Proverbs: Day

Day 2


Today's Text: Proverbs 2

Good morning/afternoon/evening, sweet friends all over the world! Excited to be on Day 2 of the Proverbs plan with you today!

If you have any questions about how to do/start/find the plan, read our how-to here first. If you still have questions, please shoot us an email so we can help you get all set up for study!

And now?

Let’s sit together in His Truth today.

Day 2 | Proverbs 2

Okay, so there are so many different ways to approach this, girls. And I suspect each day will be a bit different. Some of us are forever students – when we sit down to a text, we can’t read without a highlighter in hand and a pen in the other. We want discussion questions and study guides and we learn really well that way.

Others of us are much more content to sit with the words. Read them over and over, getting the feeling for the big picture of the passage. There may be prayer, there may be silence in the presence of God, and there may not be a highlighter in the house.

Somehow, God made me a little of both. I was always happy as a student – I enjoy sitting down to a chapter with a stack of commentaries and study guides to supplement my reading. I love to learn what God is saying.

But, sitting is so nice too. Outside when the weather is nice, or in a comfy chair with a blanket where a pen and notebook would seem out of place. These are great times to hear what God is saying.

Either way, in every chapter and every verse, God is saying something.

There is so much benefit to each way of  reading Truth- and so many ways in between! You may be most comfortable (and you think probably most productive) in one scenario over the other, but let’s see what happens when we stretch ourselves these next 30 days to study this book in many different ways!

Today, let’s be students! See how this works for you. Invite the Spirit into your quiet time and ask Him to really speak to you what He wants you to hear.

A Few Questions for Study (do one or do them all!):

Paraphrase: Before reading this passage in The Message, read it just once in another version (ESV, NIV, etc.) and write a paraphrase of verses 1-10 in your journal (really use your own words – if that means writing four words or a full paragraph- what is this passage really saying?).

As you dig into verses 1-10 of chapter 2, what are a few steps to take to “know God’s will for your life”?

Let’s talk about the Fear of the Lord from verse 5: What is it? Why is it essential? How is it attained? (verses 1-5) What else does Proverbs have to say about the fear of the Lord? 9:10, 14:26, 15:33, 31:30. What about other parts of the Bible?

Let’s also take the words, phrases and ideas from the chapter and pray them back to their Author (This is mine – write your own prayer if you like):

Lord, thank your for your Word. Thank you for this manual you have given us for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and sound judgement. We need only seek you. Give us a hunger for what you have for us – may we seek it like silver (v. 4). As you guard our paths and watch over our ways (v. 8), let us only have a taste for wisdom and knowledge (v. 10), let evil talk and interests be alien to us (v. 12-15.). Give us the wisdom you promise us in your Word, continue our thirst for your insight, bless us with discretion as we move forward with our days. Amen.

The Proverbs, An Introduction and Commentary, by Derek Kidner
Proverbs (Life Change)
, The Navigators

Okay, so how did it go? Was this in your comfort zone or was it a little different from the way you’re used to doing things? Did the chapter speak completely differently to you than it did to me? Any questions about what any of this means? Let’s talk, friends!

  • taimoposo


  • I took from this passage that Solomon was instructing his son to seek God's Word as if he would search for Gold or other precious things. It will show him wisdom and truth in all things. By knowing the word, he will see the light (good) and know when the darkness (wrong) is trying to creep its way in. He gives us the warning that those the do seek his righteousness through the knowledge and respect of who God is that they will not see the kingdom of God they will be removed from it and its blessings..

  • Melissa Waters

    This was definitely in my comfort zone! Love to be a student of the Word.
    My prayer is that I will be like a prospecter panning for gold when I come to the Word of God. I’ll seek for it with every ounce of my being.
    M. Waters

  • I LOVED Verse 8: For he guards the course of the just & protects the way of His faithful. That verse brings me SUCH comfort right now as our future is totally up in the air. It reminds me once again that God already has my future figured out, I just have to remain faithful in Him!

