Proverbs: Day

Day 5


Today's Text: Proverbs 5

Good morning to you all!

It’s Thursday morning for me – writing/editing my Proverbs 5 post for you all (which I began studying and preparing for 3 weeks ago) and I just want to sit in this moment for a bit.

I just finished reading Kacia’s words on Proverbs 4 from yesterday, and the many thoughtful, wise comments from you all. They’re great. And, I’ll be honest: I’m surprised.

I don’t know what I expected. I do know that Proverbs intimidates me – always has. I wasn’t sure how this study would go or how we would tackle long chapters or even seemingly disjointed themes. There are chapters that are so full of goodness that they can be overwhelming because you hardly know where to bite down. I wondered if this study might lose people.

I wondered out loud to Jessi and Kacia just a couple of weeks ago if it would lose me.

How’s that for truth?

But it didn’t. And it hasn’t. And I’m reminded again that trusting the Lord to guide our steps is always the right choice.

I know to some people, Proverbs can feel like a big string of fortune cookie wisdom or even a redundant hammering-in of certain themes over and over again. And taking in one full chapter each day leaves you wondering what one thing you can take with you to hold on to.

But what I’ve learned in the weeks leading up to this study – and in these four days since this study began: apart from all of the specific advice and invaluable wisdom and instruction, Proverbs as a whole paints a picture of the Christian life. It is, as my pastor has told us countless times,

a long obedience in the same direction.


It’s not a new thought or idea or challenge every morning – it’s a continuous walk drawing us closer and closer to Christ.

It’s a whole life-long obedience in One Direction – every day seeking Him, daily asking Him for wisdom and discernment. Returning every evening to say that we didn’t do it all perfectly and knowing that His grace covers us completely.

And Proverbs illustrates that in a way that no other book of the Bible does.

So, while Chapter 5 is a warning against adultery, it’s ultimately pointing us to obedience and fear of the Lord just the same way as Chapters 1-4.

It’s pointing us to Christ.


So, let’s tackle Chapter 5 together today, shall we?

Day 5 | Proverbs 5

So yes, adultery. No pressure, Raechel. Not an uncomfortable or touchy subject at all, right?

Do you have any idea how many different answers you can find if you search for a definition of adultery on the internet? Let’s just say the world has widely varying views on this matter. And, rather than the internet, let’s look to the Lord for that answer.

I encourage you to take a moment to pray before you read this passage, friends.

Ask the Holy Spirit to focus your mind first on Christ’s holiness, and second, at your own heart. Keep your second thoughts introspective in this area – allow this passage to speak to you about you, not to you about another person.

Let’s all approach Proverbs 5 with a contrite, humble heart this morning.

Because the truth is? While we are tempted to read this and go the direction of drawing a line in the sand of physical adulterers and non, we are all adulterous – against spouses AND God.

Because adultery goes beyond physical acts.


But, Proverbs 5 does seem to be mainly talking about physical acts of adultery  with another person, and the associated temptations and consequences. So, let’s go there for a moment, shall we?

And truly, this seems simple, no?

Pretty black and white – don’t be intimate (emotionally or physically) with a person with whom you are not married. That’s the letter of the law. But this chapter in Proverbs gives good wisdom and sound advice for protecting yourself from temptation.

I love verse 8 from the ESV, Keep your way far from her, and do not go near the door of her house. The passage doesn’t say, “do not commit adultery”. No no – it warns against walking on the same side of the street as the person or thing that tempts you.

My pastor told us a story once about growing up in his mother’s home. It was the 1960s, and she had those nifty plastic covers on her sofas to keep the [groovy] upholstery nice.

Mmm… nothing says “sit down and get cozy” like stiff and sticky plastic on your thighs.

I digress.

The point of his story was that the furniture was really important and valuable to his Mom. She was committed to keeping it pure and untarnished. So, rather than merely asking folks not to eat in the living room or to keep their shoes off the furniture, she didn’t mess around – she covered them in a water-and-dirt-proof covering – nothing was going to dirty her precious davenports. 


How do we protect the things that are valuable to us and to the Lord? How do we keep our bodies (and our hearts and minds) pure? Do we casually balance a tall glass of red wine on the arm of our white sofa, playing with fire and hoping it doesn’t accidentally get bumped? Or do we demonstrate a sincere commitment to the covenants we have made with the Lord and our [future] spouses, taking extreme measures to protect what the Lord has given?

“Absolutely stay out of her neighborhood”
(v. 5, The Message)

So, that “long obedience in the same direction”? It works here, too. It works as we focus our sights on the holiness of Christ, and the promise of Eternity. As our only desire is to be more like Christ and to bring Him glory. Our long obedience keep us from diverting from the Path. And that same Path remains, even when we do not.

