Thanksgiving: Day

To him, about him


Today's Text: Psalm 95:1-7

Good morning + happy Monday, friends!

It has been downright remarkable studying Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians (the “Go Eat PopCorn” books, as Kacia calls them so she can remember their order) with you these past nine weeks. Our community is growing daily, and with it, your involvement has become more dynamic and more inspiring than ever before.

We sure do like y’all – and everything you contribute to SheReadsTruth. You make it, girls! We’re thankful for you!

Speaking of being thankful, we have a small handful of things we want to nail down with you this morning. Shall we?

1. Thanksgiving! We are beginning our 13-day Thanksgiving plan today. Click here to find it on YouVersion, OR feel free to follow along right here on our site, OR have it delivered to your email. So many options! This is going to be a great plan with a lot of worship and working through things. We are praying that the Holy Spirit will use our feeble human efforts to bless and challenge and change you all. It has us.

2. SheShares – We’re going to be breaking from SheShares from now through the end of the year to make room for other things. Of course this doesn’t mean you should cease to share how God is changing you! You are welcome to link up on our Facebook page, in the comments of the daily posts, or you can tweet with the hashtag #SheReadsTruth.

3. Advent – You guys. (I say y’all about 98% of the time. But when I’m really feeling emphatic, my Northern roots show and all I can say is, “you guys!!!”) So… You guys!! Advent. I want to weep just thinking about it. Forget about us and all the things we want to do to make those 28 days special for you – this plan (The Plan), it just wrecks me in the best way. We will be using (with permission) the Advent scripture selections from the book “The Christmas Spirit”. And, beginning the 4th Sunday before Christmas (December 2nd), we will walk together through the advent of Christ, beginning with the fall of man in Genesis, all the way to the present Church in the New Testament. It’s the Big Picture. The Rescue Plan. It is who and why and what we are.

We would love for you to start thinking about Advent now. (Yes, we realize you’re just now getting ready for Thanksgiving.) This year, let Christmas be Christ. Let December be a time to prepare and quiet your heart for what is happening. Plan now to read this plan aloud at dinner every night with your family, or with friends or loved ones. Do this plan in community (however big or small) if at all possible.

And if you like (and we cannot emphasize enough that you do not need this to do the plan), there is a beautiful Advent Calendar available in the Naptime Diaries Shop that can be hung in your home to work alongside the plan. (We are telling you this two weeks in advance of the plan beginning so that, if you want it, it will be at your home and ready to use in time for the Advent Plan to begin on December 2nd.

And now, onto Day 1 of Thanksgiving!

Day 1: To Him, About Him

{Text: Psalm 95:1-7}

There are lots of different types of prayers in the Bible. Prayers of sorrow, repentance, victory, petition and more. Each one of them actually tells a part of The Story, but they also teach us how we can talk to God.

In Psalm 95, David sings a song of praise to the Lord. And you know what I love about it? What I learn from it? David doesn’t praise the Lord by talking about David. David praises God by talking about God.

Do you know that it is your job to glorify God? We are created specifically to bring Him glory – to reflect Him. That’s why he made us. And in this prayer, David does his job. He glorifies God by recounting what the Lord has done. He talks to Him about Who He is.

So often I pray thanks to the Lord for protection, for my family, for His good gifts and for provision – for the things I have. Of course, this gives Him glory. But what if we turn the focus from ourselves totally and completely? What about a prayer to the Lord that is all about Him? Prayer is meant to change us. And when our prayers are focused on Him, we will most certainly be transformed.

Take time today to study David’s prayer. Then, quiet yourself and pray a prayer today that is free from petition or repentance or sorrow (you can, of course, pray those prayers later!). Pray to the Rock of Salvation, calling out His names to Him and naming His great works. Let today’s quiet time equip you for the noise of the day to come. And let this full-focus on our Maker give you a security that only He can give.

For his glory!

  • Today is a day my heart was very low but I purposed to focus on God. What a wonderful way to come out of myself is to not only focus on Him but to write out a prayer of praise for Who He is in my life. Thank You Lord !!!

  • Hannah Ziemke

    I thought so too, but I found it by searching "shereadstruth thanksgiving" in Google.

  • This devotional has disappeared from YouVersion. :-\

  • Amy Cooke

    This devo has disappeared from YouVersion. :-

  • Brenda Fonda Nybakken

    The advent calendar link doesn't work. How do I get the calendar?

