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Today's Text: Week 1

Hey y’all! Happy Friday!

We are so excited to start our new, Friday SheShares Link up!  We wanted to provide a way for you to share how God is changing you.  We have been blown away by your stories.  

The stories of life change.

The stories of new beginnings.

The stories of fresh starts and messes wiped clean.

The stories of rough roads and aftermath of life’s storms.

The stories of how He is changing your life.  

We want to hear them!

and we want to invest in each other by sharing in our stories, reading other’s stories and encouraging one another!

So beginning today, each Friday you can link up for She Shares right here at SheReadsTruth.  You don’t need a blog, just a URL.  So if you have tweeted a short story, use the static link! Or use the link to an photo URL where you shared your story in the photo or in the caption.

We cannot wait to hear these stories, as we seek His truth together!


The SheReadsTruth Team


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[and thanks again to Margaret for sharing her lovely image with us all from the #SheReadsTruth Instagram feed!]
  • Love that the first few readings in this plan remind us of the power of prayer. The Bible shows that prayer can be simple, honest, and even silent if necessary. Loved confirmation that, as long as our prayers come from a good place, God understands them.

  • This is FABULOUS!

  • I am so loving reading everyone’s praise reports, and what God is doing in their lives.

  • ksluiter

    Love this idea, ladies. Such an uplifting way to end the week!

  • I LOVE this idea…wish it wasn't friday though…already do 2 other links on friday. I will plan to participate through instagram this week and maybe a blog post next time. :)

    • Kacia

      Hey Natalie! Feel free to post at any time!! You can write what God is teaching you at anytime, and then just link up on Fridays!!


      • Natalie

        Great idea! I usually do my Series of thoughts posts on Weds…which usually talk a lot about what God is teaching me. I'll link up next week! Thanks!!! So excited about all that is going on.

  • eatpraytri

    Oh man I love this so much!!! I loooove linking. You guys are just so smart. :)

  • Lauren S.

    So I didn't write exactly what #SheReadsTruth was doing to me but bc of #SheReadsTruth I finally came out to all my friends that I was a Christian. I was still holding on to my past and old friends and not wanting them to look at me differently because I was a Christian. So I never denied it but I also never displayed it which one could argue is the same thing. Because of #shereadstruth I was in The Word every day and felt compelled to not hold back any longer. To do the most public thing I knew how to do to proclaim Jesus since He did the most public thing to save me. I wrote a blog post to let everyone I know that I was indeed now a Christian. I feel so much weight lifted off me and feel the worry is gone. I'm still very much young in my walk with Christ but I'm still walking and I'm doing it with Him. Pray for me that I stay strong and I'll make it through the discomfort and that I can stick with #SheReadsTruth because I believe if I do, I shall not waiver.

    Thank you!

  • GREAT idea! I had already written a post this week about what God had been doing in my life a little bit on the topic of "contentment" so I just linked up that previous post with you guys! I love seeing/reading/ what He is doing in other woman's lives as well! THANK YOU!

  • barbie7777

    I am going to be starting the new plan today and hopefully will be linking up with you all next week!

  • I wanted to share with everyone a quote that my father used to say all the time that really stuck with me. I just tweeted it as well:


    I love this quote and it helps to remind me that when I pray God already has it covered. No matter how big or how little. My answer is coming all I have to do is hold on.

    • Nancy

      Rebekah; Thank you for sharing that quote. It is extra special coming from your Dad. I wrote it in the back of my Bible to help me remember to "hold on:

  • meganrae1988

    Wow… God is good. I was already planning on sharing what God is doing in my life… I already had my blog post written and scheduled to post before I woke! All I had to do was link up!

    Thank you Lord.

  • Love this idea!

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