Thanksgiving: Day

When the word of Christ dwells


Today's Text: Colossans 3:15-17

Singing was such a huge and sweet part of the biblical believer’s lives. David (the man after God’s own heart) broke out in song and dance, praising God. In 2 Samuel 6, David faces criticism for getting a little wild in his dancing and warns his wife – I will get even wilder than this. A man after God’s heart doesn’t contain his thankfulness in a respectful way – do we? I dare you, just dare you – no matter where you are today, get a little undignified in your praise to the Father. It doesn’t have to be in front of a crowd, it can be locked behind doors in your bedroom – but make sure the Lord knows how grateful you are.

Sing a little song, dance a little dance.
When the word of Christ dwells in you richly, it will come out one way or another.

{Today’s Scripture: Colossians 3:15-17}

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  • I just turn on my christion station on “khis” and the lord puts a smile on my face and movement in feet. I dance better than I sing. LoL

  • Truly, we are called to have peace amongst each other and in our inner self. There's nothing more pleasant than to be truly at peace and be thankful, no matter the circumstances around us. We should take care of our souls and make sure we're feeding ourselves spiritually. When we're familiar with Christ's word and it dwells in us, we make wise choices in life. And we're able to teach and encourage others with this wisdom from God. Whatever we do, we shouldn't praise ourselves but our deeds and words should point to God and Jesus, so people would see Him through our words and deeds.

  • Tahwahnah

    As I read the comments written I am shown that so many times the struggles are our gifts from God. It is in those struggles that we lean on him most and stick by his side holding on with all we have, that brings us the deepest blessings of all. The presents of our living Father bring us through these struggles. This is priceless. Oh, the material things are nice but the thrill never lasts and very rarely changes us for God.
    Lord help me to remember this the most. Bless us Father in all our struggles and bring us to a greater understanding of what it is all about.

  • Just finished having my praise and worship time with the Lord. This devotion which talks about how David praised God through song and dance just confirms that God is the only one who merits praise and worship. Lets keep on praising him!

  • JUST undignified some thank you's to Jesus on my blog.

  • 'Undignified (I will dance, I will sing)' sung by David Crowder Band seemed perfect for this! Today our church had a day of prayer and fasting for a specific need we have. It was lovely to gather together several times during the day and pray with thanksgiving and trust,and to recall the many blessings we have experienced.

  • provs31gal

    I find myself thinking of spiritual songs and singing them outloud and in my head. I literally wake up in the morning and in the middle of the night with song on my brain. The Lord is working in me I can feel it, however, I am still under construction!

  • rocknitat55

    Oh laura, my favorite song.
    I will praise him with my whole heart!

  • Courtney

    Undignified by David Crowder Band :)))

  • Tura Klepfer

    I love to sing and I love to praise GOD. I love to praise GoD by singing. Others may not want to hear but the LoRD knows my heart and that is all that matters for HE lives me and cares for me

  • My favorite part of our Sunday service is singing praises to the Lord! This time helps me to focus and fix my eyes completely on Jesus and what he has done for me. I find myself singing praises in the shower most mornings not even realizing it I love that worship has become so an important part of my life and has really allowed me to grow in my relationship with the Lord. My favorite song is: (Hillsong United – Lead Me To The Cross) Just close your eyes and take up your cross to Him, sisters! :-)

  • Anointed Heels

    When I think about what he's done for me, I just wanna dance! Praising God undignified!

  • I really love verse 15 in Colossians 3. We are called to peace! It is amazing how often I don’t have peace in my heart! But I am so thankful for the reminder that peace in my heart is where I am supposed to be. And I’d say that calls for some spontaneous worship!

  • All of the comments made me break out my iPad and begin worshipping and praising the Lord at my desk!!!! Especially for having a job, a desk to work at and a computer to fellowship with you all! I should be shouting and praising the Lord throughout my workplace for that! :)

  • I so enjoy SRT! This reminded me of PS 28:7!

  • Could there be a more fun way to express our thanks and gratefulness to Jesus for everything his gives us and does for us??? I think not! Singing and dancing is contagious, so I’m going to spread God’s word through these things with all of you with his love and peace in my heart :)

  • I read this devotional this morning. Then about 30 minutes later I got a call with a huge answered prayer. I instinctively started jumping, squealing and doing (attempted) toe-touches when I realized- that was my form of undignified worship in my living room. Thanks to God for answered prayers and this devotional at a perfect time.

    • Bianca

      Sorry!!! I accidently clicked 'thumbs down' when I wanted to click 'thumbs up'….anywho, congrats!!! I did my own variation of a toe touch (not flexible as I used to be) this morning when I woke up and started my day! :)

  • You know that crazy lady in the car next to you at the stop light? The one singing at the top of her lungs (and probably out of tune) with her hands up? Yeh… that’s probably me. *grin*

    • Claire

      or me! I was doing exactly that this morning!

      • Beckey

        HA!! Glad I'm not the only one! We'll know each other by our upraised hands at the stop light! ;0)

  • Thank you for sharing that song Claire! It led me to one that makes me want to raise some hallelujah hands too :)

    I love the words:
    When I think about The Lord
    How he saved me
    How he raised me
    How he filled me up with the Holy Ghost
    How he healed me to the uttermost.
    When I think about The Lord
    How he picked me up
    Turned me around
    How he set my feet on solid ground…
    It makes me want to shout hallelujah
    Thank you Jesus
    Lord you’re worthy of all the glory and all the honor and all the praise!

    So thankful for this reminder this morning and for each of you. You have no idea how much you are being used to lead this girl’s heart in worship!

  • Soooo funny, I was in the kitchen praying and I always have songs running through my mind, and I told God, “yes, You know, I just want to sing!” Then I read the devotional today and am just laughing at how God is using you in my life. Thank you, so today, I will sing!

  • When I learned to praise God, and not to worry about who was looking, I was set free. Because my personal relationship with God, prompts my own personal praise. We are not robots, we were made to praise our Creator. Even if I wanted to do the “robot” to praise God, I can!

  • Madeleine

    What a great mindset for the day. Thank you for sharing your insights and the song! This reminds me of Christ’s teaching that we have to become like children to enter His kingdom. To me that is a call to abandon myself to worship and praise, who cares if somebody sees! Let us all just forget trying to look cool today for a moment and give Him glory.

  • DammyStarr

    This song sum it up” I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free…..” You can’t be in His presence without been happy enough to sing. His presence brings the melody because He is my melody, my harmony and he is the song that I sing.

  • Jst wanted to share the awesome song that set my heart on fire for more of God to dwell in me today! Ben Cantelon – Hallelujah

    • Rhonni_l

      Thanks Claire, what an awesome clip. It left me feeling in awe of our amazing God and excited to worship Him in everything I do today. Thanks for blessing me and giving me another connection with Him xoxo

  • DammyStarr

    This song sum it up ” I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free..,.” It is impossible to be in His presence and not be happy enough to sing. She Reads ladies, God bless you. You made my day!

  • jaajaabor

    how true ! when joy abides, we naturally burst into a song….. thanks for the lovely reminder.

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