Blessed in Christ: adopted, redeemed, forgiven for his glory


Today's Text: Ephesians 1:1-14

Are you ready to begin a new plan together, sisters?

We are so excited to jump right into our next plan together: Ephesians!    We couldn’t be more excited to read His truth together in this book.  Will you join us?

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If you’re arriving here from the YouVersion plan, welcome.  We are so happy you are here.  All of us.  Please let us know if you have questions, but please, please, join in the community.  Join the discussion.  Join the prayers.  Join us as we read His Truth.  And remember…

This time? We’re doing it together.

Ready to begin Ephesians?

Ephesians 1:1-14 | “Blessed in Christ: Adopted, Redeemed, Forgiven for His Glory”
Paul attacks some difficult topics in the book of Ephesians: it’s one thing I love about Paul, he doesn’t sugarcoat things.  He begins this book with encouragement that hits right to the core.

You are blessed (Greek, eulogeo: favored of God).  
You are chosen (v. 4).
He has made you holy and blameless.
You are adopted as children through Jesus Christ.  (v. 5)

It is difficult for me to read through this list of His promises to me and feel worthy.  I typically chose to see the ugly and broken parts of me, believing that I need to clean myself up before I bring myself before Him.

Ready for the next part?

Blessed, you were chosen before He created the world.  Before time began, He knew you. (v. 4)

Before the world even began, you were blessed, adopted and forgiven: these are promises that we need to cling to and remember!  We are sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit for the most incredible inheritance.  An inheritance we can’t fully fathom, and one that we are given.

Truly, truly given.

  • Have you received these promises?
  • Do you find yourself working to clean yourself up before coming to Him?
  • Today, bring to Him the yuckiest area of your life.  No prior cleaning necessary: He will do that for you.
  • How can we be praying for you?

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  • I have to agree with Jaci on feeling unworthy. I was saved when I was young, but committed my ‘worst’ sins many years after I knew better. Kinda had a falling out with God I guess, tired of praying and never feeling like He listened, cared, or answered. I’m trying hard to come back but I struggle with guilt and accepting His promises to forgive me. I can’t seem to forgive myself. There’s a song that says ‘living free but from a prison cell, chasing healing when you’ve been made well’ that’s how I feel. Sorry I can’t offer anything helpful. But I’ll pray for you Jaci and will continue asking Jesus for the assurance I need too. He is faithful!

  • After the weekend I had, this first day devotion hit me right were it counts. It's so hard to believe those promises. I realized that God chose me before I was born, when he knew the mistakes I would make and he still adopted me. His grace blows my mind once again. I'm excited to start this journey again. I love she reads truth.

  • acbutterfly20

    I just started this plan on you version, and I've had a breakthrough revelation already. I have spent so much time trying to please others and be enough for them. As I was Journaling my frustrations with living this way, I felt God telling me that I was not created to please men, I was created to love and be loved by Him. How freeing! Please pray for me as I seek to live in this freedom.

  • You can be praying for my attitude. I get discouraged, frustrated, angry, and take it out on the people I love the most. I feel like I don’t communicate well and I’m teaching my daughter to respond the way I do.

  • I have grown a lot over the past years. So I have learned to accept his promises.

    We as people could never bear the burden of sins. Follow the law of Old Testament, we need somebody to take our place. That is why I’m so glad JESUS accepted the calling. Now all we have to do is be led by the Holy Spirit and He is in every believer. The key is for me and reason why I started this devotion is I need to feed my spirit man more than my flesh and I know this devotion is a good stepping point.

    Sis Jaci I will be praying for you. Pray that you get even closer to God for his promises are true and He loves you. John 3:16

    God bless. Up for the challenge of reading more. :-)

  • Well, ladies, I am so glad a friend of mine led me to she reads truth. It’s been seriously encouraging and challenging reading these devos. Thank You for writing them and thank you ladies for reading and commenting- coming together as a community!
    I have to say this one- the truth hit me hard. I regularly have a hard time accepting and believing in God’s promises because of my feelings of unworthiness. I was talking about this with my boyfriend recently and he told me that that is the same as rejecting the gospel. Because if you don’t believe in His promises how could you believe in the truth and promise that is the cross and resurrection? Yeah, let that one sink in. Anyone else struggle to rest in His promises? How do you deal with it?

  • Awesome writer of the devotional. So blessed by the transparency of the author words. This is what I need to rebuild my spiritual walk

  • 2014 found this plan on youversion

  • Michelle

    I just started this study today. I am not one who thinks I am worthy of God's time, though through this I've been told by God himself has chosen me for his work. I am one who needs to find peace in anxiety. I work on it everyday but have yet to conquer it. I want to conquer it but maybe God is allowing it to grow me. I need prayers to accept that he is allowing this for a good reason.

  • Just downloaded You Version to my phone. Started the Ephesians study. At a difficult point in life. Looking for inspiration.

  • My women's class I am in at church we are studying the book of Ephesians I needed to personally start a new device. N found this one. Yay. I could really use prayers for some stressful situations I dealing with at this season of my life. Thank you

  • Paula Dobbs

    I have read the promises made by God and I feel it in my spirit but my mind is trying to reject them. The prayer I am most in need for is love for myself. All of me. Career, weight, mistakes and shortcomings.

  • God has Loved us since the beginning of time. That kind of love is Oh-so-Amazing. It makes a woman feel like a woman to know that a man like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is on our side and always has our back. I'm loving this already…..

    I just got out of a bad marriage like not even a week, so please pray for my strength in Jesus grows more and more everyday. That's one of the reasons I chose to Join in on this Reading Plan (#SHE READS TRUTH) GOTTA LOVE IT….

  • Anneka Norville

    I need to realize that there is a thin line between self sufficiency and working out what God sets. I know I have to read, pray, meditate, live holy, ect but I also need to remember that when those things happen it is a working of the Holy Spirit and not my own works. Pray for me! Xoxo

  • PJ_Sigma22

    Ephesians really speaks to my heart. Being reassured the promises of God and the Love of God makes me long for him even more! Paul understands the struggle of man and addresses them using the Love, promises and will of God. The Word is such a powerful tool to life. Thank you God for saving my soul #Amen

  • I think I’m most amazed at God knowing Mr not only before my mother’s womb but BEFORE the earth was even a thought in the mind of God. I continue to ask God to never allow me to forget that I am blessed because his living kindness drew me and that I am tattooed on the palm if his hand. To know how precious I ask to him makes me feel this awesome sense of vulnerability and complete acceptance. To know I was that special that he chose to come down and redeem me is great breaking in the best known way. I truly am grateful for the personage of God :-)

  • I love this ! This chapter I think helps with my insecurities a lot. Knowing that even before the world wa made and out of all the people who has, is , and will exist The Lord was thinking of me and He already knew everything about me and He LOVED and LOVES all those things about me !!!!!! It’s just so amazing! I love my Lord <3

  • This passage is always so healing but SO hard to believe and wrap your head around. My knee jerk reaction is to say “yeah, right” but I know that that’s not true. Praying that these verses wrap around me and become apart of my daily mantra. Also pray that I become a Spirit-filled teacher with classes that push back on me. Where I fail, He succeeds and is so incredibly more.

