Prayer: Day

Day 11


Join us today as we read day 11 of the YouVersion Prayer plan, then come back here and let’s talk about what we’re learning!

  • I do read the scripture and some mornings I write the verses down after reading and I just stare. I stare waiting for something to hit me. I repeat it over and over. Today I got out that, "He is our God & King." He will "Pay attention" to us. He will "listen" to us. He will also answer our prayers so that His glory can be seen. His answers may not be exactly what we prayed for but He knows best. Yesterday our pastor talked about us trying to convince God to save us. "I know better than you God, I have to do THIS THING for you to save me." We don't have to do anything other than claim our Savior. But it also just broke it down to me that He will answer us in His way because He knows best.

  • My pastor touched briefly on prayer today. He quoted Luke 11:13 "How much more shall your heavenly Father give you the Holy Spirit to those who ASK Him?" Then he questioned why we don't ask. Is it because we are to proud? To broken? To impatient?

    I am loving this devotion on prayer. It has truly changed the way I pray and I am slowly being humbled in prayer and effectively communicating with God.

  • I'm loving all of Psalm 5…. It really strikes a chord for me as I wait for the arrival of our first child. I can see this being a great thing to mediate on as we wait patiently and as we go through labor.

  • I really enjoy the Message translation of Psalm 5:3:
    "Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on your alter and watch for fire to descend."

    It made me think about the refining fire and how laying the "pieces of my life" before Him in prayer will allow Him to deal not only with my requests and desires, but my inner man…making me look more like Him bit by bit as He burns away the things that shouldn't be there in the first place. More and more exposure to His grace and mercy and character (His refining fire) will result in mine being more and more similar.

    • Jesyka

      …also the idea of laying out the pieces of our lives on His alter makes me think about complete surrender and sacrifice of my own will and "control" to His will for the things I am praying about.

  • Semi_Healthy Amanda

    I like Psalms 5:3 where David talks about praying to God and "waiting in expectation" (NIV). When we pray, are we really believing He will answer? When we cry out, do we really believe He will save us?

    • Kim B.

      I agree Amanda, it is so HARD to wait, & yet David had faith & waited EXPECTANTLY knowing God WOULD answer…I was struggling with how God was going to answer my prayers & trusting that His answers WERE better then what I wanted Him to answer! I LOVED Psalm 5:2 where David pleads with God to the hear his cry for help & calls him his king & his God. I also LOVED Psalm 102:17…God WILL respond & will not despise our pleas. What a GREAT God we serve!!

  • I agree with everyone about the waiting expectantly part. that is what struck me today. I have been hearing that a lot lately in devotions and things I've been listening to. thinking that god is trying to send me a message here…

  • Today's readings got me thinking how, in my life and in my relationship with God, I always try to put my best face forward, to be positive, and oftentimes to not let anyone (not even God!) that I'm struggling. I hide my anger and my sadness from my friends and from God, even though God already knows what is on my heart.
    I'm very encouraged by the psalms, by David's crying out, yelling, pleading, praying to God with all of himself. It's a good reminder to turn it ALL over to God because God knows anyway and because it doesn't do ME any good to keep it all in!

  • FINALLY joining in after having #shereadstruth in my twitter feed for almost a month! I was so encouraged by today's read! I'm on bedrest right now, and I've been incredibly discouraged by it. I was begging God for things to be different.

    Turns out, he has His own beautiful and perfect plan…which I know, in my head, but sometimes (ok, most of the time) forget in my heart! Thankful that the Lord hears our prayers, even our cries…and He DOES respond. Maybe not in the way we think, but in a bigger and better way.

    My prayer today is that MY heart will change. That I will call upon the Lord and wait expectantly for HIS Will, for HIS reply!

    • Kira

      Thanks for sharing, Amanda. I can see how today's readings could certainly apply to your situation! I'll be praying for you as well.

  • awarriorstance

    I love that we can come to God with our groans, cries for help, requests then just wait on Him to do His will for our lives. "He will respond to the prayer of the destitute; he will not despise their plea" really stuck out to me because no matter what, God will not reject His creation. Along with this study, I am doing the Soul Detox and Living the Surrendered Life and today's verses all kind of went together. Romans 12 says that we should live in harmony with others and that got me thinking about the verses that say that we should pray for everyone we know, even enemies and authority figures. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 has become my challenge – rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks through ALL circumstances.

  • I love the idea of waiting in expectancy…so often we will shout out our prayers to God then move on…such an encouragement to wait on God and keep on praying. Ali I agree about journaling your prayers…recently I looked back on old journals and was amazed at how specifically God answered my cries! Keep on waiting on Him. For he will do more then we could ever ask or imagine.

  • I loved reading these scriptures and learning more on how to pray from David. He was so honest. He cried out to God. He named His God, "My King, My God", he stated when God hears him, "in the morning"…and then he waits…in expectation. So often my prayers are very repetitive and lack thought. Journaling my prayers has really helped me stay focused and become more intentional with the words I choose to speak (write) to God. I have been learning more abut God's character from another study. Having scripture to back up God's traits allows me to pray to Him while identifying who He is and what he has done. I then dwell more heavily in his traits and these truths. I am so thankful for this community. God is at work! Praise God!

    • Semi_Healthy Amanda

      I definitely agree about loving David's prayers. He is such a real person with emotions and struggles. Very relateable!!

  • Felicity

    I'm finding the 'prayer' topic so hard, and my daily devotional times hard to maintain – is anyone else in the same boat?

    • Ashley Ward

      Felicity–this one is definitely difficult in a lot of ways. One thing I’ve been continuously struck with though, is how much about prayer is in scripture. For me its comforting to know that HE knows we might struggle with it, and has given us some resources to help. But you are definitely not alone!!! Prayer is a hard part of my walk and something I have to keep working, working, working on. Part of today’s reading stuck out to me a lot: in Psalm 5 “I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” It’s not just about sending up the prayers, it’s what we do after that. We wait, knowing that he will answer. It made me think, if there’s something I’m waiting for that I know is coming, I prepare and I get excited and ready. Even though we don’t know what answer will be coming, but we can still prepare our hearts and minds and lives. I’ll be praying that the passages will connect with you! It’s a hard study for a lot of us, too. Keep pressing on!

    • Erica S.

      I was definitely having trouble at the beginning of this study getting anything out of the readings, since it was just passages without a devotional explanation. I would read the reading and be like "Okay, that's nice. I'm going to go to sleep now." But what's helped me is to break down the reading, even if I'm just repeating stuff and just look at "what is Paul saying here?" or "how is David structuring his prayer?" and so that has helped me to dig into it and not just skim over it.

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