  • This chapter reminds me of one of the best illustrations my pastor ever drew to help our congregation understand God’s love. It’s like a roller coaster. When we ride roller coasters, we can zip and soar and feel a few minutes of extreme joy and sometimes a little fear. But without the correct safety measures, we would hurdle to our deaths in a short time and never know the full joy the ride can bring. God is the safety belt, or harness or guards, whatever. He wants us to know joy. He wants us to feel everything. But He wants to offer the protection we so desperately need so we’re completely safe and trusting of Him at all times. And then we can properly enjoy the ride. I love that idea and Proverbs 2 speaks directly to that. Joy comes from wisdom and trust. Let’s just hold to that and we can enjoy all the rest.

  • Just jumped into the study, trying to catch up a bit here at lunch :)

    I felt like this passage was more of a hear & meditate one for me. Searching my heart before doing this study, I've found that I've been disillusioned by all the "wisdom" going around in our media, in the church, and in the world. I really don't know who to believe or listen to anymore, and it's made me really angry and slightly apathetic. In fact, it has made me approach my own study of God's word in a really cynical way–if other "believers" are going around spreading things that I know can't be true, they must be getting it from somewhere, and that is frustrating to me.

    But I know that is not a good way to be looking at God's word–so I love that right off the bat Proverbs dives into what we should be seeking out–truth, and what God has to say. He is wisdom, and understanding, and righteousness. Not what I happen to hear all around me. And it is good to be critical, to seek out like treasure what his wisdom would be. I'm ready to do that, to push away any of the "knowledge" that I hear floating around and simply seek to understand his ways and his laws.

  • BreeannB

    I think understanding what God wants from us is "easy" in theory. Putting it into practice is a whole different story. But as the beginning part of this chapter outlines, we need to accept His words as truth, store up His commands within us (as well as put them into practice), listen for wisdom and apply our hearts to understanding, call out to God for His help, and look for His answer. God longs to give us His wisdom…we just have to be willing to ask for it and keep our eyes open for it.

  • Erica S.

    When talking about fear of the Lord, I thought of this song:… which references Proverbs 8:13 – "To fear the Lord is to hate evil…" and then it talks about the example of Pharaoh in Exodus who was aware of his sin, but didn't want to do anything about it. So, also, fear of the Lord is respecting Him enough to want to turn away from our sins and to become more like Him. I found that interesting because I had never really thought about it that way.

  • I tried to do my devotional a little different, like you suggested, and so I drew a picture of what I felt He was speaking to me about in Proverbs 2. I have to say I am not greatest drawer, but it worked for me. Sometimes it helps for me to have a visual to better understanding things. Thanks for the new idea :)

  • Proverbs is a hard one for me. Recently the word Joy has been stamped on me for some reason. So I've really been into reading how God is a joyous person who laughs and loves and wants us to be happy. He's not all serious all the time. Now with that being said I read Proverbs and I understand what is being said but I just feel like I'm being scolded. I know I shouldn't feel this way but It just feels so direct and hard. I don't think it's meant that way but man, I'm sure absorbing it that way.

    • Kacia

      Wow. Brandy, your words hit me like a ton of bricks! I have found that i seem to be happy a lot, but those close to me don't see it. My joy has somehow left me – I think I feel so heavy burdened, in a good way, of now being a mom. I want my children to see the joy Christ has given me! Thank you for writing these words!

  • Victoria

    Thank you, thank you thank you! I just finished and seriously got some MAJOR insight. I always want tibe lime Christ. Through this Proverb today, I realized that my main goal shouldn't be to do the things that Christ did, bit rather to TREASURE GOD LIKE CHRIST DID! Jesus lived the way He did snd did the things He did because of the way He treasured God…Namely, ABOVE ALL ELSE!

    When we treasure God like Christ (and so do Prov. 1-4), the "then you will"s and "so"s that follow in the rest of the chapter WILL BE ours. We will find ourselves living like Christ! And so, meeting our goal and living God's will for our lives.


    I cannot be lome Christ on my own. But I most certainly can do Prov. 2:1-4….Namely seek widom and all the rest.

  • C'Belle Tennimon

    This chapter is exactly what I have needed. I’ve been going through a storm for a while now and just want to do things right. I want to minister to people the right way. Have the right words to the right actions. I want to honor Gods name and bring all glory to Him. I highlighted 90% of this chapter. She reads truth is exactly what I’ve been needing for the longest time. So glad that I found y’all!!!

