Prayer: Day

Day 3


Today's Text: Jeremiah 42:1-12, Nehemiah 1:11

Join us today as we read Day 3 of the YouVersion Prayer plan, then come back here and let’s talk about what we’re learning!

  • Lynda Macinnis

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  • Lord help me to be obedient even when I don't like what I hear.

  • As i was reading the verses in the message, I saw the verses in a different way than I have. God teaches us to pray first for our spiritual being, then our physical being, and last our emotional being. I found this very interesting.

  • I LOVED the last verse in Jeremiah, He will have compassion on you and restore you to your land. My husband just got a much needed job & I am sooo looking forward to God restoring us both on the inside & on the out :)

  • waitingwithcreation

    What a great reminder that the attitude of our hearts should always be to do the will of God whatever that may be. I should be His "Yes" girl. He should be able to trust me with all the nations because He knows I will be about His will. Oh, Lord, give me a heart that is obedient to You and says yes at Your call!
    I love that these people came desperately seeking a word from the Lord. They expected Him to speak and accepted nothing less. They were ready for His plan and were not making their own plans. And, true to His faithfulness, He came through for them and gave them that word.
    He hears His servants. My job is to be a servant and then to cry out to Him.

  • Victoria

    The Lord has really been laying prayer on my heart, and I realize that now. It was very convicting when I opened up day 1 and saw that it was the same scripture we talked about in sunday school this morning. How amazing is that?? I'm also learning that the Lord doesn't want us to JUST tell him what we need. He knows everything, he already knows our needs. He wants us to talk to him tell him how we feel, about EVERYTHING, because there is no one on this earth that could love us more than he can. Prayer is a wonderful thing and I'm so glad I'm finally starting to realize that and that the lord is showing me just how much I've taken it for granted. Our Lord is amazing and it's appalling how oblivious ive been to that.

  • Samantha

    Persistence in prayer. Both Jeremiah and Nehemiah are such inspiration for this matter. Jeremiah spent 10 days praying non-stop, he didn't give up when there wasn't an answer straight away. He continued. With faith that God would come to him!
    Nehemiah (my goodness, he is my encouragement in prayer), he prayed night AND day for a whopping FOUR MONTHS, non stop. He knew God would provide and trusted what God had put in his heart.
    The fact that he was cupbearer puts emphasis on the next chapter where the King discovers Nehemiah being sad IN FRONT of the King. Which was forbidden, He prayed to God and used his favoured position to set what God had put in his heart in stone.
    How amazing is that?!

  • Erica C.

    What a beautiful prayer in Neh 1:11. What strikes me most? "Now I was cupbearer to the king.". Divine position! Not in terms of earthly successful positions, but EXACTLY in the place divinely put by God to fulfill His plan, His way, His timing…as the story unfolds in the next few chapters. Beautiful!!

  • Semi_Healthy Amanda

    For some reason when I read the last verses, I get a little jealous of Jeremiah. I feel like God only "spoke" to people back in the day in the bible. I know that's not true, but I myself can never really tell when God is speaking to me, or if what I'm sensing is just an idea in my own head.

    I do think it's great the amount of faith these people had. Their attitude was, "Whatever the Lord says, we will do it. Whether we like it or not."

    Lord help me to think like this more often. Your will, not mine.

  • Jimmygold

    I'am getting the persistence in prayer theme here and true desire he has for me to be linked with him. He wants to have me share with him all of my thoughts-I actually/actively feel he wants this for a more full abundant relationship with him(although I am so un worthy/flawed to be accepted here). I full well know I am his so this is my flawed thinking, I need to stop this thinking as it is the enabler in me.

  • Dedication, belief, success, mercy, willingness….these are the words that stood out to me from both readings today and could be applied to what we have read so far to date. I'm still connecting the dots but I feel like I'm starting to think of prayer in a much different way….not something we do when we are in a jam or one time of day, reciting like a laundry list. It truly is much more than that.

