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Day 17


Join us today as we read Day 21 of the YouVersion Prayer plan, then come back here and let’s talk about what we’re learning!

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  • I love it when a verse in the bible reminds me of a worship song. As I was going through this study, I stopped right in the middle of it to sing "Let My Words Be Few". Worship and prayer go hand in hand because it is all about acknowledging who God is. And God is worthy of adoration.

    From this passage, I really took away that my words in prayer can become a pride thing. Am I saying the right thing? Am I praying for the right people? Is God pleased with this prayer? When really, I should be approaching God on His throne and having an intimate relationship with Him. Prayer is about relationship, not words. This whole passage was just a big sign saying to me: REMEMBER! LISTEN!

  • I see v.2 “Ears open, mouth shut,” as a reminder that prayer is a conversation between me and Him. Prayer is a conversation with a trusted friend. We have to shut our mouths to listen to what He has to say to us. And prayer isn’t something that we do, it’s who we are as Christians. Blessings everyone.

  • Sometimes after reading a passage initially I'm not sure where to go from there. But I love when you dig in and God reveals truth to you, through your own study and others!
    I was reading the ESV and in verse 1 it says "it is evil to make mindless offerings to God"
    I wanted to better understand what the Hebrew for this would be and found that the Hebrew word (ra' – > רָע) means adversity, bad and unpleasant and that another word for adversity would be trouble or disaster.
    I think this really helped me better understand this passage. We need to come before God quietly, listening to HIS will for us. Our constant "babble" can get us into trouble. Verse 6: "Don't let your mouth make you sin" (NLT) Keep your promises because Verse 7: "talk is cheap" (NLT) – Let your yes be yes (Matthew 5:37 – which after re-looking up and reading in context is also about oath taking! so cool!)

    • Mackenzie

      I was having a really hard time truly understanding today's section and how you broke it down was so helpful. I need to learn to find new resources that can help me break down scripture because I feel completely different after reading your commentary than mine. I felt a bit defeated after my reflection and I know that is not what His intentions are by providing me with these verses. I'm praying that God will provide me with a new way to study His Word and a new understanding.

  • this is some serious stuff. One big message is: "Watch what you say." wow! also, I think the thing about not being hasty could be that we shouldn't rush through prayer and we should give god time and not act like He is just on our to-do list and just one more thing to check off.

  • I LOVED verse 2: Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. If my feet were as quick as my mouth you would be seeing me in London right now! HA! I sooo struggle with thinking before I speak as well as making "promises" to God in my desperation, yet when my situation changes regretting some of those promises I made.

  • These verses are a reminder to me to spend some time in silence with God. Usually, my prayer time is me talking (whether out loud or in my head), what I want, who I'm lifting up, what's on my heart. But God already knows. God is God, and I am not, so who am I to come before God with my requests and petitions expecting Him to fulfill my every desire when God's plans for me are bigger and better than what I can even think to ask for.

    Even generally, there is so much NOISE in our world today – talking heads on TV news, everyone's streams of consciousness on Facebook and Twitter. How difficult it is to shut ourselves away from all of the words, words, words and spend sacred, mystical time with God!

    • Kristin

      A great reminder, Kira. Sometimes we forget to let the silence in to receive something in return. I often have to remind myself duing Eucharistic Adoration to spend time in silence so I can best grow in my prayer life.

    • Laura

      Yes Kira! This is totally what spoke to me in these verses too.

  • smallstillvoices

    "Do not let your mouth lead you into Sin"

    I love this verse, especially at a time when so many hateful and judgmental things are going on around us. We forget how powerful just our words alone can be. Every minute of every day we have a platform to speak to those around us. Do we use that to spread hope? Or do we use it to spread gossip and hate?

    I know that this verse among the context it lit in a different way, but for me the light is shining on this verse alone. We have such a responsibility to use our words for good and love. And really our vow to God is that we will spread His message with everything we have. Our words are meant to bridge differences and spread love not to judge and spread hate.

    I guess this is hitting me right in the heart today, because of how I have been feeling about the world lately. I just feel like we are all highpoint and hating over the small things and not taking the time to fight the bigger battle, which is that there are still so many people in so many places that don't know the Truth of Jesus. To me, the rest is just tearing our world apart and making it impossible to bridge those gaps and be able to even start to share that hope. God made us different for a reason. We can all learn from one another when we take the time to love and use our voice to lead them to Him and not to lead us into sin.


  • I found the second verse interesting… do not be hasty in bringing up matters before God. Is this verse cultural and relevant more to the time it was written, or is this something ought to keep in mind today?

    • Jesyka

      I think it relates back to verse 1 and verses 4-5. I took it as a reminder about not making a vow or something without thinking or fully understanding the situation we are bringing before Him. I also think of it as a caution as to our posture and purpose when we pray. Posture in the sense of being aware of who He is. He is our King and our God, and there is a reason we are to be reverant and have a holy fear. I think that is one of the reasons that the Lord's prayer includes "thy kingdom come, thy will be done…" I think we can bring up any matter before God and should be painfully honest in our communication with Him (I'm thinking about Job) with the full recognition that He is in charge and we are not and we are releasing the matter to Him to do with as He wills and we are in agreement with His will even if we don't understand them.

      • Mama Pea

        Thanks for this, Jesyka! I too had a little trouble with these verses because it is my inclination to give it all to God in prayer, but I can always approach Him with more reverance and without any sort of agenda or bargaining. He knows my dirty laundry before I air it and He's got it all sorted out already.

      • Mackenzie

        This was just what I needed to hear after reading this passage today! I'm still struggling with understanding exactly what it means but you helped clarify so much!

    • Erica S.

      I also wrestled with these verses a bit. What came to mind is the verse in Matthew 6:7, where Jesus says not to pray like certain people who were praying on and on and on, with the hope that they would be more likely to be heard if they used more words in their prayer. In which case, I think it was more a lack of faith that their prayer would be heard, rather than that they were specifically using praying for too long, I suppose.
      I also definitely agree with Jesyka about how we need to remember that God is in charge and we are not and so we need to approach Him respectfully when we pray.

  • Anna Radchenko

    Oh, wow! The Holy Spirit spoke to me greatly through these verses… what a blessing! Verse 7 especially… "For when dreams increase and words grow many, there is vanity; but God is the one you must fear." I've been saddened the past few weeks at having to leave behind me "dream" – my blog… God blessed me with the full time job I had been asking for… however, once it came, it meant I would no longer be able to pursue my blog/shop as strongly as I was able when I was home. However, this verse brought to light that perhaps I needed this break… while my blog and shop may be a good thing, maybe I was focussing too much on my dream and how I could make it happen, rather than on God and what HE wants for my life and how HE is working. May I ever learn to fear the Lord and learn to speak only when He tells me.

    • Jen

      I have to work on this too! Sometimes we get so caught up in the how and when we end up pushing on doors that aren't meant to open yet and missing the one right behind us that is. Good luck with your new job… and I bet you'll find a way to get back to the blog soon enough! :)

      • Jesyka

        And it is always funny to me when He comes through because the how and the when that I think makes the most sense is nowhere NEAR the how and the when that He provides. And His is SO much better than anything I can "ask or imagine."

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