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Philippians 2:1-11

In your life with Christ, have you ever felt comforted? Have you ever felt the Spirit stir your heart? Any affection well up in your heart for Jesus?

I think your answer if you’re a sister is most likely – YES. YES. AND YES.
In this passage, Paul pulls out a beautiful if/then statement. If we’ve experienced any of those things ever before: here is his request of us. Please, as believers – since you have the same mind (that of Christ), the same heart (redeemed + transformed by the blood of Jesus) – love one another. Don’t be selfish or think of yourself first, put other people ahead of yourself, and for Jesus’ sake – be humble.

Right here, Paul sounds to me how I sound when I leave my kiddos playing for a quick minute to make the coffee while they’re having a rambunctious morning. “Come on you guys! For the love! Please! For just one minute – don’t fight each other to the death!”

It sounds a little silly till I remember it’s really a needed statement for us to hear. Moreover, it’s not only so important because it helps us function as a family. It’s crazy important because we want to be more like Jesus. And what did He do? He (being fully God) didn’t consider Himself equal with His Father and humbled Himself to come to earth as a servant. While here, He poured Himself out to the point of death for us, for the glory of His Father, for the Kingdom of God to advance.

So as we walk away from the word today, let’s heed that warning. For the love of the One who loved us all the way to earth, all the way to the cross, for His sake – let’s love one another today.

Father, through the redemption of your Son, Jesus, in us and by the power of the Holy Spirit that is alive and active, teach us to love one another. Help us to consider others better than ourselves and remember we have the same heart & mind, Yours. Not just so we can get along better, but so Your Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you.


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