Imitators of God


Today's Text: Ephesians 5:1-21

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Text: Ephesians 5:1-21

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love…” (v. 1,2)Imitating God seems simple enough when it is likened to a child imitating a parent. Think living together, eating meals together, being disciplined and taught to walk, talk and behave. Children watch their parents all day long and, effortlessly – for better or worse – grow up becoming more and more like the ones who gave them life.So, imitating God begins with knowing Him, living together, being disciplined, and taught to walk, talk and behave by Him.Scripture tells us that Christ came as a light to a dark world. And here, Paul reminds us to “walk as children of light” – be imitators of Christ. He gives us a list of things from which we should abstain, and encourages us to “discern what is pleasing to the Lord”.

Just like a child that wants to please his parent, our obedience to His instruction, and our repeated thanksgiving, come from a place of love and gratitude to our Father. We want to please Him!

How are you walking as a child of light?

Are you living under God’s roof, knowing him, being disciplined, taught to walk and talk and behave by Him? If not, how are you spending your time?  Read verses 15 and 16 and ask God for discernment in this area.

  • Naomi Elizabeth

    I call this out as self righteous, sanctimonious, and judgmental. God alone judges. End. Of. Story.

  • Today’s entry hit home. I am a teacher spent most of my 15 years with older kids and now sub teach with kids of all ages. Biggest difference is younger generally want to please, imitate the adults. They are studying us and want to be like us. Older kids want to be more independent and I loved that about them as they were becoming thinkers and do-ers and I could see and find comfort in much of their leadership for the future. HOWEVER that’s a big however because of today’s reading. Somewhere along the way I’ve become that independent thinking individual do-er and less of the little kid who studies and imitates her Awesome role-model of a dad, Father God. Really good visual lesson for me today.

  • PJ_Sigma22

    I’ve said it once before that things in life are like a cup. What you fill your cup up with is what you will eventually be drinking. To be an imitator of God we will have to fill our cups with God and drink that. If we fill our cup with the love, patience, understanding etc than that’s what we will be full of. Some people see the wrath of God or the judgement and that is what they are full of. The bible is left to personal interpretation and everyone understands differently. I don’t see how it could be misunderstood after the many times it’s says to ‘love one another as Christ has loved us.’ But I believe and I will do as God called. Yes I have my short comings but I also believe that in God the things that are aupposed to change, He will change. Thank you Lord for saving my soul #Amen

  • I like most of you that have posted am not perfect. I am so thankful that God is a forgiving God. If this were not so, I would be a lost soul being devoured by the evil in this world. But Praise God that He lives and is a forgiving God. I’m just a normal person that at an extremely weak time allowed evil to enter my life. Praise God He set me free.He loves me unconditionally and is with me all the time.

    • Karyn

      Yes Deborah ! I totally feel the same way. I am currently in transition in my personal life and trying to change my way of thinking and being. I was on vacation from work and felt so refreshed and reflective getting closer to God and his word. As soon as I return to work the devil too was work. Everything that could go work went wrong. The unprofessional individuals I worked with were in full attack. Instead of turning the other cheek , I became angry, frustrated , anything associated with anger was me.
      Thankfully I reflected and prayed and the next day was a bit better.
      I'm so grateful that God like you stated is a forgiving God. And I know HE has my back always.

  • I’m in a time of transition right now also, seeking a new job and building a business. Praying for make good use of the time the Lord has given me and to have a mindset which is focused on His will not mine.I love Ephesians!It’s my favorite book of the bible.

  • Me too, Kathy! Let your light shine (verse 9).

  • This one is perfect timing for me. Reminding me of things I have already learned the hard way. I JUST LOVE THE WAY GOD WORKS!!!

  • God has truly broken me down and brought me face to the ground back to him. He is now in the process of molding me and shedding from me the bitterness that I have from the past along with the fear and shame that I have from it. It’s not easy but I am trying to take it one moment at a time. Today’s verses speak to me bc they remind me of the things that I haven’t been doing.

  • All the comments this morning have been so, so encouraging!! Since I leave for work pretty early in the morning, I didn't have my quiet time until I got home. However, it was so easy to get busy with others things and neglect my time time with Him.
    This week I have been intentional about having my quiet time in the morning, right after I get to work. It's amazing the difference that makes in your day!! It shouldn't surpirse me though, spending time with Jesus always makes things better.
    These verses really hit the mark for me, as I struggle to "redeem the time". God's Word is powerful!!

  • This is another reminder to me about gossip or even thinking stink about another person. Our minds are where a lot of the darkness can happen. I know I struggle with thinking stink about others more than actually coming out and saying it. But it is all the same in God's eyes. Imagine if we used the time that we have to thank God for our blessings and to show grace to others instead of sitting and thinking about what they are doing "wrong" in their eyes. I pray that God will discipline me to turn my mind constantly to Him instead of these wrong thoughts. He is with us every second of the day, He knows our minds. Forgive me Lord for the wrong things I have thought against those in my life and help me to constantly turn my mind to you!

    • Jesyka

      "Think stink"-love it! :)
      It is amazing how easily that "stink" creeps into our minds. It is effortless really. Once glance and BOOM.
      This is something that I really struggle with. But lately, it has been a bit better. Someone told me once that I needed to be completely honest with God. As in, everything. Good, bad, Christ-like, ugly, etc. So, I took that advice.
      I would see someone (often people I didn't even know) and quickly form an opinion (most of the time "stink")…but I actually directed the dialogue to the Lord….which was terrifying. But His response to my "thinking stink" gets me every time. He starts to tell me what He loves about them. Reminds me that I don't know their situation. And it always reminds me that I have my own real stink. His kindness exposes my yucky heart–but He does it so tenderly. And I can ask for forgiveness and a renewed mind.
      I hope this isn't something that will take a lifetime to learn, but I'm SO thankful that He loves me and is willing to patiently teach me, despite my own "stink."

