Set apart as holy


“But as for you, O man of God,

flee these things.

Pursue righteousness,






I Timothy 6:11


Girls. God is moving. He is gripping you – seeking you – calling you.

He wants you.

And we are so grateful that you are answering his call.

Whether you have been with us from Day 1 or if you are just starting Day 1 today, the important thing is that you are here – or rather, there – in the word. Reading the words that have been breathed out by God. Inviting the Holy Spirit to speak to you – to call you – to move you – to change your hearts.

One thing that we have seen and love this week is the way the same verses and the same words have challenged each of you in a different way. His word is teaching, rebuking, correcting and training you all in your own lives. It requires so little outside interpretation, because the Holy Spirit is at work.

Tugging at each heart where it needs to be changed.

Comforting each sister in the way that she needs to be comforted.

Girls. God is moving.


This week we will continue to work through our cultural toxins. We are learning to test everything against His Word. And what we’re finding: it’s there! The answers to our questions ARE THERE!

He is calling you to flee from the sin that entangles – and to be a Woman of the Truth.

Not because the #SheReadsTruth community wants you to be.

Not because your husband or your sons and daughters want you to be.

Not because it is socially acceptable to be.

Because he picked you. And he wants you. He wants your life to reflect your passion for Him.

Your desire to honor him.

Later this week we will begin to look at toxic relationships - how to identify them, how we have perhaps been a toxic relationship for someone else, the types of toxic relationships, and how to set healthy boundaries with others.

Oh, it’s good stuff.

And I can’t wait to see/read/hear how these verses challenge you individually!


Memorizing God’s Truths:

How did last week go? Did you write Psalm 56:1-4 on your heart? Was it difficult? Easy? Helpful? What tricks do you use to help you memorize things?

This week, let’s memorize 2 Timothy 2:21

From the ESV:
“Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable,

he will be a vessel for honorable use,
set apart as holy,
useful to the master of the house,
ready for every good work.”

And from the Message:
“Become the kind of container God can use to present
any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.”

And if it will help, grab the phone wallpaper we designed for the week. You can set the image to your lock screen and it will be with you to practice and learn all week – right there on your phone!


Matters of housekeeping:

We have been hard at work making this site work well to serve us as a community. Some of my favorite new features since last week?

1. The Instagram Feed button.

I love to click over there and see all the photos of open Bibles, views of quiet time, and handwritten scriptures and notes. I love seeing photos from my sisters all over – all reading and praying one Word!

2. The Daily Devo button.

Now you can go here and quickly click to whatever day of Soul Detox you’re currently on (we know everyone started at different times and are going at their own pace – don’t feel like you have to rush!). Click on your current day and join the discussion about that day’s devotional. Ask questions, answer questions. Wonder and learn together. It’s great!

3. And finally (and this isn’t technically new but it just thrills me, so I’m including it!): the Where page!

Look at all of these precious Women of Truth who are joining us from their carpool lines and morning coffees and naptime perches to study and pray God’s Word together. I love it. I love praying for you with a face or a tweet or an Instagram in mind. Seeing the faces of our community brings me such joy!


And just like that, it’s Monday! Seek Him this week. Ask him to change you. Ask him to use you. <— He WILL!

All my love, ladies!


  • Thank you for adding the daily devo button! I was struggling with going at my own pace and not sure how to connect with this website (even tho I'm doing this thanks to you and your amazingness). Problem solved! Thanks ladies!

  • Thank you for an inspired post! May He continue to speak truth through you!

  • Love the phone wallpaper! Great idea!

  • ashleykirnan

    I love that we can each learn in our own unique way. Amazing. I also love that our pics are randomly next to each other in the where page shot… :) xo!

  • Kara-Kae

    Girl, this hits hard. I'm struggling with this week because I tell myself I don't give in to cultural toxins. WOW THAT'S A LIE!!!!! I'm finally giving in and allowing God to reveal some areas to me I need to release. BECAUSE HE PICKED ME and he deserves and pure and holy me!!!!! Thank you for sharing your precious heart!!!!

  • Samantha

    "He is calling you to flee from the sin that entangles – and to be a Woman of the Truth."

    Like Kacia, I've read your post multiple times (helps that it was about 11am my time when it posted for y'all at 5am!) and each time I read it, new things pop out at me.

    Thank you for being so encouraging this Monday morning! It was so needed

  • Nicheyta

    Thank you so much, Raechel. This is such an encouraging post. God is moving.

  • I have read this five times today at least. I want to write this on my mirror:

    Because he picked you. And he wants you. He wants your life to reflect your passion for Him.

    So I can see it every day. THANK YOU for letting Him speak through you!!

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