  • 1uniqueteen

    I got that we should pray for success. I think that is often overlooked and it was a really great reminder that in order to have success we should pray for it! I also got that we should pray for the direction in which God wants us to go in. This really spoke to me because with all the decisions I have from what to major in, to what to do with my life after college, I need to remember to give those decisions to God!

  • Jeremiah 42:6 is what stood out to me, too. My translation reads, “Whether we like it or not, we will obey the Lord our God.” I just need to go ahead and begin ALL my prayers with this. It’s not about what I like. It’s about what God needs from me and I need to acknowledge that to Him, even when it may be begrudgingly. :)

    This is SO what I needed this morning as my husband and I are facing a huge decision we need to make in the next six weeks. We CANNOT make it alone, and we MUST be patient while we wait for an answer…and be able to find peace with whatever that ends up being.

  • Jeremiah 42:6 made me think back to yesterday's passage in Luke 11:11-12.
    I was thinking about the relation between the idea of the Lord's answer having the potential to be "unfavorable" and how the idea of that doesn't line up in light of the logic from Luke 11:11-12. I mean, why would God respond unfavorably? His will is right. And good. He is FOR us. Not against us. I mean, no matter what He says or how He directs, He knows best, right?
    And then I read a bit more into the context of the passage from today and obviously, an "unfavorable" response from God IS possible if you are wanting your way and have decided that your way is the best way. They assumed they already knew the answer and were basically waiting on God to confirm their agenda. They had already decided that going to Egypt would be the best thing to do. Their land had been ravaged, so staying there with a promise of flourishing seemed suspect when they could just skip on over to prosperous Egypt and immediately be "better off." It seemed counterintuitive. So they didn't obey and went to Egypt anyway and it didn't end so well.
    All that to say, it reminded me about the call to honesty in my communication with the LORD. He knows the beauty and the sin that I'm capable of. He knows my "fake prayers" from my genuine ones. I so often throw up a prayer to cover my bases and then just plow forward without waiting for an answer. Thank goodness for His grace and mercy. Because DESPITE the fact that I have done this time and time again, He patiently makes a way and cleans up the mess. I don't want to obey the Lord just when it suits me…I want to trust that He knows what is best, despite how it may appear to me, all the time. I want my yes to be yes rather than "Yes. As long as…."

    • Jennie

      Such truth in this! I hadn't thought about it this way before. Thanks so much for writing this!

    • Semi_Healthy Amanda

      Very true Jesyka! "Unfavorable" I think meant "what we personally don't want to do," not something that is actually bad for us. Only God knows what's truly best for us! :-)

  • meganrae1988

    Obedience… Patience…. All things I need to work on.

  • “whether it is favorable or unfavorable, we will obey the Lord our God…”

    This really spoke to me because we seek God for answers but we don’t always like what we hear. To be willing to follow Gods word/answer isn’t always easy.

  • The biggest thing I took away from this was to be patient in prayer – maybe because it is such a weakness of mine.

    It took ten days for the word of God to come to Jeremiah, and he was a prophet! I think it is an important lesson to be learned – that the gift of prophecy and miracles are on God's time – not ours. Also, I think sometimes God uses time to test our faith and obedience.

  • Wow!! Jeremiah prayed to the Lord and the word came to him *after 10 days*?! Talk about a persistence in prayer, like from yesterday’s reading! I’m trying to think of the last time I prayed to hear God, waited to hear His voice, for a long period of time. I just end up praying intercession prayers daily like “please heal ___”. When He DOES answer, His words are so beautiful: “Do not fear, I want to lavish mercy on you, I am with you”. These promises are definitely worth the wait!

    • Jesyka

      I didn't even catch the ten days part. Thanks for pointing that out. It links quite well with yesterday's passage. I was so busy focusing on the fact that Jeremiah was being asked to approach the Lord for them and how glad I was that there isn't a need for that anymore…the curtain was torn from the top down…that I completely missed that link to yesterday. :)

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