Soul Detox 2012: Day

Day 23


While the world teaches us to detox our bodies, sometimes we need to detox our soul.

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  • For me the line is wanting to understand pop culture in order to find common ground with nonbelievers… using analogies from things they understand is useful! But from what I know about 50 Shades of Gray, I think that's maybe a more clear example of when "understanding pop culture" is akin to potentially wandering into sin.

    • Mariel

      I, too, like to understand pop culture and use it to relate to non-believers. It is a tricky balancing act…

      But it's VERY clear to me that one doesn't need to actually read 50 Shades… to be able to "understand" it – the controversy about the content is already wide out in the open. We don't need to actually read explicit descriptions of perversion to know they are acts of perversion. So I 100% agree with you – why wander into sin when the "cultural norm" is clearly sinful?

  • Today's devotion really reminded me of that debate that's been going on lately about if Christians should be reading 50 Shades of Gray. Especially when it talks about, well if everyone else is doing it, it must be ok. How often do we convince ourselves of that with all sorts of cultural norms? Good stuff to think about…

  • tonners62

    This passage – specifically the marks of the true Christian (v 9-21) – is so convicting! How often are we met with doubts about our own faith or the faith of those around us, even though God has so clearly laid out in His Word what a true follower of Him should look like? As I read these verses today, I found myself lacking in so many areas … areas that need His continued grace and regeneration so that I may be 'known' to those around me.

  • Elise Dear

    Today, Romans 12 was real. I've read this many times before, but today it spoke into the all of the toxic areas of my life, and just gently reminded me of how much I need Jesus today, this very minute.
    This passage also was a call to action for me. What am I doing with the truth I am learning? How is it changing me.. and somedays it's not. Somedays I revert back to selfish and prideful toxic thoughts, but not today, today I want to bless my family and bring peace into my home.

    Anyone else being changed by this passage?

    • Mariel

      I agree…I've read this passage many times, and this is the 2nd time the passage has come up in the Soul Detox study. But as I read it this time around, I realized why it should be repeated – it is such a reminder of how toxic my life can be, and we need the reminder DAILY to "overcome evil with good." I think I might start every morning with Romans 12!! I need the reminder that badly!

  • DEDICATED. We are to dedicate ourselves to the God, with what we are gifted with.Be kind,do good in return(even for evil.),serve the Lord with a happy heart. LOVE sincerely.HATE evil.HOLD onto God.Doing good+doing what we are gifted with will help bring us closer to the Lord in a relationship with Him+help us be a better person!

  • Ever have that time where God points something out so clearly to you that you can't ignore it? That's what yesterday and today's studies have done. My work environment is not making me a better person– it's toxic. And is absolutely affects my relationship with God and others, I complain about it to my Heavenly Savior more than I should and I take out my frustration on others. But I'm not scared… God is pointing this out to me for a reason!

    Just encouragement to anyone else out there who may be finding a similar "toxin" that is going to be hard to remove, or that God is calling us to step away from… "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

    Happy Friday!

    • Elise Dear

      I had a similar situation to you, and in attempts to create a more professional environment, I was basically forced to quit. But it was definitely a blessing for me!

      I'll be praying for peace and the amazing love of God to capture you today!

    • waterlilies84

      That is a tough one. You need the job to pay the bills, but the atmosphere is toxic and therefore dangerous. I would say two things, 1) pray before you go in, as you go through your day, not for it to be removed but for God to give you, personally, grace and peace; 2) be certain that you are not adding to the toxicity. As you pray for His peace to flood you, pray for it to spill out from you.

      God's speed sister.

    • tonners62

      Lauren, I was in your exact shoes not more than three months ago … thankful that I am there no longer! I don't yet have the perspective to understand what God might have been doing with me in that place, but I do know that God will use this difficult time in your life for HIS glory!

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