Proverbs: Day

Day 4


Today's Text: Proverbs 4

Good morning ladies!  I can’t believe we’re already on day 4 of this plan!  And yes, I’ll probably be saying that each time I write the daily post! I’m torn between not wanting to move onto the next day: all the comments, tweets and photos are challenging me so much!  But then I find myself so excited to go to sleep: when I wake in the morning I get to read more of His Truth and learn even more from y’all.

Good problem to have, right?

I’m declaring it honest hour.  So whatever hour you happen to be reading this post on Proverbs 4, is Honest Hour for you! [PS: every hour is honest hour, I’m just having a bit of fun. :o) ]

Here it goes:

I get so nervous typing these posts.  

I want y’all to see my heart.  I hope you see that I pray for wisdom, yet typically walk around with a foot in my mouth.  I want to wake up with the sun and give God the firsts of my day, and I usually snooze the alarm.  I want you to see that I am reading right along with you: I miss days of reading, I read scripture and go “huh?,” and those are just a few reasons why I’m so thankful for you all.

We are so blessed to be in it with you, and I know I speak for all of us when I say how challenged we are by the wisdom you all have. Thank you for not hoarding it.  Thank you for sharing it with us, as we seek Him together!

Let’s begin, eh?

Day 4 | Chapter 4

As I read through Chapter 4, I began to see that it shifted part way through: beginning with wisdom and ending with perhaps the result of a life of wisdom?  I wasn’t sure.

I decided to use a commentary to help me look at how this chapter broke down.  I ended up looking at a few, but Matthew Henry’s commentary [available online for use here] had a breakdown that made sense and really struck me.

Exhortation to the study of wisdom. [vs 1-13]

Cautions against bad company, Exhortation to faith and holiness. [vs 14-27]

from Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

It’s honest hour, right?  Confession: I couldn’t tell you what the definition of exhortation is if I tried, so I looked it up.


noun /ˌegzôrˈtāSHən/  /ˌeksôr-/
exhortations, plural

  1. An address or communication emphatically urging someone to do something

Emphatically urging someone to do something.   

Verses 1-13 are emphatically urging us to study wisdom.

My father taught me,
“Take my words to heart.
Follow my commands, and you will live.  Get wisdom; develop good judgment.
Don’t forget my words or turn away from them.  Don’t turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you.
Love her, and she will guard you.  Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!

[Proverbs 4:4-7; New Living Translation]

Verses 14-27 are emphatically urging us to faith and holiness, while cautioning against bad company.

Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.  Put away from you false and dishonest speech, and willful and contrary talk put far from you.  Let your eyes look right on [with fixed purpose], and let your gaze be straight before you.

[Proverbs 4: 23-25; Amplified Bible]

A few days ago, Raechel walked us through praying Scripture.  Today, I’d like for you to read through chapter 4 using a translation/version you maybe haven’t used before.  YouVersion has a handful of translations for you to use!

Write down the verses that stand out to you.

Read Chapter 4 again in another translation.

Write down the verses that God presses against your heart: they may be the same, they may be different.

If you’d like to read it in a few other translations, awesome!

Next, using these verses, write down a prayer that is specific to your life, using the words of His Truth.  If you feel comfortable doing so, share in the comments.  [You can comment anonymously if that helps!] Or if you’d like to share which verses you wrote down, and perhaps what you learned from them, I know this community wil be blessed by the verses you share.

What specific ways can we emphatically urge one another towards wisdom, faith, and holiness?

How, in your life, are you seeking wisdom?  Is there someone in your life who displays this life of wisdom? How so?



I come before you as a child seeking advice.   Give me the sight to take your words to heart and live them daily; thank you for your over abundance of grace when I fall short.  Lord, I desire your wisdom.  I know your directions lead me to to know you if I listen and follow.

Lord, I want to be right living.  I want to shine brighter for You each and every day that I live on this earth. Teach me to listen well.  Show me the sound of your voice, so that I hear it when you faintly whisper.  Amen.

I want to tune my ears to hear His voice.

Just a few boring housekeeping things!

1. Weekly Truth will be back next week! Thanks for being patient as got into a new groove of more involved daily posts! We LOVE that y’all want to keep memorizing scripture!! It is a big step in becoming more wise, faithful, and holy!

