Thanksgiving: Day

His steadfast love endures forever


Today's Text: Psalm 136

{Text: Psalm 136}

Good morning, sisters! Today is a day for thankfulness to the living God!

Even when the turkey isn’t thawed completely.

Even when your floors are filthy.

Even when you ache deeply for a loved one who is not with you this year.

Even then, we can be thankful. Because we know. We know that his love is steadfast. Firm and secure. Not going anywhere. Unchanging. Even when you ache or tire or are pushed to your limit. Even when everything looks different from how it used to, His steadfast love is just the same.

Not only is the same God there with you now that is with each of your sisters in Christ where they are today. He’s the same God that was with you in your proudest moment and your deepest shame. Loving you with a steadfast love.

And THAT is reason for thanks.

Every year on Thanksgiving my family chooses a Psalm of praise for our table. Psalm 136 is a favorite. We print either the entire Psalm or small sections of it and distribute them to each person. Then we go around the table before or after the meal, taking turns reading our assigned portions. With Psalm 136 it’s especially cool for everyone to respond “His steadfast love endures forever” together, verse after verse.

Whether you are alone, surrounded by loved ones, or somewhere in between today – take a moment. Reflect on the Lord and His steadfast love. It endures, sister. And it’s not going anywhere.


  • What a comforting devotional today. Right now as I struggle with my husband deciding to leave.. this is such a comfort to be reminded that God's love is here to stay and will not leave me. Isn't it amazing how He gives us these reminders just when we need it the most?

  • His faithful love endures FOREVER! God never quits! We're on the winning team and that feels so good. Love the book mentioned here….CRAZY LOVE….Francis Chan has a way of making these truths come alive so that you marvel at our Great God once again like you did when you were first learning about Him or perhaps it would be the first time. Our God is faithful, His love endures FOREVER.

  • Looks like everone is ahead of me
    as far as this devotion is concerned.
    However all l can think of, after reading
    today’s devotion is ; If the Lord had not
    been on our side…..the rest is left to be
    imagined ! Thank you Lord because of a
    truth your mercy endures forever !!

  • Isn’t it comforting to know our God is in control! Because if we were in control, things would surely get messed up. To know He loves us no matter what we’ve done or haven’t done & that “His Love Endures Forever!” What a Mighty God we serve!!

  • elbriedekock

    Life is a funny thing, I usually start my day reading shereadstruth devotional, but not this morning and now it is nearly bedtime and I'm only being blessed by the scripture and comments now. Not being in the US meant we didn't actually celebrate Thanksgiving today, but I am VERY thankful to God for His love that endures forever and that is unchanging in good times and difficult times. Thanks for all the sharing ladies, it is a real encouragement to be part of this community.

  • Before ready today's devotional, I gave thanks to God for his unconditional (steadfast) love. It was amazing that today's scripture is Psalm 136. Verse 26 of the Message states "Thank God, who did it all! His love never quits!" Ladies, how awesome is that?! From birth to now a 28 yo woman, HIS LOVE NEVER QUITS! Through the joys and pains, ups and downs, God's love for his children never quits. This is something to shout about! To get up and dance about! The same wonderful love God gives to me, he gives to others. He doesn't pick and choose which one of us to give love to. We don't have to be perfect to receive the love of God. And during those times that we've experienced despair and was heartbroken, God's love is the same as when we've experienced triumph and glory. I thank God for his love because through this love, he has blessed me! Happy Thanksgiving SRT family!

  • Wow StephanieR, thank u for putting it so nice. U are so right. We don’t always understand with our human minds But God is in control. He is so powerful that no one could see Him and live. So Almighty.

  • Thankful today and always for His gracious gifts He has given us now that we are in Christ Jesus. We have been given everything we need for life and for godliness. It is an honor to serve my Lord and Savior. So much to be thankful for. One day is not sufficient for expressing the gratitude in my heart.

  • I loved the reminder that God’s love has remained the same in my proudest moments, as well as my most shameful…
    Many many moments have brought me to today, and God has loved me the same through them all, refardless!

    Thankful for this reminder this morning and thankful for a special day to just PRAISE Him for all that He is in my life!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Gals!

  • Rocknitat55, I love the metaphor, “As life has thrown me many curve balls, as the umpire Jesus, has refused to let me strike out”. Who is ready to play ball now, I love it. We win with God’s love whether we’re at war or in times of peace.