  • Really struggling with self loathing at the most – more sinner than beloved. So decided to try again with bible reading.
    Read this passage in the Message version – wow! Long way to go to believe it and living in it but knowing its in there is a great start
    Thank, good to know you're out there

  • Thank you for she reads truth. To God be the glory!

  • Courtney thank you for your thoughts about predestination. It really helps me to think of the “you” in the collective sense. Never thought of it in that way till now but yes it makes sense. God made us all and chooses us all. No one who comes to Him will ever be turned away because God didn’t chose them! He is such an amazing God. Good to join you all as we read Ephesians together

  • Christin

    I would appreciate if you could pray in agreement with me that I have given up all control to Jesus. I trust him and know that his word his perfect and has been tried! I know that he loves me and trusts that he will take care of me. I give up all control now in Jesus name. Amen!

  • Courtney

    Why must we believe that when the passage says "you were predestined" that it is the singular form of "you" rather than the collective form? The Bible is a book for all people and God has lavished Grace upon all of us. We are all chosen.

  • Growing up in church, I always felt that when you go to church you had to act like the perfect person, and never bring up if you were doing bad things, or even thinking about doing bad things. That is just how I was interpreting what I was learning. So now that I am in college and I am going through struggles with my walk with Christ, it has been very hard for me to accept everything God has to offer me! It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I do not have to clean myself up, because that is what God is here for. So I am trying to give everything over to Him and let him clean me, but I still sometimes feel ashamed. So I pray that I can find the courage to give everything to him, and stop being selfish and stop trying to rely on myself!

  • So glad I found this site!

  • Soccerismysport6

    I’m new to the She Reads Truth community and I love it! I feel like I’m growing closer to Christ and focusing on him instead of the world. The Ephesians study is so true: Paul DOESN’T sugarcoat things. And to be honest, when he doesn’t, it’s good to realize the truth and the core! Thanks for making me feel like a part of the community! I’m glad to meet my sister in Christ,

  • Hannah33

    Glad that I’m chosen and thought of…longed for and fought for….given all I need for godliness and goodness…and secured in a God bigger than I can comprehend.Hanging onto this today as I might be saying goodbye to a dearly loved foster child….I will choose to love like my Savior with what He gives me and with what time I have.

  • Priscilla

    I surely struggle with the idea that I need to clean up my mess before coming to God. Most days I come to Him like this. With the feeling that I don’t fit in. And He is always there. And He loves me. Precious Jesus, I love you!

    Day 1 completed. Keeping in mind that I am loved, chosen and redeemed by God through Christ. Amen!

  • Amem, Jesus is our suficient savior. Nothing we can do ill make us more special or important to our Father, we just need to be resting in Jesus Christ!

  • Thank you to this, i really don’t have a clue on how to start the bible. I just finished reading Ecclesiastes. Now i am about to read Ephesians. I pray that God will give me wisdom to understand each verses and the book itself. Thank you really for doing this devotional content it helps a lot

  • Brittani

    I have the struggle of taking God to my ugly places. But I’m going to try. Love this dovotional already!!!

  • VanessaP

    Please prayer for me. For wisdom , and power through the Holy Sprit to so what is right.

  • jesskuhhh4

    I just started this devotional today, in hopes that this community will bring me closer to a relationship with Him. What stood out most to me was NLT Ephesians 1:11 He makes everything work out according to His plan. How lucky are we to be able to have complete faith that He has everything under control.

  • I need prayer to be able to have the gr ace to control anger and not allow impatience to fuel it

  • Please pray for me to continually seek God during trying times I’m in the midst of. I’m asking The Lord to give me peace to stand still and be patient while he fixes situations that are out of my control.

  • I have been studying the topic of prayer and just finished the prayer plan, but couldn’t find the community board. Prayer is hard for me as I don’t have a group of believers I can pray with. I know God can answer my prayers but struggle with trusting he will. I have been meditating in scripture and praying about it. I have a request in particular that us weighing heavy on my heart and was hoping this community would pray with me. For the past ten years I have been blessed with being able to work with my best friend. We now have a new boss who wants to transfer her. Neither if us want this for multiple reasons. Please pray that circumstances change and we can still work together.

  • debsuds16

    I was given this by my spiritual mentor. She said it was my Christian Identity and she had me go through the scripture and pull out "What I am" I filled 2 pages…with things like I am the adopted daughter of the King, I am loved, I am worthy, I am enough, I am blessed by the heavenly realm. When I finished she told me to tape it to the bathroom wall and read it every day so that I remember how much God loves me and that I am worthy of his love.

  • Sofia Perez

    “Adoption into sonship”……. I really could just end it with that but I think I should elaborate a little more….. So many times I’ve read that passage and just breezed right by it. Lately, however, God has really been putting this on my heart constantly. How unfathomable it is that in our imperfections, we deserved and eternity of punishment, yet still He reached out His hand and adopted us out of our old family of sin and shame and placed us in His. He is now our daddy….. We’re daddy’s girl! All of us! I’m constantly saying how I’m not worthy, but The Lord just says that before salvation I was not worthy to recieve anything, but now we are allowed to recieve the benefits of being His children. We serve a God of power and a God of mercy….

  • Hi, just started this plan today. I felt led by the Spirit that I was to meditate on Ephesians. So I am excited to communicate with others who want to go a little deeper into Christ. Ephesians is such a great reminder of Who He is and the promises we have received. We were each chosen and we are His treasure so what is it He wants to reveal to each of us, it is like a treasure hunt. So here we go.

  • Veronica

    I’m excited about this plan and a little unsure on how it works. I have never done an interactive plan before.

  • Breianca

    So blessed to have the constant reminder that I am sealed for the Holy Spirit for the most incredible inheritance.

  • allerlei

    the trouble I have with this passage is I feel like if I really were following him I would do fewer things wrong and make fewer mistakes it makes me wonder whether I was chosen. I committed my life to Christ but sometimes I feel like maybe I did it wrong. I have to keep fighting to feel broken and repentant. I want to but I keep making mistakes.

  • I am starting this study while working on me. I have a little voice in my head that is constantly saying that I can’t and won’t finish anything. I’m going to put an end to that with the help of God and, hopefully, the encouragement of some of you. Also, I’ve noticed (my husband as well) that I’m a nicer, calmer, joyful person when I’m actively studying the word of God. I just want to soak up as much knowledge and wisdom from the study, while growing closer to God, my husband, and daughter. I’m excited…here I go!! :)

  • This is so exciting!!! I can’t wait to get started. : ) I have been looking for Bible study on Ephesians!

  • I’m excited to study through Ephesians! I really NEED this!

  • I’m excited about Ephesians! I definitely tend to focus on what I’m not versus what I am. The things that I’m missing the mark on versus what God has already done in and through me.

