Thanksgiving: Day

His courts (our lives)


Today's Text: Psalm 100:4

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{Text: Psalm 100:4}

In the Old Testament, the faithful had to visit the temple to be in the presence of the the Lord, to experience His nearness. Because we are children of the new covenant, 1 Corinthians 6:19 says that WE are temples of the Holy Spirit, we are not our own. You know that incredibly awkward feeling when you’ve just arrived at church after having some strife in your car or on your way into the sanctuary? Maybe a nagging issue that you must perceivably push aside to engage in worship?

Before you rose out of bed this morning, you were a temple of the Living God. As kids of the Father, we don’t have to pretend that everything is fine all the time – but we do have the unique and beautiful ability to choose to enter His courts (our lives) with praise. Give thanks to Him and bless His name before the day starts, in the midst of pain, in traffic, in good, in bad, in everything. Your life was bought with the price of Jesus’ blood so that you’d be set aside as a temple for His indwelling. Walk in it. Hand in hand with your Redeemer, beginning with Praise.

  • I’m facing court today for hitting my sister. She is going with me. The prosecutor is charging me with battery. She is going to tell them the truth, that she attacked me first. I was angry and hurt when I attacked back. I couldn’t stop. I hurt her pretty badly. I feel remorse. I love my sister. I know I need help with my temper. I need to learn to turn the other cheek. I’m going to face what I have done before the courts. I give thanks to you father. I ask Forgiveness for harming your child. I love you Father.

  • SimplyBlessed

    What a blessing this devotional and these posts have been to me this day!! Enter into “my life” with praise!! I love it!! Thank you!!

  • Lisa,
    You are not alone. I too am struggling today, more with fear for my health. I will pray for you today. I’ll pray that we can be reminded of all the good that God has given us and that we should be thankful for it all, good and bad. He is always with us and loves us dearly. He doesn’t want to see His daughters hurting so try to see the gift in whatever trials you’re facing. I don’t know you but I love you :). Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Please pray for me. I am in such an angry, frustrated mood due to circumstances around me. I know I am to be thankful in all things. I am failing miserably right now and don't want to ruin the day or be unglorifying to God. I just want to burst into tears I'm so angry.

  • rocknitat55

    How amazed I am in the patience of God. I have read this scripture many times but fot the first time I really get it. I am not my own. God lives n me. If I really let that lead and direct me oh my choices my actions would be so much better. I finally reached the level to get it! Thank u Holy Spirit!

  • How amazing that the Lord POURS grace and mercy into our hearts. It doesn't just trickle – it is poured because there is so much of it. And because of all of that, I can leave behind past hurts, resentments and fear. I can walk in freedom. Because I know that JESUS loves me. How can I not be satisfied with that? If NO ONE else loves me, if NO ONE else cares for me, if NO ONE else has my back ~ JESUS does. How can that not be enough???

  • I have to reitterate what a few of you gala said already…reading this verse gave me a vision of old testament times where they would physically enter into the “gates” and the “courts” of the Lord’s house and I would just kind of skim the verse and subconsciously think that the only practical application I could take away was to be thankful…but this has really opened my eyes! it’s
    so much deeper than that for those of us who have the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts!

    I love this! such a great perspective going into the holidays…and every day!

  • So thankful for finding this community a couple months ago. starting to actually write in a journal, post instagram pics, and really having the messages sink in. would love to get to know you ladies more! trying to get women I already know (friends, family) involved, but would love to get to know the online community as well. I could use a prayer partner. Be thankful that we get to walk with God, every moment of every day :)

  • So because i am home with the boys today, I did my devotion at 5pm instead of my normal 11am (my planning period at work). The day had been…difficult. the baby is teething and was so SO pitiful and difficult. The 3yo was, well 3. I had pies to make and other things to get done. It was…hard.

    And then I read this. I stopped. Closed my eyes, and remembered how lucky I am in the midst of the chaos. Just because things are going my way doesn't mean they aren't going "right".

    And so I said thank you to Jesus, took his hand, and moved on with my day.

    I am so grateful for these devotions. I can't begin to describe how they have helped my life.

  • What an awesome Scripture reading today! It’s one I have been saying to myself these past weeks. That we should enter God’s presence with praise! Because He is so worthy of it!!!

  • As I read the verse this morning, I realized that for the first time in a LONG time Thanksgiving means something different to me, than in the past. Not that it's always just been about getting together with friends and family, and having a yummy meal I've always been THANKFUL for something, but this year it's different, I find myself realizing that Thanksgiving it's just one day a year and it's meaning is so much different. My priority this year is not can I make the biggest and best meal, it's I need to be on my knees before God thanking Him for my blessings AND my storms before ANYTHING else.