    Claire, I was disturbed by those verses as well,I don’t believe God intends for us to celebrate the death of another human being, because we war against principalaties and not flesh and blood. Therefore, if good triumphs over evil, we should rejoice, because He wants us all to live in peace, and have the basic ammenities of life. Life, liberty, food, shelter, water, clothing, joy, and peace that’s provided by our Father.

    I pray for peace around the world, and for viable solutions to be implented for the good of all. May a higher source be sought for resolutions, and eye opening truths revealed to

    those who rule over people. Because our true enemy lurks about in the darkness, and whatever light he can capture from the souls in this world, he will steal it. Therefore, may the real enemy be revealed, and may it be destroyed. Amen.

    • Bagdaram

      something that we all need to remember, “I am where God has put me.”I nedeed this today!!! God has ENTRUSTED me with particular trials that He has given specifically to ME! THANK YOU for reminding me of this!!!His,Shari

  • Our God is an awesome God! I am so blessed. My life is in a wonderful place, and it took some serious time and trials to get here. God was always walking alongside me, through the times when I struggled, the times I strayed, and the times that life threw those curveballs that can come at you.

    His love endures forever! I can't even find the words to describe the mystery, but the Bible does.

    Thank you…all of the women who put this site together and all who read and are a part of it. It's wonderful starting my day with you!


  • Madeleine

    This awesome psalm reminds me of the greatest gift we have and often take for granted – Our Lord and Savior, He never gets tired of our cries for mercy, early morning cooking problems or anything we bring to Him. We are blessed with a God who is patient, kind, accepting and waiting with open arms for us to come to Him. What a great reminder in this devo today….hope all of us SRT ladies have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  • Today has started out in a way I did not plan. A migraine has plagued me, and now it seems that my plans for this day are going to shift. But maybe that’s okay. Because wherever I am, God provides me the strength to praise Him. Hallelujah for that!

    I pray that today, you all would know this steadfast love of God and share it with someone who doesn’t. God bless you all!!!!

  • rocknitat55

    His love endures forever. Such a confort to know that his love endures for ever.
    Though my circumstances change, though my physical body changed, when my money is funny, and even when my attitude is less than perfect…. My God is steadfast, unmovable in his care and love for me.
    As life has thrown me many curve balls, as the umpire Jesus, has refused to let me strike out instead I WALKED. It is during these many walks to home plate that I am being perfected. I have much to be thankful for.

  • A great psalm with a reminder that after everything we do we should praise God for his love that endures forever. I loved being reminded of all the things God has done for his people in the old testament. Did anyobe else really struggle with v17-20 though because I really did. (it reminded me of Hamas response to the bombing in Gaza that broke my heart yesterday). How can we praise God for killing?

    But I was blown away by how verses 23-26 give us a picture of what heaven will be like. Those who are low and humbled will be lifted high. Those who are not free to worship, free to show their love of God, or free at all will be. For there will be no suffering. There will be food for all- no more hunger, no more famine, no more starvation. I practically want to shout out the last verse because it is such an awesome truth. What a way to start the day!

    • StephanieR

      Claire, there is a eye opening, heart stopping book out there called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. He talks about how God Is all-powerful however, as mere humans we question His motives and ask why of many things we don't understand. The author say the answer to "each of these questions is simply this; because He's God. He has more of a right to ask up why so many people are starving. As much as we want God to explain himself to us, His creation, we are in no place to demand that He give an account to us." Then he quotes Daniel 4:35, "All the peoples of the earth are regarded as nothing. He does as he pleases with the powers of heaven and the peoples of the earth. No one can hold back his hand or say to him: 'what have you done?' "
      I am thanking God today because He is in control of everything! I don't understand and I never will with my human mind but He knows the whole story of humans and He is in control! I thank God today I have an all powerful God that chose to Love me!

      • provs31gal


        Wow!! I too struggle with why, why, why and I never thought of it that way. God does not have to answer my why's. I used to try and listen for an answer for my many questions and I do not believe I received an answer. I didn't take into account that I may never get an answer or deserve one. It is what it is and God is in control. I think the more I think about this the more I understand Him more. Great post!

    • javacia

      I struggled with that part too, Claire. But I try to keep reminding myself that God's ways are not my ways and that some things are just too big for my human mind to understand.

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