Let’s take this commandment from the Lord seriously and cover our marriages and relationships in a well-fitting plastic slipcover, lest it be stained by impure thoughts or deeds (or potty accidents in the case of my house this week!)

A few more questions for study:

  • Based on verses 9-14, what will become of a person who commits adultery?
  • What is Solomon getting at with his figures of speech in verses 15-17?
  • Where else is physical adultery mentioned in the New Testament? Try reading these in The Message translation: John 8:1-11, John 4, Matthew 5:27-28 & Ephesians 4:17-19


Have a sweet weekend, friends! Blessings!

  • SarahSchultz

    No #SheShares linky this week?

  • I was moved most by the final verse, verse 23: For lack of discipline they will die; led astray by their own folly. I'm just exciting a trail where my husband & I were disciplined (or what I like to say, refined :) by God. Did it hurt? Yes! Was it needed? Yes! God loves us SO MUCH that He would rather discipline us for momentary pain, then allow us to continue on our own for eternal death.

  • Samantha

    When I first realised this was next, I was a little afraid of how I'd react – it's something I try to shut my eyes to. I'm single now but was engaged. It seems crazy that here I am now living back at home, single, up until recently, I was in my own home, ready to start my own family. Adultery is a cruel, cruel thing and it does exactly as states. Rips lives apart. When I found out I was being cheated on, and then when I found out I was being tossed aside, well, words simply can't describe how much it hurts.
    I always swore I wouldn't let it happen to me, not only because I know God forbids it (and lets be honest, everyone knows cheating in any shape or form is wrong from an early age) but because I grew up in a family where my parents were divorced. I grew up a child of a "broken home" and know exactly how it affects family life.
    I know I would "keep my way far from her" but I need to work on being faithful to God, because from your post I've started to realise I'm commiting adultery to HIM. Whether it be from sharing in some gossip at work or indulging in that one-too-many glass of wine.

  • Thanks ladies for taking the time to respond. Both of what you said is very helpful and that is pretty much the way I feel about it too. I think when I look at another man it is really because I am thinking, wow he dresses nice or I like his hair style, and that's it. God hand picked my husband for me and I am truly blessed to have him! Thanks again and God bless!

  • This is a subject i really struggle with. (adultery in general) I am married for the first time, but my husband was married before and divorced. While knowing his ex wife and knowing him and the reasons their marriage fell apart. I struggle with the fact that he in the eyes of God it is adultery. " So He said to them, t Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. " (Mark 10: 11).

  • This chapter didn’t really hit me as hard as others. I found myself thinking it didn’t really relate to me until I started reading this post and your comments. I do find myself ‘trying’ to fit God into my schedule instead of ‘trying’ to fit everything else into my schedule. The passage that really got to me was proverbs 21 in the message translation. It said “Mark well that God doesn’t miss a move you make; he’s aware of every step you take.” This seemed so powerful to me.

    • Lava

      I am the same way I am always trying to find time to do my bible reading/study. I have made a promise to myself and my family and God that I am going to fit this in each day. I love having this to look forward too!

  • Mackenzie

    This community is such a blessing and this post resonated with me especially since I was able to read it before reading Proverbs 5. I'm currently reading Gone Girl and hate the thoughts that it leaves in my mind. This book was one that was supposed to be fantastice, but is it bringing a focus to Godly things? No. I've never been in an adulterous situation sexually but this post hit home in such a meaningful way. It doesn't have to be having sex with someone that isn't your spouse to be adultery. I feel like I've hurt my relationship with Christ and cheated in Him in so many ways, to only go back and justify my actions. I'm beyond grateful for this community to show me God's Word in a new and life changing way. God is making big changes in my heart and I feel challenged to protect it from anymore impurities.

  • This is a subject i really struggle with. (adultery in general) I am married for the first time, but my husband was married before and divorced. While knowing his ex wife and knowing him and the reasons their marriage fell apart. I struggle with the fact that he in the eyes of God it is adultery. " So He said to them, t “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. " (Mark 10: 11).

    Since we have been married and before this has never been a concern for me. I am very happy in my marriage. Now i do feel that my relationship with God needs some work, which is what brought me here. I am hoping to strengthen that relationship.

  • kallaydoscope

    I feel like there were so many ways that I could have come at Proverbs 5. I've been cheated on and I feel like I honestly may have cheated before emotionally, but what came out of this chapter had nothing to do with sex or lust or anything of the sort for me. God spoke to me in a completely different way, and I was not expecting it. At. All.

