Prayer: Day

Day 5


Today's Text: Proverbs 14:29-33, Proverbs 28:9

Join us today as we read Day 5 of the YouVersion Prayer plan, then come back here and let’s talk about what we’re learning!

  • Patience is something I’ve been praying to God for a lot recently. Sometimes it feels like life is so busy and there is so many things on my to do list that I get frustrated and that comes out in the wrong ways. I’ve been noticing this recently and holding myself accountable.

  • I was convicted by Proverbs 14:30. During my trial I knew when my heart was at peace I could face the day. One of the hardest parts of my trial was not being envious of my friends who weren't in a trial & "enjoying" life. I constantly prayed that I would rejoice with them as well as rejoicing in my trial knowing God was refining me & using my trial for my good. I also loved Proverbs 28:9 I knew my role in my trial was to seek God through prayer & His Word. It's all right there…seek me first & all these things shall be added unto you. delight yourself in the Lord & He will give you the desire of your heart. So when I read this verse, it made sense. If I don't seek God, then my prayers should be detestable to God!

  • This weekend, my husband and I went to the lake with some friends. The lake house didn't have internet, so I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able to read the comments from day 4 to help gain other insight/revelation into the verses. And then that still, sweet, soft, gentle voice said, "You know, it is a study on prayer. You're learning a lot, but you haven't taken the time to actually pray."
    The verses today serve as a reminder…not just about needing to be patient, and show kindness and seek justice and avoid jealousy, but about the need for consistency in my "inner" life in my relationship with Him.
    I can write and soak in as much knowledge and insight on the subject as I want, but if I'm not actually living it, that knowledge really doesn't matter…and what's worse is that I KNOW it, so I really have no excuse.
    Bottom line, I need to scoot off of here and start talking to Him.

  • Patience is a virtue. Just a minute before reading todays study part i prayed for more patience in Him, trusting Him that he takes care of me(which He always does), thanking Him to give me a free will yet to guide me in my decisions and choices.
    Today i prayed a lot and i am surrender a lot of myself to Him. Thank you for creating this course. It taught me a lot so far.

  • Semi_Healthy Amanda

    I really needed to hear the part about not being jealous. I think over the weekend I got jealous of others' experiences running the Color Run when I ended up getting ditched and had to run it all by myself. It was also super hot and crazy crowded and I just didn't have as much fun as all of my Facebook friends were. I need to work on this area of my life…of not being jealous of all the fun my Facebook friends are supposedly having. I have a wonderful life and many many things to be thankful for!! :-)

    • Michelle

      Hi Amanda,
      I was eating in a Five Guys Hamburger restaurant last weekend and overheard a mother speaking to her daughter. The mom said: "Let's appreciate what we have, not what we don't have". I froze in my seat because the mom was right on target! Sometimes, I have to take a Facebook break because it is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing or buying, etc. Yes, we have wonderful lives and sometimes it takes a stranger in a restaurant to remind me.
      P.S. That's awesome that you ran in the Color Run.

      • Semi_Healthy Amanda

        Wow that's amazing! I love that she was teaching her children that. :-)

  • Michelle

    The verse that really spoke to me today was: Proverbs 14:30- a heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. Envy is such a dangerous emotion. Lately, I've been looking around my home and wondering why I want (don't need) stuff (ie material items). I don't need 3 cans of hairspray. Why do I want a new outfit when I have plenty. If wants trump needs, then I'm in trouble with envy. I need to focus on what the Lord is telling me. The Lord is the only one where I will find peace.

    • Kristin

      Well said! I like the way you broke this down. I've bern struggling to take omething, anything from today's reading and your words really touched me .

      • Michelle

        Thank you, Kristin. That's so kind. My routine is to read the Bible passage, journal my thoughts and then read and post my comments. I'm always worried that my interpretation may be way off from everyone else's. I decided to give my hesitation to the Lord. He wants to hear what we all have to say. Take care:)

  • Megan-Hebrew is מרפא. I use Logos to find out stuff like that.

  • This one hit very close to home today. Especially the second part of v29…"But one who is quick-tempered displays folly". I have really been praying about my temper lately, especially when it comes to my children. So I have been praying for more patience and understanding, and this verse today was PERFECT.

    • Semi_Healthy Amanda

      The temper part spoke to me too! I am working on patience in all areas of my life!

  • meganrae1988

    Anyone know the hebrew word for tranquil/peace in Proverbs 14:30?

    Just curious…

    Better yet, anyone know a site where I can find it?

  • I really needed to hear exactly this today, without even knowing that it is what my soul was craving. What stood out to me more than anything was in verse 30 where it says, "A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots in the bones." I have had a difficult time lately giving a couple very specific things to God, and because I haven't been able to do that, I haven't had a sense of peace about them. I know that giving these things up and trusting in God will revitalize my entire soul. I am really grateful for this message today, it's exactly what I needed.

    • waitingwithcreation

      Father, I lift up my sister Jessica to you and I pray that you will show yourself faithful to her once again by reminding her all day today that she is Yours and that she cannot deal with these peace-stealers better than you can. Would you press on her heart today your call for surrender and give her an obedient heart. We praise you for being so trustworthy with our junk. Amen.
      Jessica-I'm right there with you on this one. I knew exactly how to pray for you because I'm in that same spot. I'm asking God that all throughout my day, as I mentally grab hold of something He's asked me to surrender that I would be reminded of his heart for me and would obediently let go. I hope you don't mind my praying over you today. Sometimes we see our struggles in others and our hearts are immediately connected with them. Isn't He so good to do that with us???

      • Jessica

        I appreciate your prayer so much. It brought tears to my eyes.
        Thank you for those words and for speaking them over me.
        God is so good and I love how He connects us with others in the same place we are at so that we can encourage each other through them.
        Thank you so much.

    • Wendell

      What's the meaning?

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