationship with our loving creator.

  • I missed this memo, so I guess it is high time I learn about this!

  • Jazmine K

    Nse, I couldn’t agree with you more…

  • Great start of Reading … This was great for me. In the name of The Lord I still my heart and my mind tod you father god.. I personally have overcame so much the devil has tried to break by my god is awesome… He can move mountains. We are in the process of examination…. Fatherthankyou for understanding.

  • Nse Assangha

    I’ve been asking God for the past month to connect me more with like minded people and followers of Christ. I feel this is God’s way of answering that prayer, and what a way to start by showing us that he’s always had a plan for our lives.
    Even when we go against the path he has for us he never leaves our side, instead he creates a way to bring us back under his grace and his will concerning our lives.

  • I'm glad to have come over here this afternoon. Usually I read and do my journal and pray, but don't have time to come over for the convo. I'm glad I did because when I read "the enmity was grace" i was a bit confused. Enmity = hatred. I get what you mean by it being part of God's grace, though. It was our first lesson to hate lies. And I think everyone hates being lied to. Hates being tricked. It's something we are now born with…this need for truth and honesty. And that is what Christ is: The Way, THE TRUTH, and the Light. It came from the fall of man.

  • I am going to keep up with this devotional. I think itll be a great way to connect with other Godly women. Lord knows I need yall

  • God always loves us. All the while when my husband and I struggled financially He’s been there to provide. Praise God!

  • So excited to be learning and sharing with other women of God! Today's message revealed to me that the story of Christ was in the works from the very beginning. I am so thankful that God's plans for us are far greater than anything we can imagine for ourselves.

  • Andee Flynn

    Amazing! I'm reflecting today on how the enemy snuck his little hooks in me last week and tried to nip at my marriage. It was so uncomfortable. Yuck. In my journaling I saw how Jesus was with me the whole time, bringing me back to the Truth. At the same time that the enemy was trying to sneak in there, Jesus was right alongside me, turning me away from the deception. I had a choice to make though. I could follow the lies. I chose the Way, the Truth and the Life. Yay God! Jesus wins! Jesus already won!

    • Nicki

      Was last week the week for the devil to mess with marriages? Same with mine. Husband and I were doing what we call "having spats" all week. it so drained me. Fortunately, we are back on the right track and chose to remember that cord of three strands, but man! And at the end the insecruities rose in me and that didn't help either! Stay strong and I will do the same.

  • Wow! Todays devotional has really got me thinking about these passages in Genesis in a whole new way! Come on ladies let’s rise up together!

  • I also recommend the “Knowing Him by Name” devotional that is in the available plans on YouVersion. I started that one today as well and it seems to go side by side with this one and the reason for and meaning of Advent.

    • Nicki

      I wasn't sure if it was ok to start that one today as it seemed like you had to start it yesterday to get the full effect. But I will go over and start that one right away.

  • Learning about Advent is a blessing. I’m excited about getting started and learning and sharing with other women.

  • I too feel that God wanted mankind to live a sinless life in Paradise, but I also belive that since he knows all, he know mankind would fall and was ready to put His plan into motion. I must say though, this is really giving me a different look and feel at the meaning of Advent. Having been raised Catholic, gone to other denomiations, and now a Christian Baptist, Advent was never truly “taught” in a way thay one can sit down and say “Aha!”. I was always confused on Advent and just sort of went with the flow, it sems the churches focus on the birth and death of Jesus more than the need of God bringing him to save us and why. I am so thankful that I was lead to this devotional by the Lord and I am excited to go on this learning, meditating, newfound journey with all of you. Thank you for creating a devotional like this just for women! I hope there will be other devotionals in the future just for women, because we need Christ 1st in our lives everyday of the year not just in Dec at Christmas time.

    • Nicki

      kristy, I was raised United church of christ, which did not teach salvation. Our church was a main line protestant type church that promoted liturgy, ritual, etc and works. Advent was always seen as the birth of jesus, like you just said. I can so relate. now, i attend a Christian and missionary alliance church, and while our church does give more perspective, this is the first time I am truly, truly getting it.

  • I didn’t know why I was browsing plans on U Version this morning. I already have a couple going, but when I saw this one, I knew God wanted me to “get” this. I’ve always wondered exactly what Advent was all about…..the deeper meaning. Looking forward to the daily devotionals AND the discussions!

    • Tina

      Carol – you took the words right out of my mouth. Isn’t this amazing!!