2. You can pre-order journals!  And if you already have – we will be emailing you all soon!

3. We love you all.  Close your eyes.  And imagine one, big, giant bear hug with all some odd thousand[s?] of us.  I hope that made you smile.

  • Father, I thank you for not giving up on me and for the desire to seek your word. Father, I pray that you would open my eyes and ears to your words. I pray that each day you would begin to put your wisdom upon my heart Lord. Not knowledge and facts but your insight and your purpose. God I know that your words are healthy and healing! I pray for wisdom and good judgment. Lord that you would help me make the decisions that need to be made each day. I trust in you Lord and I know that you will not lead me astray. Father, each day as I wake up, I pray that you would help me to make a straight path and that you would help me to stay on that path. I pray for grace on the days that I fall short. In your name I pray, Amen.

  • Another wonderful morning with the Lord in Proverbs. Thank you ladies :)

    I was most taken with verses 18-19 in both the NIV and the MSG. "The ways of right-living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine. But the road of wrongdoing gets darker and darker— travelers can't see a thing; they fall flat on their faces." (MSG)

    I've always wanted to be a light to guide someone to know God and His amazing plan for us. I need His wisdom to stay on the right path, making the right decisions, and say the right things in order to do that. I need to exhibit behaviors that are Christ-like, rather than choosing to act like the humans that we are. It's something I'm constantly working on.

    Lord, I thank you for allowing us to dwell in your Word and for letting it speak to us each in exactly the way we need it to. Please help me to be the salt and the light to those seeking answers and those that do not yet know You and Your glory. Help me to conduct myself ALWAYS in a manner that You would be proud of. When I fail, please help me to get back up and continue on. Thank you Father. Amen.

  • "Get understanding!" This is now written at the top of my to-do list per The Message's request. The other verses that really struck me came from the Contemporary English version 25-27, reminding me to look straight ahead, knowing where I am going, without getting distracted. In my life this means knowing my goals and aspirations and not comparing my life to those around me. God has a plan for me. It's my plan and if I follow his Word and seek understanding, I will live a good life.

    Dear God,
    Give me the grace to "take this to heart" and do what you tell me. Help me to keep straight on the plan and to continue to know You more. i would love to move past this friendship we have and fall in love with my best friend, the one who will never leave, You!


  • Verse 18 really stood out to me

    "But the past of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day."

    I love this. sometimes (all the time) I feel like I am not where I want to be, and often I neglect seeking the Lord because I feel discouraged about that. But our righteousness is like the light of dawn! it starts out as a dim light, but it has the promise of growing into the light of full day!

  • Get Wisdom at ANY Cost…I love it how God knows that sometimes we must make sacrifices in order to follow Him & His way. Wisdom is important that God tell us to get it at ANY cost. I really loved verse 18 that states, "The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day." I want my path to be sooo lit that there'd be no way for darkness to extinguish my light :)

  • Lord, help me hear your wisdom, help me listen. I need you, I need your guidance to follow the right path and to live each day as you intend me to. Amen.

  • Here is my prayer. I really enjoyed doing this!

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Help me to listen to you when you correct me. Remove all distractions, so that I can give you my undivided attention. Help me not to miss what it is you are instructing me to do. Develop in me sound judgment and wisdom. Teach me wisdom's good ways and show me the straight paths. Help me to avoid blind alleys. Let your words penetrate deep into my heart, bringing life and healing to my whole body, so that I can add years to my life. For I know that You have said the longer I live the brighter I shine. Help me to guard my heart at all times and to avoid careless banter, white lies, and gossip. Keep my eyes fixed on You at all times, so that everything I do pleases you.
    In Jesus Name we pray,

  • I’m new to all this and playing catch-up (three days if devotions in one sitting!), and have been really struggling lately. As a pastors wife and mother of a toddler, the majority of my time at church is spent in the nursery, not in corporate worship. Lately fitting in time for devotions has been just one more thing to worry about. Needless to say, Proverbs is.kicking my butt!

