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Grace Days.

I’m so thankful for those Grace Days! If y’all are like me, summer life has the ability to kick my rear end.  When I feel that I will never be able to catch up? I tend to put up walls and isolate myself even more.

These past few days have given me the chance to breathe a bit, process what I’ve learned from our Prayer study, and really feel ready to start a new plan.

We are ready to dive into this next plan as a community!  We prayerfully [and nervously!] go through books and plans as we choose the next study.  We listen to suggestions we receive, and we pray hard about the choices on the table.

We know that some plans will resonate with some people more than others.  The reality is that His word is for all of us: every, single word!  Given what is happening in your life at this moment, specific words will probably strike differently than they have in the past or than they do to someone else.

Let’s look through the Truth we’ve tackled together as a community.  [And if you’re new or joined during one of the plans, here are quick links to them if you’d like to go back and read!]

And now?

We are so excited to read through the book of Proverbs together!

You can read the plan in your YouVersion app on your smart phone (here’s a link to easily sign up for the Proverbs reading plan), or you can skip the online/phone reading if you’d like and just read the chapter each day in your own Bible. Either way is fine!

[questions about how to follow along with us using YouVersion? more instructions here!]

Each day, we’ll have a short post here about that chapter.  It won’t be a lecture; it won’t be an inductive study of each verse.  It’ll simply be our thoughts, questions and perhaps a challenge.  We pray that it spurs on discussion and continues the conversation.  But don’t let our thoughts keep you from sharing what you’ve learned that day: leave a comment and share, so we can all learn from each other!

[We have so many exciting things to share with you!  I promise the daily posts won’t always be this long!]

Thank you Jessi Glass for the photo!

Thank you Jessi Glass [@alwyzJesus] for the photo.


So, below are my notes for Day 1 of our new plan. Each day will look a little different (Raechel, Jessi and I will be taking turns writing, noting, and asking questions), but you can expect something from us here every day of the plan. (If it’s easier for you, subscribe to our posts by email so every morning [12:01 am EST] the day’s notes and study help will be delivered to your inbox!)

Proverbs 1 | Day 1:

One aspect of You Version that I particularly love is the fact that I can read through each chapter using various translations.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I really struggle reading scripture.  I find myself reading verse after verse, only to go back and realize I was reading, but my brain and heart weren’t connecting at all.  I love being able to look at specific verses in sometimes five or more versions!  Especially as I read ahead in the book of Proverbs–a book that I really struggle with reading and understanding how it applies to meI challenge you all to take time reading these verses using various translations!

I love reading this first chapter in the Message. [I think it’s really important to know why and how the Message was written, so I’ve linked to it here.]

A Manual for Living. 

Written down so we’ll know how to live well and right,
to understand what life means and where it’s going;  [Proverbs 1:2, the MSG]

And after we are told about this manual for living – and how it is for all of us.  We are told where to start:

Start with God.

Start with God—the first step in learning is bowing down to God;
only fools thumb their noses at such wisdom and learning. [Proverbs 1:7, the MSG]

Did you catch that?  This manual is important, but He is where we need to start.  I want to challenge you all – and in doing so, challenge myself! – to begin each She Reads Truth moments, each day, each time you sit down to read scripture: start with Him. 

How do you start your time with your Heavenly Father?

Has our last Prayer study changed the way you pray?

What have you learned about praying that you can share to encourage this community?

What stood out to you from Proverbs Chapter 1?  Was there a section that confused you?

We’d love for you to share and discuss in the comments below!

 :: :: ::

I just have one more news-type-ish thing to share with y’all, so bear with me: I know I’m writing a novel!

It’s with an excited, yet apprehensive heart that we announce that …

Pre orders for SheReadsTruth journals start today!

Before you head over to check it out, can we share our heart with you?

That word apprehensive couldn’t be more true.  We have prayed a lot about the sale of these journals, because we don’t want the heart of She Reads Truth to be misunderstood or lost.  We want to be clear with you that we will be using money from the sales of the journals to pay for the journals, materials and labor to make them and development of the website and She Reads Truth.

Important notes:

You don’t need a journal to participate with She Reads Truth.

If you want to buy multiple journals – one to donate to someone who can’t afford one, we have the option for you to do so.

  • We pray that these journals would be a reminder to find time with Him daily.
  • We pray that these journals would be a conversation starter when someone comes over for coffee.
  • We pray that these journals would be a way to meet others locally in the She Reads Truth community.  How awesome would be it for you to walk into to a coffee shop, and spot a SheReadsTruth journal on someone’s table!

We want these to stand out, so they will be available in red!  There are more details over at the shop, so head on over and check them out!

Are you ready to begin reading Proverbs today? I know I’ll be searching that twitter and hashtag: I am always so challenged by what y’all are learning.  And I can’t wait to read and discuss in the comments each day!

Remember: Start with Him!



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