Thanksgiving: Day

He will never leave, nor forsake you


Today's Text: Lamentations 3:22-26

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{Text: Lamentations 3:22-26}

He will never leave, nor forsake you

The holiday season tends to be a mixed bag of emotions, right? Families come together, which for many means that all the yuck comes together. Some years you may anticipate a terrible time, only to be pleasantly surprised. And other years, it might be everything you are looking forward to — only to be disappointed and hurt. Ugh. Expectations can sometimes ruin things, eh?

We are broken people, but there is a God who will never let you down. So before we get even further into this season–this busy season–take time to get focused. Focus on Him. Focus on His mercies, His great love for you, and His grace. Set your expectations on Him alone.

Take time to thank Him for each of these things –and ask that He may fill you up, so that you might overflow love, mercy and grace to everyone you come in contact with this season.

Think of family members and close friends. Write down qualities and characteristics about each of them that you are thankful for! And save that list. Read it again and again. And thank God for these people in your life.

  • Tahwahnah

    Oh….. Thank you dear Father for your promises and love you shed upon your children. For, you are GOOD ALL THE TIME. Even when we don’t understand your ways. Help us to go forth with wisdom and give us great understanding into your ways, which show so different then the worlds ways. Keep us safe from the evil one, and reveal your truths to guide our way. I pray this prayer for all who are represented here, those who have shared and those who have not. Help us dear Father, to hear your still small voice and comfort us in times when we see no light. To those who are having dark days JUST KNOW, YOU ARE LOVED by the great and awesome I AM.

  • My daughter told me about this devotional and I am so glad she did! Today this was exactly what I needed to hear! My husband has decided he needs his space and is moving out in a couple of weeks… so hard right here at the holidays….my family lives out of state so that doubles the holiday issues. It is just a comfort to be reminded that even though I feel alone that I am not alone. Thanks for taking time to allow God to use you in such a powerful way to touch so many people.

    • Jesyka

      Allie-I'm glad your daughter told you about SRT and am so glad you are here. Thank you for sharing. It breaks my heart that you are going through such a difficult time. Praying or His Peace. Comfort. Guidance. Presence. Blessing. to surround and cover you during this season.

  • This is really hard to do. My family is very negative and they have put me down and teased me my whole. All my deffects have been topic of conversation. Over the past few years they have teased my children and recently ( Oct.) during Thanksgiving they continued to tease my youngest child even after I asked them to stop. Once i spoke up they said it was me that didnt like it eventhough it was written all over my sons face and he spoke up also. As a family, me and my children have decided not to go through this stress anymore. There is 2 times we get togethr with this side of the family and both times are very stressful. Last year i decided not to go to the extended families Christmas and that made it less stressful. This year eventhough i respectfully asked my father and brother inlaw to stop they didnt stop teasing my 10yr old. My children dont want to go and i dont want to go through the stress at the time of year, your suppose to be thankful – Christ Birthday. Your suppose to enjoy the company of family you dont see very often but if all you get it stress, teased and your deffects and things you have done wrong thrown in your face why continue to put yourself through it. I am working on forgiveness and i am getting my strength back. I standing up for myself and my children. There is too much in this world that will tear you down and hurt you. Family should be there to support you, pick you up when you fall not kick you harder when your down or if your life is doing well bring up your past. I am learning more about how God sees me and how he Loves me. He is my strength and my shield.
    I am open to any information that people may have. This is a recent example of a situation i have dealt with for the last 34yrs. I am working on me.

    • Allie

      I am so sorry to hear of what you have been through. This can say that I can relate when it comes to certain people in my family. It is hard but sometimes we have turn our focus on our value we have within God's love. I know it is hard when we see other families so happy together and we long for it but at the end of the day when we lay our head on our pillow and tears want to start pouring or even when angry thoughts try to take over… God is the one who is there to comfort us in those moments. I to struggle with learning to stand up for myself. It is hard to stand up for yourself when others make you feel so worthless.. but our value is not in what others say it is in how God sees us. Remember you are someone very special in God's eyes! ((HUGS))

  • I found a sweet little journal app for my iPad and phone! So now I can journal along with the study. Thank you for this very needed topic especially this time of year! I've juststarted and feel that The Lord led me here as I was just getting into my last month of reading through the Bible on YouVersion. What a blessing! Sueso

  • Annette l really felt a connection to you
    because l found myself feeling
    the way you feel but then thank God
    for a friend of mine who noticed my withdrawal.
    You see in my part of the world,Africa,thanksgiving
    dinner sounds more like a fairy tale. People
    are so burden with the issues of life that just having
    a smile on one’s face is like climbing a mountain.
    Parents are bothered on how to put three square meal
    a day. Thanksgiving dinner ? !! That is a luxury.
    However, l have discovered that having a family to
    care for and who in turn care for you is all the thanksgiving
    dinner we need. May the difficulties of this endtime not drain
    the Love of God in our Hearts in Jesus Name !!