    It was really sobering to hear what God had to say to me about my life, but where I'm at right now… this was the perfect time to hear it. And honestly, sometimes you REALLY need to hear it. I ended up working backwards in this chapter when I started journaling.

    Here's what He said:

    vs. 23 Those who have no self control or instruction will be misled into dead ends by their own undisciplined stupidity.


    He went on…

    vs. 17-20 I want a man like this. One who will delight in only me, body, mind, and soul.

    And God was like: How can you expect a man like that when you haven't been that kind of woman? You haven't earned that man yet, because you have led an undisciplined life.

    Do you want to end up here? (vs. 7-14)

    The answer is obviously, no. I do not want to end up regretting my life or feeling like I wasted it because I was stubborn and wouldn't listen to what others had to say. I *AM* stubborn, too. I have a real problem with always feeling like I'm right when it comes to my life. And here's where He got me today… (as if that up there wasn't enough ^)

    vs. 6 She has no idea who she is or where she is going.


    Truth hurts.

    I feel like I know who I am, but I'm always flirting with the line. Am I acting like a Christian? Sometimes I don't. Do I believe in God and love God and rely on Him? Absolutely. But sometimes my life doesn't reflect that, nor do my actions. I'm at a turning point in my life right now where I have lots of options and I need to decide where I'm going. Back to school, get a job, etc., but also, my divorce from my abusive husband will be final in about two weeks. I'm nervous. I will be a single mother with no support from him because he's going to prison for a long time. It's scary. I grew up in a middle class home in a small resort town, and my life has turned into this? How? A combination of bad choices and bad luck has led me here, if I'm honest. It's a hard pill to swallow. I've cheated on my own life; committed adultery against myself.

    So, I made a decision today. My moment of truth, clarity, whatever you want to call it…

    Today I've decided to go with God. Wherever I'm going, whoever I'm going to be, it will be with God. It's hard to look at my life and see all of the missed opportunities. I'm 30 years old. It's time for that to change. Whew! This was a rough day. I'm glad it happened though. I needed to hear this.

  • ksluiter

    Like others, I saw this as staying away from ALL evil temptations, not just the literal of being unfaithful to my husband.

    But I also read it as don't take the person you love for granted. I suffer from depression and my husband is AMAZING through it all, but often, because of the stress I don't want to be intimate. I don't find myself to be attractive to myself, so how could I be attractive to him? But I know he wants it. But I keep myself from him.

    Then I read "never take her love for granted!" today. and "enjoy her body!"

    And I realized I LOVE being "with" my husband. It makes us closer. Happier. Why would I keep that from either of us?

    So I look at it also as God's command to go ahead and take pleasure in each other and stay away from any evils that might tempt me…whether the be traditionally adulterous or not, anything I choose over my husband is wrong.

  • I have never committed physical adultery against my husband, but I have committed adultery against he and God. I was sexually abused for most of my childhood and as a result, I had an intense desire to control my body and do anything that would give me satisfaction NOW on my terms (sex, drugs,etc). Now, I find it hard to give of myself to my husband, physically and emotionally, and hard to give of myself to God. Even now, it's an intense struggle of "but I WANT to". I want to watch shows on tv instead because they're not necessarily bad, but not great either and I want to get online and surf the Internet, because I'm not looking at anything wrong. But that time is spent BEFORE time given to my Lord and husband, because I am putting ME first. I don't know how to break those strongholds, and I pray for release from this bondage, but no better place to start than His word.

  • Recently I have been trying to purge things in my life that just "take over" these seemingly small things that either I become slightly obsessed with, or things I commit to in the moment and regret later. I have decided that 2013 will be the year of non commitments for me. I won't commit to any "extra" projects, volunteering, ect… However "Good" it is for me and those I touch. I may choose to be involved in an event or something but I will not commit to running it or coordinating, coaching, ect… these "things" take over and I feel like I lose touch with my family, friends and most importantly God. Financially I must work so I have to keep that commitment *the one I could do without the most lol* but I also must balance work/life: God has urged me to begin this purging and I have deleted my fb app, hidden all but one special needs network on my fb account (for my daughter, many connections are out of state) and I only go on once/twice a week to check in on that community. Its freed up so much time. I've gotten more done at home and given time to God through my daily reading and journaling (is that a word ?)
    I urge all of you to take a look at the time you spend on "stuff" and see what you can delete or inactivate to give more to God and family. :)

  • Anonymous

    I have really been struggling recently to approach passages about adultery, and I have been dreading this chapter since reading the title last night. I became a Christian at age 17, and have been completely devoted to keeping myself pure for my future husband. I'm now almost 27, and I was a virgin until a few months ago, when my (now ex-) boyfriend, who I met in church and seemed like an awesome man of God, guilted me into doing things that I thought I would never even consider until marriage. My struggle is this: I know God, I have the Holy Spirit in me, and I blatantly chose to ignore what He was telling me to do (or in this case what not to do). Based on the passages I have read since (old and new testament), I'm really struggling to believe that there is forgiveness for me. Is there forgiveness for those who choose to turn from God once they've already known Him?

