Prayer: Day

Day 2


Today's Text: Luke 11:1-12

Join us today as we read Day 2 of the YouVersion Prayer plan, then come back here and let’s talk about what we’re learning!

  • fillerboys

    All I have to do is ask. It's simple and we try to make it soooo hard with trying to do it on our own and on our own time table. I never really saw the part that says with shameless audacity and I really like that. We shouldn't feel shameful about asking God for the things that we need. We also should not feel that way in asking our friends for help too.

  • Jen, thank you for sharing those thoughts on ask, seek, and knock. That really makes me think more specifically and helps me understand what each of those things mean.

  • waitingwithcreation

    As someone who often thinks that God must be completely disgusted with me, this was such a breath of truth! He wants me to pray. He wants that communion. He loves me as a Father who gives all I need and wants to answer prayer. Praise You, Father, for being so perfect in love and mercy.

  • Erica C.

    I am challenged today to be on my knees…praying boldly for the things that God has put on my heart…things that seem impossible to me but are completely possible to the God of this universe! My obedience is required. Determined to be faithful!

  • Samantha

    I really, really, really like this plan. I'm probably going to say this a lot over the next 18 days but I just do. The scripture is making me THINK so much more than the last plan, I'm finding I'm not distracted by the devo and am just diving into His word.
    I particularly liked the part of todays passage that told us that whereas a friend wouldn't be impressed by constant knocking at midnight, for God there isn't an unsuitable time. He is always there to hear your prayers.
    It reminds me of my favourite verse (Habbukuk 2:3) "If it seems slow, wait patiently, for it will SURELY take place."

  • I think the thing that struck me most about this set of verses was the fact that despite all the years I've been a Christian, and read this passage, it never clicked that God will never say "don't bother me…I can't help you" – sometimes I think I'm bothering God with my "little" things but I realized tonight that when my kids were younger & brought me "little" things that needed attention, they weren't little to me because they weren't little to them. How much more does God value me than my meager human capability of loving my kids? Hmmmm…..

  • I need to ask you girls for a prayer request tonight. A young boy in our church family was taken to St. Jude's Children's Hospital today; the doctors suspect he has lymphoma. It's heartbreaking. I know those parents would rather stop breathing this second than face the loss of one of their children. They're a family of great faith, and I know they believe in the power of the many prayers already being put forth on their behalf. So pray for healing, peace, wisdom, and God's glory to be spread no matter what happens. Pray for the parents and his sweet brother. It's difficult to imagine what their hearts are like right now. Thank you all so, so much.

    • Kim B.

      I'm praying right now Rebecca!! As a mom my heart goes out to them & PRAY earnestly for God's healing hands on that boy.

  • Both of the examples given-asking your friend for 3 loaves or asking your Father for bread/fish/egg-point toward the fact that the RELATIONSHIP (friend to friend/father to child) creates the atmosphere for such requests to be acceptable.. The relationship (especially in Luke 11:11-12) is used help us understand how good the LORD is. Because He is our Father, He won't be giving us a stone if we ask for bread. Or a serpant in place of a fish. Nor a scorpion when an egg was desired. That relationship gives us the RIGHT to ask. We are sons/daughters of the King. And He is a good, good King/Groom/Father/Friend. I'm so glad that the relationship establishes the right because it is based on my position in Christ…and because of that, I never have to fear where I stand with God before approacing Him in prayer.

  • Right now, God has blessed my family and I with the ability to go on vacation. Well, it has been so difficult to remain focused on Christ during this vacation. It just seems “easier” to focus on the fun stuff than to sit down and be with Jesus. But I notice that the less time I am in prayer with God, I am so not like Jesus. I find myself drawing away from Him rather than to Him.

    While I was looking over today’s reading, the fact that Jesus told His disciples to ask struck me. And I thought, everything that God asks of me, is not impossible. All that I need to do is come to Him and ask for help. Because He will always give me what I need. Besides, He already knows what I need before I do. Praise God for that!!!

  • I love the last few lines of the reading….about what father would hand his son a snake or a scorpion instead of what he needs. Sometimes I find prayers are nott answered the way I wished or hoped, but He knows what is best for us as our Father. He won't give us anything we can't handle or give us something that will do us great harm. He loves us too much :)

    • Jesyka

      …and sometimes I wonder how often I think I'm asking for bread when I'm really asking for a stone.

