Will his grace run out?


Good morning, friends! It’s Rae (well, Raechel, but my friends call me Rae…), checking in on some people I like quite a lot.

How are you all? Really?

Like, how about spiritually? Are you feeling fed? Are you finding time to read His Truth?

We all have aspirations for quiet time: time that we set aside to draw nearer to our Maker. We find ourselves hungry for the Bread of Life (isn’t that a phenomenal feeling after a season of dryness? I love to feel hungry – like I can’t get enough of Him!). But we also find ourselves with full time jobs and/or little people and/or big people and/or fill in the blank. It’s just the truth.

We have intentions. And plans. And sometimes they work out, and sometimes you wake up at 2am to kids puking or super storms knocking out your power and, well, our good intentions for quiet time with the Lord can get squashed. It happens.

So, how are you? Were you able to join us in Philippians? (Jessi’s “whoosh” cracked me up yesterday. So her. So true. I love her.) Are things getting in the way of your good intentions lately? Are you feeling well-fed or dry today?


Today we get kind of a bonus day! We just wrapped up Philippians, and we don’t begin Colossians until Monday. Saturday is a SheShares day, and Sunday is Weekly Truth. Today? I want today to be about two things:

1. Tell us how you’re doing. Read how your sisters are doing. Pray for each other. Encourage one another. Do more today of what you already do so beautifully as a community. We love to be right in there with y’all!

2. No matter where you are today, whether you’ve been keeping up with us flawlessly or just grabbing quiet time here and there when you can, we just want to love on you with GRACE. We want you to always feel welcome – with us, yes. But more importantly, with the Father. His grace is always there. Always.

I asked Kacia, and – as nervy as this makes her – she gave me permission to do something just a little bit different today. Several weeks ago she shared a very vulnerable, very beautiful part of herself on her blog. It blessed me and so many others so much, and it seems like a sweet, appropriate way to close out our week as a She Reads Truth community – and our time in Philippians.

It’s a video of her playing and singing a song called “Brokenness Aside”. It’s an opportunity for worship. It’s something a little bit different than we’ve done here before, but oh how our Lord loves to hear us sing to Him!  I’m including the lyrics beneath the video. Sing along if you want. Close your eyes and sing it in your heart along with Kacia if you like.

Whatever you do, really hear the lyrics, loves. And know with confidence the answer to the question: will his grace run out?

/ / Brokenness Aside / /

Will your grace run out
If I let you down 
‘Cause all I know
Is how to run

‘Cause I am a sinner 
If its not one thing its another
Caught up in words 
Tangled in lies 
You are the Savior 
And you take brokenness aside
And make it beautiful 

Will you call me child
When I tell you lies 
Cause all I know 
Is how to cry 

I am a sinner 
If its not one thing its another 
Caught up in words 
Tangled in lies 
You are the Savior 
And you take brokenness aside
And make it beautiful 

You make it beautiful
You make it beautiful

 [2011, Leslie Jordan + David Leonard, Brokenness Aside,
by All Sons and Daughters]


Blessings, sweet, grace-covered sisters.
Take today to worship and to draw near.
He makes you beautiful!

  • Absolutely LOVED this post and song! Thank you so much!

  • Perry Elle

    Since the day that I joined the SRT community, I have been filled to well above overflowing in my spiritual life. I am finding that knowing that I have others who are as vulnerable as I am and who struggle in the some of the same areas that I struggle in makes walking with the Lord a lot easier. It also makes me less likely to be so down on myself when I make a mistake or when something doesn't go quite like "I" think that it should. Lately, I have really been struggling in my marriage and God has really been opening my eyes to see and understand some things about myself that I never really took the time to know or realize. The past few months for me have been a bit difficult but I am thankful that I have had all of you here with me helping me through it and holding me accountable for reading the word and studying it like I should. I can not wait to begin the Colossians study on Monday.

  • Jennifer

    I have followed SRT for a little while now but have never commented before. I start off with the best of intentions and then, I like how you said Raechel, that:
    "We have intentions. And plans. And sometimes they work out, and sometimes you wake up at 2am to kids puking or super storms knocking out your power and, well, our good intentions for quiet time with the Lord can get squashed. It happens."

    So I get up this morning with this deep desire to bring my intentions to HIM and wanting to jump back in with you wonderful SRT ladies no matter where ya'll were in your daily devotions…. And I find this post waiting….for me…..this morning of all mornings.