  • Jearlene

    I Praise God for leading me to this site . It has encouraged my heart already after receiving a call from my son this morning from being upset about money being taking out of his account and asking for prayer. What the devil meant for harm i know God will turn it around and make it for his good. I have made up in my mind I'm going to Praise God at all times evening when I don't feel like it because he is Worthy To Be Praise!!! The devil is a liar and defeated in Jesus name ! THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR MARVELOUS WORK HALLELUJAH !!!!

  • Praise be to God almighty for teaching his children his way. I feel so blessed that God’s love for me has brought me to find this program. I downloaded the bible you version and only this morning whilst browsing threw i saw the shereadsthetruth section im so happy i found this .Glory be to God!! May he continue to bless you guys always….

  • I just found this blog/reading plan. It's amazing how The Lord gives us exactly what we need! I just graduated college and I moved back home before I start my teaching position in the fall and I've felt so…lonely and distracted. I already miss the fellowship that was so abundant in college. Ahh…I needed to find these plans. Thanks for doing this!

  • So glad you are here!

  • Adaeze Ikebudu

    I am actually in a thanksgiving mode already, thanking Him in advance of what I am believing God for, so when I saw this devotionals, I got excited!, Thanks for this messages in advance because I just started today. God bless and keep you all.

  • Just what I need!!!!

  • I am new to this and it's nice to be able to share the word with other women of God! Today's reading is a good start for me because I am guilty of not focusing on God during my prayer time. I am also guilty of not taking the quiet time I know I desperately need with God, so I started this plan with the faith that I will be transformed into a new creature of God that is full of prayer and Thanksgiving!

    • Jesyka

      Welcome to SRT, MomResa! Thank you for sharing what the Lord is doing in your heart!

  • When are you releasing the advent readings on YouVersion?

  • I actually found your Thanksgiving series on YouVersion. I'm always looking for Bible studies that will help me because I suffer in that area. I was SO encouraged to find a plan that not only fits my needs Biblically, but comes with a community of God-loving, praying women speaking love and encouragement with each other. This is something I TRULY need at this point in my life. I'm really excited about this opportunity to get closer to God and deeper in His Word.

  • Kianna Rose

    I was so edified by today’s passage and devotional!

    I couldn’t believe how “difficult” it was to not mention myself, my needs or wants to God as I took time to pray today. I wanted to focus, as today’s devotional recommends, on just praising HIM for who HE is!

    Can’t wait to learn more and become a more “grateful, gracious and thanks-filled” person:)

  • Debbie Paez

    Commenting on keeping Christ in Christmas. Here is a suggestion for another great Advent book called, A Family Advent ~ Keeping the Savior in the Season. Hope you enjoy. Debbie ~

  • It is great to link up with
    you ladies particularly on
    this thanksgiving devotion.
    I give God the glory for the grace
    to praise Him just who is
    without petitioning him.
    This can be very difficult
    even in the midst of challenges
    however l have noticed you
    get God’s attention faster when
    you just thank Him for Him !
    My prayer – “Lord grant me
    the grace to just worship and
    appreciate You !”

  • So looking forward to the next two weeks of digging into thanksgiving scripture! My prayer from today…
    Lord I praise you for who you are… You are our Father, our Creator, Our Saviour… The Great I Am… Your name is above all names, your power above all others. God in your hand you hold everything… Nothing escapes your eye… Words fail to truly capture who you are, to explain what your presence is like… I thank you Lord for all you do, even when I don’t understand– I know I can rest in your wisdom and trust you with the outcome. Thank you for your love and mercy which you bestow upon us freely… Thank you for your ridiculous irrational grace– which is freely given, undeserved favor and love… 

  • Years ago, I was going thru a study of the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus started out with Praising God, “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name….” This helped me be able to praise my Father right from the start. I love being able to feel the presence of my Father & Lord as I walk the country lane by my house & praising & praying the whole way. God has been so good to me & my family. He is always faithful. How can I not praise Him with my whole heart. I love that we were made to praise Him.

  • Hesta Coetzee

    Wow! I know that we are made to glorify God,but I didn’t think to praise Him by just praying about Him to Him! Great idea! I know it will draw me into a more intimate relationship with Him because I’ll also remind myself about how AWESOME our God is!

  • i love this reading plan…. thank you for the devotions, too… whoever is writing them!!! :) plus, i'm 41 and I still use "Go Eat PopCorn" so I can remember the order…..

