New plan! #shereadstruth


Hi y’all!

Let’s all take a deep breath together: ready? GO.

Can you believe it’s been 35 days? Whether you’ve joined this community yesterday, a week ago or right from inception: WOW!  We are so happy you are here.

And when I say we?  I mean all of us.  And by all of us?  I mean all of you.

Let us all say it together: We are so happy you are here!

I hope that you can read my smile in these words.  Not just a smile confined to my mouth and lips, but one that exudes from my entire being and causes my eyes to squint.  Joy might describe it better.

God is moving.  Lives are being changed.  And it is all about Him.

Another deep breath.

We’re doing this together.  Are you are feeling discouraged?  Send out an SOS.  In need of prayer?  Let us know.  We are a community.  We are His children.  Let’s love each other hard.  Let’s spur one another on towards Him.

YEOW!  Let’s start this new plan together strong.  Because in Him, we are strong.

Are you ready to hear what we will be reading together?  You can click directly to our new plan: Living the Surrendered Life, found on YouVersion.

[More details about this next plan can be found at the end of this post and on the How? page.]

This plan was provided an incredible woman, Cindy Beall, read on to hear more about her heart and her desire for each of you.


Time to Wave the White Flag

Hi. My name is Cindy. And I’m a Texan who now calls Oklahoma home. (But please don’t tell my mother I said that.)

Just writing that down in print for the whole WWW to see just goes to prove my point about living a surrendered life. Please don’t misunderstand me. I love my life in Oklahoma. And quite frankly, I would be perfectly content to stay living here for the rest of my days. My church is here. My best friends are here. My babies have grown up here. However, when I was younger, never did I give a second thought to living away from my family. I imagined regular, family dinners with both my family and my husband’s family.

But all of that changed in January of 1996 when I finally surrendered my life to Christ. A true surrender. The kind of surrender where you wave the white flag and tell God that you will do anything and go anywhere and not just attend church on Sundays. In the fall of 1997, He led us to leave our beloved home state of Texas and head for the Volunteer state just outside of Memphis. Our closest relative was 10 hours away. Gulp.

That surrender was incredibly difficult but at the same time, the best decision of my life.

I’m not sure where you are on this journey with God. Maybe you’ve been in church your whole life all the while not sure you really believe what you’ve learned. Maybe you lived it up for a while in your younger years and have now turned back to God. Maybe you have just now jumped on the Christianity path and don’t have enough hours in the day to learn and implement what you believe God wants you to learn and implement.

Been on all three paths and probably more.


The world is a wonderfully awful place to live. It will make you promises that it cannot keep. I have learned this the hard way. But there is One who will not let you down. He will not forsake you. He will stand by you. He will carry you when you are weak. He comfort you when you are sad. And if you dare to let Him, He will give you the most abundant life you ever dreamed having. But there’s one catch.

You have to lay it all down. All of your hopes and dreams have to be surrendered. Because although you may think your hopes and dreams are outstanding and will bring you happiness, I can assure you that God’s hopes and dreams for your life are greater (Jeremiah 29:11).

So, lay it down. Your life, that is. And watch the power of God turn the mediocre into the extraordinary.

:: :: ::

Are you ready!?  Just a few details for y’all!

1.  You can continue reading the Soul Detox plan alongside Living the Surrendered Life.

2.  Each day a new post can be found right here at for you to comment with questions, discussion questions, challenges, verses from His word, etc.  This site is about Him; this site is for y’all. 

3.  Still confused about how to find the plan we are reading together? Head over to the How? page with step-by-step details on how to find and join us on our new reading plan!

4.  If you use twitter or instagram, don’t forget to post with the hashtag #SheReadsTruth! [it makes it easy to search!]

5.  Have we told you how honored we are to be reading with you?  Have we told you how in awe we are of how He is moving?  We are.  oh y’all, we really, really are.

Remember that this time? We’re doing it together!