  • Schone_LeAnna

    This really touched my heart. I struggle with a stronghold in my life. But knowing that Christ already chose me, gives me hope and strength that he will walk me through this time of wrestling with this stronghold. He is so good even when I mess up. He has me in his hands, because he has chosen me. Thank you Lord, for your love and predestination of me to be joined to your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Sarmanta

    God really do have a sense of humour. I once was always conscious of my sins and because of that I did not feel comfortable to go in before Him. But after reading this, it just shows me that He has accepted me just as I am: He has forgiven and redeemed me through His grace.

  • I think thar even if I’m aware God knows me, it’s difficult to come clean and show me the way I am to him without try to fix me before

  • Praying to know the Father more! As I know more of Him, that He will provide everything I need and am praying for. I need healing in my body from stress, anxiety, worry!! I know God is faithful, I just have to run to Him and trust Him more!!!! Thanks for praying :)

  • I need prayer for strength to keep doing what’s right. I dont want to give into sin anymore

  • Shawntae

    In reading this passage, it is a reminder of why it is so important to completely dedicate ourselves back to Him! #1We did not chose ourselves. Thank you God, He chose us in spite of who we were or what we have been through! #2 Because The Almighty Omniscient God of all the Universe took a moment to scan the past, present, and future of the world and create a destiny perfectly designed just for YOU. How can you say No? He is worth giving up our personal motives for, He’s got the Master Plan that will lead us to inheritance beyond anything we could even fathom! Just being dedicated and faithful to Him and this walk in Him gives us that assurance! Like I always tell people around me….IT IS A PRIVILEGE TO BE CHOSEN AND USED BY GOD, NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR HOW GREAT THE TASK! ITS NOT RIGHT OR A REWARD, ITS AN PRIVELDGE Paul is bearing that out here, love it.

  • Danielle

    You are right. It is hard to remember that the Heavenly Father knew me before all creation and so he know the end from the beginning. He knows my mistakes and my victories. I am always victorious in The Lord.
    I took a step of faith and I am fighting with doubt of my decision. I say that I am faithful, but I don’t feel secure. I know the promises of God, I just want to believe them. They speak to me constantly, I have to decide to resist the temptation of the devil to doubt.

  • Jennifer

    Just started this plan today. What spoke to me most was verse 4, that God CHOSE me. How cool is that?! The best “coach” in the world chose me, the complete slacker, to be on His “team”.

  • Wow jesSica that’s rough :( I will certainly be praying for you now and throughout the day tomorrow.

  • I’m in need of prayer, that it’s my husband and I.We both are struggling in many ways. My husband needs a new job so that we can pay off bills. I’m not able to work due to back surgery and resulting foot drop. He also needs to get into the Keck institute fur his masters degree, desperately. We need a huge financial miracle and soon. I say soon because along with overwhelming bills and debt, a super thin budget, we have one car and that is breaking down extremely fast. Please, we need Gods miracle.
    Thank you.

  • Oh Dea, how beautifully stated! I am wowed also that God not only wants me, but that he chose me and makes me holy through his son.

    So much love! Overflowing and sealed with his stamp of the Holy Spirit. Unbelieveably cherished!

  • As I read todays scripture, I thought to myself, “How about that!? I’m special because God chose ME! And I am honored!”

    As I read the devo content I questioned, “why should I feel as if I have to clean myself up or read His promises to only see myself as broken?” I say this not out of arrogance or disrespect but because I know I was bought w/a price…after all isn’t that why Christ willingly gave His life? I am humbled at the fact that God has chosen me, saved me, and promises me!

    My prayer is that I always remember the price that was paid for me to be saved so that I may do what I am called to do…I just want to make God smile!

  • I struggle with accepting my flaws let alone someone else starting this devotional I’m hoping I can learn and accept that God my father in heaven will love me no matter the mistakes I’ve made and nothing I do big or small will stop him from loving me and also in return me accepting loving myself for who God made me to be

  • I am reminded by this passage that it is by grace and not good works that we are accepted. Thank God for that :-)

  • Stephanie

    I just started this and I’ve already cried because of how beautiful these words are. I forget a lot, or take for granted how truly beautiful it is that God really has fearfully and wonderfully made me and I should live that way! I’m a teenager and with the world having mixed messages about what’s beautiful it’s reassuring to hear what God thinks of me before I even “clean myself up”. I really need prayers for God to clean up a part of my life I’ve hid from Him for too long. I was in an abusive relationship, and although God got me out about 9 months ago I still hurt. Not as much as I use to though, which is great! I gave the darkest corner of my life to Him tonight and it made me so relieved. I prayed he would reconstruct my broken life and heart and He told me, “I already am.” I love Him so much! And I still can’t understand why He loves me, but it’s beautiful and I want to start living like it.

  • I am excited to learn more about the book of Ephesians. I struggle with God knowing the ” Dirty parts” but also know that his mercy and grace have been given to cover these less than perfect aspects out our lives. What a glorious gift to know that we ate forgiiven. Praise be to God!!

  • It’s amazing to me that God knew me before I was born. Him knowing how dirty I would be, he still protected me and loved me. Know one else can do that. I need conversation with people. Hope I can have a buddy on here while going through this. Feel free to express! I will be reading your comments. Thanks

  • Teddi Layton

    I am new to this interactive study. I really need this right now.

    • Deborah

      I am also new to this gift. I read you version devotional every night just before going to sleep. I have so many issues right now, too many to mention. But God knows every thing. I deal with. I’m asking my new friends to pray for me. I have a marriage in serious trouble. I too had back surgery that has put me on disability . Please lift me up to the Father for guidance and a way to improve my situation.. Love to all in Jesus name

  • Monica Byrd

    I need prayer for my bitterness against my step daughter. The way she has treated me & my husband. I need to forgive her for my husband’s sake.

  • I LuvLuvLuv Ephesians! My fav verse is 1:3. That god has blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessings In heavenly places in Christ Jesus! That’s a NOW WORD. that’s not one day someday. It’s today for those who wish to receive it!

  • For me is great and necessary to remember how dirty and ugly I am because that way I remember how compasive and loving He is. How big is Hos love and his forgiveness. So, when I remember my wikmesses I remember how powerful He is. When I remember my sins I remember how pure and clean He is.

  • Please pray that I rely on Him for comfort as u am goin through a tough time of trusting Him…I know He is in control and that it is all going according to His will but I want to go to Him and not my friends or family….

  • I bless God for the opportunity to share deep thoughts with fellow sisters discussing Ephesians for the next 17 days. Am assured from today’s account that God’s grace is available for me to go through this reading plan without missing a day. It doesn’t matter what I have done in the past, who I have hurt or who has hurt me, His grace is enough to bring me into His presence where I get to be the person He wants me to be.

  • This passage gives me inspiration to know God knew about us before we were even created. He knew how each one of us would be like. That makes me feel loved and at this point I believe this is where God is showing us that he has a plan for each of us. We are Blessed, chosen and adopted are words that stand out to me. We should feel worthy that Christ loves us that much.