    • Ashley Ward

      Oh, girl. Yes. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes there is forgiveness for you. First–you are not alone. You are not alone when you fall, when you sin and ignore his call, when you make poor decisions. God formed you and made you and knows you and loves you. He LOVES you so much–you, specifically, by name. There is forgiveness because he sent Jesus, for you. Jesus covered you. When God sees your sin, he sees you covered by the blood of Jesus. PLEASE go read Psalm 103–you need to read of his love and grace and feel his live surround you. God is compassionate and ohhh how he loves you.

    • xmomof2

      oh Honey. YES. God does and will forgive you. All sin is equal in His eyes. He doesn't judge/grade us by which sins we commit. I too fell before I married in the purity stand, My now husband understood and we have a healthy relationship. It seems it is harder for us to forgive ourselves than it is for God to forgive us. I do feel that you have to be ready to let it go and let God take control of the emotional toll it is taking on you. Know that many have fallen and come short of the grace of God in their lives. God Loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. REmember that. And while you may not have children of your own, once you do you will learn up close and personal how that unconditional love works. I know for certain that no matter what choices my children may make I will love them NO MATTER WHAT. I will forgive them, and LOVE them :) BIG BIG BIG HUGS to you in this time. :)

    • Rebecca Ann

      Yes, my dear … He will forgive! He knows all – even how many hairs are on your head!! Take the words from Psalm 37:24 (MSG) "If he stumbles, he's not down for long; God has a grip on his hand." God has a grip on your hand!! You will not be down long after stumbling – just trust that He will forgive because He is the God of love! :)

    • Frances

      YES, yes, yes, thank you Jesus yes! If there is forgiveness for me, for any bad thoughts I have towards others, for gossip or for any of the other ways I have slipped up, knowing that it isn't what God desires for me, then there is for you too. They are no different. As soon as we recognize our wrongdoing, and take it to the cross, we will find Jesus has already paid it. And He is waiting there, not to condemn us but to free us. His grace and mercy are enough. Thank GOD he forgives us even when we know we should have known better.

  • Thanks for sharing this, girl. And thanks for bringing our community before our God :)

  • I'm doing a study on purity (Lydia Brownback) as I read Proverbs with all of you.
    She starts off by talking about our hearts as being pure, before anything else in our lives can follow and that being pure is being wholeheartedly set on the pursuit of God and HIS ways. I think it really goes along with Proverbs, and today in particular.
    How am I wandering into or near a garden that is not His? Is my heart FULLY set on him?

  • At first, I took from this being adulterous in our relationship to God, and while this is certainly a good application, some of your comments made me realize there is application here for me in my relationship to my husband. no, I am not committing physical adultery, but my husband is a real talker. he just talks and talks because I am the worker in the family so he gets lonely so when I get home he just talks and tZalks. Sometimes, I am ashamed to say I tune him out. he notices and has made comments how I don't listen to him. sometimes, he gets so detailed in his description of something that I just want to say, "Get to the point" and want to be impatient or I just am not interested in whatever he is talking about. I'd rather check my tweets or my facebook or whatever. this is hard to admit. this really was an ouch to me today. I need to be more patient and inten tional about listening to him, even if it means giving up some things I really don't want to. Ouch!

  • Just wanted to say thank you for having these bible reading plans, and for sharing God's truth with each other and me. Last year my husband of a few years (and high school sweetheart) our marriage for new relationship (after we'd saved ourselves for each other for 10+ years before marriage), so I've experienced some of what this chapter describes even though I was faithful to my husband. But the thing that strikes me now as I read about adultery is the immense love that Christ had for us when He loved us in our sinful state (Rom. 5:8), because I know that I have often 'cheated' on God. I find it so easy to get enamoured with things that are trivial instead of with God… My prayer is that God not only allow me to remain physically and emotionally pure now that I'm single again, but also spiritually pure, which has been the greatest struggle.

    • Kristin


      First, I'm so sorry to hear about your personal experience with this topic! I hope you are finding strength in your faith and so glad you are here with us :)

      I wanted to speak to the second part of your post: "cheating" on God and I thought you put it so well. It's so hard keeping him in the forefront and I wanted to thank you for this reminder.

