Thanksgiving: Day

I love the Lord because…


Today's Text: Psalm 116

Good morning, list-lovers! Are y’all up for making a list with me today as a means of worshipping our good God? It’s the last day of our Thanksgiving plan, and by now we’ve reflected, we’ve prayed prayers about God to God, we’ve sung to the Lord, and read His Word aloud. Today, let’s list!

In Psalm 116, David makes a list of his own, and he begins with the words, “I love the Lord, because…”

Join me as I join David! Where has the Lord been faithful? Where has the Lord shown you mercy? Begin your list the same way- “I love the Lord, because…”
Let’s transition from Thanksgiving into Advent by marking down our God’s goodness to us, shall we?

{Today’s Scripture: Psalm 116}


  • I love The Lord because he never leaves me nor forsakes me. Even when I feel alone, he shows me it is only a feeling but he is there. The more I experience his goodness the more I just know…

  • Christine

    I love The Lord for he first loved me . He shows me daily what I need and how to go about
    My day. Thank you Lord for always listening to my cries .

  • I love the Lord because He is my friend that sticks closer than a brother. He doesn’t have mood swings like Humans, always ready to listen to me. I love the Lord because He keeps on looking out for me!

  • I love the Lord because He never forsakes me nor leaves me and I love Him for entrusting me to preach and teach his word. I love Him for allowing me to minister to Him. I love Gof for his great love and loving kindness

  • I love the Lord because He loves me unconditionally. No matter who I was, He loves me and is perfecting me daily. Thank You, Lord!

  • precious zodwa

    I love the Lord becouse He has been with me and loved me more and more He keeps me saves me shows me. the way and protects all my family

  • Elizabeth Jacobs

    I Love The Lord Not Because Of Anything Specific but For Who He Is…. And I Thank And Appreciate Him For Everything There Is…. If I Make A Least I’d Be Leaving A lot Out…. So, I Say LORD I LOVE AND WORSHIP YOU BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!

  • I love the Lord because He is everything to me!!I wouldn’t want to live one day without Him! What else can I say. You ladies have said it so eloquently. Thank you for that. And to let other ladies know & think about “How Great is Our God” & “How Good He has been to us!!”

  • Everlyne

    I love you lord because of your blessing each day and for the gift of life.

  • teawithsb

    I love this Psalm. I do not think I have read it or realized its words.
    Favorite verse: "Return to your rest, my soul, for The Lord has been good to you," NIV vs. 9 … "God has showered you with blessings" MSG

    I love The Lord for… He is most holy and powerful God… And yet He loves me.

    What shall I do in return? (Paraphrase). I love that the psalmist answers his question. :)
    Here is our offering of thanksgiving, oh God.

  • aisha momoh odey

    I love the lord because. He's been faithfull and merciful towards me, day after dat…………..what can i say than "thank U lord"

  • andreasnest

    As the lines of a hymn say:

    I love God because…

    He loved me long before the world began.
    He knew my destiny.
    He made me part of His eternal plan.
    He came in time to be the Son of Man.
    He gave Himself for me.
    He conquered death that I might live in Him.
    He first loved me.
    He's processed now to be my life within.
    He is transforming me.
    He's building up the New Jerusalem.

    Most of all, I love Him as the Spirit Who deep within my spirit lives.


  • Christal

    I love the Lord because, He is LOVE :)

  • @Cristina: I’m not certain, but I don’t believe so. They probably would have said something if we were starting today.

  • Cristina

    Are we on Day One of Advent now?

  • I love you Lord, because you are my redeemer, my helper, my husband, and my Father. I love you Lord because you give good gifts, and care about the desires of my heart. I love you Lord, because you never let me fall to far, you hold me in your arms, and you speak tenderly to me. I love you Lord for answered and unanswered prayers because You have the perfect plan for you life. I love you Lord. Thank you.

  • to paraphrase the words of Psalm 16:8 –
    I love the Lord because:
    he saved my soul from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling

  • I love the Lord because…

    He first loved me and chose me
    His mercies are new each waking day
    His love never fails
    He carries me through all of my adversities and turrns them for my goood and His glory
    He takes away my pain and burdens
    He washed away my sins by His blood
    He shows himself real in my life through all my experiences — good and bad
    He took me out of darkness and brought me into light to shine in and through me

    I can sing of Your love forever….for your love endures forever – – AMEN!

  • I love the Lord because….
    He did the incomprehensible and chose me.
    He knows what I need, and gives it to me, far better than I do.
    His mercies are new every morning (and how I need them each day!).

  • I love the Lord because He loves us unconditionally.
    …because He made us so we could choose.
    …because He wants to be in communion with us.
    …because He makes beautiful, amazing things.
    …because He is unfailing, even though we are not.

  • I love the LORD because, even in the midst of deep despair, He is with me and hears me. I love the LORD because of His kindness and compassion toward me, especially when I can’t see the whole picture. He is so good! This psalm was made for this day today. And I am blessed that God would have us read it!

  • rocknitat55

    I love the Lord because; he heard my cries, my wimpers, my groans, my thoughts…
    I love the Lord because when I knew no love, he showed me love. Then showed me how to love.I love the Lord because he is and therefore I am…
    I love the Lord because he knows what I need and always goes beyond those needs to fill. I love the Lord because it blesses me to do so….
    Thank you SRT thanks to u I will be spending my day thinking about why I love the Lord. God bless u ladies today…

  • I love the Lord because He first Loved me a sinner of sinners! Took me from the place I was, lifted me up held me to His chest and called me Beloved child! Unconditional love! Wow! Love you Lord!!

  • I love the Lord because he is always with me, I am never alone.

  • Madeleine

    I love our Lord for being a God of second chances. He heals us, wipes the tears from our eyes and lifts us up. This is at the heart of one of my fav stories – the woman caught in sin…rather than taking the opinions of others, Jesus says He does not condemn, but embraces…we havea Savior who is mighty to save!

  • Bethany Ordonez

    I love The Lord because He has NEVER let me go!

  • Hesta Coetzee

    I love the Lord because His lovingkindness towards me blows my mind! It feels like I am a favoured child. Thank you Lord. You bless me with every good blessing from your Word. You meet everyone of my needs. You love me. I love You, Lord!

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