  • funny how God speaks and responds soo clearly when we call out to Him. I’ve been overwhelmed this weekend, thinking, “God I know what you tell me, but do you reeaallyy have room for me?” how silly it seems after he leads me to something like this!

  • This is such a new experience for me. I feel as if i have new friends.

  • Excited to start a new devotional plan. I have trouble remembering to do them every day!!

  • Hopalong-cassetty

    I am so blessed to begin this study of Ephesians with other sisters in Christ. With that in mind, everything we are is through Him. There is nothing I can do to make myself godd enough. It is all about you, Jesus, Thank you Lord.

  • Rachel Leary

    I love love love the aspect of fellowship!! It’s so hard sometimes trying to do studies on your own. Knowing that there are other women doing it along side you is very encouraging and serves as a basis for constant growth and refinement as well as being spiritually sharpened through the discussions. This passage really spoke to me and gave me that little reminder I needed. God is so good and im so blessed to serve a God who chose me even before I chose him!! So excited and looking forward to getting deep into this plan with other wonderful women of God!!

  • Ladies I love that this community of women come together to study God’s word and pray for one another so today I’m asking that you pray for me that I can get back to that place of spending time with God and hearing direction for me and my children. Thanks in advance.

  • I love verse 4! I definitely want to commit that to memory. The fact that God chose me and knew me even before the foundations of the earth were laid is so beautiful. That verse just speaks to the deepest place in my heart and brings tears to my eyes. How amazing it is to know that I am made holy and blameless in Jesus Christ! God truly is a giver of good gifts.

  • This is my first on the plan, and i am glad that the Lord led me to this. i have lately came to the realisation of my own selfishness when i thought i was selfless. after years of marriage, i realised that i have been unforgiving to myself and still find it hard to forgive myself. this has caused a rift between me and my husband. i have been praying for the Lord to restore us but I know now that i need to be restored to Him, and fully accept His Grace. i see that i am a bit behind with the rest of you, but the Lord's timing is always perfect and on time. therefore, being reminded that i am blessed, chosen, made holy and blameless, and the adopted child through Christ, is truly what i needed to hear today. i have been battling with shame and giving it up to the Lord.

  • Jackie Walter

    Today’s devotional was a great reminder of who I am in Christ and what I have been given. Many times I forget that Christ has given me great things and done so much for me. Who am I to act as if He hasn’t done so or hide parts of my life from Him (He already knows anyway). Let us not be ashamed to bring Him our mess so that He can truly clean us up.

  • Reading these first verses of Ephesians, God showed me six things we should always remember:
    1. We are blessed. (Ephesians 1:3)
    2. We were chosen before creation. (vers. 4)
    3. We were predestined. (vers. 5)
    4. We are redeemed and our sins were forgiven. (vers. 4)
    5. We have an inheritance. (vers. 11)
    6. We were sealed with the Holy Spirit. (vers. 13)

  • Similarly, I am blessed to have found this group. As a 25 year old woman, I am just now building my relationship with God. I am really still learning the basics, and this seems like the perfect tool to help me learn His word. I am excited to read the daily passages and all of your thoughtful responses will definitely help me on my journey!

    • Jesyka

      Glad you are here! This IS a really great place to learn from and encourage one another in the Word and in our relationships with Him. Welcome!

  • Michelle

    I am so blessed to have found this group today. I am in the process of some life changes – all in an attempt to free my life up from busy worldly things and to allow me more time to focus on my relationship wtih Him. Yesterday I made a commitment to focus on Him first in all things – and today He provides me with a special community to share my new walk with. Thank you my sweet friend Amy for sending me this group! God is so cool!

  • I’m excited that I ran across this group in YouVersion! I think the greatest way the Word can be lived out is when we share in community, so thanks for starting this. Our church is studying Ephesians right now, so I’m using this as a tool to study deeper. Looking forward to the journey!

  • Nika15,
    Hi, I just discovered this study today and found it and the sharing by other readers immensely applicable to my own situation. The past 3 yrs had been execeedingly painful as God constantly brought me to uncomfortable situations, ESP in the job area. Last week was some kinda crunch time, when I realized that my serving my bosses did not result in the kind of reward I want. God spoke thru a gd sister in Christ to show me how unsubmitted I had been to His will, how afraid I am of how others perceive me, how evident these has been in the way I carried myself n dress n most of all, how lacking in faith I am. I am now humbly asking for His divine protection in this battlefield of the mind every minute. It is still an uphill task especially in the workplace n among my relatives. I hope we can all pray for one another as we go along our walk with Him.

  • Nika15, I have felt those same feeling over the years. I have 3 married daughters & 6 grandchildren, I have found God’s unconditional love, limitless grace & abounding peace has never once faltered no mattered how I have failed. His love & forgiveness is everlasting, constant & eternal. He has been enough through the up & downs. U R loved

  • Knowing your true worth sometimes get cloudy as u attempt 2 serve others instead of Christ. When u serve others , u want some kind of recognition; and when u don’t get it, u truly see how cold this world is and how the real power of love gets converted into something tangible as opposed to something that is felt. I have lost myself in this vicious cycle in more ways than I wish to count and keeping myself afloat has been a challenge for me. My failed attempts of love has brought me back to the one true love who has remained constant and consistent in my life, Jesus Christ. When I think of how He sacrificed His life for mine, it makes me shameful that I have not served him consistently over my years.
    How can I expect consistent love when I have failed the One who has loved me the most!

  • not to be mean……I am not Catholic I am Pentacostel Foursquare not raised as a Christian and I truly believe everyone can be enlightened by this study. I have felt less than and not good enuf and so desperatly need to feel loved and like a have an inheritance cuz sumtimes this life can be overbearing makin a gurl wana check out. so to me it doesn’t matter wat religion u were or were not born into God has room for all………

  • This study is just what,I need as,I lay here in the hospital, please pray that I with GOD GRACE AND STRENGTH can over come a food addiction that has caused me trip become very obese and very ill.

  • Today is my first day with this plan and I am truly happy to be doing this … I am a catholic who wants to know God more and have him in all aspects of my life …for a long time I believed that eventually I will change so that God will accept me and after reading day 1in this plan I understand that no matter what sin I have commited and no matter how yucky I think I am God wants me to come to him

  • I just started this devotional and love this start. Just before starting it, I was feeling so unworthy of His love and then as I was reading the devotional, it stood out to me that even though I don't deserve it, He's already promised this to me. I'm a mess but I'm blessed <3

  • …he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ,10to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.

    I've read Ephesians before but yet somehow I never read this. Maybe because I didn't read it aloud but now that I have it just really struck me.

  • I so thankful to join this study! I have been moving further and further from church and quiet time in The Lord and His word. So much has been going on in my life and I could use prayer. Again, thank you, I’m thankful to join this group.

  • Shannon Leger

    I love the opportunity to interact with other women thru this devotional plan. I have not been able to make it to my lady’s bible study and this helps!!