  • "at the end of my life I will groan, when my flesh and body are spent." Prov 5:11
    This verse just resonated with me so much today. I wrote in my journal this morning: I will feel total regret and frustration at the minutes, hours, days I have let myself be consumed with striving for perfection ( I have long struggled with self-image, self-esteem). Letting my mind, my heart, my spirit be consumed with satan's words-the negative thoughts about myself that make me feel worthless. Grant me strenth, heavenly father, to run away from this sin-the temptation-that has taken over my life and my heart; stolen so much joy from my life. It has weighed heavy on my relationships with my husband, family, and friends. Guard my heart and my mind; help me to cling tightly to you. To your word-you love me fully and I am accepted in you. Today, heavenly father, I pray that you help me seek strength in you alone, clarity and wisdom to see my ways as they are-sinful. I pray for a thankful heart, for a grateful heart that rejoices in the blessings you have so perfectly poured over me.

  • Lee Ann L.

    Youversion is giving me grief (messing up) today. But, that is okay because I have my bible and there are other sources online. I want to thank you all for doing this. I started with Prayer and now Proverbs. It's wonderful. In my opinion, it's okay to be friends. In my opinion, the danger lies when your heart and mind becomes entangled with that of another. You have to guard yourself against that and if you find your heart or mind crossing the line, cut it (friendship/relationship) off. And yes, this includes internet friendships with ones you've never seen.

  • Wow. This one was tough. Adultery is something that my family has had to very painfully deal with. I am 30, and my parents divorced just last year due to a longstanding adulterous relationship. But what I have realized today, especially in the supplemental New Testament readings, is that it is just as harmful for me to harbor the unforgiveness and bitterness I harbor toward the parent who messed up so terribly. I need to cry with and for them. Not condemn them. Thank you for this powerful wake-up call!!

  • The one verse that really stood out to me in vs. 9-14 from the Message was this, " You don't want to end your life full of regrets, nothing but sin and bones". Wow, that really paints a picture for me and it's not pretty. I think honestly, the hardest thing for me to grasp is the fact that God says that you have already committed adultery when you "gaze" upon another woman or man. Is that true? What does 'gaze' mean here? I'm not sure, so here is my question and maybe this is a little personal, but I'm just being honest, when I look at a man and think that he is attractive, is that considered adultery? I would say no. My interpretation of "gaze" is to gaze at that person with lust for them in your heart, and that is definitely not the case for me. What does everyone think? Maybe the answer is obvious from some, but for me sometimes it not. I don't think it is wrong to think that a person is handsome or attractive.

    • Nancy

      When you are looking at another man and "gazing" I think it is the intent of your heart. Is it thinking, "wow, yum yum" or are you appreciating how he keeps himself? As you said, you are not lusting, but in some cases, when an inappropriate thought enters the picture, then it is wrong. I think sometimes for me personally, I look at how other men dress. Their style. How they do their hair. I do not feel that is wrong either. It is when you take it to that next level that sin enters the picture. Stay away from that door. Do not enter.

    • Ashley Ward

      Erin, I agree with your interpretation. It reminds me of the story of David and Bathsheba; that David was very intentional in his gazing at Bathsheba and seeking out an adulterous situation. If he had been looking out, accidentally seen her bathing and gone, “oh crap!” and closed his eyes, that would have been the end of the story and not been sinful. But I think something that’s important to remember (maybe not for you, but I know for me!!) is to constantly check my heart and make sure those little, innocent thoughts stay little and innocent. I work in retail, so a lot of times we comment on the attractive people that come in (I know, terrible, but it happens.) I don’t feel like its wrong to notice if a man is attractive–but if I start seeking him out to be the one who takes care of him? If I start wearing nicer clothes so he thinks I’m pretty, too? Those little things can turn into big things so quickly!

  • Hello everyone

    I definitely agree with all the comments that mentioned the initial desire to skim, because this wasn’t about “me”. But then I thought about how Christ thought of the church as his bride… So everytime me “step out” or cheat on Christ and his word, we are committing adultery. That was a very humbling thought for me…

    So I guess this chapter was about me, afterall. Thank goodness we serve a God who prepares ALL things in advance!!

  • I am so glad you mentioned "future" spouse. It was my thought process as I read the words of this chapter.

  • Like you, Proverbs has always intimidated me. Wisdom seems to be such a far away topic. But I’ve really enjoyed these past few days and have been so very blessed by these posts. I couldn’t read this on my own. Thank you for creating a community so I don’t have to.

  • Wow, at first I thought I would never find anything to write about but between another amazing post by our hostess and the inspiring comments above, I feel inspired and ready to share! Thanks to all…this is seriously the best part of my day.