  • I continue to be amazed and God's plan. Advent! I am in need of hope and refocus this Christmas season. Happy to be a part of this study.

  • I'm happy to join this group and discover the advent.

  • So thrilled to find an advent devotional for women, and to be working through this with such a strong group of ladies! God bless you all as we learn together!!

  • Never thought of 'enmity' as grace. What a profound thought. Excited to see how all this unpacks over the next few weeks.

  • I’m really looking forward to this series!

    For those having a rough time with some of the language re: God knew man would fall — our theological lens has a large effect on how we read and interpret scripture. That language echoes more of a Calvinist perspective, while there are many of us who identify as Armenians or Open Theists. Regardless — this is a time to reflect on God’s deep + wide love for humanity, and what better way to see that than in the beginning?

    All is grace. :)

  • Greateroneinme

    Thank God I started this plan.Jesus Christ is the reason for the season..I am glad I am born again, I am a child of the Most High God.

  • Chikadibia Obiechina

    I am absolutely delighted that I will be exploring the essence of advent with a group of women who want to learn at Jesus's feet. I am happy because my time wil be judiciously spent. Lord show yourself mightily to me as I get into this plan in Jesus name, amen.

  • @jasmine – the offspring is referring to the serpent’s & Eve’s offspring, not Adam’s. you can see this in v. 14 as The Lord is speaking to the serpent.
    Also wanted to share a beautiful song about this passage called “The Fall” by Gungor. I’m sure you can find it on YouTube – listen to it & hear His promise from the beginning.

  • Never mind God was talking to the serpent!!! Ahhh I get it now lol *slow moment*

  • Michelle

    Thank you, YouVersion! Great devotional and I love how this ties in with an online community.
    Keep reading and commenting!!

  • rocknitat55

    Wow! So excited. He is coming! He is coming! Our delivier is coming.

  • Also can you explain “your” offspring and “hers” is it referring to Adams offspring vs. eves offspring?? I keep reading the passage and I don’t get what it is referring to. If someone could break that part down simply that would be AWESOME

    • Raechel

      Jasmine, the "your offspring and her offspring" really means that humanity is now divided into two communities: the redeemed, who love God, and the reprobate, who love self (John 8:33, 44; 1 John 3:8). This prophecy finds ultimate fulfillment in the triumph of the Second Adam (Jesus), and the community united with Him, over the forces of sin, death and the devil (Daniel 7:13,14; Romans 5:12-19)

      Does that help?

  • Sue Wagner

    I love that we are starting at the beginning. I’ve recently done a couple of studies that have made me so very aware of how important the WHOLE picture is. It us going to be a blessing to truly look at the WHOLE picture of this glorious season and its WHOLE meaning to us.

  • I never knew what advent was! I’m so excited to go through this study now so that when Christmas comes I will have the right heart and outlook on the day and will behave and feel completly different about it. I’ve been wanting to get to the core, and to celebrate the pure and true meaning of Christmas even in this culture. Yay! Thanks for this! This is something I can now do every year!

  • In the beginning…
    Great place to start. God's first hint at the promise of grace He has always had for us!

  • This is great. A more in depth way to look at the beginning if the Bible. It widened the scope if my understanding if these verses.

  • Jen Habes

    I love that God immediately asks who told Adam and Eve these lies… It's the "in whom do you find your identity" question I think we all struggle with. God has chosen each of us to be His, His alone. I pray we grow stronger in that identity– more confident of it– each day.

  • I'm so excited to find this site from You Version. I got here just in time for Advent, which I never new much about, so I'm excited to learn more.

  • …it is amazing how I finally understand this scripture! I’ve heard and read it many times but never understood why the word enmity was used (in its entirety)… Because the Trinity (God, Jesus, and Spirit) are holy and satan in unholy, there is a mutual hatred. To shed even more light for myself, God created us with the desire to fellowship with Him and He obviously gave mankind the freedom of choice but because mankind chose poorly that day, it set into motion the need of the Word to become flesh (Jesus). Seems to me, we continually make poor decision to which requires the continual grace of Jesus in our lives… So very glad I serve such an amazing God who continually contends for me! :)

    • Mary

      I feel the same way, Jen. thanks for putting it in such clear language.

  • Danielle

    I am really excited to start this journey with you. It’s nice to learn what advent means. I am excited for the next 4 weeks

  • onerebelheart

    Every year I attempt to do something for my family or myself to celebrate the Advent and not the just the birth of Christ, and every year it falls apart. Well, not this year! My eyes and heart are being opened with the very first devotional and reading of this plan! The idea of "her" offspring and "its" offspring being the division between lovers of God and lovers of self is a new one for me, and its like a piece of a puzzle falling into place. Looking forward to more of this!