    "you take brokenness aside
    And make it beautiful

  • And more of the listening! Thank you SRT for being here! Sue

  • I am so humbled as I read each of your notes. We really are in this together! Sisters in heart, pressing in to know Him more! I LOVE the raw honesty that is expressed. It’s as if you breath life into the words we could not find ourself; and we grasp His Truth for our life. Thank you, thank you! I find that I race through life at breakneck speed, and don’t stop to really focus on how I am doing. So today I choose to stop, and notice, and ask and pray and then listen; for His still small voice. Less of the doing”

  • Erica S.

    Likewise, I found SRT through a friend back in July and it's just been a blessing in providing me with some consistency. Having a reading "assigned" each day helps me to keep up with the study because I don't like falling hopelessly behind. That being said, I have not had the best attitude towards my quiet times lately. I read through the study, all the while in the back of my mind thinking "I just need to get this done and then I can sleep." I am just so grateful that God's love doesn't run out, even when I am completely undeserving of it, and I hope to be more focused for the Colossians study.

  • Erica S.

    Praying for all your relationships! I know what a struggle that can be.

  • Michelle

    I found SRT in July and I have grown and been soooo so encouraged by the Word and by you lovely ladies and this community. You are all helping get through tough times and I feel like I start climbing out of the valley when something else hit. I just recently became injured at work with a cervical strain and it has been very disabling. It has kept me from reading and doing most of my activities as I was in so much pain. Despite this I kept up with Philippeans and have grown even more. Despite all the blessings that have been coming, I feel the bad times are just weighting me down. I can't help to think God has turn his back on me and is not listening to my prayers, or anyone else's. I am tired of asking for prayer as now I believe that it does matter if I pray or not, the same result will come. I know this kind of thinking is exactly what the evil one wants of me. So I am trying to keep bitterness out of my heart. And fear of the "what next".

    I love this community. Today's devo brought me to tears and truely softened my heart- so needed. I love you all.

  • ashleylecompte

    I am, unfortunately, intermittent at best. But I want that to change and making that known to God. That I don't just want to have time for His word, but want His word to be buried into my heart, where it can't escape. To be filled with His goodness, and to feel close to Him.

  • Also, it was amazing that my first study with SRT was the book of Philippians. My favorite bible quote (which is written on a stick note taped to my desk) is Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." I've learned over the past year that God's timing is so perfect. There's no need to worry about anything. God's got this!

    Thanks to the SRT community! I've enjoyed reading your commentary and I've shared SRT with a co worker of mines. Can't wait to begin the next study!

  • I discovered She Reads Truth last week, with a goal of beginning and ending my day reading, studying and meditating on the word. So far, I've only been able to follow along with the Philippians readings while at my desk at work. Thank God for biblegateway.com.

    This week, I've been really working on controlling by attitude and releasing stress/removing myself from stressful situations and people. I've been tested by various "friends" and sorority sisters this week. I am led by the spirit of God within me BUT sometimes that spirit waivers when I'm faced with attitudes and stressful personalities. I'm constantly reminding myself that I live for Christ, not man. Christ teachers us to express and share love with our fellow man……I have to remember to love everyone despite their flaws and love one another unconditionally.

  • Recently discovered this beautiful community and am currently reading Ephesians.. but am going to add Colossians with you all on Monday. I have to admit, I had not read the word in years and had let my relationship with God take the back burner. I felt empty for a long time although I had so many blessings in my life (recently got married!). But, She Reads Truth has brought back my fire for the Lord. And I am so excited to have a group of women to share that with. I know that everything that was missing in my life was actually my own stubbornness to bring my problems to Him.

    A sincere thank you for that.

    • Jesyka

      Welcome to the SRT community! So glad you are here! Congratulations on your marriage!
      Thank you for sharing.

  • runningviolinist

    I'm so glad I found this wonderful little community back in June. It's helped me get through some tough times lately, but hopefully there's some light coming. I have a job interview next week, and an orchestra audition in 2 weeks (I'm a classically trained violinist) that could use some prayers. I'm hoping that I may finally be coming to some financial stuggles because of where I currently teach. I need to quit my job. It's not a healthy place anymore. Usually running is a source of freedom for me, but I've been dealing with some hip/leg issues, so even that's gone at the moment. I'm hoping I can still run the marathon I've spent 4 months training for on December 8th. Lots of what ifs at the moment, but trying to stay grounded in my faith with my eyes on God.