  • Mary Beth

    Excited to start this plan with you. I’m in desperate need of a community of Godly women to encourage and help hold me accountable. What a great reminder this morning that I spend a majority of my prayer time thanking God for all He has done for me and not just thanking Him for being Him. Our God is mighty and what a great reminder this morning! Excited to grow in thankfulness with you all!

  • This is a great site! So glad I found and joined. God is good! As I prayed today I found myself constantly thanking God for what he has done for me. After reading this I realize that I need to praise him daily just for being him. We are very blessed to serve a mighty God like him.

  • Hi ladies, new here and glad to have found this.
    I usually follow the Psalm when it comes to my prayer time and “enter (prayer) his gates with thanksgiving, but this devotional pointed out to me that that thanksgiving has been about me, while the “entering His courts with praise” is about Him. Great word!

  • Ashley, Provs31gal, DammyStarr, thank you so much for your encouraging words, your kind hearts, and your prayers! Reading your notes brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

  • I loved this devotional! As humans, it is so easy for us to still be focusing on ourselves even when trying to give someone else, including God, praise. This is such an important reminder to see Him for who He is and not just what He has given us all the time! Very excited for this Thanksgiving plan :)

  • Kristine

    I read recently that the three essential prayers are basically: help, thanks, and wow. For me, Help is obvious, I pray this one a lot. And I think I’m pretty good with Thanks. But the Wow… This prayer of praise and adoration is the one I often leave out. I’m so focused on me, help me, thanks for blessing me, I forget to focus completely, unselfishly, on God. Thanks for a great reminder.

    • Raechel

      Kristine, I love this! I'd never heard it but it makes great sense! Help, Thanks, and Wow! Excited to make "Wow" a more regular part of my time with him!

  • v:2 really spoke to my heart this morning, "Let us come into His presence with Thanksgiving; Let us make a joyful noise to Him with songs of praise." -ESV

    I wrote in my journal this morning, Often times I get so caught up in praying for what I need or desire or what other people need or desire, that I forget to petition God in times of Thanksgiving in my heart. I love that David reminds us to come before the Lord with a joyful noise of praise.

    I've been really focused this year on what Thanksgiving really is, and how as I look around we've really lost the focus as a whole on what these seasons really mean, and I've committed to making Thanksgiving about really thanking God for the blessings and the storms alike in my heart this year. I've also committed to being my prayer times with a praise instead of desire in my heart kind of prayer. I am excited to see how my prayer times are going to change!

    • DammyStarr

      I really thank God that I belong to Him ie He is responsible for me. I’m excited about the coming days because I belong to the Almighty that controls and oun the world

  • I loved how weevery in God’s care and part of His flock. Loved the image of Him having the mighty mountains in His hands! And yes, about hearing His voice today! Loved the imagery of God saying He is thankful for us.

  • provs31gal

    This Psalm was a powerful message for me as well. We get so caught up thanking God for what he is doing in our lives (which is awesome) but we do not thank Him for who and what he is! I am new in my walk with Christ and it has been such a challenge for me. I have been fighting Him for such a long time when it came to my journey. But today I am saying THANK YOU LORD for you and your good works!!!

  • mugofcomfort

    I was struck by the last verse…."Today if we will hear His voice!"
    As I quietly listen for His voice and in the gentle whisper I hear, "I am thankful for you too, my daughter!"

  • “it is a people that do err in their hearts” (KJV)
    what a convicting statement! when I stop praying and praising God like I should…when I stop being thankful…it’s a heart problem, one that grieves God! oh, how I want to be changed and grown through my shortcomings!

    “change my heart oh God…make it ever true
    change my heart oh God..may I be like you!”

  • I heard about this blog a while ago, and since then have been using YouVersion for my daily devotions and have been loving it…
    but in complete honesty, and to my shame, I’m not as faithful as I should be with my prayer time that should be accompanying my devotions, so when I followed the links today, I was so happy to find this community of encouragement and accountability! I’m excited to grow in the Lors through this holiday season!

    • provs31gal


      We both suffer with the same disease "faithfulness". I am working on that daily and it doesn't come easy. This group has allowed me to be free and honest in my thinking but they have also made me more accountable for my relationship with the Lord. I want to change in so many ways and I found the key to that is just allowing God to work in my life, trusting Him with my life and especially being FAITHFUL.

    • Raechel

      So glad you're here with us today, Beth! The past is behind us – looking forward to the time he has for all of us ahead!