  • I just found this great quote…Oswald Chambers, "The remarkable thing about fearing God is that, when you fear God, you fear nothing else; whereas, if you do not fear God, you fear everything else."

  • I will be honest, I skimmed the reading on my lunch break and had not checked the blog. Tonight I read it first in KJV then in NIV and the Message. I finally read the blog and went back following the paraphrasing. I popped in my earbuds and put on worship radio on Pandora. The first song "Breathe" You are my daily bread…… How fitting for this time. Sitting down to read my daily bread. The Lord does everything for a reason. To me what I took away for the passage is the Lord telling us to take His words and search it, seek for more understanding and as you are seeking the wisdom and knowledge will come. He will give understanding and discernment to those who seek it. As I ended the passage the song that followed " How Great is Our God?" speaking of the Fear of the Lord as in many comments previous…..LOVE our Lord and the words he puts in our lives. The ability to speak to us in many ways. :) awe and wonder tonight. Loving my Lord!

  • Awakefield1

    Loved this today!!

    I didn't get to my quiet time until about 6 this evening and it was one of those times you just can't focus. I read the words over and over without really getting it…then I read over the questions for today. Having these gentle reminders of what great truth was sitting right in front of me helped me refocus and really READ His truth!!

    I loved this chapter…I so often miss what Gods will for me is, or lack His wisdom, or don't understand simply because I'm not fearing Him. I am holding on so tight to my own desires, will, ideas, and plans that there is no room for wisdom to come in. I'm really praying for a soft submissive heart that is bowed to Him in all things…but so so grateful forHis abundant grace and mercy that sometimes pours out wisdom even in our darkest, blindest moments!

    God is good, all the time!!

  • KellyAnn

    Enjoyed really studying these verses! I've never paraphrased before, love it!

  • This is my first time joining a reading plan and I am loving it! I haven’t dug into the word like this on far too long!

    What stuck out to me the most from today was how valuable the gift of wisdom is! God offers us protection and direction through the wisdom He gives.

  • Samantha

    This is exactly how I have to read the Bible, I need the extra commentaries and modern day insight. I found a gem at a used book store on Proverbs, even though it's for a different translation to what I read, I'm still finding it super helpful. As well as ChristNotes and BibleGateway.

    My paraphrase;
    Accept God's words and commands while paying close attention to wisdom. Look for insight and understanding as you would look for jewels (fervently, never cease!) — Then you will discover the fear of the Lord (which I take to mean great respect and obedience to the WILL of GOD) and He will bless us with knowledge and wisdom. He will protect us and lead us down only good paths.

    I'm intrigued to the other methods the other ladies will bring to the table now!

  • After reflecting on this chapter the Lord was really compelling my heart to realize that I only seek wisdom and understanding in times of need and desperation. I only ask God for His help when I can't find a solution myself. How many mistakes could have been avoided if I would have just sought out God first?

    In the message I love how it says "God gives out wisdom free". I need to seek out God first when I recognize a problem or need not after trying it on my own. This has always been hard for me because I have always relied on myself first and then would go to God if I couldn't figure it out. I have to retrain myself to seek Him out first. I know that as I continue to seek Him it will become easier and easier.

  • Here is my paraphrase for verses 1-6, then verse 10 also. 1, Don’t just listen to God’s words, but treasure them.
    2. Listen to wisdom and also concentrate and mediate on the Word until you reach an understanding of what it is saying.
    3. Cry to god for understanding, for him to open your mind to understand.
    4. Pursue wisdom and understanding like a drowning man, like it is the most important thing out there.
    5. by pursuing wisdom and understanding, you will be able to fear god and know Him more.
    6. the Lord will give you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; all you need to do is ask.
    10. This is because wisdom will be in your heart, and the more knowledge of god you have, the more joy you will have.

    this was a great exercise. Wasn't as impressed with what I came up with for verses 7 8 and 9, so that's why I didn't share those.

  • i'm trying to figure out really what the "fear of the Lord" means, I read some of the other verses suggested, but I don't really understand how Fear can be good? Can someone help me understand it in a more plain verbage?