  • What an awesome passage! I couldn't help but to be in awe when reading this. The word that caught my attention the most was "blameless." I often times feel too guilty to even come before God because of certain things going on in my life, but this is the perfect reminder that those feelings are not from God and only come as a deterrnt to my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

  • yes I have received the promises!! the blessings this past week alone have been fantastic!!
    jus. yesterday my daughter graciously pointed out I was doin some character assassination and it took awhile for me to admit it so now God can help me work on that yucky part of myself so I am able to grow.
    please pray for my husband’s choice of thoughts of Jesus to become positive again instead of negative.
    finances for my drivers license, a car, and a bigger home and moving expenses.
    thank u and God bless u!!! <3

  • I am excited about the prospect if growing in Gods word! although I have a cupla questions. #1 is everyone on earth predestined for heaven? #2 hoe does a person clean up before coming to God? its unclear to me. thank you!!

  • I have a bunch if yuck in my life lately. I’m still reeling from the guilt of my divorce (it’s been almost a year) and feeling as though I left my husband for another man. That’s not exactly the case but it feels like it. There were plenty of reasons for my husband and I to get divorced but I feel loads if guilt over it

  • I am so happy to start this plan. I am new to Christ and I just want to live Holy and in His plan. I want to live the rest of my life by the way God intended me to.

  • LAloving

    When I read this it touch my heart. I’m only 23 years old and I was sexually abuse as child. And the man who molested me was my own cousin. At the age 11 i watched him get gunned down. Also my father was killed when I was young. So I never had any positive male figure in my life and as a resort. I would be with different man. I have been with so many man in my life I can’t even count. It’s so mad to the point I don’t even remember them. But if you look at me you would never know. I work,no kids, go to school for physical therapy, and go to church. I been trying to fight this feeling that I need a man to make me feel whole since i was young. I been living with this secret all my life. But I’m tired and ready to let go. Reading this let me know I need to let it all out and leave it to God and let him cover me. But everyday it’s so hard, I just don’t know.

  • I am so encouraged by the promises in these scripture, especially to know that he has blessed us with every spiritual blessing.

  • I am excited about this.

  • For me today’s passage is a reminder of how unworthy I am to be loved by our Father. It also reminds me that although I may in my flesh be unworthy he has already called me out of my dark and dry places. Today I feel the need to pray for healing from the past. For too long I have been allowing myself to live out of shame, guilt and fear because of the things that have happened to me in the past. I would like to ask you all to pray that God will heal my mind from the mental torment and anguish as well as my heart from the emotional struggle that I have been going through alone. Thank you in advance for your prayers and please know I am praying for you guys too.

  • I was one who thinks I am unworthy of these promises God gave me….but I am in a better place now…taking time out has always been the hardest part for me but recently I have been spending a lot more time in prayer and now it’s time for me to move to spend more time in his word….here we go!

  • Praying for the battle in your mind.

  • please pray for me ladies…i struggle to believe these things about myself sometimes…a lot of the time, especially since i have struggled with addiction to porn and sex. It's kinda made me feel less of a women and not worthy for any of the above it can sometimes be a raging war in my mind :(

    a sister

  • I was amazed at all God promises to us even before we were born. I just go along living my life like an ordinary person, but I am not an ordinary person I am God’s daughter and He loves me and has blessed me. Thank you Jeses

  • Samantha

    I'm clinging to verse 11 right now, the NLT translates it to "…and He makes everything work out ACCORDING TO HIS PLAN" I needed to read that this week, I needed it so much.
    I'm in the midst of a constant financial struggle coupled with depression, but have had an eviction and the threat of being homeless added to my worries this past week. I feel like I can finally breathe again after reading this, because in the middle of this, I began to feel hopeless and scared, but I think I might be able to actually sleep tonight, now I have this verse drilled into me!
    I'm praying over each of you lovely ladies that God has brought me to in this community :)

  • Shallette

    Wow first time here love it already. Seeking to get closer to God learn more. Have a lot of unanswered questions in one particular area of my life. Have a lot of emotions around another particular area in my life. Surprised by bringing yuckest part of my life. I only want what God have his will for me. Struggling

  • Meghan Hyers

    Hi, I am new to this devotion and this is what i did I use your bullet points as a Q and A system in writing, one of them stood out to me, below is the “question” (your bullet point) and my answer
    -Do you find yourself working to clean yourself up before you come to him?
    -possibly, I can honestly say I cannot remember, right now of course why could I? He knows everything we have done so why go and put on that “face” or “hat” to show God that we can be “decent” in front of him. But only when WE go to him dose e desurve our decency. But when he comes to us (and every moment of everyday he comes) we could care less about what we do, act like or look like. We have kept him in our own little book, so when we go prepare ourselves to go see him in the book, we make sure we are doing good. Or even better, convincing ourselves that by going to him now is us doing good.

  • Deborah Reeves

    I am so excited to find this link. I have been on youversion for several months. What a blessing

  • I think that sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that God knows us so intimately, and as I'm reminded in V. 4 "even as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him…" It reminds me of Psalm 139 where we are reminded that He knew us even in our mother's womb. I sometimes struggle with the fact that God can know us so intimately and He already knows every single detail of our lives, I admit sometimes I get angry, b/c if He knows what's going to happen and sometimes those things are hurtful, why does he allow them to happen, but then I look back and smile because I know that in each of those moments I have learned something valuable and something that has taught me how to rely on Him even more…

    The other verses that stands out to me is Vs: 7-8: "In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace, which he lavished upon us in all wisdom and insight…

    Basically we are made "perfect" in Him, he blesses us with Mercy, Grace and blessings that we don't deserve, I sometimes struggle to comprehend that kind of love.

  • Alexandrea J.

    I am so grateful that you guys wrote this devotional and I’m so excited about it! Today’s post really hit home for me because I tend to forget who I am in Christ and so when I forget my worth, I will do things or allow things to happen to me because I forget that I am worth more.
    When it said that before the world even began, I was chosen, adopted, and forgiven i had to read that a few times and really let it sink in. It’s hard to fathom how someone could erase your sins and love you so passionately before the world even began! It’s insane but it makes me praise God for the depth of his love. I look forward to tomorrow’s study! Thank you soooo much for these devotionals! I pray you will make many more!!

  • Oh! This is what I hope The Lord had me wrote for myself in response of what I got out of this.
    [ The Lord has redeemed me. MaKayla Nicole Stubbs from all my unworthiness. He has created me to not walk in the darkness. He has chosen me to take a stand against the world that is around me. He has predestined me as His holy child. He has given me an anointing to tear the masks off this generation]

  • This is so good and I am so thankful for seeing this devotional on Facebook. It’s so hard to really grasp sometimes exactly what The Lord has given us. I am 22 years old and lead 21 young women who have graduated high school and decided normal wasn’t good enough. I am the road manager over these ladies and 13 men alongside a male leader who is 23 an together we are the spiritual leaders of Teen Manias Acquire the Fire Ministry Team. We travel all over America from now till May putting on large youth events and will witness to over 100,000 youth this year. It is a huge pleasure to be leading the young teenagers who are helping lead this generation. Our group of 34 who puts together these events are amazing men and women who are still learning who Christ is themselves and so being the leader over them I am always trying to see what it is The Lord has for this group. I can honstly say through reading this, The Lord has given me more vision on how to spiritually lead this team. I question do we really know God to the fullest understanding of who He is?
    If we knew God to the most intimate measure like we do our spouse or friends on earth, why do we yet complain about hard times, question where we are, not stand against the way the media influences this generation? I am 22 an I know for a fact I have not grasped who it is I am serving to the fullest yet I have so many resources before me to find out, let alone a Holy Spirit who lives inside of me who is more than willing to help me find out. And it starts with devotions like this that will begin to keep us constantly and daily in the word. I want to be a woman who is filled up with the word.