    Adultery…a tricky subject. I was one…emotionally. I can think of times where I flirted with other men, had impure thoughts or dreams of other men. Instead of changing "sides of the streets", I made jokes by calling them my "work husbands". I probably made my husband feel less than. Would I ever in a million years make something happen, no!!!! But isn't it just as bad to spend time with these individuals and have these emotional things occur, you bet ya!

    What I really took from today, other than the above, is the gift of a wife. In the version I read, verses 18-21 really sum it up: This wife will "invigorate you always, through her love you will flourish continually, When you lie down she will watch over you, and when you wake, she will share your concerns; wherever you turn, she will guide you". I want to be this woman!!! I want to put my husband before me and be a better, stronger wife. By doing so, I think I will be a better Christian and have a stronger relationship with God….it's all connected.

  • RunSingTeach

    Lord Jesus, help us to guard our hearts against our temptations. Lead us away from that which would cause us to stumble. Protect our eyes, ears, and minds Lord from the things that would lead us away from your will. God bless those in marriages and commitments Lord, help them to lean on you to protect their fidelity. Be with us, the community of shereadstruth, as we struggle with our own stumbles. Allow us to use you to build up a community of accountability and healing. Remind us through your wisdom and teaching that we must put your will first in our lives to find the true desires of our heart.

  • Rebecca Ann

    At first, I felt very uncomfortable reading this chapter considering my parents just got divorced but I prayed for focus on just myself and the comments above helped alot! For the past year or two, I have been trying to fizzle out everything toxic and that would take away from God [especially since I'm single and not ever dated] – the music I listened, the shows I watched, the movies I saw, what I bought, what I read on the Internet, etc. I still stumble a little bit but this chapter and comments made above really help me to keep pushing on it! :)

  • My journal highlights today!

    1-6 Sin can come across amazing..feeling good, but it leads to destruction.
    7-14 To combat sin we must keep God's word in front of us, meditate on it, KNOW it…to use as a weapon against temptation, so I will not step into sin.
    15-20 take pleasure my husband…God blessed me with him!
    21-23 God sees all and knows the condition of my heart.

    Lord, give me wisdom and help me to be obedient! Protect us all from temptation.

    Suggestions for a good memory verse to go with this study so far???

    • Rebecca Ann

      I kept thinking about Romans 12:2 –

      "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

  • Do not be after the adulterer.Love your spouse,listen and take correction; so you won't 'regret' it later on in life. // I am going to remember to listen and take peoples correction in the right way, so I will remember for next time I come across the issue.

  • Salinda Barnard

    Wow! I am always blown away that words written 1000s of years ago fit my life so perfectly today.

    The notes I made this morning, prior to coming to your post, echo just what everyone else is saying. I love the warning in the first part of the chapter that sin is really a slippery slope.

    My notes on the second part of the chapter: "Where am I going for companionship? Am I trusting my fears, my hopes, my worries to my husband like I did when we were first married, or am I investing those in my friendships with other women? What happened to that 'marrying my best friend ' thing? I need to reinvest in the 'love of my youth'!!"

    So…that's my goal for today and this weekend. I'm going to be more deliberate today to listen when my husband speaks and to tell him first when a worry or a concern hits, rather than picking up the phone to text Ashley!

  • In this instance Solomon is discussing immorality, but his words apply to any type of undisciplined behavior.

    I read a saying that seems to hold true to His Word.

    If we don’t discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us. – William Feather

    Lord, help me to welcome any form of discipline that You choose to bring into my life. Help me to discipline myself according to Your Word.

    • RunSingTeach

      Thank you Laney. I see this passage as so much more than adultery. Thank you for the Feather quote.

  • I just have to say that not only have these daily posts been a blessing, but so have the comments here! So many times in a Christian community, either face-to-face, or online, have I felt like I couldn't open up about my real struggles and admit to my own human nature. I'm so encouraged by the other comments, how honest they are, and how they mirror my own struggles! So encouraging to know that we're all seeking to go a better way together and glean the wisdom of Proverbs and of the Lord.

    I didn't think much either about this passage until reading the post here–I am married, and I have never been unfaithful to my husband, but he has a job where he is gone a lot and when he is, I find myself craving intimacy with him and filling the void with food (+1 to the commenter above about binge eating!), or with time-wasters (+1 to comment about about netflix, etc), or with fantasies about other things/people (+1 to comment above about Magic Mike). I've been convicted about it the past few days of our study, especially the verse in Chapter 2 I think?? About evil men cannot sleep until they have done their evil deed for the day. I've not been able to sleep when my husband is not here, and have stayed up so late trying to fill the void when he is not here–and my attitude, my work, my life have suffered. The past few days, committing to waking up early to do this study and focus on filling that void with the love of my heavenly Father is the best thing that has happened for me in this area! So thankful that these words from Proverbs and from all you other ladies here have come at just the right time when I was crying out in my heart for help. : )

