Thanksgiving: Day

God’s will for you today


Today's Text: I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Of all the hours we might devote to figuring out God’s will for our lives – here it is so simply spelled out for us.

Be joyful ALWAYS.
For this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Whatever you have planned today, wherever you’re headed, this is God’s will for you TODAY. Don’t miss an opportunity to live it out.


{Today’s Scripture: I Thessalonians 5:16-18}

  • Such simple truths, yet very powerful to change us. Being joyful is something that we can choose to do! That's what I'm working on now: to be joyful and find something to be thankful for. And there are a lot of things to be thankful for! A warm place to sleep at, a car to drive, college to go to, food available to eat, and much more! God is so good!

    Praying continuously will help us make the right decisions in our lives because we will be constantly talking to God about our plans, our struggles, our dreams. Paul gives us life-saving advice!

  • I want to thank god for all the blessed

  • Although my comment maybe coming I
    late, it pleased my heart that today’s verse
    is exactly what we practiced. My family
    thanked and praised God for all He did for
    us from January to December. Even when things
    practically refused to respond to us we praised Him !
    Tough though it is but what l do is pray in the spirit
    then l discover l suddenly have a release to worship
    and thank him freely. Ladies let’s keep going !!!

  • * author is Linda Dillow… Not follow, lol auto correct

  • When I saw the scripture today I was a little bummed because I’ve read this passage many times and I love being “surprised” by a passage that may have been tucked in a tiny corner somewhere and reading it for the first time with fresh eyes. All if which is wrong because Gods word is living and active. But i prayed that God would show me something different and make it fresh to my eyes and im so thankful for this community because He did just that!

    I LOVE reading the comments because most the time you ladies pull different things from scripture I may not have seen. I loved what Kkshepp had to write about thankfulness being an action and a way to show gratitude. Convicting to my heart. Inside I’m thankful for certain things but my pride keeps me from giving thanks and to show appreciation (to my inlaws for example) I’m thankful this morning that you pointed this simple truth out.

    Also, Caitlin and anyone else who struggled with anxiety & contentment: I’ve been going thru a book called “Calm my anxious heart; a guide to finding contentment” by Linda follow. Amazing! Anxiety and contentment go hand in hand, ladies!!!! Check it out if your interested!

  • I get the emails and You Version app but they’re never the same verse, always a few days off. Are they supposed to be?

  • BeckyKraft

    By those words I mean scripture.memorizing scripture.Beth Moore has published a book titled Praying God’s Word , Breaking free from spiritual strongholds. An excellent resource filled with scriptures organized under many different areas we as people struggle in.

  • BeckyKraft

    I have struggled with anxiouness most of my life.
    Many years back I took this to Jesus because His
    word repeatedly tells us not to worry , or be afraid .To rej
    oice, be filled with joy. He helped me understand that I must be casting down imaginations and everything that exalt itself against the knowledge of God , and bring my thoughts into obedience with the Word of God. I must renew my mind. So I began memorizing those words.when I become anxious, irritated, worried etc. I’ve learned to ask th Holy Spirit for help , He without fail brings the scripture needed to my mind. Caitlin, that is how I’ve learned to handle anxiousness. Most all those feelings and thoughts come from the enemy who constantly casts doubt on God’s character.

  • Andee Flynn

    Can I give thanks in everything today? Can I give thanks about 'those things' that do not fit exactly in my plan, my version of how things are 'supposed to be'? Can I do that today? Yes. I can. Giving thanks is a choice. I look at the circumstance, I look at my worry and I choose to rest in Him. He has spoken to me. He has shown me what is to come. Trusting in my Heavenly Daddy is my choice today. And I choose to give thanks.

  • Saw this quote on Pinterest the other day that made me stop, think & realize that I take way too much for granted:

    “What if you woke up today

    with only the things

    you thanked God for yesterday”?