  • I loved this…I decided to read this content in ESV, then NIV, then NLT, and then Holman’s Christian Standard. A Beth Moore study taught me that trick. It’s awesome to see how each is depicted and relates. Thank you!

  • Janet Wehrle

    I just discovered this devotional today and I think I’m a day behind but I am so glad I found it! Being reminded that I have every spiritual blessing I need is just what I needed to hear. I was reading another writer yesterday who said that Satan tempts us to believe that our particular struggles are so terrible, but really everyone is going through their own struggles and hard times. I need to remember that I have every blessing I need through Jesus. Sharing everyone else’s comments is so encouraging because my husband is the pastor of a small declining church and it is hard for me to find believing women I can share with. Thanks!

  • Have you received these promises? Yes and No. I tend to see the good and then get lost in the bad. There are times when I feel like I'm so unworthy that I don't want to come to Him. I have been finding it difficult to pray and talk to Him about everything that's going on. I feel like there's a wall between me and Him and I just can't seem to get past it. Please pray that I can make that choice to lean on Him whenever and always.

  • I love and believe this truth that we have been loved, forgiven, redeemed even before we were born. God’s love for each one of us is one that brings new life even when we mess up — actually I think that’s when He loves us the most because He knows we need him to make everything right. Thank you sisters, let’s do this together. Be blessed!

  • Alexandra

    It's hard for me to fathom that before the earth was created, God knew, loved, and FORGAVE me… especially given the many times I sin against His word. As a Christian I typically try to confess my sins to God before I come to Him in prayer, to sort of "get it off my chest", if you will. I want to purify myself instead of allowing Him to purify me.

    I struggle with pleasing others and very much with selfpity. I've been looking for a job for almost a year now, and to be honest I feel sometimes as if it's never going to get better. I know that God has a plan for me, but after nearly a year of looking and not getting anywhere, I find myself being a little doubtful. I continually pray in faith that He will make a way. I want to focus solely on Him and not on my circumstances. I ask that you pray for me in this area as well…that Christ would be the center of my life, and that I would be a reflection of His love for us.

  • The one point that really spoke to me was that “I don’t need to get cleaned up before going to Him.” Wow! What a concept for me. I struggle with perfectionism and too often I have the mindset of- “when I fix that then I will do better with this…” Amazing how we forget that God CHOSE us just the way we are- imperfections and mess included.

  • Loving we are going into Ephesians! Loving this community! Loving God!!!!

  • Mrs pate

    This is one of my favorite books. I forget often that God chose me. I tend to fight pride with the thought of I choose him. That it was my chose to make. So silly, such a pride-full thought! He chose me and in that I need to stand. His ways are bigger than mine, he’s thought bigger than my thoughts. Who am I to skim past the fact that he chose me, and focus on the fact that I chose him?

  • I am struggling with quieting my mind and heart while in prayer (and all other times of day!). I found myself reading and rereading this passage today because I just couldn’t focus on it, and I started to feel guilty. Then I realized that this is what I need to work on, this is my current “yuckiest” area. I am a wife, mother, and full time employee, and I constantly find my mind thinking about something other than what I am currently doing. I know that I would be a lot better at all of these things if I could pay attention to what I am doing, and put my heart into my prayer and my day to day tasks. Please pray for me as I try to clear my mind and heart to focus better on whatever it is that I am doing at a particular moment, but especially for while I am in prayer.

  • The Crafting Coop

    I'm glad to be starting this new plan. I love that He accepts us just as we are, and that we don't have to put on a pretty face for him.

  • Courtney

    So I don’t normally do this and I’m super nervous but that last question seems to have burrowed into my heart.

    You see I graduated from law school in may. I had a summer clerkship that I’ve managed to turn into a full time gig. I’m so thankful to have it at all. But I’m barely getting paid. I can’t pay rent. Heck I can’t even pay the application fee for the Bar exam in February. I’m really stressed about it; it’s weighing so heavily on my mind and my soul. I’m single and my parents aren’t exactly wealthy.

    What I need more than anything is some wisdom. I don’t know where He wants me to go. Maybe I’m meant to stay at this firm. Maybe I’m meant to work at a different firm. Maybe I’m not meant to be an attorney at all. I’ve been praying fervently about it and I’m still massively confused. If y’all wouldn’t mind asking Him to send me a little guidance and the peace to hear His answer I’d be eternally grateful :)

  • Nicole Reitz

    I love being able to go to God and just lay everything down to Him, no matter how messy it is. He knows our lives and knows everything is happening and going to happen in our lives, why would we hide from Him when things get bad? That is when we should be turning to Him the most right?

    Please pray for me this week. I am struggling with something in my life that I am going to have to overcome by Sunday. So I need peace that everything is going to work out and be fine, but I need peace. Thank you for this wonderful study I can look forward to EVERY DAY <3

  • Women's Bible Study at my church is going in depth over the Holy Spirit. What a blessing to have it addressed in this reading plan as well. I really struggle with the Chosen piece, I do not feel worthy and I know that I cannot do anything to earn his Love because it is perfect. I would love prayer in the area of worthiness in so many areas of my life, especially of love and favor. I am praying for each of you dear sisters as well.

  • This is just what I needed today. I am battling addiction to food and going through the bible study called "The Lord's Table." It is very hard for me to see myself in this light when I have been so focused on the sin in my life. Thank you for these studies. I have caught bits and pieces of the last one but ready to dive head in to this one!

  • Katie C.

    Oh my. You know it's time to come back to SheReadsTruth and recommit to His word every single day when the opening sentence of the devotional content makes you tear up. So, so excited to be rejoining you ladies. My soul needs this.

    As others have shared, I have perfectionist tendencies. I always feel like His love is too good to be true, like there *has* to be something for me to do in order to earn such perfect love. Grasping the fact that his love is pure and unconditional is tough for me. As I seek a relationship with him. The truth of this love is overwhelmingly beautiful and humbling.

  • Mama Cain

    It is so easy to fall into the idea that we still have to DO something to receive all that He has for us. He has already done all the work! So awesome :) I am confident in these things. On a certain level I live that way but then at the same time, I struggle with identity. I struggle with trying to be like this or that because they seem to have it together. In reality we all have stuff and He made me to be ME. My desire is to bring Him glory through who he has made me to be. You can be praying for the Holy Spirit to help me to rest in who I am in Him. To be confident in His power within me.