  • I like the last verse of the reading…and wait quietly for the salvation (safety and ease) of the Lord…This is so true. God’s way is the easy way and when you are in His will he will keep you safe. You don’t have to look for it. It finds you. I LOVE that about Father God! He works with who you are, and what you like…and by design you are in His Will. The trick is to lay down the ‘thing’ I am holding onto…so His will can find me…simple yet profound on so many levels! Love It!

  • Annette, I have been there sister feelings and all! Rather than using distance as a vengeance use it as heeling, for me it was easier to teach my children to Love these people with out biting my tongue. Instead of asking God why ask Him how. For me it was through kindness….the old saying kill them with kindness rang true in my situation and still does to this day.
    Years ago I hosted Thanksgiving at my home, like we did every year for several years (up until 3 years ago). Much like the suggestion here about writing down characteristics to be thankful for, I suggested we all sit down and share these things with each other and for 15 minutes there was nothing but LOVE. Though it lasted for only 15 minutes I have been able to hold on to that short moment in time for the last 10 years.
    Annette concentrate on your relationship with God instead of those around you because much like the triangle symbol for marriage the closer you grow to Him the closer you grow to loving them and know that some times distance may be best for you but if its nit He will tell you. You just have to listen
    I’ll be praying for you!!

  • Jordan English

    God is so good! I am so thankful for my huge, Godly, amazing family! They mean so much to me and God has really blessed us. I number one thank God for his love, mercy, & patience with me. I only want to serve him, and some days I fail miserably but he still picks me up and loves on me!!

  • This scripture really really stood out to me! Praise the Lord for the hope we have in Him! I encourage you all to go read the 21 verses leading up to this section….or go read my thoughts on my blog. =)

  • Mary Beth

    So many times I leave family get togethers down hearted because of hurtful things said that really shouldn’t have been said or may have been taken the wrong way. thank you for this devotion! as I go into thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, I’m going to remember my list of reasons for each family member. God is my portion and I
    Will put my hope and expectations in Him.

  • God is just so amazing! So blessed for the SRT community. Although I am not as faithful with keeping up with.a journal, I have been reading it daily. Life has not been easy and yet it seems everyday I fail my husband in some way or the other. But one thing is for sure… Gods grace enables me and his mercies are new to me each morning. So I pray that todays message will help release the same.mercy towards him….. And not.bitterness!!! Blessings to all of you and keep seeking, keep loving and stay in our Loving Gods presence!!!!

  • This message was right on time today! Sometimes I feel like God may have left me because at times things seem to be falling apart or aren’t going as great as I would like but it’s good to know that He’ll NEVER leave me. It’s also refreshing to know that his mercies are renewed everyday…it’s like I get a fresh start every morning.

    I won’t be able to be with family this Thanksgiving but it’s comforting to know that God is always with me! :)

  • Today spoke right to me, as I'm not looking forward to the holidays people of families issues. Big family issues. But I liked when it said that we are broken people, but God will never let us down. I feel like that's saying that no matter how crappy a situation in your family is, we shouldn't let what's going on affect how we feel, even though its hard. If we turn to God, he will keep us happy, because we can always be happy in him. As I see my family tonight for this first time this holiday week, I just need to keep looking towards God and let him keep me happy.

  • Hannah C.

    Today's passage is right in the midst of horrendous suffering – suffering which was God's judgment and punishment. Yet somehow, in the midst of that suffering, the writer of Lamentations still believes in God's love and goodness – that He desires good. I'm stunned by such faith. Lamentations is SUCH a hard book and one that I struggle with – I reread the entire book after doing today's devotional.