    “Forage for understanding! Don’t forget one word! Don’t deviate an inch! Never walk away from wisdom – she guards your life; love her – Above all and before all, do this: Get Wisdom! Write this at the top of your list: Get Understanding!”
    Verses 5-7, The Message

  • I’m new to all this and playing catch-up (three days if devotions in one sitting!), and have been really struggling lately. As a pastors wife and mother of a toddler, the majority of my time at church is spent in the nursery, not in corporate worship. Lately fitting in time for devotions has been just one more thing to worry about. Needless to say, Proverbs is.kicking my butt!

    “Forage for understanding! Don’t forget one word! Don’t deviate an inch! Never walk away from wisdom – she guards your life; love her – Above all and before all, do this: Get Wisdom! Write this at the top of your list: Get Understanding!”
    Verses 5-7, The Message

  • This chapter really resonated with me. I felt convicted on several things.

    Dear God,
    Help me to gain wisdom and understanding. Give me the tenacity and dedication to learn and study your Word. I want to make gaining wisdom the priority in my life. Point my eyes and heart forward. I want to leave my past behind and avoid comparing myself to others. Help me to be honest and to avoid careless banter, white lies and gossip.

  • Simone Gittens

    Whew!! I am overjoyed by the reading and all of the comments. God is so awesome. I am so thankful I have came across such a amazing community with people who Love him as much as I do and are not afraid to express it.

    Today's reading was beyond AWESOME. So many great points. I have to say 23 is my favorite as well.
    We have to start thinking right in order to do right. How we think is how we feel. God looks at not only our actions but our heart. Controlling our mind to not think negative is not easy but it not hard as long we we seek his face.
    Think Better and Do better is what I will remind myself everyday.


    I thank you for just directing me to this community of ladies who are seeking you and loving you just as I am. I thank you for the word today and allowing me to seek your face another day. Let me stay on track with Thinking Better so that I may do better. I am seeking you with all that I have. We speak life or death when we talk, so Lord please continue to guide me so that I speak only good Lord. I want to speak your wisdom and live by your guidance. Jesus name I pray.


  • I really love the idea of reading in different translations. I used four different ones, and I was struck by four different verses with each. I was skeptical of doing proverbs at first. I have tried digging deeper into it in the past and didn’t have mug success. This time I feel like I’m reading it new and fresh, and reading the thoughts of others has been helpful too.

  • Since we started this study on Monday I've found myself thinking a lot about what wisdom is and why we want to obtain it in the first place. I found an awesome sermon by John Piper (from the 80's! ha) titled "Get Wisdom." It changed my entire view on wisdom and made me see this study in a new light. Here's the link if anyone would like to take a listen (there's also a very long summary of the sermon under it):

  • I am very thankful I have found this community. This is my first bible study, more than just reading and thinking about it on my own. I am very excited to be a part of this and to read other thoughts and feelings and think about things in a different way than just I see them.

  • I am seeking wisdom through a more thoughtful time with God each day, through prayer with my husband each evening, through my amazing church family, and through this #shereadstruth community. I cannot go it alone. I must be with others who seek, know and love the same God I do.

  • Lord,

    I come to you asking for Wisdom to the ability give up anything for it. To be less in this world so I can be more in the next. Let me stay away from the trappings that will pull me down the wrong path and instead, let me walk in the light of Wisdom and all she shares. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  • LORD God,
    Forgive us for when we have not turned our feet away from evil. Forgive us when we've been envious of those who live foolishly. Would you grace us with wisdom? Would you grace us with a heart that longs to prize the fear of You and the wisdom that fear leads to? Spirit, please help us to embrace wisdom and keep hold of instruction, that we would never let go of the LORD's commandments. We praise You that the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day. May we shine today, with our eyes looking directly forward, with our gaze straight before us, and fixed on the cross as we press on in this race. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • Samantha

    I read over several commentaries for verse 23 and loved what I took away from it and how very applicable it is to my life. I orginally took "HEART" to mean my feelings and the heart in general. Cambridge's commentary says that it applies to our; thoughts, love, affections and desires. I have had periods over recent years where my thoughts are far from guarded and it very nearly cost me everything. I am so grateful for God's mercy and kindness in pulling me from the depths and rescuing me.