  • I am so grateful to have found she reads truth. I find myself eager every morning to read the Word and everyone's different perspectives on the day's message.
    I am particularly touched by the message translation of verse 11: It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.
    My constant struggle is figuring out what my purpose is and this verse tells me that the answers come from following Christ. How simple! How encouraging!

  • I find worth is a huge issue for the majority of women. We are always second guessing ourselves, comparing ourselves & just living in a self hate state of mind, even without realizing it. We don’t want to let ourselves feel good about things because it could back fire. I know that is a huge struggle for me.

  • I am in awe of the fact that God chose me, even knowing all of the disgusting sin in my life, He still chose me. But He didn’t just choose me & leave me to myself, He desires an intimate relationship with me. Some days that is hard to wrap my head around! And to make it even better, He chose me to be holy & blameless…which I am NOT!! At least not on my own, but because of the work He did on the cross, I am! I have worth not because of who I am, but because of WHOSE I am!!

  • I feel as though God is really trying to get it in my head that I am chosen and set apart. I struggle with feeling as though I have something to offer or that I am special. I have lived my life trying to people please and figure out what other people want me to be. I got so deep into this that I feel I have never really had my own identity or knew who I am. Now I am a young mom. I love my son, he is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to my husband and I. But I can't help but struggle more with feeling that I don't know who I am outside of being a mom and wife. I need prayer in this area! I am learning that my identity is in Christ. I should not be so focused on who I am but more on who HE is! I draw closer to Him to really find who HE had called me to be. Please pray for me that as I go about my day the Lord gives me opportunities to draw closer to Him and deal with situations that way that He wants me to.

    • StephanieR

      Bianca, there is a wonderful book out there called "You're already Amazing" by Holley Gerth. I cried and cried as I read the book to know God made us just the way we are as women. He gave us all of our feelings and put them in us for a reason. The author has a wonderful way of helping you figure out what your gifts are and how to use them! Loved this book and cannot recommend it enough!

  • Alys Hejl

    Lately I’ve had such a hard heart. It’s been hard for me to read the word and see how truly blessed I am. It’s been hard for me to look at where I am in life & feel blessed. 3 years ago in my junior year of college God laid it on my heart to switch majors. This prolonged my college career and made me graduate in May. Last December I found out I was pregnant and I had my first child in August. A baby is a huge blessing & I know he is, but I can’t help but look around & think this isn’t what I wanted. Oh man! How much of a spoiled child do I sound? My heart and head seem to be in a constant battle because I KNOW that His plan is better than my plan & His ways are higher than my ways. I know that staying at home with my baby is not only what I want but what is best for my child, but I can’t help but feel it came too early. My husband is in college and working right now. He’s gone 12 hours a day & that’s been hard on me. Being a stay at home mom is hard & I’m struggling to find friends/keep old friends. I prayed today that God would break my heart & make it His heart & open my eyes to see like His. I want to feel thankful & blessed knowing that I am His daughter & He chose me.

    • biancabishop8

      Alys- I an 22 years old and I had my first baby last December. He is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me but I have often found myself asking the same questions that you do. It is comforting to hear that I am not the only one who struggles with this. I love being a stay at home mom, like you said, but it does get very difficult. My husband is also finishing up his last year of college. Stay strong! :) The gifts that God has given you are going to help you be an amazing mom!

    • Casey

      This touched my heart Alys. You're not a spolied child…it's tough! Praying for you and your husband and your sweet baby!

    • Angie

      Alys, I can relate to so many aspects of your story. I was in my final year of my masters program and had my son. My husband worked two jobs so I could be home, so I never saw him much either. Being a stay at home mom was the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. Looking back on it now, I would not change a thing. I am almost 50, my son in 25, I have a daughter who is 22, and I am still married to the man that made it possible for me to stay home. There will always be people who don't think what you are doing is right or good, but let me assure you when you look back it will be worth it! Press on! Being a mom is the most important job you will ever have!

    • Courtney Dignam

      Alys, I've been living basically the same life as this — I found out I was pregnant in November, during the last year of my BEd. I ended up leaving the program, as I always knew I would be staying home full time once children came into my life, although I had certainly not planned for it to be so soon! My husband and I just celebrated our second anniversary in August, with a month-old baby. I have had these same thoughts so many times since becoming pregnant and giving birth to my daughter — this is so not what I had planned for myself! We're making it work though, my husband working and beginning his graduate studies, and myself at home with our girl. Not an easy life, but so obviously one that He has had planned for us!

  • SMKSapper

    Two things that are making me smile from reading this today:

    1. vs. 7-10, especially this = "…we're a free people -free of penalities and punishments chalked up by all our misdeeds. And not just barely free, either. Abundantly free!" I love that! Not just "barely" free. God's not just letting us squeeze by and scooch in along the edge somewhere. We're totally, 100% welcomed and WANTED and free.

    2. v. 11 = "It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for." I feel like this really sums up what my salvation means for me – aside from eternal life after death – but HERE on earth now until then. I feel like the more I give myself up, the more Christ gives back to me and I am more myself, the actual person he made me to be. Love it!!

    (Sorry if my verse references are wonky. Reading from The Message and NIV both but quoting The Message.)

    • Kelsey

      That's what i just started doing, reading from both NIV and MSG. I'm really enjoying seeing the scriptures presented in different ways!

    • Jennifer C.

      Those exact 2 verses stuck out to me too! (I am also reading from Msg and NLT) vs 3-6 also really touched my heart where its says" long before he laid down earth's foundations, he had us in mind, he settled on us being the FOCUS of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love"
      We are his focus…..that over everything else that God created, over EVERYTHING, WE are what he focused on! Amazing love!

  • I definitely don't love God nearly enough. Self-centeredness is my biggest issue. also, talking about wanting what others have and not being happy with the blessings we have through Christ, redemption, etc. hit me hard. i have been struggling lately and realizing I have had a wrong attitude. I am totally blind and have to rely on transportation sometimes that is either not on time or requires me to make rides much earlier than appointments and spend lots of time riding and/or waiting. i have balked at all this and envied others who could drive cars. but envy is a sin, and I am realizing today that I need to be thankful for the blessings I do have. and all of this ties in as God is showing me more and more.

    • Schone_LeAnna

      This so touched me as I use Medicaid transportation also…I can be a pain!! But we have to be thankful, like you said…At least we have transportation…I've found reading my bible while waiting on them changes me, so I don't get angry with them…God bless you Sister….May He shine His face upon you.

  • madrejulie

    i love this book and am so excited to be studying it with sisters in Christ. Belonging has always been an issue for me and knowing I was chosen by God BEFORE I was born astounds me every day. Such grace!

