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Gooooood morning! Gosh, you look lovely today ;D

Kacia, Raechel, Jessi + myself {tee hehe, this is Maggie!} are soooo happy you are here joining us in #SheReadsTruth. Like seriously, we’re so glad. Just over two weeks ago, Kacia + I were chatting on the phone. I shared with her that since returning from Africa the first thing I knew I needed to change was my serious lack of Bible reading. ::runs away from embarrassment:: Oh yes, Lack. Capital L-a-c-k. I didn’t want to continue down this we-go-to-church-sometimes-but-are-still-looking-plus-I-hardly-read-the-Bible lifestyle. I DESIRE more red letter encouragement. I DESIRE more confidence in who He made me to be.

Do you desire these things, too? If so, read on!

I know these things will come easily if I’m filling my heart with more Truth, which is why Kacia + I agreed to read the Soul Detox plan together through the Bible iPhone app.

And we know that you’re likely interested in these same things which is why we are SO EXCITED {yeow, woohoo + yeehaw!} that you’re on this site.

PS. Want to share #SheReadsTruth with your online communities?

Perfect, tweet this: Join the #SheReadsTruth community, it’s easy >> read the Word daily + share what inspires you! www.SheReadsTruth.com | @SheReadsTruth

you can also get a #SheReadsTruth button for your sidebar here!


WHAT IS #SheReadsTruth?

Our main goal is to be reading the Word every. single. day. Living a life filled with Truth isn’t easy {hello, accountability!} and for me personally, reading more Truth is what helps me push through the difficult life moments. Sharing verses that stand out to us — photos of where we are reading our Bibles, this is a great way to encourage accountability. However, our main goal is to inspire women to read the Word every day.

HOW TO USE SheReadsTruth.com:

1. Every Monday at 5am Central we’ll have a fresh post on our website {www.SheReadsTruth.com}. We’ll share a Bible verse to memorize as a community and we’ll post thoughts, questions + challenges for the upcoming week. Kacia, Raechel, Jessi + myself will take turns each week posting.  We want to write His Truth on our hearts together!

2. Link up to the Where page so we can see images of where She is in the Word. Ahem, that’s you! ;D

3. We’re currently following the Soul Detox plan with the Bible app by YouVersion {iPhone/Android/Blackberry}. You can also follow the plan online if that is more convenient. Today we’re on day 16 of the 35 day plan. Once Soul Detox is complete we’ll start a new, fresh plan, so stay tuned!

4. Subscribe via email to our weekly Truth-filled posts.

5. We invite you to COMMENT + join our community. We have enabled threaded comments so you can reply to each other + join in the Truth. We want everyone to feel inspired, challenged, and connected with Him through the Word!


We’re so glad you’re here — have we mentioned that yet?

  • Theodore Hames

    My dream retirement would possibly be a couple years in distinctive countries, enjoy and absorbing the globe around me with a loved a single!

  • Absolutely LOVE this!! I’m so glad I was introduced to this blog/family. This is awesome and something I am definitely in need of. Thank you SOOO much for starting something so incredible! God is so Good! I’m looking forward to being a part of this :) God Bless you ladies!

  • Julie GM

    I have seen many posts #shereadstruth on Instagram. I have been wanting to get info & I have found it all. Thank you. My app & Soul Detox is ready to go on my iPhone & now I need to set up my iPad too. I so need this in my life. I wish more people could read this, be positive & just rid all the negativity from their lives. =)

  • So grateful for this blog! I appreciate the accountability it's brought me and look forward to learning and growing with everyone here. LOVING the Surrendered Life devotional so far. :) Thanks, ladies!

  • Hello! I just stumbled across this site after reading some blogs in my Google Reader. I have the You Version Bible app on my phone, so I'll begin the Soul Detox plan tonight.

  • So motivated and excited to join in on this!

  • I am so excited I found this and am ready to start! Thank you for setting this site up and to Jen for helping me find it.

  • I just found this website from a friend on facebook and am so excited I did! What a great community :) I'm excited to join and begin!! :)

  • Excellent idea! I don't have twitter or an iphone. Can I still do this?

  • Missy Cox

    I am new to all this computer blogs twitter etc. so this is a huge leap for me. i am glad to join and very excited.

  • Hi there! So new here. I am a Christian, but I have a desire to be so much more IN DEPTH AND CLOSE with God and the Word. Amen. Hoping I can join in and this will help me!!!

  • I am so happy to have found this site via the blog “The Small Things” Love Love Love to be joining this community!

  • this is SO great! i just landed here and i'm so excited for what's in store. great idea, and this will be a great motivator!

  • Kindra Hayes

    You ladies rock! So encouraging to see so many women band together to seek truth…God's truth! In a world filled with shame, sin, destruction, it is a blessing to find so many willing to learn the truth. I added your button to my blogs sidebar. I have a summer reading series over the next 3 week on the book Pearl in the Sand. It is the story of Rahab and it rocks! I added info about SheReadsTruth to the blog post as well! http://www.gardenofedengoods.com/2012/06/summer-r

  • hannah singer

    praise jesus.

    this is the jam.

    so grateful for y'all!