  • Ashley Ward

    I think it's really cool that in the very beginning of this chapter, the disciples come and ASK Jesus how to pray. I think sometimes I feel like prayer is hard because it's not as tangible as checking off bible reading, etc–but here were men that had Jesus in the flesh and still needed to ask for help! And Jesus doesn't say, "Seriously? You should know this by now." He explains and teaches and is patient and loving. But sometimes I don't feel like he'll be that way with me. Like if I ask for help, he's going to say, "You've been a Christian way too long to still not get this. You should already be praying better prayers for your kids. You should already pray for your husband more often." I forget that he will also be patient and loving with me, and that he is waiting for me to ask, to be honest with my struggles. Prayer is hard for me! I feel like my prayer life is so compartmentalized, instead of being an ongoing conversation. But I realized today I just need to tell Jesus that, and ask for help. Instead of trying to fix my prayer life by praying "better", I need to be honest with him about it.

    • Jennie


      I struggle with a lot of similar things. I get embarassed that I don't know how to pray as well as the other people in my small group. I've come to the realization that part of having that ongoing conversation is about being intentional. Just as I used to put reminders around the house to not forget the milk, or to remember what time I go to work, I know put prayer reminders around the house, my car, my office. Right now in my bathroom mirror, I have a printed reminder of things I want to pray for my husband about. This website… has a GREAT little bookmark you can print out and put on your mirror.

    • Jesyka

      This was a great reminder for me:
      1. Yesterday's verses about praying in the secret place gave me a feeling of relief. I was thinking about how when I have to pray aloud, especially around a group of other believers I figure are more "spiritual" than myself, I get QUITE tongue tied. I remember saying a prayer once that was only two or three sentences in length but consisted of the phrase "just please bless this/them/etc" about every other breath. I was SO self-concious. But that isn't what it is about. It is about talking to him…HONESTLY. Painfully honest sometimes. He can handle it. We aren't supposed to reserve are most pleasant and fuzzy thoughts for our prayer time and then leave the real muck out of it. He already knows about the muck. And talking to Him about it will clean it up a LOT quicker than letting it sit and settle while I'm busy praying perfect, lovely things.
      2. Asking Him how to pray is something that I feel like I need to start doing. So many times, I'm not sure what to say. I mean, when it comes to urgent prayer requests or need/wants, I've got that down…but I feel like if I ask Him how I should pray and what I should pray about before starting, the Holy Spirit's guidance will enhance that prayer way more than me bumbling around trying to figure out what to say. Jesus is ever interceding (praying) for us. He's an expert at prayer. And scripture speaks to the Holy Spirit jumping in with groans when we don't know what to pray…so what better place to go to ask for wisdom (James 1:5) on the subject? So simple…but so easily forgotten. Just that initial request can shape the rest of it into such a rewarding and meaningful time with Him, talking to Him. Kind of like, "So what would You like to talk about today?" I think it might completely change what my prayer life looks like. It might start looking more like an actual relationship.

      So thanks for your thoughts/words. It really encouraged and challenged me.

  • I remember being confused by “ask, seek, and knock” as a child when I didn’t “get” whatever it was I wanted the first time I tried it.

    Now I feel like I have a better grasp.

    God will give me ALL that I need that will draw me closer to Him and His purposes for my life.

    That door NEVER closes.

  • Felicity

    I Love the phrase in the NIV translation 'shameless audacity'.

    I believe God is calling me to have shameless audacity in the things I ask him for – why am I not more bold with this? My friend had a picture a few weeks back of us standing under a bath which was filled to the brim with water, but until someone took the plug out we didn't get wet at all. Isn't it awesome how God longs to bless us, and all we need to do is ask?

    I also love how we are all getting different themes from these verses. It always amazes me how God knows us all individually, and can still speak directly to our hearts with the same words.

  • I took an entire different outlook on this verse- perhaps because of the season of life I am currently going through. I think a lot of times, though I know God is good and omnipotent, that when I pray for things bad things happen. Or- if I don't pray for something God makes something happen to get my attention.

    With that said.. I read several different translations and perhaps the Message paraphrase spoke to me the most.

    10 "Don't bargain with God. Be direct. Ask for what you need. This is not a cat-and-mouse, hide-and-seek game we're in. If your little boy asks for a serving of fish, do you scare him with a live snake on his plate? If your little girl asks for an egg, do you trick her with a spider? As bad as you are, you wouldn't think of such a thing—you're at least decent to your own children. And don't you think the Father who conceived you in love will give the Holy Spirit when you ask him?"

    I find that when I pray- so many times I feel like I need to bargain with God. "God if you'll do X , then I can give you Y." Perhaps, this is just my natural tendency to bargain and negotiate in everything I do on a daily basis. But the thing is- God didn't call me to bargain and negotiate it with him. He has called me to just BE with Him. To not complicate my relationship with Him- to not create it to be or not be more or less that what it is. To be Real. To be Honest. To be specific. To be Flexible. To be patient. When I ask for his protection and safety- he has promised His Holy Spirit. And the fact that I come out of each situation safely and together, is his answer to my prayer.

