Thanksgiving: Day

His love endures forever


Today's Text: Psalm 118:1-16

His love endures forever. Can we count how many times that phrase is used in this passage? Four times. It’s clear that this is a promise we need to cling to and remember!

That promise provides comfort in the best and worst times, and I love that this Psalm covers the full spectrum of joy and sorrow.

Read through Psalm 118 and write down the verses that capture your current state. Are you in distress? Fearful? Looking for refuge? Dancing joyfully? Sisters, His love–for you–endures forever.

Never forget that promise.

{Today’s Scripture: Psalm 118:1-16}


  • knlinnartz

    I Have been full of fears this week, like being afraid of going outside alone. but "GOD Is WITH ME what can man do to me?" I need to trust GOd more, that I am forever safe in his arms

  • Tahwahnah

    The LORD IS MY STRENGTH and MY SALVATION of whom shall I fear?
    Peace be to all this day in The Lord may we CONTINUALLY dwell.

  • Vs 13….. I was pushed hard, so that I was falling, but The Lord helped me.

    Vs 5….out of my distress I called on The Lord ; The Lord answered me and set me free.
    Vs 6….. The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?
    Vs 7….. The Lord is on my side as my helper…

    Vs 1….oh give thanks to The Lord, for he is good; his steadfast Love endures forever!

    Lord….please, as my helper, help me to trust in you and to not be afraid and disheartened. Thank you that your love for me never ends.

  • I used to think there’s no way he loves me.. But God is quick to say “If I didn’t love you, why would I create you? Have you forgotten I am good and only create good?”

    • Anna

      I understand you because I also used to think the same things. How could He love me?! But He showed me that He truly does love me and shows it in ways I wouldn't even imagine. He even recently made some of my big dreams come true…dreams that I thought would never come true. God is good! He truly loves His creation!

  • Caroline

    Verse 13 really connected with me. "I was pushed hard, so that I was falling, but the Lord helped me." I think the writer hits the nail on the head right here. We are battered by the world and are discouraged but standing by ready to help is the Lord! He's there to catch us and help us, as the verse says, whenever we need! This is super encouraging to me as I'm sometimes pushed harder than I want to be and do I always trust God? Definetly something I'm working on.

  • PSALMS 118:3, 5-6 CEV-EN

    Let the family of Aaron
    the priest shout,
    “God is always merciful!”
    When I was really hurting,
    I prayed to the [Lord].
    He answered my prayer,
    and took my worries away.
    The [Lord] is on my side,
    and I am not afraid
    of what others can do to me.

    I am glad that each day is a new day, and with it comes a chance for me to make the enemy into a liar. I will not be destroyed by past fear, or even worries about my future. I’m learning to live for now, right where God wants me. I can actually say, I know what peace and happiness feels like today. It makes me feel weightless and the wind can just carry me away.

  • Janice S.

    Verses 5 & 6 really jumped out at me: In my distress I called to the Lord, and the Lord answered me and set me free. The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?

    It’s so good to remember that when we call out to God he hears us and that we are not alone. That should calm my fears and give me hope.

  • carriemarieflynn

    v15-16, "The strong right arm of the Lord has done glorious things. The strong right arm of the Lord is raised in triumph!"

    I love this. Good to know we have victory and God has protection in mind for us.

  • This post is exactly what I needed. I have been going through a really rough patch, but I find hope in the fact that His love endures forever, and that He will never, ever leave me. Each day of this Thanksgiving reading plan, I have found something new to encourage me and help me to hold on, keep praying, and keep being thankful. God has shown me his love in ways that I can't even imagine. I have realized over the past few months that I am NOT in control of the actions of others, of the events that happen in my life, of the ups and downs that I face, but God IS in control. That is so much better than anything that I could even hope to do. Even in my worst times, I find that He hasn't left me. I know the Bible says it, but I find joy in the fact that He is allowing me to feel it.

    • claire

      Know exactly what you mean about new things to be thankful for each day! So true!

    • Anna

      May God bless and comfort you in this season of your life. God has also opened to me that I am not in control of other people's actions. What we do have control over is how we react to those actions and the circumstances surrounding us. We can choose to react in a destructive way or choose to react in a way that is hopeful and will pave way for healing. God truly does comfort us in ways we wouldn't dream of. I am just in awe at how He's been healing me from various things. God is good!

  • Don't you just love how easy it is to compare translations on YouVersion? Here's how The Message translates verses 15-16:

    Hear the shouts, hear the triumph songs in the camp of the saved? "The hand of God has turned the tide! The hand of God is raised in victory! The hand of God has turned the tide!"

    Praise God for our victory in Christ!!!

  • v.6 – The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?

    v. 14 – The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation.

    And last, but certainly not least!

    v. 24 – This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!!

  • In my distress I prayed to the L ord , and the L ord answered me and set me free. (Psalms 118:5 NLT)

    This verse really spoke to me..not because (Thank God) I am in distress in the moment, but because I have been at times. In those moments, God never fails..He is always there to bring comfort, hope, and peace..even if it's in ways that we didn't predict.

    At church one time, my pastor said that there are two kinds of people in this world..those who are suffering and those who are going to be suffering. I appreciate that perspective as it relates to this verse in particular. I know that I can call on The Lord, and that his love/mercy endure forever.

  • Ashleigh

    Thank you! I definitely needed this today!

  • Madeleine

    I love the passage today very much, a great reminder to praise God and plug into that life changing presence no matter the circumstances. The verse about the Lord becoming my salvation – powerful! I have tried to live by my own strength and ideas too long ladies! If I accept His love and salvation, I will be with Him always. This does give me new hope and gratitude today.

  • My heart leapt for joy when I read this psalm today as I could have written it word for word it sums up exactly how I am feeling right now! I read a blog post/comment recently about how easy it is to only show one side of yourself through social media/blogging and that therefore you often look at others lives in envy. But maybe they only post the good, what they want you to read. I realised I was probably guilty of that. With this psalm however there was no getting away from the good and the bad hence my blog post today is called honesty! (
    I am so thankful to #shereadstruth for being part of the reason I am set on fire for God right now! Can’t wait to see what he has planned for me today…if I can find the strength to get up it would be a start!

    • Leah

      Claire, what a great thought and blog post that followed. Your honesty is so open, but I think many people can relate to that feeling of needing to step back. However, so many times it's our egos that don't allow us to. I also really appreciate your comments above about the one sided perspective of blogging/social media. I do think we all need to be careful of that..while it's meant to be uplifting and inspiring, if we are not trying to be real with each other in that world, we are/can be creating images of lives that are so good, so beautiful, that it can seem unattainable. Interesting thing to reflect on…Thanks for your post this morning. PS> The link on your post didn't work..I had to edit out the ()'s.

    • Amarachi

      Hey Claire,
      Please could you re-post the URL of your blog? The one you posted isn't opening. Thanks.

  • The version I’m reading nkjv says his ‘mercy’ endures forever, i am grateful for Gods mercy.
    I’m reminded of a song ‘millions didn’t make it, I was one of the ones who did!’ I thank Gos for his Mercy when I should have had a harsh punishment His love for me overtook His anger.

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