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Today's Text: Ephesians 3:1-5:21

Take time to read through the scripture you’ve read over these past five days.  Read through your notes, focus on a specific section: take time to reflect on what you have learned.  We’d love to hear what God has been teaching you!

  • PJ_Sigma22

    It’s a beautiful thing. To be reassured the love of God through his word. To me these passages tell us about the ways of the world and the plan God has for his people. God prepared us to be delivered from the world and to live by his Spirit. He gives us instruction to be less like our human nature and more like Christ. Time and time again we ate delivered and we don’t deserve it. We have failed to keep the word of God in our hearts and live by them. But God is a patient God, a merciful God, a forgiving God. To that I must say thank you. He died for me, I must live for him. Thank you Lord for saving my soul #Amen

  • The more I study God's word, the more I desire a closer relationship with Him, the more convicted I am each day to be humble and obedient as guided by the Holy Spirit. People watch what we do and how we do it more than they listen to what we say, and look for our words to match our actions. So I find each situation/opportunity – from day/day – requires its own response because what's appropriate in one instance may not be so for another very similar situation for God alone knows the messge needed each time an opportunity is presented to us. It's a challenge sometimes for me to be aware in chaotic circumstances that God is using/growing each of us in His own way, and I try to rely heavily on the Holy Spirit rather than on self to do what is pleasing to God.

    Ephesians 4:11-13, 29-32 encourages me as a mandate from God and as a promise that makes it fully possible for me to do so.

    Be encouraged sisters, for whatever God allows, or brings to us, He will see us through! Have a blessed day!

  • We are chosen by God, adopted and given his grace. We are many parts and are all one body. The gifts we have we are given to share. May we be one in peace as we work together to glorify the Lord.

  • Jackie has hit the nail in the head. I have failed to share God’s word at times because of my lack of confidence in His protection in our persecution as Christians. Through my new found confidence in Christ and His message I want to spread the gospel like wild fire. However God continually slows me down and makes sure I act before I speak. In Matthew 7:6 Jesus states we need to discern when it is right to share the Gospel. The best way to always share is through your actions. God is in the little things!

  • I'm aware through my reading that Ephesians is applicable for my local gathering of saints, my church, as it is for my personal walk. In many ways I think it's written as a blueprint for our corporate worshipping and serving together. I've become more aware, largely, of my own lack of love for my immediate body of believers as well as frustrated by a lack of willingness in our church of "doing church" together.
    I read a quote today in another blog post where the blogger heard this on the radio: "A man with ALS said that he goes to church because of the way joy and pain converge there." I want to worship in a church where joy and pain converge.
    I recognize that this must all start with me.

  • I agree with Jackie and Linda. In addition, we all play in the unity of the body of Christ. If Im out of balance or not pursuing Christ in my life, it dies affect the body of Christ and the world at large.

  • I completely agree with you, Jackie. There is an abundance of negative misconception of what and who a Christian is. The media loves to cover the nagative images. I feel very strongly the need to provide the truth as reflected in how I lead my daily life. Actions speak louder than words and others must be able to see Christ’s love shining through me. Thank you for the reminder!

  • To not lose heart…. I’m a new momma and have gone back to work all of which is overwhelming. Lots off decisions are coming our way soon and throughout the entire process I don’t want to lose heart!

  • Jackie Walter

    God has chosen me to get the message of Christ out to those around me, so I must be careful how I live. My life has to match what I claim. If not, how can they listen to me? I must imitate Jesus Christ and throw off all that is hindering me from having a stronger faith in Him. People need this message but they also need to see me live it. I have to be the example.

  • To continually give thanks to God, not use foul language, & to be present in my time with Him.

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