  • What a powerful gathering of women celebrating the birth of Jesus together. I’m looking forward to learning from each one of you.

  • So Glad i saw this recommendation on YouVersion Bible App! Thank you! thank you! God bless you!!

  • Jennifer

    I can’t wait to check my twitter every morning for these posts. I love this!

  • Kimberley

    What a great way of focusing our hearts and minds during this season of Advent. Looking forward to each day and the time we will spend connecting with our King.

  • I am so excited about the advent plan. This passage had been placed on my heart when I first started pondering the season of Advent a few weeks ago.

  • So looking forward to this journey of deeper relationship. Learning more of Gods Grace and provision.

  • I never knew what Advent was, but I’m very excited about this journey. I have invited my sisters, daughers, and friends to join me on this journey as well.

    • Raechel

      So glad, Fay! Welcome! (and if you didn't see it earlier, I just added a bit more detail about the "what" of Advent to the top of today's post. :)

  • I could not resist an Advent plan for women – thank you You Version!
    I was raised Catholic – school 1st through 8th grade and church every Sunday. Every Advent season we did the wreath with the readings every night. But I'm not sure I ever truly understood it. Biggest thing that sticks in my mind was my father reading the prayer one Sunday and becoming choked up. And I thought – "Hmmm, I feel the same way too when I pray".
    Reading the Bible is powerful and as I've gotten older, done a few online Bible studies and sat with people to read and talk about the Bible, I feel like I get a better understanding about it, about my relationship with God and about myself.
    I look forward to the next 28 days.

  • God's Servant

    Wow, I am so excited to be starting this reading plan. I was looking for a committed way of reconnecting with God daily in the early AM before my day gets hectic. I feel like this found me and on the very first day of reading too! Advent and Enmity (the way it is expressed as Grace) are new to me and I can’t wait learn more – Be Blessed!

  • Just found this site yesterday. I am looking forward to having a quiet time daily to focus on Christ this Christmas. I was surprised with the Scripture reading for today but it really makes sense as His grace is what Christmas is all about.

  • Loved this devotional on Advent. I’m going to read the first part this morning while leading the Kids Woship in the first Sunday of Advent. Glad God lead me to this reading plan. It’s just what I needed to prepare my heart for Christmas!

  • Good Morning Everyone,
    I just started this plan. I never knew what Advent meant. I am excited to read this plan. I so need to quiet my heart and mind for Jesus. I so need a miracle in my heart because I have turned away from Him. I pray this plan will lead me back to Him. Thank you SheReads. God Bless You All


  • cee anderson

    I am a believer of God Jehovah

  • I am looking forward to sharing the advent season with all of you. I have already learned the meaning of enmity…always thought it was a negative

    • Jen Habes

      Me too! I thought the same thing!!

      • Raechel

        Hey girls – someone else asked that above and I think maybe I should explain. God put enmity between Eve and the Serpent, and that was Him SHOWING grace. He was transferring her loyalty and affection back to himself and away from the Liar.

        Sorry if that wasn't clear in my earlier wording – enmity does not equal grace! Great question!

  • Praise God for the promise of a savior!

  • Interesting perspective. Looking forward to the rest of this Advent devotional with the ladies.

  • Wow… Anticipating great things during this season of Advent.
    I am trusting that The Lord will teach us amazing and insightful things through this study. I know He is taking me to a deeper level of hope and trust and am eager to learn along with you all here.
    Waiting, anticipating, loyalty shifting, grace giving. God’s ways are so mysterious. I am learning to be more watchful to His work. Thanks.

    • Virginia

      Praise The Lord, you have stated what is in my heart. I started the study later,but thank God I have started.

  • nancy10272004

    I feel weird saying this but today's devotional doesn't exactly match what my church teaches. We do not believe that God planned the fall from Day 1. We believe that God intended for Adam, Eve and everyone else to live in paradise with Him forever. Can you tell me where you got the idea that the fall and salvation through Jesus was the plan all along?

    • Erin

      I just reread the devotional and don't see where you got that "God planned the fall from Day 1", which of course is not what I believe either. The devotional talks about the very first promise but that came after the fall when God's initial and best plan for us had already changed. Just curious where did you find that the devional stated "that God planned the fall from Day 1"?

