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Good morning/afternoon/evening, sweet friends all over the world! Excited to be on Day 2 of the Proverbs plan with you today!

If you have any questions about how to do/start/find the plan, read our how-to here first. If you still have questions, please shoot us an email so we can help you get all set up for study!

And now?

Let’s sit together in His Truth today.

Day 2 | Proverbs 2

Okay, so there are so many different ways to approach this, girls. And I suspect each day will be a bit different. Some of us are forever students – when we sit down to a text, we can’t read without a highlighter in hand and a pen in the other. We want discussion questions and study guides and we learn really well that way.

Others of us are much more content to sit with the words. Read them over and over, getting the feeling for the big picture of the passage. There may be prayer, there may be silence in the presence of God, and there may not be a highlighter in the house.

Somehow, God made me a little of both. I was always happy as a student – I enjoy sitting down to a chapter with a stack of commentaries and study guides to supplement my reading. I love to learn what God is saying.

But, sitting is so nice too. Outside when the weather is nice, or in a comfy chair with a blanket where a pen and notebook would seem out of place. These are great times to hear what God is saying.

Either way, in every chapter and every verse, God is saying something.

There is so much benefit to each way of  reading Truth- and so many ways in between! You may be most comfortable (and you think probably most productive) in one scenario over the other, but let’s see what happens when we stretch ourselves these next 30 days to study this book in many different ways!

Today, let’s be students! See how this works for you. Invite the Spirit into your quiet time and ask Him to really speak to you what He wants you to hear.

A Few Questions for Study (do one or do them all!):

Paraphrase: Before reading this passage in The Message, read it just once in another version (ESV, NIV, etc.) and write a paraphrase of verses 1-10 in your journal (really use your own words – if that means writing four words or a full paragraph- what is this passage really saying?).

As you dig into verses 1-10 of chapter 2, what are a few steps to take to “know God’s will for your life”?

Let’s talk about the Fear of the Lord from verse 5: What is it? Why is it essential? How is it attained? (verses 1-5) What else does Proverbs have to say about the fear of the Lord? 9:10, 14:26, 15:33, 31:30. What about other parts of the Bible?

Let’s also take the words, phrases and ideas from the chapter and pray them back to their Author (This is mine – write your own prayer if you like):

Lord, thank your for your Word. Thank you for this manual you have given us for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and sound judgement. We need only seek you. Give us a hunger for what you have for us – may we seek it like silver (v. 4). As you guard our paths and watch over our ways (v. 8), let us only have a taste for wisdom and knowledge (v. 10), let evil talk and interests be alien to us (v. 12-15.). Give us the wisdom you promise us in your Word, continue our thirst for your insight, bless us with discretion as we move forward with our days. Amen.

The Proverbs, An Introduction and Commentary, by Derek Kidner
Proverbs (Life Change)
, The Navigators

Okay, so how did it go? Was this in your comfort zone or was it a little different from the way you’re used to doing things? Did the chapter speak completely differently to you than it did to me? Any questions about what any of this means? Let’s talk, friends!


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