Prayer: Day

Day 13


Join us today as we read Day 13 of the YouVersion Prayer plan, then come back here and let’s talk about what we’re learning!

  • edsheeran

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  • Demetric Mims

    I have read some of the comments on this website and my heart go out to each and everyone of you and im definitly not along and i thank God because He is control of everything and i am a firm believer that He will bless us in whatever were going throught and im so glad to have open up my facebook and seem this on my page and thank you for being here

  • You are all so encouraging and I am so thankful to have found this are most certainly in my prayers Jen, as well the rest of the ladies!!

  • Today really spoke to me about how we need to be united with believers outside of our own home church. I think it can be easy to be so plugged in to what our own home church is doing that we can function as individual sattelites instead of connected members of the same body, working together towards a common goal. We are all in this together.

    Jen- I’ve been having many an emotional breakdown over finances lately as well (and nothing adds an extra layer of erratic like being pregnant with our 5th child in the midst of it all) but I keep reminding myself that the Lord holds all of my tears in a bottle and that it’s okay if we are declining because everything we have is by his grace and not something that we earned in the first place. I pray that the Lord would keep you and maintain you.

  • I think it's also nice to add the next few verses of Phillippians 1… It really hits home the idea of traveling together on this journey. We are here for each other, growing together in our faith and wishing good things for each other!

  • I must say, I love this group of ladies. You all encourage me with your faith and wisdom!

    I'm going to start adding She Reads Truth and everyone involved to my prayers. What a great group and a huge blessing.

  • You amazing ladies truly brightened my day. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

  • Today I pray for all the shreadstruth study ladies, that reading His truth will serve you in a greater way.
    This is a huge reminder for me. I may feel overwhelmed with life, feelings and trust right now but I should not think of myself first in every prayer I speak. I pray for my brothers and sisters, who share that special bond that we develop with the Lord with me together.
    You are not alone in this.

  • In my life right now, I'm going through a lot of transition – finishing up one thing and moving on to another, saying a lot of good-byes, and grieving the loss of the immediacy of some of those relationships. So Philippians 1:5 struck me as something to express to these people, my church group and my peers in ministry: "I'm glad because of the way you have been my partners in the ministry of the gospel from the time you first believed it until now." They really have been my partners in ministry, and I am so thankful for that.

  • Did anyone else find it fascinating what God said through Paul in Philemon 6??? “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you would have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.”

    It never occurred to me that the sharing of our faith with others would open a door to experience more of Christ and God’s goodness! I always thought of the sharing of our faith as an obligation or something we were simply assigned to do. I know that we are focusing on prayer but I thought that section of our reading today so awesome and exciting.

    And Jen, you’ll definitely be in my prayers as we continue through this study together. I pray that you would not only find encouragement in Christ but in the people surrounding you. Stay strong in Him!!!

  • Hearing a lot about praying for and encouraging others today and being generous as well and remembering what we have in Christ.

  • Ladies just as Paul encouraged other believers, I encourage you to keep going with shereadstruth and listening to his voice and memorizing scripture. We are all in this together as one group of believers!!!!

  • Jen, I would be happy to pray with you on here. Dear heavenly father, I thank you for Jen and for her faithfulness to you Lord God. I pray that she would trust in you in every area of her life, especially her finances. I pray that she would give thanks in all circumstances as that is our weekly truth. I pray you would give her wisdom on making decisions and just guide her steps. In Jesus name we pray, amen. The first thing that came to my mind when I was reading the passages today was, we are living these verses out by holding each other accountable in our group shereadstruth. It is important as Christians to be united and pray for each other.

  • I hate to ask, but would anyone spare a moment to pray with me? Slight emotional breakdown this morning… mostly due to sudden financial obstacles and life being a bit overwhelming. Thank you– reading everyone's words every day is such an inspiration… thank you for that too.

    • Kelly

      Hey, Sweetie. Never hate to ask.

      Lord, we lift up Jen to you right now. We pray that as she places her trust in You and lays her burdens at Your feet, You will meet her and give her Your incredible peace. We pray that you will open doors for her financially and meet her needs, as only You can. Thank You, Lord, no problem is too big for You. Amen.

      When I get overwhelmed and in a bad place emotionally, I find it really helps to put some praise music on.

      I'll be thinking of you and praying for you.

      • Jen

        Thank you, beautiful! It means a lot. Love your suggestion… going to try to find a quiet corner at work and slip my ipod on. *Hugs*

        • Kelly

          Hey Jen,
          Hope you are doing better this evening. Still thinking of you. Hugs back to you.

          • Jen

            Doing a bit better. Gained a bit of perspective and positivity. :) Now to sleep on it.

    • awarriorstance

      Lord, I pray for Jen right now. I pray that you will wrap your arms around her and comfort her during this time. I pray for Your will for her life and that you will guide her through this tough time. Give her peace and patience, Amen.

    • Kim B.

      Oh Jen have I been there!! I have friends who are a text away & when my tears would start falling, the text would go out & the prayers would be lifted up! I am praying for you & claiming Isaiah 41:10 fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. God IS with you & DOES have a plan for ALL this…trust me!! You can read about how we lost 6 months of income here:… Hang in there!

      • Jen

        Thank you Kim! There's always a reason for the tough times, even when they're hard to see right? Thank you for your uplifting words and sharing your story.

    • Nancy

      Lord in Heaven. I take this time right now and pray for Jen. I pray that she will be able to give all her anxiety and fear over to you. That will surrender her hold on them and release them into your hands. I pray Father God, that she will lift her eyes up to you, for you are our help in times of trouble. Help her to praise you in the midst of trials and know that your presence is there with her and to not be anxious for anything. Help her Father to refuse to entertain any kind of discouragement , instead to find her encouragement in you Father. Let your love comfort her and give her strength and security Father. I pray this in your Sons name, Jesus Christ. amen.

  • awarriorstance

    Both of these verses are very powerful because they show just how important the prayer and thanksgiving of a body of believers can be. What stuck out to me was in both verses it says 'I thank my God every time I remember you in prayer'. Even though the last thing I want to do is thank God for those who have hurt me, I have to because He has called us to.

    ~ Rebecca

  • livingbeyondthefeedingtrough

    We need to not only love our brothers and sisters in Christ (which as Carrie pointed out isn't always easy), but we also need to pray for them. It is easy to remmber to pray for our lost family members and friends. But we have to remember that these people are the very ones partnering with us to save a lost and hurting world!

  • This morning these verses spoke to me about unity and loving other Christians well because we are partners in Christ and we are here to do his work. I feel that sometimes the Church can be competitive and sometimes we are our own worst friends. But we should prayer for each other with love and joy and thanksgiving. All bickering aside.

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