Kacia and the SheReadsTruth Team

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  • change33

    I just discovered SheReadsTruth today. I'm so excited about this! I have a lot to catch up on. I don't tweet or instagram…will I miss anything? If I will, I'll just have to learn how to tweet. :-) I am on facebook though. Thank God for placing this idea in your spirits.

  • motherjulie

    I just started the study yesterday and would love to connect with other women who do not have twitter or smart phones. I am on the facebook group, but not quite sure how to connect. Any tips?

  • I just found my way here from Jenna @ Eat Live Run, thank you. I am excited to carve time out of my day for this. I needed this!

  • I'm private on instagram (_theloulou) but would love to follow along with more #shereadstruth ladies!

  • Jessie Lynn

    I'm singing the song right now. Thanks for this website! I'm excited to meet and grow with my sisters in Christ!

  • I'm excited to be starting this new plan with this amazing group. What a blessing each and every one of you are to me!

  • Very excited to do this with you all! I have fallen away from my Father, but am humbly coming back. Worry is something I tend to struggle with.

  • nancy10272004

    Great new plan! "Do Not Worry" in Matthew is my go-to passage when I start to get worried or anxious. Awesome that it's the first devotional of the new plan.

  • I just read the first day and I am hooked already! Thank you so much for putting this site together and giving women a place to congrigrate to talk and learn about the Lord and all he does!

  • staceydinchblog

    I've been feeling a push to join in on this for awhile now…but I wanted to wait until a new plan was started (I don't like starting in the middle of things). The devotion for today is perfect for me. I worry about everything: my health, my money, where my life is going… At 22, people always tell me I am too young to be this old. I want to learn to hand these problems over to God, to trust him to take care of me, to stop being scared. I am slowly coming back to the Lord after a long absence during my teenage years, and I'm really excited to be beginning this journey over again with all of you girls!

  • Since giving birth to my son 10 months ago my time in the Word has been, well, very lacking. This is such an answer to prayer and very timely. I’m so excited to see what the Lord has in store for my soul! Thank you!!!

  • Mackenzie

    I feel the exact same way. I'm 17 and live in Seattle which is known for not being incredibly religious. She Reads Truth is such an encouragement for me and am grateful it has opened my eyes to an encouraging community that supports spending time with the Lord every day!

  • I'm still working my way through Soul Detox, but It's been a great day to be able to start fresh with everyone on the new plan! So many times we call "worry" something other than it really is to justify it's presence in our lives. Instead, let's rid it from our lives and step into God's promise.

  • Aimee Charnock

    Cindy, reading your story about where surrender led you really encouraged me and brought tears to my eyes because I'm in the thick of that same journey…surrender brought me to Washington State from my home state of California, 12 hours away from my whole family, and into the gloom of the Northwest. Thank you for sharing, it is so comforting to remember that there are other ladies that are blazing the trail!

  • By worrying, I take away life instead of giving it. Thank you Father God, for all of these wonderful ladies. Thank you for She reads truth and for the time it gives us to each dig into your word and learn and give our burdens to you…….We love you Gracious FAther!

  • What does everyone here consider to be "life giving" words?? And, what is God's favor??? in our lives??

  • I noticed a few others have not been able to find the new plan on the app. Anyone have suggestions on what to search for that will help me find it?

    • Nancy

      Stacy, Go into the "new here" and go scroll down to #3. I use the online version on my home computer. Just click on the use online version and it'll take you to Youversion. Sign up there and then in the column on the left of the youversion thingy, click on reading plans. There are all kinds of others you can do alongside the surrender series. I am also doing the soul detox alonside the surrender series.

  • Excited to do this plan! I’m ready to fully commit my life to God.. I left my husband in GA because I just felt God needed me back home more. So the word SURRENDER is quite fitting for what I had to do give God my full undivided attention! Blessed by this inspiring community.. Give Him all the Glory.

  • This is so exciting! I'm 19 & many of my friends are not Christian so it's hard to have accountability – especially at this tender age when the world is being thrown at you.
    Now I feel like I have so much support! Thank you, you wonderful ladies for putting the time & effort into something like this.
    This plan is so uplifting. I can't wait to wake up every morning & begin my days with this!