  • Waking up each day to She Reads Truth these past 11 days has been wonderful. I've loved it and cannot wait until the new study starts! These in-between days are going to be wonderful too though – I feel it. :)

    Could you please be praying with me about my family? I have always had a difficult relationship with my parents, and every year as the holidays get closer, I am increasingly reminded of the tension and the need for prayer. As well, I am fasting and praying for my boyfriend's salvation and would love if you would pray with me about that too. Apart from my wanting him to have the life that Jesus gives, I have faced some tension in good friendships because of our relationship, which is making this semester all-around difficult.

    Thank you so much. Praying for you, ladies!

  • Aneta Nina

    What a great encouragement this morning – to be real with where we are in life – and to extend grace to each other – which welcomes truth and vulnerability!! Was speaking to a friend yesterday about the importance of being real with each other – in sharing the truth of what we are experiencing whether it's positive or negative. God's grace will always extend to us – it will always extend to our beautiful mess. I pray that each women here will find a place – a group – where they can share their lives with each other. Doesn't if fell much better when we can open up with each other?

    Today, I am thankful for She Reads Truth!!

  • honestly, I haven’t kept up with the SRT devotionals for a while. I was one of the first people to jump on board in the very beginning. and I love the heart and mission behind what you girls are doing. as I dove into God’s Word earlier this year, I began to experience Him in a way I never had in the whole 11 years I have been a Christian. but life happens. We started packing and began the process of moving out of our apartment and into the basement of our friends home (in order to save money for a house). i got pregnant with our second kiddo and was terribly ill with nausea and all that. for nearly a month I laid on the couch or ran to the bathroom. and of course when I needed the Bread of Life more than anything, I turned away. I just got my priorities jumbled up! I was quite literally falling apart… physically, spiritually, emotionally.

    but there’s grace :) in our small group at church, we just read and discussed Hebrews. what a gem of a book. I’m so grateful for Christ as my High Priest, for the encouragement to seek community and to spur each other on, and for the examples of faith (both in Hebrews and in my life now) that cause me to press on. and SRT is part of that. while I haven’t kept up with the study, I’m still drawing from the community. and that has been wonderful.

    for now, I’m praying for the ability to realign my priorities and my daily schedule so that quiet times are back. I also have a 21 month old and I’m due in April with our baby. not only are quiet times important but so are intentional moments with my daughter. it’s all a balance and I’m praying for direction on what that looks like :)

    and now that I have written a book… thank you ladies for your ministry to all of us!

    • Raechel

      Haha – I loved your book :) Thanks for sharing though, seriously. I love the grace of knowing that good habits lost doesn't mean it's over. It's just so important to be intentional. Grateful for you, Shelia!

  • I am doing well. (Thanks for asking! Ha!)
    Seriously, I have been SO blessed by She Reads Truth–the reading plans, the community. It has been a life-changer for me.
    I have shared before that for years I struggled with approval addiction. I was consumed with a desire for everyone to like me, to approve of the things I said or did…and then I was consumed with worry if I ever felt someone DISapproved of me.
    Finally, and ONLY with God's help and by His grace, I have broken free from that bondage. But I would be lying if I said it never happens anymore. Every now and then it rears its ugly head. When people say nice things about the journaling I share on Instagram, I notice that the next day when I am writing about our passage, I'm choosing my words more carefully. I slowly ease back into the mindset of writing for the approval of others instead of simply sharing what God lays on my heart. Period.
    SO…with that in mind, I feel very led to keep my journaling to myself while we study Colossians. I'm anxious to see what a difference it makes :)


    • Raechel

      So glad you shared this today, Amy. Not writing to give you approval ;) but I do want to take a minute to tell you that, goodness, I just really appreciate you and the role you play in our community. I'm grateful for your desire to honor God before yourself, and I admire your choice to guard your hear from this struggle. Grace and peace, sister!

      • AmyHale

        Thank you so much, Raechel. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me that.

  • Jacquelynn

    That video/song gives me chills every time I hear it. A beautiful song and a beautiful soul singing it.