    I definitely need to remember to – Give thanks IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

  • I want to focus on the words "Pray continually." I love my time in prayer, but there are times in the day I hold back on praying for something in the moment because I tell myself I will pray for it later. When it's quiet. When I'm in my "alone time." I would love to be in a state of keeping prayer in the front of my mind. Can you imagine what better choices we would make? I know some of mine would be different! Whew. That's honesty, huh?

    Have a great Friday girls!

    • Jade

      I do that a lot too. I always think, I will pray for this later, and often, I forget about it when later comes around. My choices would be so much better if I would start praying without ceasing, praying on all occasions and in all situations. I want to make an effort to stop putting my prayers off until I feel is a more opportune time. All moments are opportune in God's kingdom!!

  • Does anyone have any suggestions for staying joyful even through anxious times? I keep trying. Sometimes I succeed beautifully but I still see myself falling short. I don’t like the angry, resentful or nervous side that keeps popping out! Got to through that side if me out and just trust God! Any suggestions would be so helpful!!

    Thank you sisters! These devos and you ladies have been such a blessing in my life. :)

    • Leah

      Hi Caitlin, I can offer my thoughts. I'm sure there are many perspectives on this. I like what elbriedekock (post above yours) said about joy non necessarily being happy. it's true. In Roman's 12:12, Paul says to be "joyful in hope," but sometimes when you are in need of hope, there's something troubling going on, right?

      Here's my thought. Jesus tells us in Matthew not to worry, Paul talks about not being anxious, but how do we put that into practice? God gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit..who dwells in us, and we can call on the help of the Holy Spirit anytime we need to. When I am in a time of anxiety, I ask the Holy Spirit to help me let go and lean on God. That's the beauty of the Trinity, three in One. When I do that, I find a sense of peace. I hope that idea helps you..

      • Caitlin

        Thank you for taking the time to help. I really appreciate it! I will definitely try that. Also I really liked how you said and worded “that’s the beauty of the trinity” it’s something I’m going to meditate on. There is one God but three different ways to get a hold of Him. Like 3 different phone numbers or something. :)

        Thanks again.

        • Casey

          Hi Caitlin—I struggle so much with this too! Sometimes I remind myself, much like what Leah said, that I need to "let fo and let God." So simple but so true! I just tell myself he wants me to go out and bless other people—I don't need to worry about my own blessings—He will! Through his power and through those around me. :) So I find that if I truly leave my own life to him and focus my day on giving joy to others (as simple as being extra friendly to the cashier at the grocery store!) that I find more joy and less anxiety in my day. :)

          • Casey

            Let go. Definitely not "fo." haha

          • Caitlin

            Thank you! I'll have to try that: looking beyond myself. It is true when I see the bigger picture and practice gratefulness my heart seems to be so much happier. :)

    • Andee Flynn

      Hi Caitlin,
      This has been an ongoing journey of mine. Ive been in a struggle of trying to get pregnant for over two years And it can be so easy to get down and sad and lose all joy.

      And the Lord spoke to me about this- to count it all joy, even in the various trials we are in…

      Then He led me to Psalm 37-
      Trust in the Lord and do good
      Dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness
      -so that's where I try to stay. To Trust Him. And to literally get my sustinence from all the ways He has been faithful to me through the years. I 'feed' on His faithfulness.
      And in that I am able to fully and completely delight myself in Him, and He gives me the desires of my heart- not only through granting wishes, but placing His desires inside my heart so that they become my desires. My prayer for you is that your Heavenly Daddy will hold you close and fill your heart with joy- letting His joy be your strength today.

      • Nicki

        thank you so much. I am going to try doing this, asking for the Spirit's intervention. I am having a similar issue. I had an argument with my husband earlier today. We have to do something at the bank, and our ride wasn't sure if they could take us. i said that I had an exhausting week. told him this Wednesday and he said if our friend called, he would tell him he would say not this weekend. Well, he called and my husband said we should do it. so then I felt selfish for wanting a day of rest since at church on Sundays, I have to deal with a pastor who is not always organized in getting info to me. i am blind so he needs to send me bulletins, hymns, etc. electronically since I sing on praise team and play the piano. have had a rough week at my job, with anxiety. Suffice it to say it was not pretty, and now guilt is consuming me and I think him too. Need this special intervention Lee talked about.

