Prayer: Day

Day 18


Join us today as we read Day 18 of the YouVersion Prayer plan, then come back here and let’s talk about what we’re learning!

  • myassignmenthelp

    There is a excellent piece of the execution given in the 18th day, I would like to say that this was the best in its regard, also been more perfect with the use of other relevant material.

  • Hello, I’ve quietly been following along playing catch up. Love what all you ladies have to say. Really helps me to better understand these passages.

    What I got from Matthew 26 was thy even Jesus himself had fear. That he asked God to find another way for our salvation. But he agreed to let God do his will as planned if that was the only way. I need to do this. Say I hope there’s another way out but if not I’ll take what’s been offered. Because if it’s Gods will it should be my will to do.

    Even more the second verse spoke to me. Jesus reminds Peter and us to keep our eyes open. Metaphorically speaking this definitely translates to me. He reminds us if we are not keeping our eyes open that we could easily be enticed by the enemy (material goods, gossip, bad behaviors, etc) without even realizing that we’ve done it.

  • After reading this passage I was quickly reminded of how Jesus himself has experience being "overwhelmed with sorrow" (even to the point of death!). When I start worrying about something, or feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, I can remember this passage. Jesus cried out to God. He was open, honest, and said it like it was. God listened. The though is that Jesus cried out, and attached a "but". But, "as you will", "may your will be done". Wow. Even when he was asking God for help (Jesus himself), he knew that God's plan was the best plan. I struggle with anxiety and a need to control situations. I think that if I was able to continually remember that God's plan is ultimate and ultimately the best plan for me-I would be free from anxious thoughts. This week, I plan to focus on this, and really pray, "May your will be done in my life, God". —-The Word of OUR GOD stands FOREVER (Isaiah 40:8).

    • Semi_Healthy Amanda

      Amen friend!

      I also related very well to Jesus being overwhelmed with sorrow and quite frankly, it's comforting to me to know that He also had great emotion. Sometimes I get down on myself for being an emotional person, but maybe I'm not so bad?

  • Beautiful responses tonight, ladies! I am so Peter in this passage, good intentions but I keep "falling asleep", sometimes literally lately when saying my prayers before bed. One powerful part for me is when Jesus says, "Watch and pray that you may not undergo the test. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak". Even in his own turmoil, he thinks of others and reminds his disciples of what is truly important. While I may be willing and fervent about the faith, I need to remember my weaknesses and improve them (judging others, deeper prayer life, contant worrying, etc).

  • You're all picking up on what I did about Jesus's example in prayer. He poured out his heart but demonstrated extraordinary faith by trusting God with his request to do God's will. And Jesus did not just pray is heart's desire once. He prayed it over and over, continually bringing his request before God!

    But what about the disciples? From their part of the story, I learned that my body and my Spirit are at odds. My body doesn't WANT me to pray. It is weak and tired and gives me reasons not to pray like I should. Am I able to overcome my weak body to pray, over and over, and to hold people up in prayer while petitioning that God's will be done? That is MY prayer tonight.

    • Desiree

      We just received word from Pastor Fred Kitchen of Barboursville, WV that his 10-year-old gdghdrauanter, who is in Louisiana, seems to have had a stroke. Her eyes were dilated and they administered CPR to her. Please help us pray.They just added, Please pray for our gdghdrauanter, Chesed Kitchen. EMS is now with her. She is not breathing. Her eyes dilated, and her speech is slurred. They think possibly she may have had a stroke. She is only 10 years old. PLEASE PRAY!

  • There were many questions going through my mind while reading this passage. But one thing I was taken aback by was that after Jesus’ third prayer, He knew that His prayer had been answered. God said no, there was no other way. Jesus didn’t sit there and say, “Are you sure?” or “There has got to be another way!!!” He took what His Father said and, in faith, willingly gave Himself up. No matter what it cost Him at the moment.

    How I wish I had that faith in God!!! These last months, God has been testing my faith in Him in big ways. Ways that I imagined I could never overcome. But it has only been by His grace that I have. And now, this latest test seems more challenging than all the others. Part of me longs to just obey in faith but that fear is holding me back. This passage reminds me that I can tell God that I wish there was another way. But that ultimately, I need to move out in faith. And that I can pray for that very thing. The ability to go out on a limb, no matter what it will cost me.

  • I often find myself looking to worldly things for comfort when I am upset, but Jesus was upset and three times turned to God in his anguish. It is a good reminder than we should turn to God in ALL circumstances. We may not like his answer but He is with us always and will help us through our toughest hour.

  • Ashley Ward

    This is one of the most powerful stories in all of scripture to me. I just can't imagine the anguish behind that prayer, and it convicts me that so often, I'm not willing to pray that God's will be done–I want to pray for him to do things MY way. I love that Jesus was honest, because then we know we can be honest with God, that we can cry out, "Please, God, make another way! ANY OTHER WAY!" I love that we don't have to hide. But a lot of times that's where my prayers end. And I wait for him to do what I think He should. But Jesus didn't stop there. I'm praying for the courage today to pray that God's will be done, that I will offer him ALL of my cups, and all of my life, even if it means surrendering the things I hold most dear.

    • Kim B.

      Couldn't have said it better myself Ashley!! I too felt Jesus angst in His words knowing what He was up against. I now understand why God doesn't show us the whole picture when facing trials. I am just exciting an 18 month trial & I'm so grateful that God showed me just enough as had He revealed what all was going to happen I know I wouldn't have been able to take it like Jesus did!

    • Semi_Healthy Amanda

      It's so true that we should be honest with God. He knows everything after all!

      I am also guilty of ending my prayer and not continuing on, telling God that I trust Him and I want His will for my life.

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