  • Beth Herring

    It just thrills my soul when I see young women seeking hard after God! Seeking is my favorite word and one that I focus my scripture memory on so many times. I am so in love with my Savior and I am so blessed to be able to spend as much time daily with Him as I want to. I love to sit on my patio with a cup of coffee and the WORD and just get into His Presence. I am praying for every young woman that comes by here that they will be blessed mightily and that He will just blow them away with who He is!!! I just love Raechel and her blog and so glad that she sent me this way. Even though I am older than y'all I am young at heart and just love to encourage women to be seekers and lovers of God. He is so worthy!

  • I am so excited for this:):) It's hard after being in Bible college and "the christian bubble" to really find the time in "normal" life for regular Bible study!

  • Thank you so much for putting this together!

  • Stephanie @ Macaroni

    I'm so excited to start this! Thank you so much for putting this together. I have been working on getting in the word everyday and this is so encouraging and helps keep me accountable!

  • So excited to be a part of this! :)

  • This is so neat! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Especially for all of us old school folks that aren't on twitter ;)! I am super grateful for this way to access the Truths being learned and shared!

  • Love what you are doing! Keep it up and I can't wait to read more!

    Thank you!

  • Anne Wakefield

    I am so in love with this!! This past week with She Reads Truth has been such a blessing, joy, encouragement and source of accountability. To be so close with strangers because we share a heavenly father. Thank you sweet friends for creating this community.

  • Andrea Merrigan

    What a wonderful idea and way to stay accountable. I have been out of the word for years and have wanted to start reading it again and even get back into going to church. This is what I need right now and cant wait to get started!

  • Jacky {The Sweetest

    I am so excited about this. I love the accountability + community, and I so appreciate, not only that you started this, but also that you opened it up to all of us ladies. :)


  • Beth Anne

    I am SO PROUD to be a part of this. I can feel it moving.

  • I'm so happy to have finally started a daily Bible reading practice. This whole experience has left me wanting more! More to the point that I had already found another Reading Plan to follow up Soul Detox with in case She Reads Truth didn't continue. So I'm very happy to hear that there will be more to She Reads Truth!

  • Here's a link to Soul Detox Karen. Hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us are!

  • This is kind of totally awesome, you guys.

    I'm going to try to follow along. I need more purposeful, conscious HIM in my life.

  • kk @ the mom diggity

    Yup. Goosebumps. AWESOMENESS.

  • Maggie, when you say you're "still looking" does that mean you're looking for a church in MPLS? The church I go to (and love!) is part of the Acts 29 network – have you checked out any of these? http://www.acts29network.org/churches/#state:minn

    Thanks for creating this website and for getting so many people involved! I heard about this the day my small group was ending for the summer, so it was perfect timing!

  • Nadine S.

    I love this! Just a question – for the linking thing – does our link have to talk about #SheReadsTruth? Cause I'm slowly working my way through the plan, albiet very slowly since daily scripture is new for me, but I'd love to link up but I'm not sure if I'll blog about SRT everyday? Does that make sense? Let me know cause I'd love to link up and join this community.

    • She Reads Truth

      Oh no, Nadine!! not at all!! We just want to get to know everyone in this community!

  • megan @ whatmegansma

    what a cool idea! I'm excited to follow along and see where it leads :)

  • Mary Limdsey

    So excited about this!!!

  • It is so amazing to me the way God works! He can do anything! He is able! :) I have been so encouraged through #shereadstruth and it came at the perfect time! Seems to have come at the perfect time for all of us! Look how fast this has taken off, and it's all because of him! I haven't been serious about my devotions/ daily Bible reading in awhile. If im not participating in a Bible study with the ladies at my church, i seem to just lose my focus, and we take the summers off. It is so helpful to have an accountability partner and now we have a whole community full of them! How awesome is that?

    I am LOVING the Soul Detox. I'm only on Day 2, and have already had my eyes opened up to so much! I bought the book on amazon as well, and it is fantastic!

    Thank you so much to all the ladies who heeded God's call and got this going! What a blessing!

  • Awesome! I was just thinking how cool it would be if this kept going

  • I am very new to the blog scene. I have been following Gussy Sews for a few weeks and started the Soul Detox plan about 5 days ago. I am enjoying it, but I think this #shereadstruth can really help me….if I can figure it out. I am all ears on trying to figure this out.

  • Tara @ MHA

    What an incredible idea! This is exactly what I have been looking for. Hope to connect with many of you ladies here :)

  • Julie Marie

    thanks for this ladies. so excited to link up.. better late then never =)

  • Michelle

    So excited to see where this goes! What an encouragement soul detox has been!

  • Love this idea!

  • I'm not sure where to find the 35 day plan. Can you give me a link?

