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As a community, we are currently celebrating 13 days of Thanksgiving!  You can find the You Version plan here.  Each day’s reading is available right here at or you can Subscribe to #SheReadsTruth by Email.

{Text: Lamentations 3:22-26}

He will never leave, nor forsake you

The holiday season tends to be a mixed bag of emotions, right? Families come together, which for many means that all the yuck comes together. Some years you may anticipate a terrible time, only to be pleasantly surprised. And other years, it might be everything you are looking forward to — only to be disappointed and hurt. Ugh. Expectations can sometimes ruin things, eh?

We are broken people, but there is a God who will never let you down. So before we get even further into this season–this busy season–take time to get focused. Focus on Him. Focus on His mercies, His great love for you, and His grace. Set your expectations on Him alone.

Take time to thank Him for each of these things –and ask that He may fill you up, so that you might overflow love, mercy and grace to everyone you come in contact with this season.

Think of family members and close friends. Write down qualities and characteristics about each of them that you are thankful for! And save that list. Read it again and again. And thank God for these people in your life.


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