    • awarriorstance

      I struggled with that as well. But then I looked up what the word fear really meant and that's respect and in awe of. So fearing the Lord means having respect and being in awe of Him. So its a good fear! :)

    • Renee

      It's tricky, isn't it? Fear is about reverence, about respect. Like awarriorstance said, it's about being in awe of Him. When you fear the LORD in how you live your life, only His opinion matters – all else fades away. I pray we see Jesus rightly, that we'd understand why He is so worthy of our lives and our obedience, and our reverent fear.

  • Terri A.

    I have just signed up for this study (have always been too far behind for the others). I'm so excited to be able to delve deeper into God's word. I'm hoping that I can get my women's small group to do this with me, but if not, it's nice to know I have such a God-like community to fellowship with!

  • The verses that really stuck out to me at first reading was verses 5-8 and 10, 11.

    What I noticed so far: I know fear of the Lord is needed, but why?
    I also wrote a big "Yes, please" for wisdom, knowledge, discretion, and understanding in my life. But how?

    It was when I went back to read today's reflection and write my paraphrase that things started to really click:

    For me, we need to go towards wisdom, seek it out, make it more important than material things that truly don't matter. If we do, we will have respect and honor for God, understanding, justice, protection, piety, honesty.

    I want all this for my life,my family,my baby boy who will be entering this world any day now. It makes me refocus on what is truly important in life and to live a more full Christian experience.

  • One thing that really struck me was the second half of verse 7: "…he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless," That's the NIV version and The Message refers to Him being a "personal bodyguard". Wow! Our personal bodyguard? That's just such an awesome and comforting thought for the Creator of the universe to be our personal bodyguard.

    Loving this study!

  • hopejoypeace

    This study really moved me today…. It is making me evaluate some of my current choices and dilemmas. Wow. This is really deep. Thank you!

  • This is very different from the way I normally read. Normally, I just read and don't look much further because I don't really feel I know how. Today was different. I looked more into what Fear of the Lord means. I always thought it meant FEAR, to be afraid of. But, now I see that it is reverence and awe. It is to be our motivation to serve Him. I loved this chapter. Thanks for these studies!

    • Kristin

      I agree, Julie! I am the same way so I'm so excited to come out of my comfort zone. I hope you are too :)

  • So thankful for the study! There were memory verses when I firsted started, was that with another study? I was able to memorize 2 and loved the phone screens.

    I am blessed by this group and all of the amazing women that share their wisdom!

    • Raechel

      Hey Becky! Yes, there were memory verses in the last two studies and we will jump back in with memory verses again once we get our feet under us. Did you like it when we supplied the lock screens, or was it fun for the community to supply them for each other?

      • Hannah Odarve

        I believe it was fun to be making lock screens and sharing it to the community because we can have lots of choices depending on our preference. :D I miss that one too! :D Thank you ladies for your passion to make everything in the community work. God bless you Raechel! :)

  • Jennifer A.

    This took me out of my comfort zone is a very good way. I heard recently when you don't know how to stop sounding like you are at a vending machine of wishes when you pray, pray Proverbs. I thought it sounded cool, but how. This is a perfect exercise to do that. Amazing! Here is my prayer.

    Lord, help me focus my treasure hunt on your commands rather than the desires of evil people. Help me hunt for your wisdom and cry out for understanding. Guard my path so that I may have the common sense of the honest, the knowledge and understanding of those with integrity.   Fill my heart with wisdom and my life with joy. Help me follow the paths of the good men to land of the righteous. 

  • xanewdefinition

    Something that has struck out to me with these first 2 days of the study is the importances of "fearing the Lord." As I journaled through this chapter this morning, I found myself placing multiple question marks around that phrase. I'm sure I've heard a plethora of sermons/classes on the concept, yet I've always struggled with the concept. However, I'm being made aware of the necessity of being in constant "fear" of the Lord. I know we're not meant to be afraid of Him, yet I've never fully understood the concept.

    But, I love how each chapter (I've looked a little ahead) starts with the author reminding the reader to remember the teachings and heed the lessons he's been taught. That's just something that caught my eye. I know that I'm someone who tends to let their mind forget some of the important things they learn, which I guess is why I write so much. I feel like if I don't write so often, I'll forget and lose sight of these amazing lessons.