    Lord, I ask that you let me be attentive and that I may gain insight to your teachings. I wish to lead a life of righteousness and avoid the path of the wicked at all costs. Lord, I thank you for keeping me from stumbling whilst I seek Wisdom, I crave her embrace and the day that she will guard me.
    Please keep me from the deep darkness that I have fallen into time and time again, guide me to a life where I can shine and bring glory to You every day. You have graced me with a second chance in this life, and I thank you for your everlasting kindness. Help me to keep my eyes looking directly at you and teach me to ponder each and every step I take.

  • Precious Father,
    I long for my heart to be filled with your wisdom. May your wisdom lead me on the path of righteousness and may I see the light shine brighter and brighter each day. There is no darkness in you. Lord, when I feel hopeless and stuck in a dark place, remind me that with you light will surely come and shine brighter than the dawn. I long to grasp and hold onto wisdom. Teach me. I know that life comes from you and your wisdom Place it in my heart and allow me to guard my heart so that I can protect the life inside. May the light and light of wisdom and righteousness pour out of my heart and mouth. May my eyes remain straight on the path you have placed before me. My heart longs to know where it leads. Teach me to ponder the path but to never doubt it. I will not be swayed. Lord, continue to pour your truth into my heart and may my life reflect your truth.

  • Dear Heanenly Father,
    Thank you for your Word. Let me stay on track and not let my heart get dark towards anything or anyone. Let my days be spent seeking Your wisdom, guidance and truth. In Jesus Name.

  • This is a great chapter… I was struck by the image of a teenager in the beginning, right? I'm not *that* old, but I know so many times I've thought to myself, "Boy, I wish I'd know THAT in high school!" you know? It's funny because now that I do know it, I want to share it with the youngin's in my life, but they don't want to listen–I was the same way, I'm sure of it! So, this is a great reminder that I don't have to wait until hindsight comes around–I can heed the words even if they don't seem relevant to me now.

    I was also really convicted by, in the NLT translation, "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" and how evil men cannot sleep until they have done their sinful deed for the day. Wow, because how many times when temptation has gotten into my head (I've let it in there! Invited it, even) that it eats at me until I give in. So, don't even think about it!!

    At the end, I was convicted by the words to stay away from preverse talk and other bad things. My foot is always in my mouth too… and I have so little control over my words. Working on it and getting better, but I need to have wisdom when I speak. Lord, please give me wisdom to control my words and speak what would be pleasing to you!

  • 12. When you walk, Your step will not be hampered,
    and if you run, you will not stumble. (ESV)

    This says to me if we keep reading God's word, the more we do so, the less we will stumble.

    Dear Lord,

    I read this now and I know I want to always seek wisdom so that I don't stumble, but then I keep stumbling over and over. Please forgive me and help me to walk in the way that is right. Amen!

  • Jouranl notes:

    14-17 Your association determines your destination…hang w/ evil and get destruction
    20-27 Meditate on the word, speak the word, be conscientious of what is coming into your heart and mind and listen to what's coming out

    Your word says you will grant our requests for wisdom so I come boldly before you and ask for wisdom, believing I will receive it. Let me see myself, hear myself and know my heart. Give me more wisdom and help me fan this hunger I have to get closer to You! Thank you for this awesome group of women to learn with and from!

  • Rebecca Ann

    First, I am so grateful for the comments above! I struggled today with this chapter, but I read the comments and it's all making sense! I absolutely loved verses 23-27 because Solomon tells us to guard our hearts/mouths and fix our gaze directly in front of us instead of to the left and right. Last year, I read the book Eat. Pray. Love and one thing she said really stuck with me and it goes with guarding your mind. She said to think of the mind like a harbor and only good thought 'ships' could come in, but bad thought 'ships' could not. So ladies, be the guards keeper of your thoughts and words! :)

  • "The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. " 4:18 NIV

    I love the imagery this brings to mind of the sun rising!

    I also really like how The Message says "The ways of RIGHT-LIVING people…" Growing up in the church the word "righteous" is so commonplace that I tend to not really think about what it means, but I love thinking of it as "right-living". It makes that word so much more meaningful and real!