    My new years resolution this year was to read the Bible in a year. I found an online schedule to do so chronologically by reading a little bit each day. I've actually stuck with it (finally one resolution I have stuck with), and I really have been blessed by doing so. BUT, at certain times I did start to feel like I was just "going through the motions" when doing it.

    That is when the She Reads Truth community first started. I jumped in, and it really helped to get me back to spending time with God when I am doing the devotions and reading His word… not just reading another chapter in a book. And as you ladies say, "this time? We're doing it together." And doing these studies along with so many other ladies REALLY does make a difference.

    Love you all!

  • eatpraytri

    So blessed by this message this morning. My family and I have recently moved and my whole life is basically turned upside down. We still have food, shelter and all the essentials but life as I know it is totally unfamiliar. I have been struggling to get back into the Word and make it a routine even though my heart craves it! Hopefully with Colossians on Monday I can jump back in. I love the SheReadsTruth community so much and am so glad to have been a part of it from almost the beginning. Thank you ladies for all you do.

  • Such a great way to start my day. Thank you!
    I’ve been keeping up pretty well with the reading, but I never really take time to share.
    So today I wanted to join the wonderful ladies I’ve been reading the word with!

    It’s so encouraging to see that even from miles and miles away, we can still be a sisterhood of women that are always equipped with the word and ready to pray for each other. I love it!

    I will be praying for you ladies today!
    And if you can be praying for me. I am leaving for India in 2 weeks to be a part of mass crusades and evangelism. I am so excited and ready to go! But prayer is greatly appreciated =)

    Love ya ladies!

    • Raechel

      Just talked to our Father about you, Anna. Thanks for telling us how to pray for you. And blessings on your trip!

  • Hi ladies- I found SRT a few months ago, and honestly I have been a little touch and go with it. Some weeks I am all over it, and sometimes weeks go by that I don't even look at it. The Philippians study was different. I studied it every day. I let it speak to my heart. Philippians 4:2-9 was so wonderful for me. I needed to be reminded to rejoice always, not just when things are awesome, but even when times are hard. I had a professor tell us yesterday that the gift of our lives is not that it is easy, but that it is hard. Those hard times shape us. They give us things we need, even when we can't see them at first. So, I will praise God, especially during the hard times, because I know I will gain something important, even if that means losing something important too. She reads truth is awesome, and I hope it is feeding all of your souls like it has been mine lately. Praying peace for all of you~

  • Carolina

    Girls, I’m a 25 year-old brazillian who discovered She reads truth through instagram on a very bad day. It’s been SUCH a blessing reading His word with y’all! I’ve been going through some tough trials in my work for the past months and I know God’s showwing me it’s all for His glory. Please pray for me. May His grace and love fill us u today and everyday!

    • Jade

      praying for you!

    • Raechel

      Oh Lord God, I know that you adore Carolina. She is your daughter and you are crazy about her. Teach her to walk in you, to rely on you. Thank you for her sweet, seeking spirit and bless her today. Draw her near. Amen.

      (thanks for sharing, girl!)

    • Perry Elle

      Praying for you right now my sister! Be encouraged and keep fighting the good fight!

  • Meredith

    For YEARS, I have been Wife, Mom, and Youth Pastor's wife. I feel a lot of times like I give and give and give without even so much as a thanks…most of the time because I was doing everything in my own strength, which I was failing at miserably. Lately, God has really orchestrated a 'PERFECT STORM' of His overwhelming love and grace in my life. Over and over God's word to me has been LIFE! Several key components have worked together to bring me back to LIFE in Him and to give me the DESIRE to want to be in His word. (never really had the DESIRE to be in His word, only my checklist of knowing I should be in His word.) Now DAILY, I am spending time soaking in and meditating in the LIFE GIVING WORDS of my FATHER. I feel more alive than I have in a LONG time. I've been choosing LIFE, reading God's word and meditating on it, making time to laugh and read with my children, choosing things that I might not want to do at the time, but know they are good for me and my family (eating healthy, exercising, laughing, hugging, loving…). LIFE!

    I have always known that I think in pictures. I can always remember something better if I can remember a picture to go with it. I am not an artist so I have NEVER THOUGHT about art journaling while doing my quiet time. Starting #shereadstruth and learning to draw pictures while doing my quiet time has helped me to cement God's truth in my head as I meditate on the scripture while drawing. #shereadstruth has truly been part of a LIFE GIVING and LIFE CHANGING blessing my my life! I want to say thank you to the bloggers AND to the whole community for being so encouraging! Love you guys!