  • beana619

    Verse 10 in the New Living Translation really stuck out to me—that wisdom and knowledge will fill you with JOY! Also–not sure if this has been mentioned, but for those wanting to study in multiple versions, if you go to the Passages page on Bible Gateway ( ) you can choose your verse(s) or chapter and then choose up to 5 different versions and read them side by side!

  • Victoria

    Hey! So excited to do this plan. I often read through Psalms and Proverbs over the course of a month and I love doing studies that take you through a whole book of the Bible.

    I am definitely the student type. Only occassionally do I sit down with ANY piece of writing wihout pen and highlighter.

    I only had time to say this right now, but I will be back for more later once I do today's chapter!

  • Kelli Davis

    Verses 1-5 really spoke to me in how He gives clear instruction on how to seek Him and how to to receive His knowledge! Receive, treasure, incline my heart, call, raise my voice, seek, search…I'm cherishing those words and love how it will bring me close to Him.

    • Kim B.

      LOVE those steps! Immediately put them in my journal as a reminder :) He truly has ALL we need, it's just up to us to seek Him & ask for it!

  • Last week I finished a Beth Moore study of the book of James. Three keys ideas from Proverbs and James stick out: righteousness, justice, and equity. If we follow God's commands, we live in righteousness. We are called to be just, to have a mind toward doing what is right for all people, and to treat others well. All this comes from wisdom and a knowledge that comes from God.

    • xanewdefinition

      I did that study with the ladies of my church, and I'm also finding multiple parallels between the two books, which are two of my absolute favorites as well!!

  • I love studying the Bible with a pen in hand and a notebook at my side. I feel like I get so much more out of it when I'm writing down my thoughts. "We write to taste life twice"…..have you heard that saying? I feel like it could also be said that "We write to taste/hear God twice!"

    • Raechel

      Love this, Angela!

    • Erica S.

      I feel as though if I don't write down what I'm reading and my thoughts about it, I won't remember it by the next day, so I journal to keep from "reinventing the wheel", so to speak. I also feel like I get more out of it if I'm writing it down because then I analyze more instead of just skimming over the reading.

  • I love how the gift of Wisdom, Fear and Knowledge of the Him is something that He wants so much for us, and how as humans we're so unwilling sometimes to accept it. Something I have been working on lately is surrendering EVERYTHING to Him. I am thankful for the wisdom, protection and knowledge I can from my God.

    I am so thankful for this community, and I don't comment much but I am constantly encouraged! I love it!

  • This was a fantastic exercise!! Since baby #2 was born 13 weeks ago, I’ve been doing more reading of scripture than reflecting. This put me right back where I want to be.

    Takeaways…SURRENDER . Also, I’m always motivated by winning the race. I have to keep my eye on God and his wonderful prize too. That’s the most important race.

    If I seek Him, I will obtain wisdom in all things to do all things.

  • awarriorstance

    When I first started reading the second chapter, I struggled with it alot. I wasn't sure what the words really meant and what I could get out of them. Then I did the paraphrasing suggestion of verses 1-10, now I really and truly understand it. Here's what I got:

    Guard your heart with My commandments and words. Listening to what I [God] have deemed just or true and understand it. Grasping and raising your voice of understanding. Seeking whats just and true like silver or hidden treasures. Then you will understand to respect and be in awe of the Lord. And find the truth and facts about God. For the Lord gives us what is just, true and speaks it. He stores wisdom for the honest and just person. A protector to those who talk in honesty. Guarding us and watching over us. Then you will understanding what right, what is just, and what is fair. The good path of life. Then it will come into your heart and be knowledge to your soul.

    Another thing that really stood out to me what reading the Message was that "God gives out His wisdom for free" – through His word, His stories and our trials and tribulations. :)

  • I read the esv translation first, which I love. But the message actually stuck out to me more this time. "make insight your priority". I soooo need to do this. I am sad about my lack of fear of God most of the time yet, I've never made insight my priority. New goal.

    Also – "wise friends will rescue you". So very, very true. And I'll add my little truth…foolish friends will not care what you are doing or how it affecting your life. So make sure you are surrounded by wise ones to call you on your crap.

    • Jenna

      Reeve where did you find the esv translation??

      • Raechel

        Jenna, are you reading in YouVersion? You should be able to toggle into any one of 20+ versions – whether you're reading it on your computer or on your smart phone.