  • GabriellaEH

    Hello ladies! Katie's post on Facebook today brought me to you and I'm so glad that it did! I'm in the process of getting myself out of a job that brings me down and dims me so today's reading really spoke to me. The verses that struck me were:

    4:18: The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day. – This stood out to me because I've been missing that "gleam" lately and it's because fear has held me where I am. I know I won't have all the answers or control and the jump I have to make might have to be done without a safety net but I feel a light coming from the other path I could take and reading this verse made me hopeful that this light I'm feeling is my indication that this will be my righteous path.

    4:23 Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. – This is the verse Katie posted that caught my eye but my version spoke to the heart, not protecting the mind. Truly they are one but I needed the reminder to protect my heart. I have a very wonderful boyfriend but we're not on the same page on a couple things lately and that's painful to me. This reminder may help me right this path – even if it is painful. I also know that I need to be more positive, especially as I work on other opportunities and push myself down my righteous path.

    4:25 Look straight ahead and fix your eyes on what lies before you. – This one didn't speak to me. It SCREAMED at me. I can't let the opinion of others weigh too much on the choices I need to make. I allow that to decide too many things for me so learning this is my prayer…

    Thank you all so much! Your comments and insight have helped me clear my mind today and I am so looking forward to this Proverbs journey with you all!

    In His Love,

    • Rebecca Ann

      Hey Gabriella! Welcome!! I will be praying for you and I hope you will continued to be challenged! :)

  • Dear Friends, I have needed this fellowship like you wouldn't believe. I have been struggling, I can't pinpoint exactly with what but just the feeling of support from all of you is amazing, knowing that there are so many other ladies out there. Also Kacia's last comment about a great bit bear hug? I needed that so badly this morning. Thank you all.

    • Raechel

      Hi Lydia! So glad you are with us and one of us. It is so good to do it all together, isn't it?? Prayed for you by name this morning ;)


    • Rebecca Ann

      Praying for ya! I know that when I joined this group a month ago…I was so desperate for it! I needed to find a way to get back into reading God's word and desiring Him everyday! I hope it will do the same for you!

    • sarah


  • Dear Heavenly Father,
    All wisdom comes from you and I long to know and understand this wisdom. I pray you guide me to your truth daily. I want to praise you in all I do, everyday! Lead me on the path of righteousness. I pray to help me overcome my desire to gossip and judge those around me. I confess my sin of judging others, gossiping, and assuming I am above them. I am not! I have faults and sins and I ask for your forgiveness. Lead me to my place in this new town and bring faithful followers into my life as friends. In you Name, Amen.

  • This is my first #shereadstruth study. I got in on this yesterday and read so I could get caught up. :)
    I have been hungry to grow closer to the Lord.
    I thank you for the wisdom I am gaining through this study. Help me have patience to "get" what you want me to get from this. Help me to guard my heart and keep negativity and words that don't reflect what you have taught me from my mouth.
    In Jesus' name,

  • Did anyone else think of the little monkeys that we grew up with (at least in my house)?

    See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

    1. Guard your heart
    2. Keep your mouth free of perversity
    3.Keep corrupt talk from your lips
    4. Fix your eyes upon the path (don't look left or right)
    5. Give THOUGHT to your path

  • Okay so lately I've been reading so many good scriptures (not that any of them are bad) that I want to burn all of them into my brain and heart. I journal and write on notecards but somehow it doesn't feel like enough. Anybody else have this "problem" or does anybody have any suggestions on how to absorb them better?

    • Raechel

      Yes! Sometimes I feel like I am copying the entire passage into my journal or highlighting my whole Bible. And then it doesn't feel like enough :)

      Praying the scripture back to God helps me feel like I'm "learning" it a bit more.

      And I put the notecards on my bathroom mirror or right above the ice dispenser on my refrigerator door (I'm stuck staring for 30 seconds while I'm there so it's a good place for me to focus) :)

      Keep up the passion, girl! You're doing great!