  • Wow! I’m so excited and blessed by this community! Looking forward to this new plan. Thank you
    Alesha <3

  • fabianalima

    Thank you sisters! I'm so happy to enjoy this group!!!

  • The Crafting Coop

    I am so excited to start this new plan. I already did day 1 and I know that it will be perfect for my life right now. I've had a lot of worry the past couple of months, and I need to surrender it all to God. :D

  • Yay! I started really late with the Soul Detox so I'll be doing both until it's finished. I can't wait to see how great this new one is! :)

  • chipchiphooray

    I'm excited to start! I've been reading so many tweets about #shereadstruth and I'm anxious to put myself into it as well. :)

  • I'm so excited God led me to She Reads Truth through It's the Small Things blog. I started the SoulDetox plan 2 days ago and will continue reading it along with the new plan. Living the Surrendered Life is what I need right now more than ever. I can really relate to Cindy's post. Thanks so much ladies.

  • Excited to start! Worried I might not be able to commit everyday – wait, that's what today's post is about… I'm not going to worry about doing it "perfectly" :) The good news is, I read today's, and am thinking about His Word…TODAY!

  • Elise Dear

    What a beautiful story Cindy! Thanks for the encouragement. My husband and I are full time missionaries and leaving our family for any period of time hurts. It's a deep pain that we can't describe, but our joy is made complete in him, especially when I know I am obedient. Our surrender is looking differently right now, for us, we are surrendering to schooling. My husband is finishing his aviation program and I am in a school of dance as we hope our training will allow us to be a valuable part of any team. We have to surrender to living apart from our missions community, surrender to living with my parents (so blessed by them!), surrender to staying put for a little while. We know obedience is better than sacrifice but we feel like we are doing both, it's difficult, especially difficult to "live in the moment". I'm so glad that Jesus is patient. I need Him most of all.

  • Nicheyta

    So excited for this new study!!!! And so excited to be a part of this community :)

  • eatpraytri

    LOVE IT!! Can't wait to get started!

  • wheregodandimeet

    When I first read what the new study was I was like "Oh! This is going to be hard!" And it will be because surrendering is hard, but already I am enjoying it and I know it will help me to grow!

    Thanks ladies!

  • I can't find the plan in You Version…

    • Kelly

      I know. It didn't come up with anything when I typed the title in the search for a plan either. I had to go through a few pages of the plans before I found it.

      • waterlilies84

        I clicked on the link above and it added it to my phone version of YouVersion. Is that what you were looking for? (To add the plan to your phone)

    • Courtney

      I couldn't add it on my phone, but I was able to do it on the computer…so I addd it there, and it automatically showed up on my phone. Hope that helps!

  • So excited to start this plan with you! I have been praying for a group of Christ centered women to connect with. Thank you for this, thank you for your hard work and time. It means a lot.

  • I am behind in Soul Detox but LOVING it and this community. Excited to start out together with this new plan. Already read Day 1 and am blown away wtih the insights and thoughts it has brought out. So thankful that you all took this prompting to start this community and continue it. #shereadstruth SO TRUE!

  • just read the first day's verses and post and, oh man. it was so convicting. i felt a wave of worry trying to bury me this morning regarding finances and time and car trouble… the same things that seem to keep causing me to worry in my life. this plan is so, so timely. i want to learn to trust with my whole heart that He WILL work all things together for my good once and for all.

  • I found out about this group at at time in my life when I needed it the most. Isn't that just like the Lord? It is like gaining a bunch of new girlfriends! I am currently on day 18 of the Soul Detox Plan and this first day of the Surrendered Life fit perfectly with it.

  • Victoria

    Sounds great! I love the idea of this right now. I am a very anxious, cautious person who KNOWS that what she really needs to do is simply TRUST GOD. To go through thus planwith all the ladies will surely help.

