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Today's Text: Week 8

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How is reading His truth in Proverbs impacting you?

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Ladies, take time to read through these stories of life change. Leave a comment, encourage one another!

Let’s really do this together, eh? Ready?




  • The day you got saved or baptized was when God first started dealing with you and up until the day you see Jesus he will still be working in you. His sprit is now one with you, so you can trust it and listen to it. Where ever you go he will be there because God has made a promise to himself to never leave you nor forsake you.

  • Ok, my serious apologies for missing the whole "proverbs" criteria. Feeling like a bit of a heel, but don't see how to remove my link. :)

    So obviously I'm not reading along with y'all in Proverbs… but this blog and the blogs I've found through you have been such a source of encouragement. Thank you for everything you do to provide this platform for sharing and growth!

  • Would you lovely ladies be willing to pray with me? For all of us? :)

    We’re believing that—

    finances will be increased
    debts will be paid off
    health will be abundant
    comfort, strength and confidence will fill our minds
    all things we have felt the loss of will be returned to us
    pain, sorrow and worry shall disperse

    For all the people who need a bit of this love, for all these things we pray.

  • Stephanie

    What is so awesomely clear to me is that with each one of us here God wants a relationship! He works in each one of our lives to do that–I can just see Him standing in Heaven saying, "Stephanie, I love you! I want to be close to you and show you how much that is! I want to be in every part of your life–the good and the bad. I want to be there when you worry and when you are happy. I want to be there when you make and fool of yourself in front of others and when you gently tell others about Me. You are loved just the way you are! You are forgiven already! Everything minute thing I take you through is so that someday you will be more like Me and are ready for your coming home! Praise God He takes me through life and gives me verses like Proverbs to help me understand!

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