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{Text: Psalm 136}

Good morning, sisters! Today is a day for thankfulness to the living God!

Even when the turkey isn’t thawed completely.

Even when your floors are filthy.

Even when you ache deeply for a loved one who is not with you this year.

Even then, we can be thankful. Because we know. We know that his love is steadfast. Firm and secure. Not going anywhere. Unchanging. Even when you ache or tire or are pushed to your limit. Even when everything looks different from how it used to, His steadfast love is just the same.

Not only is the same God there with you now that is with each of your sisters in Christ where they are today. He’s the same God that was with you in your proudest moment and your deepest shame. Loving you with a steadfast love.

And THAT is reason for thanks.

Every year on Thanksgiving my family chooses a Psalm of praise for our table. Psalm 136 is a favorite. We print either the entire Psalm or small sections of it and distribute them to each person. Then we go around the table before or after the meal, taking turns reading our assigned portions. With Psalm 136 it’s especially cool for everyone to respond “His steadfast love endures forever” together, verse after verse.

Whether you are alone, surrounded by loved ones, or somewhere in between today – take a moment. Reflect on the Lord and His steadfast love. It endures, sister. And it’s not going anywhere.



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