  • I just want to say that this group is a blessing to me! I am overjoyed with the bible and especially proverbs. I have one thing to say, our God is a poet. His usage of words are impeccable. A perfect example of that is proverbs 5vs 3. I read it in two versions and it gave me goosebumps. The part that caught me is “for the lips of an adulterous woman drip honey.” when I hear the word “drip ” I think of a leaking faucet, a slow but continuous leaking one. Its a reflection that this way of life entails a slow but death ending path. Also the word “honey” makes you think of something sweet. But is this case ” all that glitters is not gold.” for something so sweet and tempting will eventually lead you to nothing. Thank God for his ministration this morning.

  • rachelh913

    I was definitely intimidated by this chapter–when the chapter's heading is emblazoned "Warning Against Adultery" it's hard not to take a step back and prepare to skim. However, I decided that today I would read your wonderful devo before reading the chapter so that I wouldn't shy away from what God had to tell me this morning, and was that ever a good decision! I continue to be floored by how excited I am to get up each morning and read some Scripture with you all. :)

    I wrote in my journal this morning, "How can I keep my body, heart, and mind pure, and why should I?" It's important to me that the inevitable answer to that "why" question ("Because God tells me to!!") is something that I can grab hold of in a meaningful, specific, personal way, so the answers I came up with as addendums to "Because God tells me to keep myself pure!!" are these:
    -"cleanliness is next to godliness", meaning that the fewer temptations I succumb to, the more purer my body, heart, and mind are, and the closer I can get to God!
    -So I may be a conduit for God's love through my actions, and be an example for others–the more pure I am, the better God can speak through me.

    I've written these reasons on an index card and will carry them around with me in my back pocket today (and tomorrow…) to remind me that I should stay away from temptation of the body, mind, or heart (what a full-body journey we're on!!). I'm so lucky that even if I slip up (and I know I do and will), God's grace picks me back up and places me back on His path for me.

  • This chapter really hit home for me, I am not married or any a relationship, but I have had my share of relationships that would be consider adultery, I took a vow of purity a few years ago and have read this chapter before, and while I am not having sexual relationships right now this chapter hit me in a different kind of way. Like many of the other women who have posted, I see that adultery does not just mean sex, it means self-control, it means other sinful desires and nature we have. I think this chapter really allowed for me to have a heart check this morning, to sit down and spend some extra time in prayer, asking God to make my heart more clean and pure, asking for forgiveness and asking for Him to mold in me the desires He has for me….

    I hope this makes sense….

    • Rebecca Ann

      This totally makes sense! :)

    • Cristen

      What you said about adultery being about self-control totally made Proverbs 5 click in my mind. I knew that I was missing something after I finished reading it and couldn't figure out what it was. Then I read your comment.

      Thank you for sharing!

  • As a single girl, in her mid-20's, I think this hit home in a different way for me. In terms of Friendships that are not necessarily Christ-centered, or alternatively, adulterous and interfering in my relationship with God. Ya know, the friendships that make you question how you're living your life, and why you aren't "normal" and why you CHOOSE to live a disciplined life, because you Trust that it is what you are being called to do for a variety of reasons. The ones that steal your joy, and replace it with doubt and judgment? Maybe I'm the only one. :)

    It can be hard for the perfectionist to walk away from unhealthy friendships, but I loved vs 7-14 in the MSG "Keep your distance from such a woman; you don't want to squander you wonderful life, to waste your precious life among the hardhearted. Why be exploited by those who care nothing for you? You do NOT want to end your life full of regrets, nothing but sin and bones, saying why did I reject a disciplined life? Why didn't I listen to my mentors or take my teachers seriously?"

    Relationships are hard, they require work, the harder I work at my personal relationship with God, the more I "acquire a taste for good sense." Happy Friday, ladies, you continue to bless me.

    • Rebecca Ann

      Sara, you totally aren't the only one!! I'm a single girl in my early 20's and didn't think about friendships until your comment. Now I have come to realize why my "amazing" friendships with people actually turned out to be toxic and unhealthy, so God ended them for me! :)

  • Oh the neighborhood. I'm a single Christian gal pushing 30. Although I have managed to keep myself pure for my future husband. I definetely have spent my fair share of time in the neighborhood of adultery. So, this hit home. But it's not just adultery either. I feel like this whole chapter can also be about other sins or vices too, at least in my life it can. I struggle with over-eating. So its not that I should just practice self-control. But I also should not go to the neiborhood of my over-eating temptations.

