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Text: Colossians 1:24-29

This passage starts with - “I rejoice in my sufferings”.
It ends with “For this I toil, struggling…”.

All this talk of struggle. Of toil. Of pain. Not your light hearted happy go lucky encouraging words. Especially when we know the reality is that it’s coming – we can’t avoid pain or suffering as believers. But what’s in the middle of this passage is what counts.

We can walk through these things because Jesus did. Because He’s worth it. Because enduring them by His strength in us, when we’re weak and frail and fragile and want to quit – our Father makes much of Himself in our lives and in the lives of those watching us.

Are you suffering today? Are you still aching from the pain of a past trial or the fear of a future one? Do you want to give up? The fact is that the pain will absolutely come as we live out these human lives. The good news is that with the knowledge, love, help, and relationship we have with the Father through His Son, the suffering is made worthwhile.


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