    I am really disappointed that the context of this passage was ignored in favor of a devotional prompting us to be thankful for our families. It's a good thing to be thankful for our families, of course – but this passage in context has SO MUCH MORE to it, and what it has is super important. (Also, I see nothing about being thankful for families in the passage). Completely ignoring that context seems like a pretty big cop-out. :/

    • Jesyka

      Thank you so much for sharing about the context!
      I think that is one of my favorite things about this community-that we can learn from each other as we share what the Holy Spirit reveals to us about the verses highlighted each day. I am thankful that His word is living and active. That He can speak to us about thankfulness from a passage, or about faith in the midst of judgment and punishment from the same passage. Standing alone, verses 22-26 are beautiful, full of hope and truth. But in context, SO.MUCH.MORE.BEAUTIFUL. That in the midst of all that suffering, those verses were written and are true. He desires good.
      Lamentations is a hard book for me too, and when I read those verses, I feel like those verses are the calm in the eye of the storm.
      I think the devotional content today can bridge into the context in that way. The reality of this time of year is that it can be a really difficult time for people. Old hurts, new hurts, expectations, rejection, regret…all of those things tend to surface when we start to slow down and reflect or are in the same room with some of the people who have wounded us the most …and in the midst of all that mess-all that yuck, the calm in the eye of the storm of the reality of a broken world full of broken people (although not quite the same kind of suffering illustrated in Lamentations) is still putting our hope in Him. Still putting our focus on who He is and what is true about Him. Allowing our faith to develop and grow in the midst of that kind of mess.
      That's what I got out of it anyway. Again-thanks for pointing out the context! If nothing else, it encouraged me to spend more time in the Word today asking the Lord to help me understand the context in relation to the devotional content. And it's Him. All about Him. :)

  • Katherine

    This is great- thank you for sharing!

  • everygoodandperfect

    Thanks so much for this. SUCH a helpful reminder on perspective & expectations.

  • Can we only see the scripture reference if we sign into YouVersion? Is it possible to list the book of the Bible and verses at the top of the devotional post each day for those who read the devotional right from the blog so we can look it up in our Bible, or is that still an issue do to copyright reasons?

  • Hi everyone! I am new to She Reads Truth. I have been searching for a constant Bible study and think this is such a great idea! I just finished a study of Colossians with some friends, so I did the Philippians plan until you guys started a new one. With that said, today’s passage from Lamentations reminds me that God is a constant in our lives. It is there every single day and we never have to worry that it won’t be…it never slacks off!! I loved the devotional suggestion to “overflow everyone with LOVE, mercy, and grace”!! This holiday season will be different for me because my parents have recently divorced after 30 years together. I have a lot of great/exciting things happening over the course of the next month, though, so I am going to focus on God and those blessings he will be bringing to me. The changes in my family dynamic will not be changes forever…they will pass and God will remain the whole time. I need to keep this in mind at all times.

    • Jesyka

      Welcome! So glad you found SRT!
      Thank you for sharing….praying that the Lord will really bless you for desiring to keep your focus on Him despite the changes that have recently happened. He is faithful!

  • Hi Ladies! I am new to #shereadstruth and new to bible studies but I am growing with every move I make! Thank you for putting this information out there. I love learning more and more!

    I do not current have a bible other than a "hotel" bible with very thin pages and tiny print that is hard on the eyes. Does anyone have a recommendation for a bible that they love and enjoy studying?


    • Linda Totman

      Sarah … how exciting that you are wanting to be fed through God's word. I recommend either the New International Version (NIV) or the English Standard Verson (ESV). Both are easy to understand and use language that we are familiar with. If you don't have someone that will help you in your Christian walk, I'd love to have more conversations with you. Currently I serve as a Church Administrator and have a deep passion for women ministries. You can reach me through my email at [email protected].

      • Sarah

        Hi Linda! Thank you for the recommendation. I would love to have anyone to help me on this journey! My family and I have been searching for the right church for some time and seem to have finally found one. I would like to learn more so that I am properly educated to help raise my daughter with the values we both believe in. I do not come from a religious family so this is all new to me. Thank you again. My email is [email protected]

  • Kellie, thanks for sharing! I love that quote!

    I love the exhortation in the passage to “hope and quietly wait”…something that doesn’t come easy in this world if instant gratification, but something that I’m working on in my own life!

    I too struggle with expectations on people, as well as intolerance to those who are not just like me…what a great reminder to set our expectations “on things above” as the Bible says…love love love this devotional!

