What will you say to him?



It’s Monday already?

Did this past week fly by for anyone else?  I kept referencing Sunday as tomorrow…. on Wednesday.  Ugh!

I’m going to go ahead and blame the middle-of-the-week-holiday for my confusion.

In the midst of this crazy mid-week holiday? I got behind.  I missed one two days of getting in His truth, but guess what?

I gave myself grace.  

I woke up the next morning, and I got back on track.  

This grace-giving thing?  It’s new for me.  I struggle with failure.  I struggle with my all-or-nothing obsession.

So often in the past, one day of getting off track led me to thinking it wasn’t worth coming back.  If I’d missed a few days, I’d already blown it, right?

If that’s you as well?  I want to encourage you:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3: 22-23 ESV; Emphasis added

They are new.  Precious sister, you. are. made. new. 

And as we come to the final three days of this reading plan, let us encourage one another.  Regardless of which day you are currently reading: we are reading His truth together.

I pray that we can figure out what that looks like.  As Raechel challenged us last week:

So, I want to know: How is the Gospel fleshing out in your daily relationships?  Have you found someone in your circle who will pray with you and for you specifically? Who can you sit down with over coffee and discuss what you are learning and what God is doing?

We want to hear!  And we want to continue that challenge!

I also have three more challenges for y’all this week.  Yes.  Three.

As I read through today’s reading and the remaining two for this plan, I found myself shaking my head a bit.


Well because all three points that stood out to me?  Have been areas I have been struggling with.  Yes, our God has a sense of humor, and I think God is trying to get my attention. 

Today, I want us to focus on forgiveness.  Recently, I celebrated 3 years of marriage to my husband.  I wrote a letter to him on my blog sharing some of what marriage has taught me.

I have learned that being quick to forgive is quite possibly one of the best characteristics of a beautiful marriage.

Fill in the word that best fits your situation: relationship, friendship, a mother-daughter relationship ….

Today I am challenging us to forgive when it doesn’t make sense or seem logical.  

Tomorrow, we will read about Abraham.  He was told something by God that did not make sense, yet he believed that God would come through.

In what area of your life is God asking you to believe?  Maybe it’s a next step.  Maybe it is a current situation He will bring you out of.  Maybe it is a complete change of direction.

I am challenging us to believe His truth.  As you journal, write a letter to your heavenly Father.  Share with Him your fears.   He knows them, yes, but He wants to hear from you. 

On Wednesday, we are faced with a question.

Y’all?  I am praying something fierce for our community.  For each of us.

What will you say when He asks you to surrender?

Will you say no?

Or will you tell Him 


I am challenging us to write it down.  Mark this day.  5 years from now….10, 20, 30?  Will Monday, July 9, 2012 be the day that you said yes. 

He’s asking you now.

what will you say to him?

your Sister,
Psssst!  We’re going to be back tomorrow with the Weekly Truth + lock screen for you!  Are y’all loving that? I know I am!
Psst! Pssssst!  We are starting a new plan on Thursday! So if you’ve been putting off joining in because you felt that it was too late, it’s your time!
Psst! Psst! Psssst! We’re going to starting something new each Friday …. Stay tuned to hear more!
  • Samantha

    I've been harbouring a lot of unforgiveness for a long, long time. To do with things that I'd stuffed down inside my soul and was battling on the inside and also things that were right on the surface and still stings when thought about.
    I really learnt that the other people don't know that I haven't forgiven them. They've moved on, fully and completely. The unforgiveness isn't affecting them, but by george it's affecting me, it's stopping me from making the first step to surrendering. It's stopping me from being secure in my Faith and in myself.
    It's something that will allow my heart to become tender again and will erase the parts that have turned numb and cold over the years.

  • Caroline

    Wow, what timing. I'm reading this a day late, but I'm sitting here stewing in anger over my boyfriend smoking again. It doesn't make sense to forgive him when he should give it up if it's important to me (and it is), but anger is not the way to approach the situation.

  • Oh wow, the forgiveness thing this morning… There's someone in particular I've been trying to forgive and it had been in the front of my thoughts for the past few days! This person has no clue– to my knowledge– that I need to forgive… may not even realize that they did anything to hurt me. But forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness is hard. But I think trusting God will make all things right helps. Phew.