      • Reeve

        Yes, ditto to what Raechel said.

  • I am overwhelmed by The Fathers deep love & how He reveals His character throughout scripture to us. This morning as I read Proverbs 2 I prayed that The Father would reveal to me His sweet Character as I first began with God humbly bowing at His feet…He answered me as I asked for a silent heart …As I studied this scripture The Father revealed to me that this relationship is not difficult-it’s plain spoken. That He is our common sense, our personal body guard & pays special attention to those loyally committed to Him. He’s our closest friend, our pleasant companion keeping His eye out for us. He is all of this to those who live well, candid & sincere. Who live honestly & to those who are loyally committed to Him…I rest in this…my prayer today, that I am loyally committed to my Father because of His son Jesus Christ.

  • Good day all!

    I learned quite a bit from Proverbs 2… but the word discretion stood out most! "Discretion will protect you" (v.11). So, if we seek the knowledge of God we will be able to decide what to do, behave/speak in a manner that avoids offense or reveals private information, and have the ability to decide responsibly.

    I also decide to see if I can identify a few steps:

    1) accept & remember God's commands
    2) listen with one's ears & heart
    3) ask for God's help in understanding
    4) yearn for & then seek God's answer

    Then you will know what it means to fear the Lord & find knowledge in him

    • Raechel

      Love it, Donna! Discretion definitely stuck out to me too – love that you took it a step further and outlined steps. Such a student ;)

  • Thank you for the new method of reading the bible with paraphrasing. I am sometimes stuck just reading the words (underlining as I go) and unable to really let the meaning of the words sink in. This was an EXTREMELY helpful tool, which I will be using more often!

    My takeaway – if you are searching for, applying and holding tight to the promises from God he will bless you with protection and wisdom.

    • Donna

      I concur with your take on being blessed with protection and wisdom Sarah!

  • Just want to thank you for bringing me here this morning. I never have journaled before and am blessed to have found this community and the wonderful comments and understanding of the Proverbs as we journey together.

  • RunSingTeach

    Here is what I put in the last paragraph of my journal this morning.

    I believe that the "fear" piece is about respect and honor for God. Certainly we must be aware of the potential for punishment from a loving God but we must fear the sovereignty of God. He reigns supreme over all things and this is a great power. Why shouldn't we hold this power and omnipotence in fear and reverence? We absolutely should for no other person, place, or thing has dominion over us. ONLY the LORD.

    I found over 180 verses that refer to fear of the Lord. Pretty important I say!


    • Kristin

      Loved the words you used…respect and honor! I wrote that down as part of my paraphrase.

    • Raechel

      Hey girl! Yes, I think a really good word for it is reverence. And the more I think of reverence for my Lord, the more my heart shifts for Him. Pretty powerful!

  • My takeaway from the study today is that our path to finding Wisdom is lined by our character. That we have to submit to our Lord, let Him mold our hearts and change us into what He wants us to be, and then we will find Wisdom.

    • Ashley Ward

      Marie, I found these same things. I also was struck by how much it seems God WANTS us to have these things! The verses that stuck out to me were all the things He does–He gives, he holds, he guards…there are things we need to do to seek wisdom, but I love the reminder that God isn’t sending us on a wild goose chase. But instead, just as you said, we submit to him and HE changes us. Beautiful freedom.

    • Donna

      Hi Marie,

      I had not thought about the character aspect… thank you for sharing!

  • Hey girls! I just want to say thank you for creating such and encouraging community that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. I am an American living in the Philippines for a year to work at an orphanage school. Following these plans help me feel connected to other believers and feel encouraged when the going gets rough. PLUS, the six preteen girls in my class all love the Lord, so I often share these passages with them in our morning meetings. How cool is that?! They love it. Thank you so much for your work and praise Him for such a great community.

    • Ashley Ward

      Lindsay, thanks for sharing your story! It just makes my heart soar to know that while I’m chasing after my kids and fitting She Reads Truth into my life here in Maryland that I’m sharing it with people all over the world. And how awesome that you’re sharing it with the girls in your class!

    • Raechel

      What a cool story, Lindsay! I love it that the Word is Truth anywhere in the world – and it's blessing us all wherever we are and whatever we're doing!

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