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{Text: Psalm 9:1-2}

Are we ever exempt from thankfulness? Some of you, probably all of us, have lived through something that we felt entitled to be less than grateful for. Life is life and sometimes, often times, life is hard. As believers, are we called to pretend it’s all fine and move forward with big smiles on our faces?

I think no. I think David, the author of psalm nine, is an amazing example. David lived through yuck, he messed up, he had enemies and problems galore. If He’d had a picture of God that was limited to believing in Him when life was perfect, the Psalms would’ve been much shorter. Instead, he lived out his faith in His heavenly Father but often lamenting the pain of HIs life while simultaneously counting the things God have given Him to be thankful for.

If we’re people who can only praise God in good, have we limited our view of Him? Is He good only in the sunshine? Is our life good only when all the things are going just so? No way. You can lament and pour your heart out to your Father in happiness and pain, plenty and want. But don’t excuse yourself from recounting His wonderful deeds. Give thanks with your whole heart — even the bits that are hurting.


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