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Gooooood morning! Gosh, you look lovely today ;D

Kacia, Raechel, Jessi + myself {tee hehe, this is Maggie!} are soooo happy you are here joining us in #SheReadsTruth. Like seriously, we’re so glad. Just over two weeks ago, Kacia + I were chatting on the phone. I shared with her that since returning from Africa the first thing I knew I needed to change was my serious lack of Bible reading. ::runs away from embarrassment:: Oh yes, Lack. Capital L-a-c-k. I didn’t want to continue down this we-go-to-church-sometimes-but-are-still-looking-plus-I-hardly-read-the-Bible lifestyle. I DESIRE more red letter encouragement. I DESIRE more confidence in who He made me to be.

Do you desire these things, too? If so, read on!

I know these things will come easily if I’m filling my heart with more Truth, which is why Kacia + I agreed to read the Soul Detox plan together through the Bible iPhone app.

And we know that you’re likely interested in these same things which is why we are SO EXCITED {yeow, woohoo + yeehaw!} that you’re on this site.

PS. Want to share #SheReadsTruth with your online communities?

Perfect, tweet this: Join the #SheReadsTruth community, it’s easy >> read the Word daily + share what inspires you! | @SheReadsTruth

you can also get a #SheReadsTruth button for your sidebar here!


WHAT IS #SheReadsTruth?

Our main goal is to be reading the Word every. single. day. Living a life filled with Truth isn’t easy {hello, accountability!} and for me personally, reading more Truth is what helps me push through the difficult life moments. Sharing verses that stand out to us — photos of where we are reading our Bibles, this is a great way to encourage accountability. However, our main goal is to inspire women to read the Word every day.


1. Every Monday at 5am Central we’ll have a fresh post on our website {}. We’ll share a Bible verse to memorize as a community and we’ll post thoughts, questions + challenges for the upcoming week. Kacia, Raechel, Jessi + myself will take turns each week posting.  We want to write His Truth on our hearts together!

2. Link up to the Where page so we can see images of where She is in the Word. Ahem, that’s you! ;D

3. We’re currently following the Soul Detox plan with the Bible app by YouVersion {iPhone/Android/Blackberry}. You can also follow the plan online if that is more convenient. Today we’re on day 16 of the 35 day plan. Once Soul Detox is complete we’ll start a new, fresh plan, so stay tuned!

4. Subscribe via email to our weekly Truth-filled posts.

5. We invite you to COMMENT + join our community. We have enabled threaded comments so you can reply to each other + join in the Truth. We want everyone to feel inspired, challenged, and connected with Him through the Word!


We’re so glad you’re here — have we mentioned that yet?


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