Prayer: Day

Day 4


Today's Text: Psalm 88:1-2, Psalm 55:16-17, Psalm 143:1

Join us today as we read Day 4 of the YouVersion Prayer plan, then come back here and let’s talk about what we’re learning!

  • Natalie M Blair

    This day 4 was about how Jesus can hear our cries every second of our day. He hears you and he never forsake u. Pray onto him Morning, Noon, and Night. He is a promising God!!!

  • Are there only 4 days in the prayer plan? If there are more, where can I find them? Thanks

  • Im praying for Him to continue to take the bricks down and help me to clearly see, feel, and completely understand all of this in my daily life, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

  • waitingwithcreation

    I love how in Ps 88 David first praises the Lord for being the very thing that he needed. He calls Him God of Salvation and David needed just that…salvation from his enemies. David knows who God is and doesn't let his circumstances become his reality. He praised God for being all he needed and he knew the character of God was to save. He does it again in Ps 143 by reminding himself that God is faithful and righteous.
    I need to make sure that I'm speaking truth to myself about the character of God so that my reality doesn't become my circumstances but it remains WHO controls those circumstances. I'm also convicted that there is nothing in my life I have wailed over the way David cries out to the Lord. Praying for God to break my heart for the things of Him and for the lives around me so that I am drawn to desperately cry out for Him.

    • Kim B.

      I LOVED that..David didn't let his circumstances become his reality, he trusted God to be the one who would save him. What a GREAT thing to ponder…my trial doesn't have to be my reality, my reality is found in God alone. VERY moving!!
      I also loved how David cried out evening, morning & noon. Not just a one & done, he was relentless as he knew God heard him & didn't let up. A friend just told me I needed to pray through my trial when all I really wanted to do was give up. I did pray through & my husband finally got the job that he has been interviewing for the last 2 months!! Praise God!!

  • What a GREAT read this morning!! He Hears us, He listens to us, His answer may not be the answer I am looking for, but his answer is my answer, its his plan that I am trying to follow! Trying to expand on my prayers…being more "personal" and more indepth..He knows my heart and needs… He is ALWAYs faithful! Now I need to LISTEN..something I am not patient about…

  • SO thankful that He always hears our prayers. And that He never leaves us.
    How amazing, How awesome!

  • Hello! I'm looking forward to being a part of this community of women! I am having difficulty figuring things out though. I made a youversion account and I found the Prayer study, but it's just scripture (which is fine, but was under the impression from a friend that there is a devotional that goes with it). Is the devotional somewhere else? And is this the place where we post our comments on what we are learning from the study? Thanks so much!!!

    • Chelsea

      Hey there Carly!! I had a bit of a hard time as well but from my understanding =) this is the devotional right here we can discuss things together =)) and MAYBE i am wrong! Please someone correct me if so!

      • Laura

        You're right! Some of the studies they've done had devotionals, this one is JUST scripture. Ask God to reveal things and speak to you as you read it and then share with the community here, or on Twitter, etc.

  • Ok, finally did a topical search and found it! So weird.

  • I just found she reads truth and wanted to start the Prayer study. When I search Prayer on my YouVersion app, the only 21 day plan that comes up is called 21 Day Fast. Is that it? The scripture that I’m reading doesn’t seem to match up with what others are discussing on the blog or posting about on instagram. Help!

    • Chelsea

      I believe it says just Prayer..keep scrolling =) I did that one as well and realized the same thing… It says 21 days long below the Title =)

  • This may be face value (I blame the baby brain), but I'm getting out of it that we need to be vocal with our prayers. Literally. Not to be afraid to speak our prayers out loud, for all to hear. It goes along with today's gospel that we are called to spread his good news, live out the commandments, and be good Christians. Perhaps by being more open to praying throughout the day (out at meals with our families for example), others will do this as well.

  • I love the focus on prayer! I find that I struggle with prayer. I can speak to God just fine but to listen is hard. I’m not sure how to go about changing my prayer life.

  • Joan Bandy

    To clarify, words are important, but the life of constant communion is perhaps what Paul meant more when he said, “pray continually”.

  • Joan Bandy

    In the Old Testament when the Psalms were written, they did not have access to the Holy Spirit all day as we do. They had the act of a one way prayer so much I the time, a discipline. We have access to like 24 hour, unlimited wi-fi communication. We can learn to walk in the impulses of his grace without words. Living a prayer life is living the obedient life, following the priorities he’s given us for that day/moment/phase of life. It’s become the way of peace for me. Otherwise, life is just a bunch of striving and we can’t keep anyone happy with our limited resources. He makes us enough!

  • While reading the first two scripture passages this afternoon, I was immediately struck by the fact that we need to continually be in prayer. It isn’t just a time you set aside for, but a constant conversation with Christ. He needs to be the one we talk to and listen to the most.

    Just a few moments ago, I was faced with doing a simple task of picking up something off the ground. There was no place that I saw that I could put said item (it was a little thing that you hang on your doorknob for a maid to come clean the room. I’m on vacation.). After wrestling a moment or two, I finally said, God help me to do the right thing. I got up and went over to pick this item off the ground and low and behold, there next to it was a place to set it. If I wouldn’t have gotten up and gone to pick it up, I would have never seen the cart to set it on. Most likely, not knowing the cart was there and If I had not asked Jesus for help, I would have done nothing and just left it there for someone else to pick up or ignore. Praise God for His faithfulness in prayer!!! Even when we pray for something as simple as picking up something off the ground.

    So always pray!! God is faithful!!

  • Samantha

    I'm loving the focus on HOW to pray and the reminders that He never leaves us alone, and will ALWAYS rescue us. I want to be like Nehemiah and go to God first ALWAYS with my troubles and my praise.

  • Rachel Anne

    I love that I am being reminded to pray, pray often, pray clearly and pray for what He wants to do in my life. His will, not mine.

  • This reflection on prayer is SO what I needed. The main lesson that is being revealed to me so far – and that I am trying to carry with me through each moment of each day is just how wonderful and peaceful it is that HE is in control. All I have to do is rest in Him. That’s it. I am 30 years old and feel so refreshed and rejuvenated by this simple truth I have somehow let fall on the back burner through so much of my life.

  • Day and night. Evening, morning, and noon. Reading with SheReadsTruth every morning has been great. My day goes much better when I start out reading and praying. But I haven’t been carrying that practice throughout the rest of my day. I need to be praying all day, not just in the morning. Mid-day and nighttime are just as important in my need for closeness to God.

  • Michelle

    Hi! I just signed up for #SheReadsTruth yesterday. Is this where we post for our online community, or do we choose something like Twitter? It doesn't matter because I'm excited to be part of this journey no matter where we are. God hears our prayers all the time! I love reading the Psalms.

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