      • StephanieR

        Erin, God didn't plan the fall–He knew it was going to happen, tho! But being a God with a plan He wasn't surprised by it! He knew man in side out and thankfully for us had a plan in motion! He even planned far enough in advance to send Jesus! That in a nut shell is how these two events go together!

        • nancy10272004

          This is kind of what I'm talking about. This is not what my church teaches. This sounds a lot like predestination which is not part of my belief system.

          I believe that God meant for all of his people to live forever in Eden and when they fell, he gave the Jewish people opportunity after opportunity to get back in his good graces. When it became apparent that they weren't going to do that, he knew that he had to send Jesus to us so we could be saved.

          Check out the parable in Matthew 21:33-46.

          • rachelheather

            I think it's just a difference in perspective on the sovereignty of God. Nancy, I think your description might sound like God changing His mind or had to come up with a plan B when humans messed things up, which to some people sounds like God is not all-knowing or all-powerful (please note I'm not saying that's what you believe, just that that's what it may sound like to some people). On the other hand, what Stephanie is saying about foreknowledge may sound like predestination to you, which as you said is not part of your belief system, but is part of many people's doctrine.

            Ultimately, the most important thing is that we recognize that we cannot measure up on our own, that we need a savior, and that God redeemed us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The rest is just details :)

          • jennifer

            This is very interesting. If I may throw in two cents here, we have to remember that God exists outside of time. He is infinite. He is not bound by our constraint of linear time. And it's difficult for us to comprehend and existence without it. God is called the Alpha and the Omega. He's not Alpha then Omega. He is the beginning and the end simultaneously. He knew what the end would be at the beginning. Yes, we still have free will, and God's knowing the end does not mean that God's making all our decisions for us. It does not mean that our decisions don't matter. A pastor once described God's view and our view of life by comparing life to a parade. We stand on the sidewalk watching the parade go by piece by piece, section by section. Time is linear to us. But God sees all of life and time as if He's watching the parade from the sky in a hot air balloon. He can see all it's parts at once. Right now, as we speak, God is present and watching the end times unfold. Right now, He's watching His Son be born in a stable and hang on a cross. He's watching Adam and Eve, He's watching your children and grandchildren. He's everywhere and everywhen. So it's entirely possible for God to have known (without planning it) that the fall would happen, and knowing what humans were going to choose with their freewill, He knew ahead of time what He wanted to do to bring glory and light out of that situation. God can turn darkness into light. And also in the book of John, Jesus said that Abraham saw Christ's day coming and cheered. It's the part where people complained that Jesus was not even 50 years old so how could Abraham have seen Him? Then Jesus said, "I am that I am long before Abraham was anything." So, Abraham knew about Jesus coming to earth before there were even Jewish people. I think y'all are reading a little too much into Jesus' parable in Matthew and using it for something it wasn't intended for. It seems like it was just intended to discuss man's stupidity at crushing every good thing God sends us and that such wicked will be destroyed. Using that story to describe God's timeline would not be accurate as God is not bound by linear human time. Ok, I'll shut up now.

          • Virginia

            Thank you Jennifer for your post. I have never heard of time being expressed as your pastor did, a parade with God watching from high up in a hot air balloon. God is the beginning and the end and all between. He knows all and does have His plan for our lives, a plan He would love us to follow, but he loves us so much, He gives us the choice to do it His way or ours. It is always best to do it God's way, but we are not puppets control by a string but humans under grace and love of the almighty God.

    • StephanieR

      I think you're right Nancy that God wanted Adam and Eve to live in the garden forever! It was the perfect place! Everything they needed and wanted were right there! and imagine they got to walk and talk with God! What a perfect life–HOWEVER, God knew that they would sin and in this knowing had a plan already in motion…This is the wonder and glory of God!! I am sure He hoped they would not sin but then there would be no need for His Son to come down and suffer they way He did. Verse 15 says that those who allow satan to control their lives "your offspring" and "hers" , those who allow God to control their lives with have "hatred" for each other. However, Christ was "bruised" by satan but by dying for our sins Jesus "crushed" satan's head. Satan tried so hard to stop God's plan for salvation, however, God did not allow that to happen! What a wonderful God we have! He had a plan all along for our souls!

  • Veronica

    Very much looking forward to this. I’m finding it to be very helpful.

  • Good point…enmity seems like a barrier..conflict..never heard it connected to grace this way…we need grace to overcome it. As I get older…I have more grace for others after realizing I have reacted to some of life's difficulties in a less spiritual way than I thought I would.