    • Marie

      Reeve, I felt the same way when I read the chapter…that it could most definitely translate to other sins in my life as well. Nice to hear that someone else was on the same page as me :)

  • So, I am going to write what I wrote in my journal, I promised myself total disclosure this study. So, here we go. Yesterday, as I sat watching Magic Mike I could not help but feel convicted that I was doign something wrong. At first it wasn an uncomfortable situation wathcing illicit/preverse things that I just prefer not to see. Ever. But then my heart spoke up and I listened to it. (Prov 4:23) and knew then why I was uncomfortable. It was an act against my husband/God b/c She was tempting me. I am of the belief there is a very fine line between entertainment and pure evil. This one, definitely Evil. *Um, why didn't someone tell me that it wasn't a lighthearted dance movie as the previews suggested? HELLO*

    This film is the personifcation of Prov 5, the intent is for her to encourage a lust for a man who is not my Husband nor my God. *Yes, Channing Tatum is cute and can dance; but that apple was shiny, red and yummy looking and we see how that worked out for Eve* My heart knows the changes I need to make for my husband and my Father. I am looking forward to being a demonstrative example of a child of God.

  • When working on question 2 in the reflection, I realized I need to remain focused on the happiness God has given me, and not focus on the greener grass on the other side.

    I love the life I live, so reminding myself of all of God's blessings is what I need in order to keep focused on all day long.

  • thank you for pulling me deeper into this chapter & pointing out that it is so much more than physical adultery. I thought I could just skim through this one and move on. ha! I have so much to work on & I’m thankful the Lord used this time to continue to work on my heart.

  • At first when reading I thought "this doesn't really apply" because I'm in a very satisfying marriage of mutual support, love, respect, and the desire to please each other emotionally, physically, etc. Then when I logged on here you stepped it up to my attention. It's not always about the physical connection. It's about steering away from God and loved ones with other acts, too.

    For example, I used to suffer greatly from binge eating. I would sneak eat and lie outright to my husband to satisfy this addiction. For the first couple years of our marriage I would do this. It brought a lot of pain when I finally opened up to him about it (at the gracious urging of God). It was adultery in the sense of letting temptation lead me astray from honoring my relationship with God and my husband.

    It's SO important to be mindful of the sins that tempt us because they can all harm our relationship with God AND those we love. I loved the final verse that "a man will die for lack of self-control". We need it in all areas of life and it starts with God's word on HOW to face temptation (stay away as you brought up from this reading) and to TRUST that He will give us strength when we do encounter it.

  • redefiningkim

    This passage spoke volumes to me this morning. While I have never had intimate sexual contact with someone other than my husband, I have committed adultery. I agree, with Ashley, that it is often the little things that move farther away from my husband and from the Lord.

    I really enjoyed Solomon's point in verses 15-17, for me he was saying "Spend time together. Cultivate your relationship." If I am not emotionally in sync with my husband or God, then our relationship won't grow and the temptation to wander will become stronger. For me this means giving up a few other things so that I have more time to focus on what matters – my faith and my family!

  • Ashley Ward

    As I’m reading through the passage and the thoughts above, I’m really struck with HOW to make this happen in my life. I wouldn’t say adultery in the intimate-sexual-contact-with-someone-other-than-my-spouse is a struggle–but, adultery of my husband and my Lord is certainly something that’s a struggle. But I don’t INTEND on going to her neighborhood. So how do I end up there? For me, it’s a little slippery slope of tiny decisions. Maybe it’s rushing through my She Reads Truth devotion so I can have more time to myself before my kids wake up. Maybe it’s entering into conversations at work that aren’t 100% admirable. Maybe it’s watching things on tv that aren’t necessarily bad, but aren’t helping me focus on important things. Maybe it’s being too tired to focus on my husband at night and just plopping myself in front of Netflix or my computer. All small things. A million little things all day, every day. I’ve been really struck with how intentional the book of Proverbs is. These aren’t things that will just come easy–this is a daily, hourly, minute-ly, giving up of myself. And it’s hard! But I’m so thankful for grace; grace that’s meeting me right here at 5am, and grace that will be there the rest of the day, picking me up when I fall.

    • Marie

      I love what you said. You don't intend to go into her neighborhood, but it is those tiny decisions. I feel that way 100%! Thank you!

    • Valerie

      This is what I was thinking in terms of my relationship with God. It's easy to let other things take precedence of my time with God.

      • Katie

        Totally agree!! Unintentional, but then every night, I ask God to help me to be better tomorrow. I want to be better.

    • Misty

      I totally agree with you. The more space I have for other things, the less space I have for Jesus. That is what keeps running through my head this week. I am just thankful that He knows I am a sinner and yet still loves me…

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