  • I'm in a time of transition and seeking, in terms of living in a new state, job searching and being newly married. It's wonderful and I wouldn't have it any other way, but it's not easy at the same time. Since I'm not working yet, my time is open and up to me what I do with it. This week I've been convicted that time is a GIFT from God. Keeping this in mind, along with scripture like today's reading (verse 16, baby!) to back it up, I'm encouraged to use my time wisely. When our schedules are filled to the max with to-dos, we complain and wish for more time… Well, I've been given time right now, so I'm trying hard to not to take it for granted. And this is a daily process that I need Jesus for!

    • Jesyka

      Congratulations on your new marriage, new state, and future new job!

      I think the Lord has really given you revelation in terms of the season that you are in and how important it is to be mindful of the time that you've been given. Enjoy it! It will be such a fruitful time for you and glean from the seeds that you'll sow in the season for a long time!

      What a blessing!

  • Nicole Reitz

    I love verse 20 too. "Always giving thanks to God theFather for EVERYTHING, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ" I think it is really important to look at that word EVERYTHING and know that we are to thank him in the bad too, which may sound weird, but true. Everything happens for a reason and even if something really bad happens in our life, if we thank God and allow him to know that we are on board with him bringing different things into our life, he will bring something really good out of the bad. Thanks how I live my life and even through the hard times, its so nice to know that God is still there.

  • munchtalk

    I really liked verse 15. Our motives can be so secretive, even to us! God tells us to look carefully…I think a lot of times I can just look at my life and why I praise God, why I respect my husband, why I seek reconciliation, and *think* it's all for God, but when I look deeper, the truth is revealed that a lot of times I do these things for selfish reasons. I want to walk as wise, and make the best use of my time!

  • Meredith

    Eph 5:16 – Use EVERY opportunity you have for doing GOOD… This spoke to my heart that EVERY opportunity is a gift. We shouldn't waste the time God has given us! Choose LIFE!

  • jess gustafson

    I have been following and reading for awhile, {usually while I am nursing} but this is my first time commenting! I love these verses in the Message! "Watch what God does and do it… Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with Him and learn a life of love. … Thanksgiving is our dialect. … Figure out what will please God and then do it."

    The simplicity of it is so plain, yet I feel like it takes a life time to really hear it, be changed by it. This morning as I prayed for discernment, God gives me some.

    I am hit by the thought of my children learning so much just from watching me, this is sadly more of a motivator for my behavior than pleasing God or being more like Christ.

    I am convicted of my tendency to say certain things to my husband, or sister or closest friend that I would not say in the "light." Convicted of my tendency to justify my gossip, my 'unlovingness' in certain situations.

    May love be my first reflex… to all. Not judgement or division. Nothing but love. May the things I do in secret match up with what I do in the light. Please make me more and more like you… A true child of the light.

    • StephanieR

      Jess, I love the way you put it and the verses speaking to you are what I am camping on, also! After many years walking away from God, I have made a full turn and am heading back (running as fast as I can toward God!) I am so thankful, that like the prodigal son He has his arms open and is there for me! He is, also, teaching me to give thanks for everything, so verse 20 hit me where I need it, "Sing praises over everything, any excuse for a song to God the Father in the name of our Master, Jesus Christ."
      May I keep singing to and for HIm!

      • Dyan

        I knew vs 19 & 20 would speak to you, as it spoke to me! Mine says, " Then you will sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, making music to the Lord in your hearts. And you will give thanks for everything…" I woke up singing In Christ Alone this morning!

        God is speaking to me so much right now about the kids and how I am raising them! Jess's comment above brought tears to my eyes. I feel like I couldn't have said it better myself.

        Vs. 16 jumped out to me "Make the most of every opportunity for doing good in these evil days." Hope this is heavy on your heart as you are at work today. Because vs. 8 says, "…. you are full of light from the Lord, and your behavior should show it! (9) For this light within you produces only what is good and right and true." Thank you Lord!!!

  • EmilySophia

    Often I am walking the line – one foot on the path of seeking my Abba daily and the other foot on the path that leads to destruction. God has brought me so far into relationship with Him, but I still have much to learn. I am learning each and every day and I think the most important part of this passage is verse 16 "making the best use of the time, because the days are evil." I know my tendency to "kill time" and this verse is convicting me to cherish and receive every moment because God has placed me wherever I am for a reason – to learn, grow, teach, help, etc.

    • Dyan

      Thank you, you couldn't have said it better! That verse really spoke to me as well this morning. I really get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day and am praying to just slow down and see the thanks in every moment. I will pray for you as well!

    • munchtalk

      I agree! I am such a time waster as well. Before I know it part of my day is gone and what do I have to answer for it? Not much, a lot of times! I want to be a better example of Christ too, in my actions, but especially in my words…

  • Alexandra

    I am walking as a child of light by seeking God DAILY in study and making my quiet time a priority, no matter how early my day starts or hectic it might be. By seeking Him and knowing Him I ultimately feel so much more at peace walking in his truth and love daily.

    However, I'm human. I make mistakes and many times I allow foolish and impure things to come out of my mouth. I only seek to follow the Lord in allowing Him to change me purely and completely, so that I may be a more authentic reflection of Him to this broken world.

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