  • Something that struck me as I was reading today, were the last two verses. "In him you also, who have heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and have believed in him, were sealed with the promised holy Spirit, which is the first installment of our inheritance toward redemption as God's possession, to the praise of his glory." It says this is our "FIRST installment", so believing and being sealed with the Holy Spirit is only the beginning, we have to continue to go forward and continue to love, learn, and follow Christ. :)

  • It is hard for me to feel worthy right now as a parent of a toddler. She has just entered the “terrible two” phase (earlier than I expected), and I find myself getting frustrated and then I feel guilty that I am not more patient. I’ve been praying so much lately to have God forgive me and help me with my faults. I don’t think this plan could have come at a better time. Thank you.

  • Eidegang

    New to she reads truth and excited to sign up and make myself accountable to the reading plan. I struggle at times to get my bible reading in daily and then fill myself w guilt and shame, so thank you for the community you’ve established here!
    I love this scripture for these bold truths here, I love that we’re chosen, that there is a plan, that His grace is LAVISHED on us, not just a smattering but lavished, and I pray that I too can lavish that grace on my family in those trying times by the power of Christ in me, to His glory.

  • first of all, i thank God for the grace He has poured upon ur life for a forum like this. more grace and anointing for you in Jesus name> i look forward to Ephesians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love reading these passages. I struggle with seperation anxiety, post tramic syndrome and a fee other physcisl problems. Thesebpasssges always bring me beck to truth, truth that God The Creator chose me before I ever exsisted. Because of this choosing I have been made holy with the blood of Jesus. I also love how these passages speak of the realm of The Heavens where one day there will no more pain and sufferings. What a great way to start the day.

  • Mary Beth

    new here to Shereadsturth! My premarital counselor actually prayed these verses with me and over me. What a great reminder that I can "come just as I am" and that He has chosen, adopted, loved, and forgiven! Excited to start this journey with you all!

  • I love what Allie721 said about God lavishing us with gifts. I too often get caught up in the physical and material wants and desires of this Earth. This Truth is something for me to cling to. God has provided me with everything I need. I must trust in Him and the desires He has for me.

    • munchtalk

      so true…i often forget how many gifts I have been lavished as well. It's easy in this world of advertising to just want want want….:) Good point!

  • Jennifer

    What a beautiful passage of scripture! I long to live with those promises written on my heart. How often I forget that I'm a daughter of the King…chosen, holy, and blameless!

  • munchtalk

    It's incredible how much God loves us. I don't think I love Him nearly enough! He chose us, ugliness and all….I have received these promises, as a young girl, but only started truly living for Christ after high school. I do tend to want to clean up the areas of my life first. To thank God for cleaning them up after they're already clean. I think I struggle with self-pity a lot at times. It's super prideful and selfish. I might be in a situation that's just not fun, really tough, and I will think to myself, "This sucks! Today is ruined! It could have been a great day…" How depressing! Am I focusing on the greatness of God and all he's done to bless me? Am I striving to see *my* sin? Am I trying to see how to serve the other person? Nope…

    So, I really ask for your prayer in difficult situations to not get my focus centered on ME. But centered on GOD. Which is absolutely where it should be. :)

    • MaryHam21

      I have also struggled with self pity in really tough life situations and you are absolutely right, instead of wallowing in how hard my life is, I need to focas on the God greatness and all He's done to bless me. Thanks for sharing, what you say is true.

      • Donna

        I am new to she reads, and so I guess I am a little behind everyone else. But I sure do find it reassuring that I am not alone in my struggles. When I hear some preachers and listen to other Christians I sometimes get the feeling that I am the only one that struggles. It is good to know that I am not and that. We can help one another to over come. Thank you so much.

  • "No need to clean yourself up" I love that. I needed to hear that. I struggle so much with perfectionism. Trying to embrace this beautiful mess that is my life, and know that God has put me here and is lavishing is love on me. Even when I screw it up big time.

    • Rebekah

      I feel the same way Joy. I am also a perfectionist, it is great to know we do not have to clean ourselves up before talking to God. I love how in the first chapter Paul reminds us of all the great and perfect gifts which come from God.

  • I love this! My pastor was just this week talking about studying the scripture and finding Gods promises. This ties into that fully!

  • so sorry, that wasn't my husband "matthewpeery" commenting, rather me though he was logged in!

  • matthewpeery

    This passage encourages me as Paul makes it obvious that our salvation and redemption was indeed "lavished upon us", it is all of God even "before the foundation of the world" and none of my own doing. I'm so thankful and humbled to be His "to the praise of his glory".

  • Kaely Linker

    I find myself wanting to pray to be more humble, more understanding, and more loving since i feel like my pride is my yuckiest area, but knowing how humility is often taught, I am a coward and I shy away fromasking for what I know is a great gift.

    • munchtalk

      Goodness, how true! It's sometimes super scary to pray for your weaknesses to become more like Christ. He often has a way of knowing just how to do that which is the opposite of how we want to learn. :)

    • Brittany

      Thank you so much for posting this Kaely! This is such an encouragement to me because I do find myself wanting to pray to be more humle and understanding. And then I get frustrated when I try to do it on my own or when I go to pray and try to "convince" the Lord of how terrible I am with all my shortcomings. So thank you for this!

  • Allie721

    Excited to be starting another plan and today this passage spoke to me. My Bible used the word "lavished" in Verse 8 to say that God has lavished us with gifts. That verse stuck with me because I find myself (regretfully) sometimes looking at other peoples' riches and especially the nonbelievers around me. Sometimes I find myself thinking how unfair that is, but today this verse really stood out and made me realize that as a follower of Christ I am being lavished with gifts–maybe not the ones you can see but with redemption, forgiveness, and grace….the most amazing gifts–even if invisible!

    • StephanieR

      I went walking yesterday and saw some homes in the millions of dollars, I was feeling like you looking at other people's homes when mine is so humble. You are so right with the gifts God has given us–worth so much more than money!

    • Elizabeth

      Lavished is the word that impressed me also. Wow! How easy is it to forget what He gives us can not be bought with all the silver & gold in the world!

  • Catherine

    For me,this passage begs for further explanation regarding predestination. One denomination I attended preached predestination as some are chosen, some are not. An idea I could not wrap my heart around. I am now reading this ( verse 11 ) as the apostles and Paul were predestined and the early church and all of us who follow are then included in Christ when we heard the message.

    Thank you to all who write this blog and all who post for daily encouragement!

    • StephanieR

      Catherine, I was raised up believing God knows who will choose Him but He doesn't do the choosing (because we are free to choose). This has always helped me to understand predestination.

    • munchtalk

      I think predestination is a really confusingly huge thing to understand. One of those God-things that's tough to wrap our minds around. I think Stephanie, below says it well…He knows whose hearts would choose Him, and thus before the world began he chose those that would follow him. If that makes sense. :) So he does choose some, and not choose some, but we have no idea whose hearts will choose him, so we just have to continue spreading the gospel to reach whomever will decide to follow Christ. I hope that makes sense and doesn't make it more confusing :).

    • Justine

      This is exactly what I was thinking about as I was reading this. I'm a convert to Catholicism, and pre-destination has always been something that's been really hard for me to wrap my mind around. This is helping me process it a little more, I think.

  • Excited to start this new devotional

  • Hehey hey h

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