    • Rebecca Ann

      I agree with Raechel! To help me remember verses, I use StickyNotes on my laptop. I type the verse on it and leave them on my desktop – being a college student, I'm always on my laptop so it works! In addition, I would suggest putting them on index cards and taping them on things like a light switch, refrigerator, mirrors, and maybe even somewhere in your car! :)

  • Im so happy to be reading Proverbs 4 today. My favorite vs 23 comes from it. It has been a stepping stone for me when I realize the importance of guarding my heart. The good and most especially the bad issues stem from holding the terms of my heart loosely. I thank God for his glory and wisdom that he has greatly installed in me.
    Dear Lord,
    I thank you for your word and ask that your wisdom and understanding be upon me. I thank you for the new bible verse you instilled in me. Proverbs 9 is my self assurance thr greatness is the only thing in my path when I get your wisdom. Thank you for loving me so much and gracing me with your goodness!

  • Amy, your husband's song was great.

    I loved this chapter for several reasons. It reminds us to keep the commandments of God and holding back from following the enemies. Proverbs 4:23… "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines your course of life." Be careful what motivates you. We need to guard against bad influences. Our lives can be easily directed by motivation… Let God be our motivator.

  • rachelh913

    I have to say that this is my first #SheReadsTruth plan and I have been going to bed excited for the next morning to hear what you all have to say about God's word–this is such an exhilarating community that has really been encouraging me to connect more with God.

    Verse 23 is my favorite as well because of the many different translations: the Good News version highlights the importance of guarding your mind and your thoughts, while the King James version (and translations based on it) exhorts the necessity of guarding your heart! This interesting shift in focus truly demonstrates that the path to wisdom involves the heart and the mind, but ultimately the only thing that matters is that God comes first in both matters of the heart and mind.

  • I also love 4:23:
    Above all else, guard your heart,
    for it is the wellspring of life.

    I'm always blown away by the choice of words to convey a truth. How it flows and what poetry it really is and how it sings to our hearts. The wellspring of life… the image and words just paint a beautiful picture of abundance and joy.

  • chipchiphooray

    Thank you for #3 on that last housekeeping list. A big thousand-odd bear hug is exactly what I need. :)

  • I kept thinking of my children while reading this chapter and thinking of ways to use some of it as memory verses. I found that v. 23 really stuck out and was interesting because the NLT reads, "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life," and The Message reads, "Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that's where life starts." Not only is the heart where life starts, but also what determines where it will go.

    I have always loved the imagery of verse 9 of Wisdom placing a garland of grace around us. So beautiful.

    For those who enjoy music…My husband wrote a song from this chapter over a decade ago, but I still love to hear it. Here is a link to listen the song from his band, Smalltown Poets, if anyone is interested.

    • Raechel

      This was great, Amy! Just enjoyed listening to it myself, then tweeted it so everyone else can enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kacia

      LOVE Amy! LOVE!

    • Nancy

      Amy your husband's song is GREAT! Actually, listening to it, made me delve a little deeper into verse nine. This version is from the New King James Version.

      "She will place on your head an ornament of grace; A crown of glory she will deliver to you.”
      His grace ls like an ornament. His grace adorns us and make us beautiful. It covers the nakedness of our souls and causes our sins to pass through. Faith hope, love, humility, are all like jewels. I love jewels!!!!!!!!!!!

      Another verse I liked is vs. 23. It is so easy to get "sidetracked" in life. This reminds us to keep our concentration on things that will keep us on the right paths of life. Putting boundaries on certain things.

      Father in Heaven,
      Thank you for your beautiful grace and mercy. I ask for your wisdom and discernment in this life God. Help me to speak only positive, wholesome words and to be a light for you. To give you all glory an honor Father. Help me to keep my eyes focused on you only. Let me be a blessing Father and an example of your love. I earnestly seek your favor Father. Put me where you want me to be Father. In Jesus name AMEN.

    • Allison

      No way! That is the song that came to mind as I read this chapter. I love Smalltown Poets! :)

  • This took two pages of my journal – me thinks I learned something. How do I choose between 4:23, 4:13 or 4:18? Since I can't, I select all three! My mouth gets me in trouble…ahem, from a trucker mouth to gossip. My mind needs the protection, not as much my heart b/c my heart is his just have a minor disconnect. (Can't believe I am saying/writing this outloud!)

    Dear Heavenly Father, I m here for you, wanting to a better child recieving your wisdom, standing firm in your word. I pray for Wisdom and words when darkness presents itself trying to deter me from proclaming your word, and basking in your light and life. Lord, help me hear your voice through my words, actions and heart. Amen.