      • Caitlin

        I know how trying to concieve can be such a struggle and consume all thoughts sometimes. I wish you the best of luck. I admire your positive attitude as well. Trusting in God is something I will seriously have to work on. He hasn't let me down yet.

        Good luck and thank you!

  • elbriedekock

    So simple, yet so powerful!

    My mom once said to me, that joy is not being happy. We can still have joy when things are hard and we are sad. Because joy comes from an inner knowing that we have victory in Christ, that He has paid the price in full, it is a joy that comes from knowing God, walking a journey with Him walking beside you and sometimes in those hard times, carrying you.

    Pray continually – again a lovely encouragement, especially to someone like me, a busy mummy, seldom quiet time on my own, but we can pray whilst walking kids to school, driving, shopping, cooking.

    And thankfulness, this one to me comes naturally when you have the other two at hand. How easy to be thankful when you are joyous and in a good relationship with God. But again, I am reminded today the importance of taking time out to say thank you and be grateful for everything we have and all the promises of God. Be blessed this beautiful day sisters in Christ.

  • Wow~did i need you women this morning. Getting ready to leave on a long car trip and feeling somewhat apprehensive. Picked up my phone to do this devo before starting out and….you all lifted me up. Thank you sisters i have never met face to face. Jesus be my guide!

  • rocknitat55

    Claire I am with you. How difficult we make things. God’ will for our lives is so simple. Be happy, seek joy. And believe me in some situations u really really have to. search. But the bible does tell us that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek after him. I’ve entered a time n my life where I am older, no companion, and God has allowed me to experience a “thorn in my flesh”. But I purpose in my heart to not be bitter, not be resentful. Oh it is not easy… there are occassions when I find myself window shopping! Notice I said window shopping for through the grace of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit I will not wear bitterness or resentment!
    Today I rejoyce that He lives in me! I rejoyce that I know him and that he lives in me!
    I will be filled with joy today as I share the day with my puppie and friends.
    I rejoyce in my grown son and his love of Christ. I am delighted that I have found this community to share and grown in Christ with.

  • My job is very stressful right now, but I know it is just a temporary situation that I'm dealing with. The other day, I thought- I would be SO HAPPY if it weren't for this situation at work, and then I realized how AWFUL and RIDICULOUS that sounds!

    Isn't there a quote- the things that matter the most should never be hindered by the things that matter the least….

    Something like that…?

    Today, I repent of my unnecessary fear and negative attitude.

    Today, I choose to rejoice and be thankful for an upcoming date night, a hot shower this morning, a community of believers here at shereadstruth, and for FRIDAY PAYDAYS! :)

    • Leah

      Holly..awesome! Isn't it great when you have that realization that while we don't have as much control over things as we'd like…we do "own" our perspective, and that's a choice. I'm excited for you in how you approach today. We've all (or many of us) have been in the situtuation you described, but not many people have the awareness to change their attitude before starting the day.

  • Rejoice. Pray. Give thanks.

    how is rejoice different than giving thanks?
    rejoice: To feel joyful; be delighted
    To fill with joy; gladden

    Rejoice is a feeling, a state of being

    giving thanks is an action. something we do: express gratitude or show appreciation to

    What things can we "be delighted" with today? what things fill us with Joy?
    name those things and give thanks for them:

  • I read the first sentence of todays devotion and wanted to shout out yedms! It is so true! We make Gods will this large complicated thing called Gods will. A bit like Gods plan for our lives. We pray God if it is your will…then {insert prayer request here} but its not. I love seeing how these 3 strands fit together.

    Living a joyful life alway isn’t easy. Maybe now whilst I’m happy and relaxed it might be but when I’m in pain or facing difficult times then it can be hard to be joyful. I think that’s when the second part comes into play- in these times keep on praying. God will answer allowing us to respond in number 3- be thankful!

    • claire

      Sorry meant to say wanted to shout out yes! Don’t know what yedms is!

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