  • Please elaborate on the idea of enmity as Grace…
    really need to understand grace and learn how to live it – how to extend it to others in the way God extends it to us.

    • Brandi

      Me too!

    • StephanieR

      Patty, I don't think enmity=grace but that this was the beginning of why man would need grace. Before this moment Adam and Eve were sinless, however, with just this one choice they made, God knew what His plan was for grace to save them! Of course, He knew from the beginning of time what choice they would make and He already had the plan set in motion! The dictionary says that grace is "a delay granted for payment of an obligation". When Adam and Eve sinned God already knew the payment was death–by His grace He did not wipe out the whole human race as He easily could have done. HOWEVER, Jesus coming as a baby to the manger was His grace for all of mankind! Thank God He had a plan all along and NEVER wavered or changed His plan!

      • wilma

        Thank u stephanie. I have also learnt so much about the grace of God the last few months. The moment Jesus was nailed to the cross he took our sins and gave us his righteousness. Oh my what an awesome God we serve that HE loved us so much. What a gift. How can we ever turn away form Jesus. It makes me love Him more and more each day. His grace, now I will never have to worry that I am not good enough any more because Jesus accepted me just as I am the day on the cross. Thank U Jesus.. Forever

        • Raechel

          Yes, thanks girls. God put enmity between Eve and the Serpent, and that was Him showing grace. He was transferring her loyalty and affection back to himself and away from the Liar.

          Sorry if that wasn't clear in my earlier wording – enmity does not equal grace! Great question!

          • Andrea

            Thanks for clarifying! I was also confused how to interrupt this. Wonderful Day 1. So excited to share Advent with you!

    • Nicki

      I, too, found the comment about the enmity being grace very enlightening. never thought of it like that! and though I had heard the thing about brusing the heel was about Christ, I didn't think of how much hope this was in that dark passage. it is always a hard passage for me to read because yeah, it's so heavy.

  • I love how God’s plan for salvation starts at the beginning. He always knew and planned it. Not an afterthought but from day 1. What a faithful God we serve!

  • Wow never thought of enmity as being grace! How awesome! Looking forward to journeying through advent with you all.

  • Wow Advent :)

  • danielandrachel

    So excited to be joining you all from (sunny!) Uganda, Africa where I am preparing for my first Christmas season away from family and friends.
    Loved the reading today and looking forward to the journey with you all.

  • When I think of Advent I think of adventure. Studying the Word of God is always adventurous to me because I'm led on a different journey. This is a new one that I know i will enjoy.

  • Neither did I know what advent was nor the interpretation of the story of Eve and the serpent.It came at the right time and I’m so excited to start this journey of discovery with curiosity about what tomorrow holds in scripture.

  • Charliie

    I had no idea what Advent was! I am so excited to learn more about it. And starting a lesson from the beginning and reading others’ comments is really helpful! Nice beginning :-). Thank You

    • Raechel

      Charlie – I just went back and added the "Intro" that we have in the YouVersion plan – it explains the "what" of Advent a bit more. Hope that helps!

  • Charity B

    So excited to be reading this with you all.

  • It’s exciting to begin a study of Advent with such a great interpretation of the story of Eve and the serpent. I would have never known the connection between that and God’s grace for his children. Awesome!

  • Great way to start this journey & to be reminded of how awesome & complete God’s plan is for us ALL. I truly look forward to utilizing this study to help me meditate & linger in our Savior’s presence…where He would love us to stay always :)

  • I love that this study starts from the beginning, I am not sure what advent is but I know it has to do with reverencing the coming of Christ. I wasn’t sure what to expect I thought maybe they will talk about the 12 days of Christmas or something I am so glad we are discussing truth and the reason WHY we needed a savior.

    • Raechel

      Annette – I just went back and added the "Intro" that we have in the YouVersion plan – it explains the "what" of Advent a bit more. Hope that helps!

  • My red journal arrived yesterday just in time for advent. I am so excited to get started!

  • grandcanyon

    anticipation has always been the thrill of christmas as children. now we can feel that hope and thrill for the gift that lights our world here and beyond. may the message infect us with childlike enthusiasm!

  • Wonderful way to share in Advent and the Love of Jesus!

    • Michelle

      Yes it certainly is. Just starting out together, on an adventure. It is brilliant to be able to join in with others who are like minded. It is all about family, and woman together is family. Thank you our living God for planning and providing an escape for us from the bondage of satan. You alone are Worthy to be praised.

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