    I am so thankful that y attitude is different and I am recognizing where I have been blind in the past. I am excited to wake up tomorrow morning and not turn on the TV, not rush to a friends house, but to spend a quiet morning in the presence of my Lord.

    Thank you ladies for this study!

  • I enjoy looking at the pictures of your logs and outlined Bibles. On one on the logs today, it said, "Password – Thank You." That's a great concept in this tech age. To get in to the best day of your life, it starts with Thank You, gratitude.

  • Nicki that is exactly what I was thinking!! it reminded me of that song as well, I had always been taught His court is the holy of holies and you have to be clean to enter, I had always thought of my life as a living sacrifice. To hear it this way that my life is His dwelling place blows my mind.

    I am really glad this bible study/devotion crosses denomination something we as people won’t do in our ‘real’ lives. I am learning so much.

  • I got revelation in the comment that His courts are our lives. When i've read this before, or sung the song "H has made Me glad" which says, "I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart; I will enter his courts with praise," I always thought of His courts as this high and lofty place and never understood it. now I see this and I can say, "I will enter my life with praise." wow!

  • So glad when I read, "Give thanks to Him and bless His name before the day starts, in the midst of pain, in traffic, in good, in bad, in everything" in the devotional content. Whenever I read that verse..

    Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. (Psalms 100:4 NKJV)

    …I automatically add, "No matter what."

    • Valerie

      love it!

      need to discipline myself to say that and do that…despite the situation or how i feel!

      thanks for sharing!

    • kim

      Jesyka – I love the "no matter what." Such a good reminder for us!

  • As I was reading this morning, I took a look at a few different translations, and The Message really stood out to me: "Enter with the password: 'Thank you!' Make yourselves at home, talking praise. Thank him. Worship him."

    I was thinking about the part that says "make yourselves at home." What a beautiful invitation from the Lord. He wants us to be in close relationship with Him, and this verse is a reminder to me that thanksgiving and praise make a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with Him possible.

    These verses remind me of the book One Thousand Gifts. There is a chapter about trust, and the author talks about how giving thanks helps us trust The Lord more fully. If we are living in a place of thanksgiving and praise, our hearts will be more connected, more trusting, and even more protected by Him, I think.

    I also appreciate that this morning's section was such a small, but weighty piece of scripture. I often try to read huge chunks at a time, and I feel like I sometimes don't spend enough time really meditating on each part, so by just thinking about verse 4, I feel like The Lord was able to speak to me and show me how much meaning is in every line of His word.

  • Regina D.

    Thank you Lord for all you’ve done, doing and will do in my future.

  • What a wonderful reminder that it matters greatly what dwells in my temple! I give thanks for the temple of this outreach. It is sowing seeds that are changing lives.

  • The choice does start in my temple (mind), then it spreads to my courts (life). I’ve exhibited ungratefulness and unwillingness far to often. No wonder I’ve had days that I just felt stuck in misery, because I chose not to praise in my mind.

    Now that I am mindful of this, praise should be what I do, despite what I think, so my life can be better.

    Thanks for the inspiration. God bless you.

    • Leah

      Hi Tracy! I meant to thumb's up your post but in my early morning sleepiness I hit the wrong button! I love the way you phrased that…

    • Alesha

      Beautifully put! This was such a challenge to me as well. It is so beautiful how God’s Word can speak such truth and life into us.

  • Madeleine

    I love this passage, it really speaks to my heart this morning. It reminds me to focus on the grace and mercy our Lord pours into our hearts each moment. What I can do is thank Him, have a great attitude and share that lovingkindness with others. With a grateful heart I can leave behind past hurts, resentment and fear. I can walk in freedom and be of service. What a great reminder as we start the holidays!

    • Sueso

      Sorry Mad, my nook accidently made me hit thumbs down. Not true, i love what u wrote! Sueso

  • What a fantastic way of putting it. I love that our bodies are Gods temple and our lives his court. We can choose how we enter them. With thanksgiving for all he has done and with praise to bring glory to his name. Sometimes though we enter them tired, exhausted and ready to give up. It is a choice we make and it goes back again to if our faith is based on truth or feelings. We may not feel full of life, excited by what the day has to offer but we can come to God knowing he is both those things!

    So this morning whilst my body aches and my mind runs through the list of 1000 jobs I need to get done I will wait on God. I will ask him to rebuild and strengthen his temple so I can go out into his courts ready to praise his name. Ready to serve him and reveal his love to those who are also exhausted, run down but don’t know where to turn.

  • DammyStarr

    I’m in a grateful mood because you choose to help us especially me to seek His presence. Thank you for another eye opener- I AM HiS TEMPLE because of His amazing grace. The message put Psalm 100 in a wonderful way- Enter with the password: “Thank you!” Make yourselves at home, talking praise. Thank him. Worship him. Ie the password to His presence is thanksgiving. Keep up the good work!

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