  • nicolepipkin

    I tell ya…no matter what devotional I am reading, or the place I'm at in the Bible, or a book I may be reading…it all seems to tie in with what my pastor preaches on Sunday. Totally crazy huh?!?! Listening for God to speak to me is totally new. Sometimes I can't tell if its what "I" want to do or is it "HIM" directing me in that area.
    When I start to feel frustrated with one of my kids or angry about what someone has said about me in the past; I stop and say a quick prayer asking God to send me a wave of his grace. I some fresh breathes and then I get passed it.
    I'm so glad that I decided to jump on board and do this devotional with you all. On Sunday, my pastor mentioned that he's seen my devo post on Instagram and it was a great devo that I was doing.
    I can't wait to see what devotional you pick out next. I am really enjoying it.

  • @Krista: We’re going through a devotional called Surrendered Life on YouVersion.com

  • I say yes!

    Love, love, love this community. I don't always post, but I feel the prayers and love. I had a moment of sharing the Gospel with my mom who I credit with building my faith. It was moving.

  • Over the weekend I was pretty busy and missed two days of reading His Truth. It's amazing how good it feels to catch up and dive right back in. I can't imagine not reading it daily now! Thanks for the encouragement to not only read His Truth but to also share it with others! Not only online in this community but with my family and friends. How they take it is really up to them but I am no longer ashamed or shy about sharing how I feel.

  • I’m so excited to continue these plans with y’all. With so much change in my life currently this has been extremely comforting.

  • Kick in the bottom!!!! Oh my goodness. WOW! Does God ever have a sense of humor. I have been dealing with the forgiveness issue for quite sometime now. I think I have it mastered and then, BAM! It happens again. In-law issues. I am slowly learning, but sometimes, it just keeps happening; I feel God is using this to teach me his love, mercy, and forgiveness. Until I learn-LOL. Also, I fell way behind last week. Like 4 days behind. *sigh* I was/am really feeling guilty and needed to read what Kacia had to say. I love this community and thank the Lord for it. Also, Thank you Kacia and all you wonderful ladies that put your hearts into this site and give your thoughts and prayers and advice out to everyone here!!! Hugs, hugs to you all.

  • I am making my way through Living the Surrendered Life and can't wait to start a new plan!! I woke up this morning and prayed, for the first time in a very long time. I gave thanks for being alive. Starting small.

  • I remember reading a book by Dana Candler a while ago and she talks about how God is overcome even by our "weak" love. Even the smallest "YES" touches his heart, He loves when we choose HIM even if it's in a small way. Everything isn't perfect and it's easy to get caught up and forget our commitments to Him to read His word sometimes, but He is always there, he isn't going anywhere and He is just happy with us! That is always comforting :)

  • chipchiphooray

    Oh goodness. It seems our reading plan knows just how to kick me in the butt. I mean:

    "In what area of your life is God asking you to believe? Maybe it’s a next step. Maybe it is a current situation He will bring you out of. Maybe it is a complete change of direction."

    Maybe this is COMPLETELY my life right now. *sigh* I'm praying especially this week for the faith to believe in God's guidance in situations that seem impossible or seem not to make sense…and I'm ever conscious of my gratitude for this community!

  • Hannah Odarve

    I am really loving the Soul Detox and Living the Surrendered Life right now. Yes. I am reading the two plans because I was late in starting Soul Detox but I really want to read what the community is reading right now too. Well, we could never have TOO MUCH WORD OF GOD right? I am learning to give myself grace too. God forgives me when I slip. Why should I be sooo hard on myself?

    I am so thankful for this community of women and how we encourage each other and build each other up [I even wrote about it in my recent Praise Report Monday over my blog].

    Thank you Kacia! You are a sweet blessing! PS: That journal is lovely! ♥

  • Yesterday, I asked for prayer about a specific situation. Recently, I think God has been asking me to do something. But each time I feel that prompt, I either say “Oh no, you don’t want me to do that. (Aka. No way Lord)” or “That can’t be God.” Now, part of me thinks that because of my own confusion (and maybe even pure stubbornness) God is no longer with me. This post however, has reminded me that I just need to trust Him. He has everything together and knows what is best for me. Please, continue to pray that I would indeed yield to what God desires. And to make sure that this truly is the Lord’s will, and not the enemy of my soul. Thank you!!!

    • Maggie Whitley {Gussy}

      Sometimes God wants us to be really, really, really quiet — and then He will speak to us.

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