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Text: Colossians 2:6-15

My husband decided to move a young tree out of our backyard last week.  I thought it was going to be a long endeavor.
And then he came back inside 15 minutes later.
I thought maybe it had proven to be too much work, when in reality, the tree had no roots.
This tree stood about 20 feet tall, yet its roots were maybe only 2 feet deep.  Doesn’t sound like a great foundation, does it?
Paul tells us in this section of scripture that we must have roots that grow deep and are built on Him. [v. 7]  How else will we stand strong when the storms hit?
I think of this dying tree when Paul continues on, reminding us that we were dead because of our sins – made new because of Christ’s death on the cross.
But the story doesn’t end there – and neither do we.
Our roots need to continue their growth.  We need to, each day, spend time and seek a heart more like His.  Not so that we can wake up better, that would be a lie, but to wake up each morning renewed by His grace and made more beautiful by His mercies.

  • Take time to journal and process the ways that you grow your roots more deeply in Him.
  • Are you trying to be better each morning? How can you shift your thinking, bringing yourself to Him as you are,  allowing Him to make you new.
  • Get out of your chair.  Yes, the couch, chair, bed: wherever you are.  Do a dance.  Celebrate! [I’m not kidding!]  We are able to have a secure foundation because He has already won.  Yes.  God is victorious and because of that?  We can celebrate.  Take time to rejoice in Him!


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