  • anairplaneinabirdcage

    I was moved to tears in this post.
    I just talked the talk for years. And left my previous church broken,
    and misunderstood, and I've been feeling so alone. I feel so alone.
    So excited to start this new Journey, and let everything else go.
    Terrifying freedom.
    Can't wait to look myself in the mirror and look at a new creation in Christ!

  • Kara-Kae

    I know this is going to bless the socks off of everyone! Cindy is one of the most amazing women I know!!! So excited and honored to be a part of this!!!!!!

  • Jill Zettel

    I've seen some pics floating around Instagram of a new #SheReadsTruth journal. Any info on when those might be available?

  • Great follow up to the Soul Detox! I can't wait to dive in – I feel like the Soul Detox was getting my feet wet and now I'm ready to be submerged in His Word!

  • Mama Pea

    What an awesome choice of plans! I am already loving it. Thank you for blessing us with this fellowship!

    • Maggie Whitley {Gussy}

      Sweet Mama Pea — you're so welcome, and also — THANK YOU! :D This devo is re-writing the path I had started writing for myself. I love it! :)

  • BakeYourDay

    This sounds like a wonderful follow up to Soul Detox. Very much looking forward to it! blessings to all!

  • So happy to be joining this great group!!

  • It has been such a blessing reading His word along with ALL of you! Ready to dive into this next plan and get to reading, learning, and growing some more!!

  • I found out about #SheREadsTruth through Youversion. i have the app on my phone and can't wait to get started on this plan with everyone. I think doing it together will really make a difference.

  • Okay, here we go! *excited* Everybody here is so awesome. :)

  • Ready to start and so need this reminder every day! Live the surrendered life! Yes!

  • Cathy Kelemen

    So I've just joined. Hoping to be able to keep up with you all. As the mother of 3 with one on the way and a full-time employee to someone other than my family… may be hard. But this first look at Living the Surrendered Life already hits me where I need it most…..WORRY! Thank you so much! And a big THANKS to Gussy Sews for her post on FB this morning that led me here!

    • Maggie Whitley {Gussy}

      Hi Cathy! YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS! Not to make it sound like it only takes ten minutes, but really, it takes ten minutes. BUT, those ten minutes have the ability to transform your whole day. Take a look at your schedule, what time would be best for you to commit to reading the Bible? Be honest with yourself. What if you did it in the bathroom before you hopped in the shower? [giggle giggle]

    • Kacia

      well Cathy – just know that we are a community of grace. If you get behind, we will simply encourage you to pick up your Bible the next day. So happy you are taking part!

  • Wow, I know God is moving… I'm pretty sure that with the plan we are about to start that he his gently letting me know that the toxins I struggled with for the past 35 days need to be surrendered to Him…. For good this time. To be honest, I rolled my eyes when I read what plan we were starting… I know it's from God.

    • Maggie Whitley {Gussy}

      OH that's funny! I love your honest, and humor :) Yep — I think many of us are going to really benefit from this new plan!

    • Kacia

      totally affirmation that He has a sense of humor :O) and knows us WAY too well, eh!?

  • Rachel Cooks

    Love being a part of this and after the first study, already love the new program you guys chose!

  • I'm so excited to dig into the new plan. I got really behind on the other one, but I can't wait to restart this journey with you all!

    • Maggie Whitley {Gussy}

      For me, finding the same time every day is what helps me to stay on track. That way I can look forward to that time of day :) Take a look at your schedule + be honest, what would work best for you? So glad you're here, Maria! xoxo

    • Kacia

      we are so happy that you're joining in, Maria!

  • What a joy to get this plan with you! And further, as the word today spoke in my heart. I've been worried and anxious about many things. I weep and suffer silently. But the Lord is good and caring and brought exactly what my heart needed!
    I'm Fabiana, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and depending on the Google Translate to write in English … lol

    • Maggie Whitley {Gussy}

      Fabiana, we are SO GLAD you are joining us from Brazil! Thank you for your bravery to share what's on your heart. Worry + anxiety are two words I know well. Praying for you sister! xoxo

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