    I get so caught up in God not answering prayers the way I think they should be answered to fit into where I see my life being or going.. I miss his presence in my life.

    A long explanation- but this passage reminded me to be present in HIS presence.

    • Rebekah

      Bethany, I can relate to this so much. I used to feel this way, especially right after my ex-husband first left us. "God if you will just bring him home, I'll do such and such." I think we are all guilty of bargaining with God from time to time.

      I have often felt in the past that when I prayed for something the answer was always NO. No matter what it was. I got it the habit of just not praying for anything. It was easier to avoid prayer and talking to God, than to continually feel like I was being told no. However it took me a long time to realize that maybe I was simply asking for the wrong things. That what I was asking for was not what God had for me.

      This passage really reminded me to Seek out what God wanted for me, to Ask specifically for answers and to know that when I Knock (or go searching for him) He will not hide from me.

    • Cindy

      Amazing! Thank you! This really helped me today.

  • Semi_Healthy Amanda

    The part about this passage that grabbed me was the very last two verses.

    God wants to give us what we want; He is our loving heavenly Father. He loves us so very much and never wants us to be hurt. I teared up reading this just thinking about how much he loves us! He wants us to come to Him and tell him our concerns about life and also about what we need (or think we need).

    God knows all. He knows that if we ask for something and it isn't necessarily in our best interest, we should not receive it. So even when we think that God isn't listening, He always knows the best thing for us. And the best timing. <3

  • If we knock,He will open the door.
    I got out of this if others knock to us we shall open it+give/help. The scripture lays out the Lord’s prayer.This is prayer we should include,maybe not exact word,but things we should be in prayer of.

  • I felt as if this verse is telling me to be more hospitable as well. I should be more open to helping others and be sure to put others before my self. In the same way I also took from the scripture that if I take the time to ask, and be specific, then I shall receive. Im new at this and I getting closer to God every single day. These daily verses are really opening my eyes. This is all just overwhelmingly inspiratioinal.

  • I, too felt as if I should be kind to others in need, yet also to be persistent. Keep asking, Keep seeking, and Keep knocking. This verse takes me back to a former bible school song my child learned many years ago.

  • Mama Pea

    I think my neighbor might get a little irritated if I kept knocking on His door asking for bread, but God wants to provide for us! He wants us to keep knocking, in the middle of the night, in the early morning hours, whenever we have a need that He can fulfill (and you know that means every need). Keep knocking! Knock until your arm falls off!

  • I love how God uses the same words to teach us each what we specifically need! I need to remember that prayer is active – I need to take the step and go out to ask, seek and knock. I need to do something and not expect God to just hand me things.

  • A few thoughts that came to mind this morning on "Ask. Seek. Knock."… maybe they'll inspire you a bit too!

    Ask– tell God what's on your mind. He is ready to help and guide.
    Seek– Perhaps you have to learn more before a solution will come. How is God preparing you?
    Knock– The right door will always be opened. God has perfect timing.

    • Kristin

      Love this…what a great way to break it down.

    • K

      This is great! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm going to write this in my journal. :)

    • Katy

      I love this, Jen. I think this is something that I have been lacking in my relationship with God — taking an active role. Asking, Seeking, Knocking all require me to do something instead of waiting for God to do everything. Thank you for posting this!

    • Lori C.

      Thank you for this! I wrote it down in my journal.

  • This has been one of my favorite verses since a child. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Luke 11:9

    I think Jesus is telling us to pray boldly.

    My pastor did a wonderful sermon once where he asked us if we were praying BIG enough. It completely changed the way I prayed. He said to pray specifically, don't be afraid to ask God for what you need – he already knows. I realized that I was praying in generalities; I prayed broadly. I've learned to be more specific and I've come to see many more prayers answered.

    • Sarah

      I like this… pray specifically! good word :)

    • Rebekah

      My father used to preach on praying specifically. Saying that God works in details and if that we wanted specific answers to our prayers we need to pray them that way.

    • Becca

      My prayer life changed enormously when I started asking specifically. :)

  • nicoleecarey(:

    If I am being persistent and bold in prayer, I can be confident that God hears and responds to those prayers. He grants the Holy Spirit to me and my pleads according to His glorious plan for His children, a plan that is beyond anything I could ever think for my life myself, something unimaginable and good!

  • meganrae1988

    I learned that God wants the best for us, and all we need to do is ask. Though I LOVE, Hannah, that you got hospitality out of those verses! It makes me want to go back and read it again!

  • This verse reminds me to be more hospitable! It even majes me uncomfortable because later Jesus says that he was not cared for, meaning that some did not show love to others by providing for them. I need to make sure I am willing to help those in need

    • Kacia

      Yes!! i'm about to sit down + read the scripture for today, but I'm already challenged by what you're learning!

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