  • I read it in King James and then in the Message – loved the contrast between the two!! “Keep my commandments and LIVE”. “The ways of right-living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine.

    I PRAY that I have Life from Him, and that this life shines through me so that others can follow the way!

  • Father God, thank you for this new morning. Thank you for the desire and consistency to seek your word. Thank you for this devotional group, what a powerful blessing and ministry! And Father thank you for helping me to glean a word from Proverbs 4. For it reminded me to have Faith to seek your wisdom. Faith to know that I should seek you no matter the cost (v7). Faith to know that when I make you the #1 priority, all other things fall into place (v23). Faith to know that in order to run this race, my eyes must remain fixed on you (v25). Father I thank you for your word and your patience with me, that you love and accept me even when my faith falls short. Continue to build me up, that I may be a blessing to others. I ask these and all other blessings in the awesome name of Jesus, Amen.Verses that stood out for me :Verse 7 reminded me of the verse For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul (Mark 8:36).Verse 25 reminded me of the lesson Peter experienced when he began walking on water but took his eyes off of Jesus (Matthew 14:29-31).

  • Daughter of the King

    Please take hold of me… All of me. I want to know your wisdom. I want it to flow through me so I can radiate with your light. Guide my heart, my mouth, my eyes, my feet. I want to honor you with all of me. Keep me from the wicked, the temptations, the falls. May I be the daughter you created me to be.

  • RunSingTeach

    4:23 is my verse also!! I particularly connect to the translation from the Good News-UK edition.

    Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Proverbs 4:23 GNTUK.

    I love that it emphasizes the mind (think), not just the heart, for our minds need the guarding–the heart is merely a poetic concept, it is our mind that leads us to sin. While God is our source of life, our free will to think and act is what can lead us away from His will for us.

    Great and amazing God. You have given us the scripture of guidance through Solomon's proverbs. You have taught us to be attentive as we listen to gain insight, wisdom, and knowledge. Point our hearts toward wisdom so that we never stray from the path you've laid before us. Teach us to hold your Word in our hearts. Guide us as we guard our own hearts and minds away from sin and pain and point our hearts toward you. Let these verses be written in our minds and on our hearts so that we always focus on gaining the wisdom you have for us.

  • "Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts." Proverbs 4:23.

    How true! What a great way to start this day. My husband and I were just talking about this last night, so how fitting to read it today in God's Word.

    I am making an honest effort today to knock out any negative thoughts in my head. I will speak positively with my kids, on the phone, and with others I speak with in my encounters today.

    I will also listen..not just hear…what others are saying today that I converse with. This to me is a great way to empatheticly urge others towards wisdom, faith, and holiness. I have understand where they are coming from and feel what it's like to be in their heart.

    • Kacia

      I WAY too often forget how powerful my thoughts are …. "oh, they're just thoughts. i'm not saying them" – wrong. wrong. wrong.

  • I love that you shared the commentary breakdown. I wouldn't have recognized the "emphatically urging" of two specific sections to wisdom and faith otherwise. Love that we can learn and grow from each other.

    When I was reading today I suddenly became overwhelmed with how strongly Solomon wrote about "My child, listen to me…" You can see the heart ache for what I believe wasn't only followers of God (current and future), but also for his very own children. As a mother, it hit me that as much as I seek wisdom for myself (and need HIM so badly to do so), that I should also emphatically seek the passing on of that wisdom and God to my children.

    I need you daily. I need your guidance for my path. Please help your teachings to penetrate my heart daily. Help me to go deeper into your word so I can go deeper into relationship with You. I need the wisdom that can only come from you so I can guard my heart against evils of the world and help bring You to my children. Give me wisdom so I can pass You onto them, that they may lead a life with You and your wisdom guiding them. Praise to You, Father, for my two blessings and that You love them even more than I do. Amen.

    • Kacia

      I used to think it was cheating to look at commentaries, Tina! But I'm learning to first really wrestle with scripture – reading at different times, writing things down, and looking at different translations – and then it's okay and helpful! – to look at commentaries!

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