  • Caroline

    This is awesome! Totally loving this idea! :-)

  • I signed up for the Soul Detox, but the YouVersion website is awful! Errors with pretty much everything I try to do. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Moriah Sunde

    Thank you so much for putting this together, ladies. It's been an awesome way to keep myself accountable and interested in delving into the Word on a daily basis when I get little spurts of time to myself. I feel like this has also been an awesome way to minister to other women who may not be following the Lord or have never had an interest in reading the Bible until now. I've loved seeing God's Word spread all over Instagram and Twitter throughout the day. His Love is being shown to so many people because of this community you ladies have created.

  • I am so excited to have found SheReadsTruth via Mama Pea! This is exactly what I need as our schedule intensifies with the warm weather and my weekly Bible Study breaks for the summer. I hope to catch up to you at Day 16 during my free time this morning.



  • I certainly could use more accountability. I'm off to check out the Soul Detox!

  • Amazing idea! Thank you ladies! I can't wait to see where this leads.

    I'm going to check out the Soul Detox plan now.

  • Brian Russell

    We on the YouVersion team have been excited to hear of your use of the app and the reading plans in the app for your Bible reading passion & plan. And I'm excited to be the first guy to comment on your new site :) But now I'm going to recommend my wife, Maureen, check out your community.

  • So excited about this and I thank you for this. It's going to be BIG!! God is doing wonderful things!!

  • She Reads Truth

    We are so happy you are here!!

  • SARAH — thank you so much :) ahhh, we are so excited!!!

  • Sheri Atkinson

    This is a great idea! I'm looking forward to see how this is going to work.

  • This is so awesome! I am so happy to have seen this posted on Facebook and am looking forward to joining you guys. I adore your candidness and transparency. I look forward to seeing you be blessed by your effort to step out in faith and follow God's leading!

  • Megan Volnoff

    What perfect timing! So excited for this!! YAY for spiritual inspiration!!

  • EatLiveRun

    kjsahdaskhdlask this is AMAZING!!!!!!!! thank you for lighting the match here, igniting a community full of strong women seeking God. So many new friends! this is great!

  • Just commented on your Gussy blog Maggie – but Amen! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I've needed something like this in my life for a lonnnnnggggg time, because I haven't been active in reading His word either. The Soul Detox is amazing!!

    LOVE this site!!!

  • God is so good and works in the grandest if ways!! So very blessed to have found this community!

  • Rachel Harding

    I'm so excited about this. I recently started My Journey to 30 and guess what my number 1 goal is?…your dying with anticipation…to become more dedicated to Him. Me + my family have it completely backwards…we have been SO blessed in our lives and yet we don't give thanks, pray, read the good word, go to church, serve, etc. etc. We have two beautiful, healthy children but only because He has watched over them, protected them. My two are both under two but have both had hospital stays and are no stranger to doctors and specialists and ER…oh my! Anyways this She is ready to get my priorities right and Read. About. Him. DAILY! Big XO for providing a place I can come for support and accountability. It's amazing how many others you four will be helping along their journey in life!!!!

  • Nicole B

    Thank you ladies, this is wonderful! I saw some things on Instagram and Twitter from some of you and was curious so I checked it out. I admittly have not had God as a part of my life in a long time, but is something i've thought about often but was not sure where to start again. This is PERFECT. I thank you for what I have to look forward too :-)

  • Sarah Bendel

    Love, Love, Love this! I too am ashamed to say that I was less than consistent in my Bible reading. I am so thankful that the Lord is working through a hashtag to bring us together and give us this community of support and accountability!! He is good. Yesterday's reading about toxic fears was such a blessing to me. We are going through a scary time of uncertainty with my little girl and it was a wonderful reminder.

  • I am SO excited about this, ladies! It is so beautiful to see how He is using you to reach so many. God rocks. And so do you!

  • I am so glad you're here:) Love this, truly. xoxoxo

  • She Reads Truth has already helped me immensely. It is great to see how it has grown online!

  • This is perfect!! I've been struggling to even open my bible because of the junk we're going through… This is just the push I need!! Thanks ladies!!

  • Charlotte

    Can't tell you guys how excited I am about this!! Yay for the Word! Yay for accountability! Yay for awesome ladies like yourselves! :)

  • What a fabulous next step for this community! Excited to grow and read Truth with you ladies

  • love love love love LOVE!

  • Wow- such a great idea.

    I am So excited to be a part of this community!


    Hi everyone! My name is Emily but you can call me Emma …

    Oh, and I read truth!


  • I'm pretty excited about this! Twitter is great, but I can see a website being much more helpful for discussion! Yay! :D

    • SheReadsTruth

      So happy you are here, Jen! Start commenting on each day, and let the discussion encourage you!

  • Very excited about this!

    • SheReadsTruth

      As are we! But we're mostly humbled by the Most High!

  • Samantha

    This is wonderful!

    I'm looking forward to walking this path with you all.

  • Woohoo! Yay God :) it has been a blast to watch God put this all together – you know I'll be joining/sharing/loving this! Thankful for you!

  • This is such a good idea! I loved it when it was just a Twitter thing, but you've taken it to the next level. Congrats to you ladies for following the calling and bringing this community together!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Sorry for the delay! Had some issues with our commenting!! We are SO happy you are here!

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