Prayer: Day

Day 19


Join us today as we read Day 19 of the YouVersion Prayer plan, then come back here and let’s talk about what we’re learning!

  • I believe this passage is Gods way of saying no matter who you are or where you’re from, if you believe and abide by his holy law he will welcome you. So often I think we feel left out because of our background, lifestyle, past, financial status, etc. (i know ive felt that way, even at church) Here God says that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you believe and obey and he will provide you joy through your prayers.

  • My comment disappeared so I'm reposting…. I noticed the similarity of this whole journey, the coming together of people for a common cause. We have grown as a community, "gathering" through our common bond, yet we all have different backgrounds that got us here. Kind of a cool thing ;)

  • Since we have been grafted in to the House of Israel, we are also foreigners, along with those who are "outsiders". What I got from this was that when we commit, serve, love, worship, sabbath, rest, and holdfast – HE will bless us, fill us with joy, accept us/our offerings and bring us back.

  • smallstillvoices

    Hmm…this was a toughie. But what I got from this is that God delights when we follow Him and share our lives with Him through prayer. That praying brings joy to Him and he in turns Blesses us with joy in His his house of prayer.


  • We are accepted right as we are if we come into His house/the house of Prayer. More people will come to the house of Prayer to give their sins to Him. If we trust Him enough to follow Him he will guide us, no matter what. We will be raken care of if we lay our lives into his hands.
    In vers 11 it also tell us to not only look after ourselves, but after our neighbours, friends, relatives, and people we might even not know at all.

    • smallstillvoices

      I love this!! I feel like you on spot on with your response to this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle

    I had to read the passage a couple of times. After reading your comments, it helped me a lot. The GWT version said in verse 8: "I will gather still others besides those I have already gathered". I took from that, yes, we should always accepting of others.
    I'm really enjoying this Bible study. I missed a day last week and felt out of sorts.

  • I really was having trouble getting the application of these verses today, but the comments above really helped, both with joy and coming and with accepting others.

  • The word JOY really stood out to me in these verses. When we pray, we will be filled with God's joy. This is a promise. AND, we will be accepted if we simply come. Beautiful truths.

    • Kim B.

      GREAT point Laura! Sometimes I read these verses too fast & as a result, I miss some great stuff! I had to go back & re-read & am glad I did :) LOVED also how God Himself draws us to him ( I will bring to my Holy mountain).

  • awarriorstance

    Today, I went back and forth between the Message and NIV translations for these verses. These verses are about God welcoming all people, insiders and outsiders, into His house of prayer. These verses are challenging me to accept and welcome all people no matter where I am because they are God's children too and He loves them.

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