  • DessertForTwo

    Thank you so much for this! I love that you didn't paint a rosy picture and act like everyone has a perfect family! When you said 'all the yuck comes together,' I really needed to hear that! Thank you for this and for all the posts you share. I have felt a sense of calm ever since I started this series, and I can't thank you enough! Much love, Christina

  • This verse in Lamentations reminds me of a song we used to sing in church when I was young, "Great is they faithfulness, Morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed Thy hand has provides, Great is they faithfulness, Lord, unto me!" I think I'll be singing it all day!

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas are placed so perfectly on the calendar. We are given Thanksgiving first to be thankful from our hearts to God and all He has done for us. Christmas then comes to spill out the love that swells up from so much thanksgiving so that we can give and love others around us. This devotion is such a good reminder of how we should respond to others during this time of year. I'm very thankful for those who listen to God's call and share God's word.

  • I am so thankful that I found she reads truth! What a wonderful way to really be the body of Christ through a community of believers! I love the idea of of focusing on the greatness of God and all we have to be thankful for in Him. I am also reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and I felt that today’s devotional paralleled she reads truth very well, it said “thankfulness and trust are primary receptors to my [God’s] loving presence” may we all take time to be thankful this season and trust in the steadfast love of The Lord.

  • annette, I am praying for you. I have so been there! Wow! I followed the suggestion of giving thanks for god's great mercy, love, and forgiveness, and whne I did that I felt such a peace. how awesome is that?

  • I so needed this today. Such a great reminder to be intentional about my focus on God during the holidays. I try, but often get overwhelmed with all the other stuff. Also, love the list idea. I am absolutely doing this tonight with all the folks I will see Thanksgiving day and going to do it again for all the others I will see for each Christmas event. Such a great idea to help me focus on the good in people, not he irritating bits. Thanks!

  • Julie Anne

    I can have such a struggle with expectations some times… All the time! I needed this reminder again today! Focusing on Him and his great love this week. And giving thanks for my family this week. Just going to hope in Him today.

  • Could you start posting the verses online? For some reason I can’t get into YouVersion and am not sure what to read

    • Kacia

      We're not able to due to copyright issues!! Can you try this direct link? //

      Make sure you create an account! I've found it easier to create an account and find the plan on a computer – and then when you log in through your phone, it'll just be there!

      • BettyMcB

        Not that you need to post the verses, but could you at least give the name of the book, chapter and verse numbers here on the blog itself? I had a difficult time figuring out it was Lamentations 3:22-26 until I went to my YouVersion on my phone. Thanks!

    • BettyMcB

      It is Lamentations 3:22-26 for today

  • Hi Annette. Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. The hurt you’re feeling is evident in what you wrote. My the God of peace comfort you right now, may he heal the wounds in your heart, and guard your heart.

  • I like the NIV translation of these verses, because it says "Because of the Lord’s great love we are not *consumed, for his compassions never fail." Because of His great love for us, we are not *consumed by fear, anxiety, sadness, discouragement, ___(fill in the blank!). We don't have to be swept up in emotions/feelings like those, because we can fix our eyes on Him and count on His unfailing love and compassion for us. Not saying it's easy, but the promise is right there in Lamentations. BECAUSE of His love, we ARE NOT consumed. I needed a refresher on this verse this morning, so I'm thankful the Lord provided it.

  • Verse 24 was especially helpful as I consider that the "Lord is my portion". During this busy season I need not seek the approval of others as we host family for the holidays, prepare meals, and seek to be hospitable to their likes and dislikes. While those efforts ought to glorify the Lord, I must not get confused seeking only to please men (who are often seemingly impossible to please, leading to my own discouragement!) Rather I can take comfort knowing the "Lord is my portion, therefore I will hope in Him". I can serve out of love, while fixing my eyes upon Him and not the approval of men which is always fleeting in the end.

  • Thank you for this Word. I am struggling very much with people not meeting my expectations. They seem to do more and care more for others than me because I don’t ask for much, it hurts me very much that they don’t show me or my children as much concern, gifts, phone calls, visits as they give everyone else. I harbor so much bitterness toward them and decided not to bring my kids around them for Thanksgiving, i know it’s not right but it’s my own quiet way of getting back at them, I’m going to have to ponder this exhortation all day today and hopefully God can fill what is left empty by disappointment.
    I have felt God allowed some things to happen that left me in the wilderness for a long time so at times so it’s hard for me to trust Him totally, because I still don’t understand why me, this is such a struggle for me. I have lost a lot of friends, moved back and forth across the country being a military spouse and felt very alone with no real friends so I think isolating myself is now the way I cope with things. I would like to ask you all to pray for me that the Lord would help heal my heart.

