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Text: Colossians 1:15-23

Christ is the visible image of the invisible God.  
He existed before anything was created.  [v. 15]

I don’t know about you, but those truths are really difficult to wrap my mind around.  See, in our humanity, we have a start and a finish.  We have a physical body that we can see and touch and hurt and break.

We are also broken.

Another truth that I struggle with is that God wants me as I am.

Yes.  Let me say that again:  He wants you the way you are, mess and junk and everything.

Verse 22 tells us that He has reconciled you to himself through the death of Christ.

It’s not anything that you’ve done.

It’s not anything you can say.

It’s not about success or Bible knowledge.

So as you come to Him, messy and broken, let’s read together how He sees you:

“You are holy and blameless as you stand before Him without a single fault.” [v. 22, NLT]

Paul goes on to remind us that we need to let this truth wash over us daily.  Are you ready for a short history lesson?  During this time, the towns of Colossae were under the Roman empire: Caesar was Lord, and I don’t mean just a fancy king.  It was taught that he was the very image of god, and that your position with Caesar was a direct result of works: the homage you pay and serving him fully.

So just as when Paul writes this reminder years ago, it is just as applicable for us today:  we need to remind ourselves daily that we don’t have to clean up our mess first.  He wants you just as you are.


  • In what areas do you try to “clean up” before bringing yourself before Him?
  • How can we remind ourselves daily about His promise?
  • Is there something in your life that you are allowing to lord over you?  Ask God to break those chains - set a reminder, whatever you need – daily.


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