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Good morning ladies!  We are so excited to begin Philippians together on Monday.  And today?  Today we want to share together stories of life change.

These stories don’t have to revolve around She Reads Truth: we just want to hear what God is doing in your life.

  • How has reading His truth daily impacted your every day life?  
  • Has it impacted your work atmosphere?
  • Your attitude?
  • Your marriage? Your family?  Your friends?
  • How can we encourage you more?

Perhaps you’re in place of pain and hurting.  How can we be praying for you? How can we carry your burdens?  If you want to share a prayer request, feel free to comment or link up.  You can also email us at prayer [@] 

Link up! And then take time to visit and read another story of life change.  Leave an encouraging note.  Send a loving email.  Reach out and pray for someone.


This time? We’re doing it together.


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