    • Katie

      Hi, Annette, I'm saying a prayer for you this morning that the Lord will heal the hurts in your heart. Seasons of wilderness are so very difficult, but know that He has promised to never leave your side. Praying also that He blesses you with community during this season and gives you the courage to seek community, rather than the comfort of isolation. I pray you feel His deep, unfailing love for you today and that He reminds you just how precious you are to Him!

    • Missy

      Just said a prayer for you Annette that you will find a close friend right where you are.

    • Monica

      Annette, I am feeling your pain and I hope that eventually, after much prayer and a lot of time to think, you will bounce back with a renewed and positive outlook on things that really hurt. May I make a suggestion? When you pray, ask God what you can do to glorify Him, rather than ask "why me?" because God wants you to offer yourself to Him even in times of hurts and trouble without feeling so discouraged. The devil is happy when you feel so down so try and put a little bit of a positive thought into your prayers by offering yourself to God and asking Him what you can do to get yourself out of the down feeling. There is a great book that I think you may really benefit from titled "Habits of the Mind" by Archibald D. Hart. You will find it in amazon for no more than $9 new or used. Check it out. :) Keep your heart strong, Annette!

    • Florencia

      I really felt connected to how you feel towards family, towards God, towards past friends etc. I've been there, I've been that person, asking "why me?" Am I being punished for "thinking this, or saying that, or acting out on a certain something…?" If I care for them so much, "why do I always end up with the short end of the stick?" But sometimes, when we feel bitter, alone, left out, not cared for, overwhelmed, broken, hurt, disappointed, we turn our back to Him instead of seeking His face. He alone can care for you 100%, He alone can heal your heart, He alone can fill you up to the point were you're overflowing, He alone can can show you that no matter how lonely you may feel on this earth filled by many, you are no orphan. We get too attached to a world that owes us nothing, to people that are just human, we expect so much out of this life, that is not ours. Look to the sky, our gift and promise, our eternity in Heaven is the only truth. Much love to you and at this moment I will stop to pray for you. So that God who knows your exact need can provide for it, I proclaim healing, peace upon your life through Jesus our savior. You are loved by Him! You are His princess! He is always with you!

      P.S. You can always find a Sister in God and friend in me… <3

    • Dawn

      Annette..I understand so fully your feeling of dismay and questioning why God allowed certain things to happen in your life. I too have struggled with that. But I have, with time, prayer and delving deeply into the Word learned that those times shaped and molded me into the person I am today. And those particualr wounds allow me to be able to understand and have compassion on those others who have been similarly wounded. Your hardship can become another's blessing. I will be praying for you during this holiday season!!

    • Connie

      Many blessings on you Annette. I have been privileged to bible study with some military wives for a season. All that moving certainly trained them to do a few things, such as bond as a family and become great encourages of one another. I also saw that as they moved from base to base they were quick to welcome newcomers and as a newcomer quick to join in. Things like Facebook seem to help them stay in touch with those they grew close to. Perhaps it is a little piece of heaven to learn that as part of the family of God, most of the places we go on this earth, we can find sisters and brothers in Christ and know them as family.

  • Wow what a lovely way to start today. Good to be reminded of Gods amazing mercy being renewed each and every day. Todays passage really spoke to me to have a quiet day, to take the time to thank God for the little things. To listen to his still, small voice whilst at the same time singing the old hymn great is thy faithfulness.

    Yesterday where I live there was the most beautiful sun rise and as I drove to work I was blown away by it but none of the photos I took really did it justice. I think that reflects how I feel right now I need to continue to strive to do justice to God…but need to think about my expectations. Are they from me or from God? I’m back to needing that quiet time with my father once more!

    • Kacia

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE that imagery Claire!! Not able to capture it all … wow! Thank you for sharing!!

  • I can't tell you how much this spoke to me tonight. We had our first family get together tonight for the season and I was disappointed, my expectations were destroyed. God is letting me have different eyes for my family and that is not easy. Very painful actually.

  • DammyStarr

    Thank you for this inspiring word! I do have issue with my attitude, always on defensive, ie to attack before I’m attacked by another or to play the victim. Either it is unchrist like. I pray that by the end of this season I will be christ like by focusing on Him instead of me, I and myself. Amen

    • Kacia

      You're not alone! Praying this year marks a year you are overcome with a Christlike attitude and His love!

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