    • Raechel

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Meredith. Grateful to our God to hear that he is pursuing you like crazy, and that you are learning to pursue Him more as well. Praying life for you today ;)

  • munchtalk

    You know how our spiritual life ebbs and flows? Well at the moment it's an ebb. :) It was just a flow. And a lot of times I'm not sure why that happens…So, it's time to look at my life and see what needs to look more like Jesus. I am feeling a bit caught in limbo in life, not knowing a few different choices to make. But so often I just don't take time to praise Jesus, but just come running when my world has been broken. Thanks for the reminder to take the time to just praise and bow before His throne today. :)

    Loved Kacia's rendition! It was beautiful. I'd never heard that song before.

  • Beautiful Song!! And sung amazingly!! Adore the lyrics!! So often I feel as if we have the greatest of intentions to spend time with the Lord… BUT how often is your time with him the first to go when you become overwhelmed or busy?! In reality THAT'S the moment you need that time more then anything… I've been working on that… Not always easy, but he should always be a part of the day.

  • camillegabel

    I'm feeling very overwhelmed lately. Feels like there is too much to do and not enough time to do it all. I'm having a hard time prioritizing — or maybe I just want to do certain things more than others so I do. Self-control is definitely a struggle right now for me.

    • Jade

      I know how you feel. I found myself crying face down in my living room floor yesterday because I finally crushed under the weight of everything on my plate these days. Even though I was crushed under the weight, I found that when I finally fell, and just dropped it all, I looked up to find myself at the feet of Jesus. I needed that. I was humbled, and I was comforted. I heard Him tell me that I am not supposed to be able to do it all, and I had forgotten that. I had forgotten who I needed to be laying this stuff down in front of. For months I've been trying to do it all alone. Today, I feel like a weight has been lifted, and I don't feel so alone. Sometimes, I just forget to turn my attention to the One who really counts.

      • Raechel

        Camille and Jade – I am so right there with you most days. Just crushed under the weight of things and to-dos. You're right though, the minute you throw your hands up and say "I can't do this by myself!" – that's when you truly recognize your need for God. Not just to save your soul, but to order your days. Thanks for your honesty and encouragement today, friends!

  • Oh Kacia. I love her heart and her talents so much.

    I have finally found a rhythm to getting my devotional time in. As much as I love to do it before I start my day, it's just not possible with the hurry, hurry of getting myself out of the house by 6:30am and the boys ready to go shortly after with my husband. So I do my reading and praying on my planning period at work. Each day, as I finish up my time teaching at the high school and before I head off to lunch and my classes at the junior high, I take 20 minutes to read, journal, and pray. I think it's what gets me through the difficult afternoon with pubescent adolescents. :)

    Each day I pause mid-day to pray for this community and for my students. It is a blessing on my heart.

  • I'm beginning to refill again…after a period of strong anger directed towards God (while in ministry still, yikes!) I feel like I'm beginning to catch actual glimpses of who He is through time in the Word again. It's hard to keep open to it all the time, but I think I'm on the right road again.

  • StephanieR

    After about twenty years in a desert I am running toward the prize with my eyes on the goal! I cannot get enough of God's word or the books He is leading me to read! Thankfully He has cleared my slate and I am able to take all the time I need to do this! I am still broken and loved to be reminded to keep my eyes on Him! He is so graceful toward me for all the years I spent running from Him and now He is giving renewed strength to run toward Him! Even though I am old by today's standards and cannot go to foreign fields He is giving me a vision for missions I can do here. Please, pray for me that God can use me for Him in my golden years!

  • Beautiful song (and voice singing it too!)! I get so bogged down some days with my sin. Some things that I've struggled with and prayed about for years…but this song is so encouraging. Gods grace will never run out. I want to seek him thru the struggle, thru the sin and discouragement as much as I do the times I feel I'm right in the middle of his will. Praying for you ladies, and I hope you will for me!

    • Raechel

      Blessings, girl. Prayed for you by name just now. Seek first the Kingdom and everything else will be added! He adores you.

  • Wow! So beautiful. What wonderful truth. Thankyou for sharing that. Really gives my day a new focus.

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