  • Jeanna64

    I absolutely love this community of women in SheReadsTruth, even though I started with the Youversion, I feel as if finally I'm on track…Thank you God for leading, guiding and directing my life and leading me here….#SHEREADSTRUTH

  • Great post! I love knowing how this daily time will be used this holiday season. Thanks for this planning.
    PS. I have used Go Eat PopCorn since I was in elementary school to remember the order.

    • Raechel

      haha – I'd never heard of it that way until Kacia this year. Funny!

  • What a great challenge to me this morning! And I love this: Prayer is meant to change us. And when our prayers are focused on Him, we will most certainly be transformed. Amen to that! :)

  • Stephanie

    I must decrease, He must increase.

  • So excited! I'm so happy to hear we are doing Advent! God is truly going to more in us all this holiday season! Thank you ladies!

  • becky jo

    I LOVE this! Love it! Just yesterday the sermon was on praying the Word of God and the names of God, so this is SO very timely. And I am SO convicted in my prayer life!!! I have my quiet time but most of my focused prayer time is at meals (hahaha!) and then I just pray as I go through the day. This has reminded me of how much (or how little) time I spend truly praising Him. Now, don't get me wrong, I was TRULY praising Him for getting me through my run this morning, but it was still about me. Oh how I need to make it about Him.
    I am also reminded that my prayers are so much more focused when I keep a prayer journal. Girls, you can bet your sweet bippy I'll be finding myself a notebook TODAY! And what better time to start a new prayer journal than the week of Thanksgiving!
    Oh, He is so good … thanks for this. SO much!!!

  • Ashley Ward

    I was totally convicted this morning in how I pray with my kids–generally all of our prayers are simple (they are 1&2) and have a lot of “please bless {insert family members}” “please help us obey” etc. it’s not often I sit down to pray with them and ONLY pray prayers of praise. And isn’t that what I should be teaching them the most?? I am happy they are learning to pray for the people we love, and to call on him for help, but I desperately want them to learn to praise his name–I’m excited about this challenge not only for me, but for what I’m called to pass on to these little ones.

  • I’ve been up for two hours already with a sick toddler… for the fourth week in a row. As Ive been sitting here I just kept wallowing, wondering when he would get better and if life will be like this until his surgery a month from now.

    I’m so so thankful for this reading this morning. It’s such a good reminder to step outside of the “me, me, me” I’ve been trapped in. Our God is so good, it is His character. May I never tire of thanking Him for who He is. May I be quick to remember thanksgiving is not about me, not about how I feel. It is always about Him.

    Thank you for sharing these words.

    • Ashley Ward

      Lauren, praying for your little one right now, and for strength for all of you in the coming days!

    • provs31gal

      I also am praying for your baby as well. We serve a mighty God and he already has his hands on him and the surgeons.

    • DammyStarr

      I’m praying for your baby now. It shall be well with him and we will rejoice together over him. Take heart you are not alone- you are the sheep of His pasture and He does care.

  • Hannah King

    Welcome to this precious community, Annette! It’s wonderful to hear of how God has spoken to your heart through His word this morning. I pray that as you bring your heart to Him you would know even more of His kindness and tender heartedness towards you.

  • This is my first time finding this blog, I have been struggling for a while trying to find a church that is a good fit, on top of that I felt I had lost touch with God and I am grateful for this post. What spoke to me from the passage is “For He is our God, And we are the people of His pasture, And the sheep of His hand. Today, if you will hear His voice: “Do not harden your hearts, as in the rebellion, As in the day of trial in the wilderness, (Psalms 95:7, 8 NKJV) I felt the Lord was speaking directly to me through His Word. Not only should I pray I should worship Him as well. I have heard His word and I cannot ignore it.

    • Jesyka

      Welcome to the SRT community! This is a great place to encounter the Lord and to encourage and learn from one anotheras we share what He is doing in our lives. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • What a blessing to start thanking God by focusing only on him. I was really challenged this morning to make my prayers God focused prayers. Not thanking God for just what he has done in and through me but for who he is. To have a child like faith ( Luke 18:17 NIV
    Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” ) and praise God for his creation like David did. Fully trusting in his power. I was also challenged that whilst David had a glimpse of what was to come how thankful we should be to live knowing Jesus, all he did for us and for the Holy Spirits power that he left us with. With arms high and heart abandoned I thank you God- father, son and holy spirit.

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